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Cloud Based Video Interview: More than meets the eye
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Cloud Based Video Interview: More than meets the eye


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Presented at HR Tech Forum 2013 on 3 July 2013 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Presented at HR Tech Forum 2013 on 3 July 2013 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Both organizations and candidates are guilty of making bad choices Only 50% of recruiting decision are “win-win” - Where both candidates and the organization are confident that they have made the right decision Impact of failed selection process Costing organizations million in lower performance – In a typical organization hiring approximately 2,500 hires a year, poor decisions amount to almost $30 million in additional turnover and underperformance. Lower engagement level Higher turnover
  • What do people say about video interview – recruiter & candidate point of view
  • #1 & #2 Automated vs. Live video interview - time & consistency #3 paperless collaboration Echoed the Cloud HR benefits Start whenever you like - no ‘major’ core HR heart transplant Ease of adoption Ease of support Availability Pay as you go Benchmarking
  • What do people say about video interview – recruiter & candidate point of view
  • Vizavii - The fastest growing cloud based video interview platform in Malaysia
  • The only thing that works are behavioral interviews - “a consistent set of questions that ask people what they did in specific situations.” Many of the assumptions and practices we have about hiring came about because we didn't have anything better. For decades, the only (relatively) consistent data point among hires was GPA and test scores.
  • Transcript

    • 1. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews: More than meets the eye
    • 2. HR Tech Forum 2013 Roadmap : Recruitment
    • 3. HR Tech Forum 2013 Challenges & Opportunities Topic 1. Compensation 60% 2. Workforce Planning 55% 3. Succession Planning 49% 4. Employment Engagement 49% 5. Performance Management 47% #1 Increased demand for strategic workforce planning Top 3 areas of demand for analytics from HR Source: CEB Corporate Leadership Council Analytic Survey, 2013 #2 Selection fails half of time. Only 50% of recruiting decision are “win-win” #3 Bigger pond, same old fish net •Malaysian studying abroad •Chasing Stars: Talents are more portable •Recruiters are swamped with job applicati ons #4 It’s a whole new generation living in a whole new world •Adoption of smart devices •The rapid growth of video interviewing
    • 4. HR Tech Forum 2013 Recruitment: Reactive vs Effective It is about getting the right people on the bus Effective Recruitment • Driving new hire quality and time to productivity • Paint an accurate & realistic picture of the organization • Be a strategic partner to hiring managers – need to think like a headhunter • Ensure that the Assessment & Selection process will allow only best-fit candidates to rise to the top of the shortlist Reactive Recruitment • Process oriented – narrow, transactional, focusing on short-term matrix i.e. service line’s needs • ‘Selling’ the organization to candidates and converting them at all costs • Hiring managers as customers and adopting “customers always right” mentality
    • 5. HR Tech Forum 2013 Rethinking Assessment & Selection Strategy It’s about installing the most effective filtering system
    • 6. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews: More than meets the eye We don’t replace interviews. We enhance them. Current approach Shortlisted CVs Schedule, conduct screening phone calls Schedule, conduct multiple rounds of interviews Successful hire Virtual/ Video Interview approach Shortlisted CVs Automated Virtual Interview, no scheduling, no phone calls Fewer face-to-face interviews, only with best-fit candidates Successful hire
    • 7. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews Platform How it works? QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    • 8. Creates and customizes virtual interview and send invites Evaluates and views video recordings anytime, anywhere Collaborates and shares virtual interview with other relevant evaluators HR Tech Forum 2013 Engage - Candidate receives automated email & SMS invite to virtual interview Completes automated virtual interview using computer with webcam and microphone: ‣CV upload ‣Written response ‣Video response CandidateHR Manager Cloud Based Video Interviews How it works? 1.Create – 2.Engage – 3.Evaluate – 4.Collaborate “Take the virtual interview, anytime, anywhere” “Invite candidate, view, evaluate and share, all with a click” 1 3 2 4
