Sex a for men and women


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Sex a for men and women

  1. 1. Let‘s face it, guys are pretty spoilt for ways to woo us. From BBM-ing sweet nothings to texting usraunchy pics, there‘s a bizillioninventive tricks to leave us loved-up and breathless. But nowa newsurvey has revealed exactly what guys and gals really want in bed – and guess what? There‘snot a pair of crotchless pants in sight. PHEW. Here we reveal the results, ensuring you‘re both raringto go, Cosmo-style:SEE CELEBRITY PDAs AT THE BALL GAME!Talk dirtyAccording to the survey, nearly half of all adults have engaged in a little ‗dirty talk‘ over the phone. Ifyou haven‘t, why the heck not? Get dialing ladies, but make er, sure you call his mobile not his deskphone. And always check he hasn‘t put you on speakerphone first...But not too dirtyShare this among your male buddies – use the L-word boys! 42% of women said that being told ‗Ilove you‘ gets them hotter than being told they were ‗hot‘. To cover all bases, why not try them both?Just sayin‘.Vino + meal = sex O’clockSometimes simple really is best. Both sexes unanimously agreed that sharing a romantic meal with anice bottle of wine makes for the perfect pre-passion night of fun. So ditch the elaborate day atMonkey World, followed by the hot balloon ride and sparklers in the horse and carriage ride andgosimple. Less pressure guarantees more fun. And we all want fun in bed, right?HAVE AN ORGASM - ITS GOOD FOR YOUGet sextingYounger men and women ‗fessed up to getting stuck in to sexting – with 22% saying they‘re likely toget turned on by a raunchy text message. Start small and if he‘s got an iPhone, leavethe really explicit stuff till the end of the message – you‘ve seen the first few lines of a text flash upon your mates‘ screens before, right? We‘re thinking of your future blushes here!Add some lengthOoer. 65% of women said they were satisfied by the length of their sex-sessions but 55% of menhoped for a bit longer between the sheets. Fancy being kind? Treat him to an extra few minutes (wethink watching Made in Chelsea in bed counts, don‘t worry).SEE KSTEW AND RPATTZS LOVED UP MOMENTSLet him be your fantasy38% of couples say they fantasize about their significant other but 19% say they‘ve had lustfulthoughts over a colleague. Recurring dreams about David Hasselhoff? Don‘t panic. 38% of couples
  2. 2. fantasize about getting it on with a celeb so it‘s borderline acceptable. Almost. Had a sexy dream?Tell him about it – who knows, maybe he‘ll dress up as R-Patz for you (imagine the LOLs).How to Attract Younger WomenThere‘s a character called Mike on the hilarious American sitcom, My Boys – a commitment-challenged man who is always trying to hit on younger women but is never successful.You‘re out with friends and you see these hot and young twenty year olds or women in their thirtiesand immediately you want to go over and talk to them. But you feel that she will reject you because ofyour age. ‗I‘m too old for her,‘ you might think, which is a fair call if you‘re thinking of hitting on a25-year old when you need adult incontinence diapers to keep you from embarrassing yourself. Butotherwise, you‘re wrong. Attracting younger women is not as hard as you think. Men, just likewomen, want to feel they have it in them to attract people of all ages at any given point in their life. Itis a HUGE ego booster. There is no special formula to attract younger women. It just calls for a mildalteration in your approach. Read on:WhereWell, just like you head to a museum or a library to meet intelligent women, you got to head tohappening clubs, music concerts, coffee shops and other such places that is frequented by youngfolks to meet young women.Then?Once you spot the girl you like, approach her like you‘d approach any other woman – be confidentand be yourself. When talking to her, be respectful and act your age. You do not have to memorizecheesy pick up lines, just be forthright and direct. The key here is to not make her feel like a silly littlegirl. Treat her like an adult. Don‘t act like her babysitter. Don‘t be condescending or pedantic, butkeep the conversation fun and interesting.UseUse your maturity to your advantage. Bring in that sophistication. She must be tired of being hit onby immature, arrogant fools who think just saying, Hey good looking, is enough for her to put out.However young a woman is, she still wants to be wooed and be treated like a lady. Here‘s where youstep in.TimingJust because she smiled at you and shared a few jokes, don‘t jump the gun and ask her out in yourfirst meeting. That might turn her off and she might put you in the same category of desperate menwho are just looking to score. Wait it out a bit. If she‘s a waitress at a coffee shop, visit the shop once
