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  • 1. An Overview of Disaster Management B.K. Sharma Director-Academics Asians Institute of Technology, Tonk
  • 2. What is DisasterDisaster is a natural and man-made event which results in widespread human loss, loss in livelihood , property and life.
  • 3. Components of DisasterManagement1. Preparedness2. Response3. Recovery4. Prevention
  • 4. Disaster PreparednessIt involves measure to ensure that the communities and services are capable of coping with the effect of disaster.
  • 5. Example for DisasterPreparedness1. Community awareness and education.2. Proper warning system.3. Mutual aid arrangement.4. Mock drill, training
  • 6. Disaster ResponseIt involves measure taken in anticipation of, during and immediately after the disaster to ensure that the effects are minimized.
  • 7. Example of Disaster Response1. Implementing the disaster management plans.2. Setting up medical camps and mobilizing the resources.3. Providing adequate shelter and sanitary facilities.4. Developing of search and rescue
  • 8. Disaster RecoveryIt involves measures , which supports emergency effected areas in reconstruction of physical infrastructure and restoration of economic and emotional well being.
  • 9. Example of DisasterRecovery1. Counseling programmes for those who lost the near ones.2. Restoring services like roads, communication links, etc.3. Providing financial support employment.4. Reconstructing damage
  • 10. Prevention andMitigationIt involve the measures to eliminate or reduce the incidence of severity of disasters.
  • 11. Examples of Preventionand Mitigation1. Preventing habitation in risk zone.2. Disaster resistant buildings etc.
  • 12. Principles of DisasterManagement1. Minimize Casualties.2. Prevent further casualties.3. Rescue the victims.4. First aid.5. Evacuate.6. Medical care.7. Reconstruction.
  • 13. Thank You