Soundproof Doors and Acoustical Windows


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Soundproof Doors and Acoustical Windows

  1. 1. Noise S.T.O.P.™ Soundproof 08 34 73/ACO BuyLine 8769Doors and Acoustical Windows 888-226-8765 www.acousticalsurfaces.comThe Market’s First “Affordable ” ● Low CostHigh Performance, Soundproof ● High PerformanceDoors and Acoustical Windows! ● Custom Manufactured ● High STC Range ● Quick Turnaround Delivery Upon Order ● Performance Tested and Certified at an Affordable Price ● Aesthetically Pleasing “You’ll Find No Finer Soundproof Doors and Windows at Affordable Soundproof Doors. Acoustical Windows. Prices ! ” ● Recording Studios ● Home Theaters ● Office Privacy ● Conference Rooms ● Clinics/Hospitals ● Police Stations ● Control Rooms ● Commercial ● Residential ● Hotels ● Condos ● Schools Acoustical Window Inserts. Tranquility. ● Libraries ● Band/Choral Rooms ● College Dorms Acoustical ● Houses of Worship Surfaces, Inc. AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FROM: We Identify and ● Government Security Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. ● Interrogation Rooms SOUNDPROOFING, ACOUSTICS, NOISE & VIBRATION CONTROL SPECIALISTS ● FactoriesSound Transmission Obscuring Products 123 Columbia Court North – Suite 201 – Chaska, MN 55318 Soundproofing, Acoustics, 952-448-5300 Fax: 952-448-2613 (888) 226-8765 ● Industrial Noise Noise & Vibration TM Control Specialists Control
  2. 2. Noise S.T.O.P.™ Studio 3DSoundproof Interior DoorsDid Someone Say “Affordable”Soundproof Door? DOOR & FRAMEA coustical Surfaces, Inc. is proud to offer the market’s first affordablesoundproof door. The Studio 3D is a FEATURES: STC Ratings: Studio 3D soundproofmulti-layer, high performance door with doors are available with ratings up toan STC up to 56. Traditional soundproof STC-56.doors would cost as much as $5,000, the Testing: Studio 3D door products areStudio 3D is about half the cost without tested in accordance with the most recentcompromising performance. ASTM E-90 standards at accredited Pure Privacy. The Studio 3D comes pre-hung in a Acoustical Laboratories.variety of wood species and ready to Frame Configuration: In additionstain to match any décor. The Studio 3D to our standard frame designs, weis ideal for commercial applications, can engineer special frame profiles torecording studios, schools, police complement wall construction andstations, conference rooms or residential architectural style.applications. Services: ASI offers various installation services and will provide the necessary shop drawings, certification of testHigh STC Rating results and assistance with compliance for all industry standards.Without the High Guarantee: Studio 3D doors arePrice! guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and quality for a period of two years.FEATURES: Required Installation Kit Includes:● Low cost, high performance ■ 2 packs shims● STC ratings up to 56 ■ 4 heavy duty jamb screw sets● Products tested per ASTM E-90 ■ Backer rod● Custom manufactured soundproof ■ 1 tube acoustical sealant 2-3/4" Door Thickness. door to any size specifications Acoustical● Approx. 300 pound door assembly Call for Your FREE Custom Quote! Surfaces, Inc. We Identify and● 2-3/4" 6 Layer door assembly● Comes pre-hung and assembled Sound Transmission Obscuring Products Soundproofing, Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Control Specialists TM 1-888-226-8765● Adjustable neoprene jams and seals● Ready to stain to match your decor● Best performance wood door Noise S.T.O.P.™ assembly available● Automatic sill Adjustable Door Seals● Heavy duty hinges (4) 33C Standard or 559C Heavy Duty Adjustable Jamb Seals Surface Mounted Automatic Doors Seals ne commonly overlooked aspect to an acoustical O 3 Piece Set 2 - 7 & 1 - 3DOOR SPECIFIC FEATURES: or soundproofing job is the door. Why is this soConfiguration: Doors are available in important? A one-percent air gap around a door can 320C Standard ora flush design or with vision elite and as leak up to 30% of the sound from one side of the door to 330C Heavy Duty Adjustable Door Bottoms 1 Piece Setsingle or pairs of hinged doors. another. There are two options for soundproofSizes: Select from standard, or custom doors. The first option is to buy a budget friendly,pairs as large as 6 w x 8 h. Studio 3D soundproof door from ASI. The second option Full Kit Shown. is to purchase a standard solid-core door and use one ofHardware: Door, frame, trim, handle,hinges, perimeter sound seals and door our door perimeter seal kits. We offer two different kits – a standard kitbottom are supplied as part of the tested and a heavy duty kit. The standard kit is approximately one-half inch thickassembly. Mortise locks available. whereas the heavy duty kit is almost one inch thick. The advantage of the heavy duty kit is that its seal has much more contact area, which makes a better seal. TheWood Species: Oak ready to stain. parts that make up the standard kit are the 320-C automatic door bottomOptional maple, cherry, birch and exotic and the 33C adjustable jamb seal. The parts that make up the heavy dutywood species are available. kit are the 330-C door bottom and the 599C adjustable jamb seal.Hardware: Nickel or brass finishes.