  3. 3. or twice. Be friendly, be funny during those interactions. Once you‘re sure she demonstrates somesort of liking for you, go for it. The idea is to ask her out in such a way that she will say yes andnothing else. ―You missed this great Metallica concert last night. I would have invited you but I didn‘thave your number‖– something to this effect. ―I‘m going for this stand up gig tonight. You game?‖Act confident and sure of yourself. That automatically raises your attraction quotient.MaintainFine, you got a date. Now it‘s time for the real thing. Till now, your interactions with her werelimited. She has formed this image in her head of a man who is fun, charming, and sophisticated.Now it‘s up to you to maintain that image. You have to display the same characteristics you displayedthe first time you met her. Also, remember to not be too hasty when making your move, but alsodon‘t leave it for too late either.So, it‘s not really that difficult to attract younger women. You just need to alter your approach mildlyand find out things to talk about and do, which would keep her interested in you. It‘s simple: withintelligent, mature women, you would probably discuss the world‘s future, but with a much youngerwoman, you should pick things that are more current, like movies (The Avengers), music (BrunoMars), travel (Spain) etc. There‘s no reason why you can‘t be dating a younger woman. With somepractise, you should be able to score a date with a beautiful young woman.How to Kiss PassionatelyIt really doesn‘t matter if you are player or just getting started, the bottom-line is you need to be amore-than-good kisser to present yourself as lovable and passionate.If you have been struggling to get the action mastered, consider the following set of tips.Getting PreparedTo get started, you need to ensure there are no distractions. Get rid of all the apprehensions in yourmind and leave your worries behind for some other day. Be confident of yourself. Better circulationof blood means that your face will feel warmer, more welcoming and supple — something that isoften ignored whenkissing passionately is discussed - so, think naughty thoughts.Getting Expressive With Your LipsIt really doesn‘t matter whether you bump your nose or your teeth collide. These things really don‘tmatter as long as you are ready to get creative with your lips. For starters, a passionate kiss canseldom be a light one. You need to press your lips with your partners. Don‘t fret about what justright. Just remember that your lips should be smudged without worrying about the rhythm. If youare slightly more experienced in this niche, try to start with a full-on kiss and alternate it with lighter
  4. 4. ones. The lighter mode includes moving away from her lips for a second, gathering your breath andthen diving deeper with more momentum.Getting Creative With Your Lips & TongueThe French take the honors for inventing a rather passionate way of kissing. However, FrenchKissing isnt the only type of kiss that expresses passion. Forget about every rule in the book ofkissing you have ever read or heard about. Keep it simple and try out as many variations as you. Thebest way to be a passionate kisser is to be spontaneous. This means doing everything possible withyour tongue too. For instance, you can be sloppy with your tongue. This means smearing yourpartners lips with a bit more of wetness and then repeatedly wiping it off with your lips. Suck yourpartners lower lip into your mouth by shaping your lips like a big pout. When his/her lips are insideyour mouth, tease and nibble them with your tongue and teeth.Getting Aggressive Without Being FastPerhaps, one the most overlooked aspects of kissing passionately is the pace. There are no ruleswhen you are trying to be spontaneous and expressive. However, it is recommended not to be tooquick about it. Every variation of a kiss that you try should be slow in the execution. Whether it ispleasing him/her in bed or kissing passionately, being quick isnt the wisest approach sense it makesyour sense rush through the motions, reducing the overall impact, not allowing your mind to processevery bit of exhilaration it feels.When Trying to Kiss Passionately Use Your Body TooThis passionate kissing tip is applicable to all those who are under the impression that your mouthneeds to do all the work when kissing. The reality is that the manner in which your embrace yourpartner, preferably a tight hug, makes a major difference. The closer your bodies are pressed againsteach other, the better access you will have to your partners mouth. More bodily contact also suggeststhat you are more passionate about him/her and arent just testing or trying-out kissing. Slowly pullyour partner closer when kissing, it will create a better impact.Explore Beyond the LipsOpinions differ on this aspect, but still most kissing experts suggest not limiting yourself to yourpartners mouth. Use your lips like an explorer on the move. Kiss, lick and taste every bit of his/herface, including the chin, neck, cheeks and eyes. Nibble on her/his face, especially the ears.Sex Secrets Of The Kama Sutra & Other EasternPleasuresKayla Ricci has compiled a suitably decadent guide to the sexual teachings of the East - they reallyare a saucy bunch of know-it-alls, and this book divulges some of the secrets of their sexual history.
