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MachinePoint Food Technologies Fruit & Veg

  1. 1.  Fruit and Vegetables processinghelping agro-food processors in the transformationand processing of their fresh productsMachinePoint Food Technologies has been serving customers in oneof the biggest agricultural areas in Europe (South of Spain) for over 25years. In the last 7 years we have exported our knowledgeinternationally, and accomplished projects on a global scale throughoutEurope, Africa and Asia.MachinePoint Food Technologies helps agro-food producers andmanufacturers to move up within their value chain and business modelby helping them set up new processes, automate their currentproduction lines, and/or developing new products according to thelatest market trends.We design, build and commission complete plants for the processingof fruits and vegetables into a wide array of products. From juices,nectars, concentrate, pastas and sauces, up to and includingconverting orange pulp into a highly innovative product for thecosmetics industry for example.Thanks to our product development department, we now provideconsultancy services in the development of recipes and productformulas.The transformation of fruit and vegetables can be incredibly profitablefor agriculterers if they realise a system where all resources are utilisedto the maximum. There is a wide range of products that can beproduced and sold, on top of the traditional fresh product.A wide array of additional products can be produced from what manyagro-food manufacturers wrongly consider to be waste product. Inmany cases, this "waste produce" can actually be further processedand transformed into other products for the food, cosmetics,pharmaceutical and cleaning industries. For example; simply from thefruit pulp you can extract essence oils and make jams andmarmalades. A lot of cleaning and cosmetics products can also beproduced from the "waste produce" of fruit and vegetables.Practically any fruit and vegetable can be processed, however it is vitalto primarily consider many factors that could affect the success of theproject and its profitability. Factors such as: demand, quality of the rawmaterial, regular supplies of the raw material, particularities of the fruitand vegetable, quantity to be processed, etc.Another point to consider would be the maximization of resources, andallowing as many products as possible to be handled at the same time,so that facilities run all year round and are not limited to seasonalproduce.The desire is to maintain all the natural qualities of the fresh products,and this is more or less possible depending on product and processselected. MachinePoint Food Technologies solutions maintain thefreshness and nutritional value of fresh and processed fruit andvegetable products.