  3. 3. Noise S.T.O.P.™ InteriorAcoustical WindowsEngineered To Be the Market’s First“Affordable” High PerformanceAcoustical Window! oise S.T.O.P.™ Acoustical WindowsN are engineered to be a budgetfriendly, high performance window. STUDIO 4 WINDOW SPECIFICATIONS: ■ One glass unit consisting of 1/4"The Studio 6 Soundproof Window has laminated glass, plus an air cavity andan STC up to 56. The windows are easy an additional pane of 3/8" laminatedto install, quick turnaround times and glass. Studio 6 Installed.available in any size. ■ Angled glass for maximum acousticalFEATURES: performance. STUDIO 6 WINDOW●A truly affordable high performance ■ Acoustically treated frames and seals. SPECIFICATIONS: noise control window. ■ Class A-1 ASTM E-84 Nonflammable ■ One glass unit consisting of a 1"● Performance tested & certified at an Sound Silencer™ acoustical frame insulated glass unit, plus an air cavity affordable price. insert. and an additional pane of 1/4"● STC Ratings of 45 to 56. ■ Fits any wall thickness by insetting laminated glass.● Custom engineered and manufactured or offsetting acoustical window. to any size.● Fits wall assembles from 4-1/2" in NOISE S.T.O.P.™ WINDOW Affordable, High thickness and greater. MODEL STUDIO 6 Performance Noise● Anodized aluminum frames with standard frame finishes of natural STUDIO 6 FEATURES: Control Window! aluminum and bronze. Also available ■ STC rating of 56. in other specialty finishes. ■ Budget friendly.● Angled or flat glass design available. ■ Acoustically treated frames and seals. ■ Custom sizes.● Quick turnaround delivery upon order! ■ Maximum size 28 sq. ft. glass clear ■ Angled and flat glass for maximum● Easy Installation. No need for a openings. acoustical performance. glazing contractor or special tools ■ Larger units available with mullions. ■ Class A-1 ASTM E-84 Nonflammable required. ASI includes installation ■ Angled or flat glass design available. Sound Silencer™ acoustical frame instructions, necessary shop drawings, ■ Optional tinted, argon, safety glass insert. and certification of test results upon etc. ■ Fits any wall thickness by insetting or request. ■ Installation kit available. offsetting acoustical window.● Fast and easy do-it-yourself installation.● Custom glass available (safety glass, argon, tinted and etc.) Note: using custom glass may change the STC RSIC Clips™ “The Revolution in Noise Control” value.● Note: Glass shipped separately to avoid breakage, easy clip in glass T he RSIC™isnoise.are designedRSIC™toclips are used, the usually onlyacoustical frequency clips When the and engineered to control noise, including low performance substantially boosted exceptional levels assembly’s found in installation at job site. the most expensive noise control designs. The RSIC™ family of products are the● NOISE S.T.O.P.™ Acoustical Windows lowest cost, high performance noise control solution available. are only available from... Resilient ● UL Classified in 100’s of UL Acoustical Surfaces, Inc., Sound Fire Resistive Design Assemblies. Isolation See website for current listings Clips ● Increase rentable space NOISE S.T.O.P.™ WINDOW ● High performance ● Low cost MODEL STUDIO 4 ● Sustainable building material ● Use less material to improveSTUDIO 4 FEATURES: STC & IIC (potential assistance■ STC rating of 49. in Green Qualification)■ Custom sizes. ● Recyclable ● Save time and money ©PAC International, Inc.■ Larger units available with mullions. ● Walls ● Ceilings ● Floors ● Wood All Rights Reserved. RSIC® is a■ Optional tinted, argon, safety glass Registered Trademark of PAC International, Inc. ● Steel ● Concrete etc.