  5. 5. Taking positions from the classic Kama Sutra through to sex tips from India, Arabia, China andJapan.Discover how to turn your bedroom into a seductive chamber of love, turn your partner on throughtantric erotic massage and indulge the submissive in you by playing at being his geisha.Packed with erotic yet useful photographs to help you recreate the positions, seduction techniquesand sex tips every couple should know - from prolonging foreplay to finding his G-spot, this book isour new bottom drawer must-have read.Sex Secrets of the Kama Sutra, Kayla Ricci, DK, £14.99,’s tailor and other explosive sex movesThe way in which you and your lover move during sex can yield some sizzling sensations for both ofyou. Your moves can also change the mood of lovemaking from sensual to feverish in an instant. InThe Perfumed Garden, Sheikh Nefzawi recommends a variety of movements, described below, tohelp you get maximum pleasure.Love’s tailor To set the mood for rampant sex, he should try this teasing opener. He inserts the tipof his penis inside her and makes tiny back and forth rubbing movements. The friction will feelfantastic on the acutely sensitive area just inside her vagina. Then, just when she is relaxing intothese blissful sensations, he gives her an erotic jolt by suddenly sliding all the way in.Bucket in the well Embrace each other closely in a face-to-face sex position and then take turns tomove alternately: he thrusts in and out, then she thrusts, and so on. Increase the pace as you go anddo not worry if, by the moment of climax, sex is so wild that you have abandoned the carefuldiscipline of taking turns.
  6. 6. The mutual shock This is a move that will make you gasp as your bodies slam together on eachstroke. After penetration, pull yourselves apart so that just the tip of the penis remains inside. Pausefor a tantalizing moment and then push forward quickly so your bodies collide and the penis entersdeeply once more. Now repeat this technique, but make sure you are extremely well lubricated.Love’s bond She lies still while he penetrates her deeply and then grinds with his pelvis withoutremoving even the smallest portion of his penis from her vagina. The Perfumed Garden is passionateabout the benefits of this simple movement: women love it because it gives both deep vaginal andclitoral stimulation. Sheikh Nefzawi says it ―procures them the greatest pleasure‖. A man benefitsfrom being deeply and snugly enclosed, and the unusual plane of movement means that he can lastlonger.Stimulating his G-spot with your fingers can give him an immediate sexual high, leading to a morethrilling orgasm – and a new sensation to the one he usually experiences directly through his penis.The Chinese way of accessing the G-spot is via a special place on the perineum called Hui Yin, whichmeans ―the gate of life and death‖.His pleasure point The male G-spot, also known as the ―P-spot‖, is actually the prostate gland – asmall gland that lies inside the body just underneath a man‘s bladder, which is sensitive to sexualstimulation. Although you cannot touch the prostate directly, there are two indirect ways ofstimulating it: through the perineum or via the anus. Exploring his G-spot is easier if you usemassage oil or another type of sex lubricant.Pressing Hui Yin This is the most accessible route to giving him G-spot ecstasy. She should slideher fingers up and down his perineum – the area between his testicles and his anus – caressing himwhile she locates the pleasure point. Once she has found a spot that feels like a slight indentationhalfway between his scrotum and anus, she should gently apply pressure to it with the pad of her
  7. 7. fingertip (or the second knuckle of her middle finger if she has long nails). This is his Hui Yin spot –also known by the Chinese as the ―million dollar spot‖. Try applying deep static or pulsating pressureand ask him which he enjoys most. Don‘t be afraid of pressing quite deeply – the area you arestimulating lies inside his body rather than just under his skin. Now take the erotic tension tobreaking point by adding some passionate oral sex.Lasting longer Men can use the Hui Yin point to delay ejaculation. They simply press it when theyfeel themselves getting too excited during sex. Rather than sustaining the pressure, they just press itbriefly until they feel back in control. This technique is sometimes called the Chinese squeeze.Give him peak pleasure