    • 9. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews Power tools for new age recruitment #1 Save time & resources by streamlining your prescreening process #2 Increase the consistency at the prescreening stage #3 Make candidates evaluation more collaborative #4 Convenience for client and candidates: Anytime anywhere #5 Cloud Based + SaaS - immediate use with only login and password, simple dashboard, centralized candidate tracking
    • 10. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews Confession of helpless recruiter & hopeful candidate QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    • 11. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews Platform Perceived vs Actual Benefits: a case study “We are able to interview more candidates in less time and it’s easier to manage where they are in the process. We have clear deadlines set for them and the onus is on them to complete their interview. There are no limitations in terms of geographic location of the interview, availability of an interviewer, time constraints for the candidate etc. We love it.” – Recruiter CASE STUDY
    • 12. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews Platform Perceived vs Actual Benefits: a case study CASE STUDY Average time spent on screening interviews Minutes per candidate Before After Vizavii Pre-screen candidates with Vizavii and only invite the best for in-person interviews  One of 50 most innovative companies in the world (Source: Fast Company)  Marketplace for over 200,000 accommodation listings worldwide  Valued at over USD 1 billion “The richness of the medium allowed me to understand things like candidate's creativity - one of the candidates I got had programmed his iPad to continuously run a banner 'Hire me Airbnb!!' and put it in the background of his video while he answered the questions. This really showed how creative he was.” – Airbnb Executive Vizavii video interview N/A In-person interview 30 13 Total 30 Time spent on interviews reduced by 40% 18 40% 5
    • 13. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interviews Platform What are the options?
    • 14. HR Tech Forum 2013 Cloud Based Video Interview Platform Start screening candidates now! Shahrizan Zamri Shannon Wong or request a demo at
    • 15. HR Tech Forum 2013 Appendix
    • 16. HR Tech Forum 2013 Malaysia has one of the largest pool of university students studying abroad Number of university students studying outside their home country Thousand Key takeaways  Malaysia has the 5th largest population of students studying abroad in absolute numbers  One in every 10 Malaysian tertiary students is studying abroad  These students represent a pool of high potential employees for companies in Malaysia Source: United Nations Statistics Division, 2009
    • 17. HR Tech Forum 2013 It costs a lot to recruit these top students as they are geographically dispersed United States of America 7k Malaysian students Australia 15k Malaysian students • 8 top universities*  Australian National University  University of Melbourne  University of Sydney United Kingdom 15k Malaysian students • 30 top universities*  University of Cambridge  University of Oxford  Imperial College London • 54 top universities*  MIT  Harvard University  Yale University  University of Chicago *Top 200 universities from 2012 QS World University Rankings
    • 18. HR Tech Forum 2013 Recruiters are swamped with job applications Recruiter: “ How could I quickly assess the ability of candidates and ensure only genuinely interested candidates are invited for interviews? ”
    • 19. HR Tech Forum 2013 The rapid growth of video interviewing Market Adoption For Video Interviewing Early Adopters 2009 - 2012 Early Majority 2013 - 2014* Late Majority 2015 - 2017* Laggards 2018* * Anticipated Innovators “79% of all laptops now have built in webcams making video accessible anywhere with wifi access”
    • 20. HR Tech Forum 2013 19 Google HR Boss Explains Why GPA And Most Interviews Are Useless In an interview with The New York Times' Adam Bryant, Google's Senior Vice President of People Operations Laszlo Bock explains why Google doesn't even ask for GPA or test scores from candidates anymore, unless someone's a year or two out of school, because they don't correlate at all with success at the company. Even for new grads, the correlation is slight, the company has found. "Academic environments are artificial environments. People who succeed there are sort of finely trained, they’re conditioned to succeed in that environment." While in school, people are trained to give specific answers, Bock says. "You want people who like figuring out stuff where there is no obvious answer." “Google also used to be famous for posing impossibly difficult and punishing brain teasers during interviews, turns out those questions are a complete waste of time," according to Bock. "They don’t predict anything. They serve primarily to make the interviewer feel smart."