Centos 6.3 installation1


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Centos 6.3 installation1

  1. 1. Community Enterprise Operating System
  2. 2. stands for Community Enterprise OperatingSystem, is the result of a group of open sourcecontributors and users working together to developLinux solutions that are freely available to users whodo not require a great deal of commercial support toachieve their goal
  3. 3. Centos dedicated servers were designed basedon Red Hats product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.Although the Red Hat Linux server is made entirely offree and open source software, it is only distributed tothe public in binary form (including CD-ROM andDVD-ROM) at a fee paid by subscribers. However,Red Hat does release its source code for its productunder the terms of the GNU General Public License.
  4. 4. So the use of the code for the creation of theCentOS Linux distribution is an entirely valid andacceptable practice. The distribution of CentOSproducts completely complies with Red Hatsredistribution policy.The CentOS server is almost identical to the Red Hatproduct except that it is modified to remove all RedHat branding and artwork. CentOS and its Linuxsolutions are not in any way affiliated with orsupported by Red Hat, Inc.
  5. 5. CentOS is available free of charge. Technicalsupport is primarily provided by the community viaofficial mailing lists, web forums, and chat rooms. Theproject is not affiliated with Red Hat and thus receivesno financial or logistical support from the company;instead, the CentOS Project relies on donations fromusers and organizational sponsors.
  6. 6. Company / developer The CentOS ProjectOS family Unix-like (based on RHEL)Source model Free and open sourcesoftwareInitial release 03:32:38, May 14, 2004Latest stable release 5.9 (January 17, 2013;days ago)Marketing target Free computing (desktops,mainframes, servers,workstations)Available language(s) MultilingualPackage manager RPM Package ManagerKernel type Monolithic (Linux)Default user interface GNOME and KDE (user-selectable)License GNU GPL & various
  7. 7.  Lets Install the Centos 6.3 Insert Centos 6.3 DVD in the DVD ROM Follow The Instructions.
  8. 8. Choose this option for fresh installationor to upgrade the previous Linuxoperating system installed on yoursystem
  9. 9. Press this button to skip from mediatesting.
  10. 10. Press Next Button For Further InstallationProcess
  11. 11. Select the language for installationProcess and press Next Button
  12. 12. Select the Keyboard type and press NextButton
  13. 13. Choose the Basic Storage Device andpress Next Button
  14. 14. Select the “Asia/Karachi” from List boxand press Next Button
  15. 15. Fill the Password fields with theadministrative password and press NextButton
  16. 16. Choose “Use All Space” and press NextButton
  17. 17. Click on “Write Changes to disk” buttonand press Next Button
  18. 18. Creating File system for Centos on Disk
  19. 19. Choose “Desktop” option and press NextButton
  20. 20. Checking dependencies of packages
  21. 21. Starting installation Process
  22. 22. Installing the required packages
  23. 23. Installation of required packages has justcompleted and performing PostInstallation Configuration
  24. 24. Installing Boot Loader
  25. 25. Congratulations, Installation of Centos 6.3has completed, Press “Reboot” Button
  26. 26. Running anaconda CentOS systemInstaller
  27. 27. The Boot Loader is starting CentosOperating system on your Sytem
  28. 28. Post Installation Wizard Welcome you,press “Forward” Button
  29. 29. License Information , Choose “Yes, Iagree to the License Agreement ” andpress “Forward” Button
  30. 30. Create General User account and press“Forward” Button
  31. 31. Press “Yes button”
  32. 32. Set system time and PressForward” Button
  33. 33. Press “Finish” Button
  34. 34. Click on user to login
  35. 35. Provide Password tologin
  36. 36. Experience the Centos 6.3 Desktop