Once you have familiarized yourself with your lover‘s G-spot, make himconvulse with pleasure by stimulating all his hotspots at once: his penis, his testicles, his Hui Yinspot, and his anus. T his might sound like a lot of areas to attend to all at once, but you can enlist hishelp: nestle your face between his legs and invite him to masturbate as you press your finger firmlyagainst his Hui Yin point. As he begins to get more aroused, gently flick the tip of your tongue againsthis testicles and perineum. Now give him maximum pleasure, by using the lubricated tip of yourindex finger (on your other hand) to stroke, caress, repeatedly tap, or press his anus.Japanese geishas and courtesans are renowned for their graceful methods of seduction. Rather thanjumping straight into bed, they take a sensual and leisurely approach to lovemaking – the aim is tobuild arousal bit by bit until both lovers are trembling with desire to have each other.Decadent bath Start the evening by sharing a traditional Japanese bath. Once you have filled thetub, pour in two glasses of sake (this alcoholic drink is said to draw out toxins and make your skinsmooth and beautiful). Immerse yourselves and inhale the distinctive fragrance that lifts off with thesteam. Stroke and fondle each other, but don‘t get too carried away … not just yet.
  8. 8. Soap massage Stand up in the bath and drizzle each other‘s bodies with liquid soap. Embrace in astanding position and slide your hands all over each other‘s curves and crevices, working up a frothylather (let your hands linger on each other‘s hotspots). If you enjoy this soapy massage, you canemulate the Japanese ancient tradition and continue the slippery foreplay in the bedroom: lie downon a waterproof sheet or mattress and slide, glide, and writhe against each other in foreplay that isgloriously soapy.Make an entrance Women: after your bath, request that your lover waits for you in bed. Make atrue geisha-style entrance – glide into the room looking stunning in a kimono and red lipstick (andnothing else). Carry a plate of bite-sized treats: cherries, grapes, small pieces of rich, dark chocolate,or sushi. Kneel beside your lover (with your kimono artfully arranged to reveal a thigh, shoulder, orbreast) and feed each other. Gaze into each other‘s eyes as you eat. Now slide into bed together andslowly get more intimate. Caress and stroke each other‘s bodies and slowly work down to thegenitals. And when you do, try this geisha technique: dip a paintbrush in lubricant and using slow,delicate brushstrokes, paint the length of his penis. It is guaranteed to send a ripple of pleasurethrough him.Naughty foot massage Women can try a classic technique used by Japanese courtesans during theEdo period. Make sure your feet are looking gorgeous (try an at-home pedicure and paint yourtoenails with crimson nail varnish), then sit between his legs and trap his erect penis between thesoles of your feet. Drizzle lots of oil over his glans so it runs down his shaft. Now drive him wild byrubbing your feet up and down on his penis. Vary the strokes, pressure, and speed (and trysupporting his shaft on the top of one foot while you move the other in firm circles). Use your big toeto tease the tip of his penis, slide it down to his frenulum, and then back up again. Revel in the eyecontact as you do so.5 places you have to have sexDo you want to know the best places to have sex? Look no further – here is your funand frisky guide to the best locations for having sex outside of the bedroom.The best sex locationsWhen you ask most sex experts to rank the five places you really ought to have sex they all inevitablysay somewhere you can get caught; yawn. We‘ve heard it all before.To get really turned on you have to have sex somewhere where you can get caught by a lot of people,which is why a wedding is the perfect place to up the ante. Not only are there at least 100 or sopeople, you‘ll know a lot of them, which pretty much maxes out the risk factor and will give you ahuge shot of adrenalin.If you‘re still not convinced about the erotic benefits of having sex at a wedding, remember everyone