  4. 4. Noise S.T.O.P. Climate Seal™Acoustical Window InsertsReplacement Windows Are Out,Window Inserts Are In! the performance of other competitiveB ornWindows,our originalThermal from S.T.O.P. Climate SealSeries Noise the Noise S.T.O.P.™ ™ products and does so at a significantly reduced cost and aesthetic impact toAcoustic Series Window Insert specifical- your existing window focuses on sound abatement across The Noise S.T.O.P. Climate Seal ™all frequency levels with exceptional Acoustic Series Window is an idealresults while maintaining its discreet look choice for most residential, commercialand superior thermal properties. While and historical applications. Whether youthe Noise S.T.O.P. Climate Seal™ Thermal live on a busy street, airplane flight pathSeries abates sound by up to 60% or wish to maintain the comfort level of Attachments Made Easy.from pre-existing levels, the Acoustic your hotel guests, the Noise S.T.O.P. insert is just as easy, giving you im-Series boasts up to an 80% sound Climate Seal™ Acoustic Series Window mediate protection from irritating andreduction from pre-existing levels! Our Insert will perform extremely well regard- excessive decibel levels of outside noise.Acoustic Series Model has a peak less of the application. The Noise S.T.O.P. Climate Seal ™Sound Transmission Classification or Many other competitive retrofit window Acoustic Series Window Insert can be“STC” of 49. This matches or exceeds products require a permanent secondary extremely effective when applied over layer, which we feel is restrictive and your existing primary window. And excessive. Because of its unique magnet- like all of our other Noise S.T.O.P.Easy Way to Reduce ic attachment method, the Noise S.T.O.P. Climate Seal ™ family of products, Climate Seal™ Acoustic Series Window the Acoustic Series Model offers aThrough the Window Insert is easily removed in seconds for wide variety of custom options. EndlessNoise! access to the window for cleaning or paint colors, glazing options, real wood maintenance. Reattaching the window veneers as well as custom shapes and sizes are all available to ensure performance and aesthetics are not compromised. FEATURES: ● Exterior grade PVC extrusion with Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation impact resistance and U.V. stabilization for durability and strength. Safe For You & The Environment ● 3/4" wide x 1" deep frame. Acoustic USES: ■ Insulates pipes and heating/cooling ducts in walls and floors Series can receive up to 5/16" thick ■ Seals gaps around air conditioning wall and window units glazing. ■ Reduces noise and insulates around doors, windows and in bathrooms ● Mitered corners (except in extreme UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation consists almost entirely of natural denim and cotton fibers that are 100% recyclable, reducing out-of-square custom applications) to UltraTouch ensure maximum performance and Multipurpose Roll. landfill waste. The denim and cotton are also 100% post-industrial, which assures that the fibers are free of any contaminants. sound abatement. FEATURES: ● High performance “closed cell” UltraTouch requires a minimal amount of energy to manufacture, aiding ● No itch the environment with energy conservation and reduction in pollution. acoustical weather strip foam to further ● Improves energy Fiberglass manufacturing consumes considerably more energy and creates dampen sound vibrations between the efficiency more pollution while not breaking down or decomposing in landfills. primary window frame and the Climate ● Seals gaps UltraTouch Insulation contains no chemical irritants and requires no Seal’s™ steel attachment angle. ● Reduces noise warning labels compared to the carcinogenic warnings that fiberglass is ● Only 1/2 the weight of glass competi- Helping Build a required by law to display. UltraTouch acoustical – thermal insulation is also tors, which can make removal very “Greener” available in R-13, R-19, R-21 and R-30 for wall and ceiling applications. dangerous with their system. Tomorrow! For more information please visit SALES REPRESENTATIVE: Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FROM: We Identify and Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. SOUNDPROOFING, ACOUSTICS, NOISE & VIBRATION CONTROL SPECIALISTS Sound Transmission Obscuring Products 123 Columbia Court North – Suite 201 – Chaska, MN 55318 Soundproofing, Acoustics, Noise & Vibration TM 952-448-5300 Fax: 952-448-2613 (888) 226-8765 Control Specialists PRINTED IN THE U.S.A.