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P1a spa dec.16.10


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  • 1. Software Park Thailand The New ChallengesMs.Chamaiporn PornpruethiananDeputy DirectorSoftware Park Thailand16 December 2010
  • 2. Agenda1. Software Park Thailand : Overview2. Thailand ICT Markets and Trends3. Software Park Thailand “The New Challenges”
  • 3. Software Park Thailand at a glanceMay 1997 : Approved by thecabinetNovember 1999 : Establishedand moved to the currentbuildingApril 2001: Grand opened byHRH Princess Maha ChakriSirindhorn.
  • 4. Software Park DirectorsDr. Rom HiranprukMs. Suwipa WanasathopAssoc.Prof.Dr.Thanachart Numnonda
  • 5. Software Park Initial Vision“To become a top-rate learning organization thatsupports entrepreneurs to create a strong world-class software industry, making software anenabler for competitiveness of the Thai economy.” Software Park Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand
  • 6. Software Park : Initial Mission Infrastructure & Facility Support Incubation Office Rental, Training & Meeting Promote and incubate new start- Room Rental ups software entrepreneurs SWP Services Business Development IT Consulting Center Technology Transfer Quality Improvement & Market Enabling for Industry (ICCI) ( ICT-Enablement) • Promote transfer of relevant• Promote new market • Improve standard of opportunities • Promote use of IT, to all technologies for software local software• Create environment sectors of the economy to companies to industry –professional and conducive for software help increase productivity international level and competitiveness management levels businesses
  • 7. Software Park’s Main Activities Technology Infrastructure & Software Business Transfer CenterFacilities Support Enabling Transfer Center Technology IT Enablement IT Advisory Incubation
  • 8. Infrastructure & Facilities Support During 2000-2009 • 140 companies, 3 Associations / 32 International companies • At present : 100% Occupied, 53 companies (10 are international) • 1,017 workers employed • Generating US$ 9.7 Million Income; Export US$ 1.0 Million
  • 9. Incubatees 2002-2009 JASUMEDIA.COM
  • 10. Business Development & Market EnablingDevelop new market opportunitiesMarketplace for developers andconsumersBusiness Matching, Buyer meets SellerPromote Thai Software BrandGo to Market Program(Local/International)Empowerment ProgramFunding CoordinationDevelop Strategic Alliances
  • 11. IT EnablementOBJECTIVE: Promote use of IT, especially through use of appropriate software, to all sectors of the economy to help increase productivity and competitiveness.
  • 13. IT Professional Development Technology TransferThe Center for the Human Capital Development to build and enhance ITcapability of both individual and organizations by collaborativeeducational activities and initiatives with the network of renownpartner organizations in Thailand and overseas. PARTNERS:
  • 14. Annual ConferenceIT Certification Day 2000 - 2007
  • 15. IT Advisory INITIATIVES FOR INDUSTRY SPI@ease Program: Provide funding support up to 70% for the cost of CMMI implementation To 25 Thai Software Enterprises. 64% of CMMI Organization in Thailand are from the SPI@ease Program. Maturity Level 2: 8 companies Maturity Level 3: 15 companies Total 23 Companies Gartner: Thailand is one of the top 30 off shoring destinations (December, 2008) PSP Initiative Program: Provide funding support up to 70% for training , tutorial & exam cost to 100 Thai Software People.103 Thai Software developers are training and implementing PSP in their organization.33 Thai Certified PSP Developers. “No.1 in Southeast Asia” “No.1 in Asia Pacific” “No.3 in the world”
  • 16. IT Advisory INITIATIVES FOR COMMUNITIES Thailand SPIN: Promote software process improvement &software quality by providing forums for discussions and sharing of software improvement experiences and ideas through 3 main areas: Testing, Project Management, Product and Process Quality Assurance.9 Seminars & 3 Workshops in 2009, 1,118 SW people attend SPIN activities and 701 members The IASA Thailand chapter exists to promote IT Architect by providing a forum for discussions and sharing of IT Architect experiences and ideas.4 Seminars & IT Architect Regional Conference, 420SW people attend IASA activities in 2009.
  • 17. Thailand IT Cluster Software Park Thailand Innovation Cluster 1, Thailand Science Park Software Park Phuket Korat Software Park E-saan Software Park Chiang Mai Software Technology and Outsourcing Centre
  • 18. Thailand’s ICT Market 2008-2009 & Outlook 2010Source: SIPA, ATCI, NECTEC, Software Park Thaiiland
  • 19. Thailand’s ICT Market Highlight• Thai IT market is the largest in the South East Asia region, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12% over 2010-2014 periods.• Total value of Thai domestic spending on IT products and services should pass US$ 5.4 bn in 2010 and US$ 8.7 bn by 2014
  • 20. Thailand’s ICT Market Highlight• Economic Recovery in 2010• Growing PC penetration• New technologies and business models, Mobile internet, Cloud computing, 3G mobile and WiMAX and industry trends, such as SaaS, Green IT and virtualization• Thai Smartphone market grow up 200% - Reach upto 330,000 handsets in the first half of this year - Expect to reach 800,000 handset units by end of 2010
  • 21. Thailand’s ICT Market Highlight• Broadband market is growing - Lower price with higher bandwidth - 2.6 Million Homes has broadband - Average speed is 6 Mbps - Market size 20,000 million bahts• Cloud Computing - Many enterprises now consider the private cloud operation - Some Data Centers start to invest on the public cloud• Internet Banking & Mobile Bangking / e-Commerce is growing• Mobile Device Application
  • 22. Mobile & Internet Users 2010 • 69 Million mobile users in Thailand • 24 Million Internet users as of June 2010, 35% penetration • Mobile broadband users 1.66 million, was only 595,000 las year, • By 2014, the number is expected to rise to almost 30 million • 100,000 users of Facebook on mobile phonesSource : 1. “Internet user profile in Thailand” report, NECTEC 2. Internet Telecommunication Union 3.
  • 23. Our New Challenges & Opportunities
  • 24. Next Major Computing CycleSource: Morgan Stanley 2009
  • 25. New TrendsWeb 2.0Web as a PlatformOS/Device independenceLarge scale computingSoftware as a ServiceCloud Computing
  • 26. Gartner Trends 2011Cloud computingMobile Applications and Media Tablets.Social Communications and Collaboration.Video.Next Generation Analytics.Social Analytics.Context-Aware Computing.Storage Class Memory.Ubiquitous Computing.Fabric-Based Infrastructure and Computers.
  • 27. Opportunity for Developing Countries to Leapfrog
  • 28. Software Park Thailand’s Next Vision “The future of Software Park is not alocation, it is a platform and community on the Internet.”
  • 29. Future Software Business Model Cloud Market Place Software UsersCompanies Govt / Private Software Park’s Role -Landmark of the industry -Technology Advisor -Collaboration -Strengthen Industry -Drive Demand
  • 30. Facility Management (Landmark) Strengthen SW IndustryTechnology Software Advisory Park’s Role Demand Driven Collaboration
  • 31. Software Park RoleLandmark as a Thailand Software CenterTechnology advisor for a new softwarecomputing eraCollaboration with the Industry, UniversityStrengthen IndustryDrive demands for a new software market
  • 32. Software Park : Mission IT Consulting • Improve standard of Infrastructure & Facility Support local software companies to Provide Platform, Office Rental, international level Training & Meeting Room Rental SWP Services Software Business Technology Enabling Technology Transfer Enabling • Promote transfer of new•Collaboration with the • Promote use of Cloud industry Services technologies for software• Drive Demand on the new • Enterprise 2.0 industry –professional and market •Testing Services / Showcases management levels
  • 33. Thank you