  9. 9. will be looking their best and there will be lots of pretty girls and gorgeous guys to choose from. Plusa wedding is full of secret little hideaways and plush furnishings so you and your date can get it on instyle and, fingers crossed, without actually getting caught.Sex beneath the starsIt sounds cheesy, but having sex beneath the stars makes for out-of-this-world sex. Sometimes it canbe easy to get caught up in the kinky side to sex and it can be good to occasionally cut the act andmake it all about you and your girl or guy.The best place to have sex when going for a starlit backdrop is outside; preferably in your garden oron a private balcony. Remember to pack a blanket and some cushions though or you could end upwith a bruised behind. If you don‘t go in for the whole Mother Nature scene then stay indoors.You could always have sex beneath a skylight or even (cringe) on the backseat of a car. Althoughthese aren‘t the most romantic of options hopefully the cosmos will strike some of the starry-eyedwonder back into you both. To take the romance up a level, look into one another‘s eyes for a minuteor so; it will help you both appreciate who you are having sex with and why.Sex on a washing machineWho says washing machines are just for getting things clean? Make full use of your utensil by using itto get filthy with your partner.A washing machine is one of the greatest and most innocent looking sex toys around, which can be awhole lot of fun for both the ladies and the gents. Firstly, switch your machine on. The spin cycleworks best.The girl can either perch on the machine, using it as a chair, whilst the guy does his thing, or the girlcan bend over the appliance, with her stomach laying flat on the machine top, whilst she is takenfrom behind.The latter is probably the best option if you want to please both parties, as the vibrations will rockthrough you both, bringing blood to those all important areas and making them much moresensitive.Sex on a deskBe honest – you must have thought about having steamy sex on your desk. Doing it at a work stationfulfils most people‘s sexy secretary fantasy and there are reasons why it made it onto the five placesyou have to have sex list.Firstly, when at work most of us adopt a new persona. We become harder and sharper. Thereforewhen you hitch up your skirt or shimmy out of your work suit and get it on over your desk, these newdominant personality traits should emerge; making the sex that little bit wilder. Not only is sex on adesk great for bringing forth your more dominant self, it‘s also great ergonomically.
  10. 10. You can try out several decent positions safely on a desk and achieve some great, pleasure-inducingangles comfortably.Sex on a Swiss ballSex swings are great for the fanatic, but for the average guy or girl they‘re intimidating, expensiveand difficult to disguise from your neighbours. However, an innocent looking Swiss ball can easily bepassed off as a piece of fitness equipment and it‘s just as good for your sex life as installing a sexswing.You can use the Swiss ball for lots of different positions. The guy can sit down on the ball as if it‘s achair, whilst the girl rides him in a reverse cowgirl position. Or you can position the ball against awall, whilst the girl lays with her back on the ball and the guy goes on top.Feel free to get creative with the Swiss ball as there are lots of different things you can try out athome. A handy tip when using a Swiss ball for sex is to deflate it slightly, so that the ball is notcompletely full of air. Having a softer ball will make it easier to manipulate and manoeuvre and you‘llbe less likely to have a not-so-sexy Swiss ball accident.Top 10 health benefits of sexSo if you were asked to come up with advantages of having sex, what would you say? It helps to keepthe human race going and it‘s fun, right? Turns out there are many more advantages to having sex,health benefits at that! Remember though, the best sex is always consensual and should be safe.Top 10 health benefits of sex1. Sex burns calories30 minutes of sex burns 85 calories or more. There‘s a reason for you to make your lovemaking lastlonger and do it more regularly. You‘ll not only feel great, you would‘ve burnt off some unwantedcalories as well!Sex is better when it’s safe. Read the top 10 safe sex tips.2. Helps to reduce stressSexual intercourse helps to reduce blood pressure and this further leads to a reduction in stresslevels.Simple ways to reduce stress.3. Increases hormonesRegular sex leads to an increase in testosterone in men, which helps fortify bones and muscle. Inwomen, regular sex leads to a rise in the hormone oestrogen, which is one of the most importantsafeguards against heart disease.
