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MachinePoint In SA Media

  1. 1. 68 Machinery:Layout 1 2010/08/20 2:03 PM Page 1 MACHINERY Machinepoint, a global supplier of used BUYERS machinery for the plastics and rubber industries, supplies a guide of what to pay attention to GUIDE when buying used machinery THE MARKET for used industrial equipment is a big one with lNegotiate. Your many sellers out there. Any purchase decision regarding used physical observation of machinery has to be made after considering many things the machinery because even in the secondary market for machinery, the empowers you to costs are high and you are making a significant investment. negotiate with the seller Here are the factors that you should consider when or the broker. Do not purchasing used machinery: hesitate to name a lYour requirements. You need to have a clear idea of price that you feel is fair what you wish to buy and how it will add value to your for the machine. Try At MachinePoint, agents search business. This entails knowing the process flow at your and get favorable terms the world over for quality used manufacturing base and the remaining useful life of the of delivery such as free machinery equipment. to your site, lYour budget. Your budget will dictate many things transportation to be including the brand and exact model type that you can borne by the seller, etc. purchase. You need to have a clear breakdown of costs Get everything on paper. This is a very important step in associated with your purchase decision. These include cost of buying used machinery. Get everything on record, from the additional space required, if necessary; cost of transporting first formal quotation. the machines to your factory; dissembling and reassembling Machinepoints global HQ is in Valladolid, Spain; the the machines; cost of machines and various duties company also runs an office in Ahmedabad, India, where applicable, etc. Rohan Shahane, who deals lPartnering the right people. Given the global nature of with South Africa, is based. this business, it is not possible for a buyer to be in the know about the best deals out there in terms of cost and quality. This is where brokers come in. A good broking firm will be able to present you with multiple options and help you select the best used machinery for your needs. lVisual inspection. The importance of this aspect cannot be overstated. The internet has made communication easy and you can conduct a lot of your business communication online but there is no alternative to physically inspecting the powerful machinery. Used machinery is usually not warranted. You need to know the extent of robust refurbishment, and get an idea of the actual state of the machinery. You should insist on reliable a test run and keep your eyes and ears open for tell-tale signs of machine ill-health such as unusual vibrations or noise. Find out about the state of maintenance and keep your eyes open for worn out parts. lTrade fairs. Businesses, whether big or small, benefit immensely by regularly visiting THE MAXIMA SERIES used machinery trade fairs. Learning 5,000 – 30,000 kN acquired and contacts made at such trade fairs can often prove invaluable when you get Hydraulic injection molding down to making decisions. machines for large parts Wales to impose bag levy THE Welsh government is planning to enforce a nationwide charge of 7p (about R1) on single-use bags from March 2011, but business leaders have warned that this could ? mold installation area Maximum leave consumers hot under the collar, while retailers have allegedly been given insufficient ? space requirements Minimum time to prepare. As in South Africa, the new ? Built to last Welsh law affects every kind of retailer. Tel: +27 11 902 1010/1 Fax: +27 11 902 1187 email: Unit 2, Wadeville Industrial Village, Crocker Road, Wadeville, 2420 68 AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010