  11. 11. 4. Boosts immunityStudies have found that people who have sex once or twice a week have 30 per cent higher levels ofthe antibody immunoglobulin A, which boosts the immune system and helps fight infections likecolds and the flu.Check out these tips to boost immunity5. Helps you live longerA study conducted at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland tracked one thousand middle-aged menover 10 years. The findings revealed that those who had had orgasms frequently lived longer thanthose who were not quite so active.6. Sex improves heart healthContrary to misconceptions held by those with heart disease, sex is actually safe for most heartpatients. Experts say that if you can walk up two flights of stairs without going out of breath, you cansafely have sex.That‘s not all! Those who regularly have sex have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and anincreased circulation.Video: Watch as Dr Devi Shetty talks about prevention of heart disease7. Strengthens Pelvic Floor MusclesWhen women have sex, they‘re unconsciously doing Kegel exercises which are good for many thingsincluding improved bladder control.What are Kegel exercises? Find out.8. Boosts self-esteemA good sexual experience has many mental benefits as well, including making you feel good aboutyourself. Some studies have shown that it even makes a woman feel younger. Now who doesn‘t wantthat!9. Improves intimacyBesides the obvious closeness and intimacy that comes with sex, having an orgasm increases levels ofa hormone called oxytocin. This is also called the love hormone as it helps humans bond and buildtrust.Trouble in your marriage?10. Sex for better sleepThe increase in oxytocin as a result of sex helps you sleep better. Maybe that‘s why couples like tocuddle and sleep after an invigorating roll in the hay!
  12. 12. An introduction to safe sexUse a condom!What is safe sex?If you‘re considering having sex, making sure you and your partner are safe should be the top-mostpriority. The practice of safe sex involves protecting yourself and your partner from sexuallytransmitted diseases (STDs) or infections (STIs) and also pregnancy, if undesired. Some commonSTDs include syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis B, hepatitis Cand HIV (that causes AIDS).Safe sex thus means being responsible. This also involves getting tested for STDs or STIs each timeyou have sex with a new partner. If you discover you have an STD or STI, it‘s important to availtreatment and also let your partner know about it, so that he or she can get tested and treated, andalso decide if he/she wants to have sex with you at all.How can you protect yourself?Take precautions against any part of your body, especially mouth, vagina or anus coming in contactwith your partner‘s body fluids. Using a latex or polyurethane condom when you have vaginal, analor oral sex to protect yourself from STDs is, therefore, a must.Condoms can go a long way in preventing STDs, as they provide protection from bacteria and virusespresent in the semen, vaginal fluids and blood from coming in contact with the other‘s body.Make sure you use a condom correctly. Don‘t use the same condom twice, and use just one condomevery time. An extra condom doesn‘t translate into extra protection, it can in fact be detrimental.STDs can spread from people who are unaware that they have one, so make sure you use protectionevery time you have sex.And if you‘re in a relationship, delay having sex until you are physically and emotionally ready for it.Also, it‘s best for both to get tested for STDs before having sex.What about birth control pills?Birth control pills and injections only offer protection against pregnancy and not STDs. While this isan important aspect of safe sex when you‘re not planning a baby, it alone won‘t suffice. STDs can bedangerous, and it‘s very important to protect yourself and your partner from it, so condomis irreplaceable in that sense.When you know you‘re safe, yours and your partners mind will be it at ease and you can enjoy sexbetter. So use protection and put your mind at ease.Also read: Contraceptives: myth busters
  13. 13. Negotiating safe sex: Some must ask questions before having sex with someone for the first time. How many people have you had sex with? Have you had more than one sex partner at a time? Have you had sex without a condom? Have you had oral sex without protection? Do you inject illegal drugs, or have you had someone who does? Have you ever has unprotected sex with a prostitute? Have you gotten tested for STDs? If so, what were the results? If you ever had an STD, has it been treated and cured? Have you gotten tested for HIV? If you‘re having difficulty in asking these questions, then having sex, at this point, may not be the best thing for you. And, if you find that your partner is reluctant in answering these questions and is belittling its importance you may want to reconsider your decision to have sex with him/her. Make note, a partner who is disrespecting of you for taking responsibility for your own health and well- being may not be the right person for you to be with. Top 10 sexual fantasies The ex Maybe we love thinking of our ex because it‘s so wrong, or so out of reach; either way, it‘s a turn on and we all love it. Getting this fantasy right is all about anchoring it in reality. You need to visualize places where you and your ex used to hang out, or things you used to do to one another. This way, your fantasy will feel like it could be a reality, which is hot, hot, hot. Lights, camera, action Most people who don‘t like being centre stage in their day-to-day life love lots of attention in their dream world and this is why being filmed during sex is such a popular fantasy. To make this fantasy good think about how you would like to be filmed, what you‘d be doing and who you‘d be doing it with. Is anyone watching, or is this going to be a private tape for those lonely nights in? The cop Who doesn‘t love a uniform? Combine that smart costume with a dominatrix-like attitude and bingo, you have one saucy daydream. Handcuffs, batons and even a police chase can feature within your dream. To keep the cop idea fresh, you should sometimes switch roles and think about being the cop, or being the captured criminal.
  14. 14. The clubIt‘s dark, there are lots of young hotties dancing around and then a stunning person walks up to youand... Well, you know the rest. Getting it on in a club had to make it onto the top sexual fantasy listbecause pretty much everyone has wanted to do it or, at the very least, everyone‘s thought aboutwhat it would be like.The strangerMany people would love to try no-strings-attached sex with a complete stranger, but most are tooscared or would feel way to guilty to give it a go. For that reason, this is perfect fantasy material.Choosing a gorgeous stranger who you‘ve spotted during the day is a great way to kick off thisraunchy dream.The food fightFood and sex have always gone hand in hand, so it‘s no wonder that a food fight is one of the topseven fantasies. If you love your food, then you can think about different types, like sweet andsavoury. Plus picture different settings: picking fruit in Spain, in a sauna-like kitchen or even in acafeteria. As always, variety is the key for this food fight fancy.The swimming poolThe swimming pool fantasy often features in big, Hollywood films and why wouldn‘t it? The thoughtof diving into a big, blue pool and finding your all time, number one guy or girl wearing very littleand looking very good is always going to be a huge turn on. This little fantasy will always hold someallure for people, which is why it‘s on our top 10 sexual fantasies list.The teacherWhen you were at school, you hated it, but now you‘ve left, teachers keep popping into your dirtiestthoughts. People may love the teacher fantasy so much because of Britney and her Baby One MoreTime video, but we have a feeling that people love this because of the authoritative role the otherperson can adopt.
  15. 15. The threesomeIn reality, threesomes can be awkward incidents that are best forgotten, but in your dream worldthey can be a whole lot of fun. This is such a staple sexual fantasy because it is so easilyinterchangeable. You can have two guys, two girls or one of both sexes. There‘s also endless kinkytricks you can try out in an orgy that would never work with a two-person team.The peep showNot many people would actually like to fantasise about a peep show, but peeping at others who arehaving sex actually excites lots of people. You could think about watching people on screen, or peoplegetting it on outside, like at the beach or in a park. It‘s exciting because there‘s a chance you mightget caught.Girls, boost your sex driveYour guide to getting moreWhen you hear the phrase ―night-time exertion‖, do you think of a vigorous facial and agood, hard floss? If so, then listen up ladies. It‘s time you gave your libido a little bit of TLC.With just a few tricks and changes to your diet you can unleash your inner desire and havesome wild night‘s under-the-covers:Befriend the babiesCrying children and smelly nappies may not sound like the best way to get in the mood for love, but researchers havefound that visiting your friends who have recently become mums is one of the strongest natural aphrodisiacs. Withinthe study those women who smelt pads from breastfeeding women reported a dramatic increase in sexual desire andsexual fantasies. Best book a visit to the maternity award ladies!Indulge in chocolateWe all know that sucking on a piece of melting chocolate is fabulous. What we might not know is that chocolatecontains phenethylamine, a nutrient that we produce when we fall in love. Fantastically, this nutrient also increasesyour libido and makes eating chocolate a guilt-free pleasure. The higher the cocoa content the better; so choose abar that is made from at least 60-70 per cent cocoa solid chocolate. Get munching girls.De-stressYour boss has been nagging you, the plumbing is broken and your in-laws are coming for the weekend; do you wantsex? The answer is always going to be no. When your rational brain is in overdrive the stress hormone, cortisol, isreleased. Cortisol suppresses your oestrogen secretion and this lowers your libido. Counteract stress with massages,a hot bath or a visit to a steam room. Also try to make sex one of your priorities and you‘ll soon see the benefits.
  16. 16. Pump itTo get some more action you need to get pumping. Performing pelvic floor exercises will make you more aware ofthe muscles involved in sexual pleasure. To strengthen these muscles, sit comfortably and squeeze as if you aretrying to stop the flow of urine. Repeat this 10-15 times in a row, without holding your breath, or your stomach, buttand thigh muscles. Once you have built some strength into these muscles you will notice that you are more sensitiveduring sex.Have a cuddleSometimes you just can‘t beat a good hug. Although a hug can seem harmless enough, it has the potential to lead tosomething a little more intimate; sex. Researcher, Dr Michel Odent, explains that we all need oxytocin to get sexuallyaroused. We receive increased levels of oxytocin when we have skin-to-skin contact with our partners. Next time youand your man are watching a film, remember to snuggle up to him, who knows where it could lead.Put down that wine glassA few cheeky glasses of wine on a date may seem like the perfect way to get into the boy‘s pants, but think again.Alcohol diminishes sexual arousal and although studies have shown that women are more likely to have sex afterdrinking, according to their findings, those women who do have sex when drunk enjoy it less. To reduce the amountyou drink why not try having a glass of water between each drink, or rather than go to a pub, meet at a café.Get sniffingIt may sound disgusting, it may be your worst nightmare, but bear with us when we say that sniffing your man‘ssweaty gym kit may turn you on. According to scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, smelling male sweatcan increase sexual arousal. If you can‘t face taking a whiff of his smelly underarms, why not work out with him?You‘ll still pick up his scent and you‘ll be getting fitter.7 sex experiences you must try
  17. 17. 7 ways you need to do itHere are seven sex experiences you must try. From make-up sex to using householdappliances, here are seven ways you need to do it. Take out that red pen of yours and addthese hot and saucy moments to your 50 things to try before I die list:Make-up sexFor some reason make-up sex is amazing. You‘re angry, you‘re fired up and you‘re passionate – then it‘s all forgottenand you‘re jumping under the covers. Make-up sex is great because when you fight your testosterone levels rise,which makes the sex much more aggressive and intense. To make the most of this post-argument loving pull at eachother‘s hair and breathe heavily. Ladies, if you‘ve got nails run them down your guy‘s backs. Guys, you can gentlybite your girl‘s necks. Make sure you do these things softly first and build the aggression up though.The stare gameEye-locked lovers may make you want to barf, but bear with us guys – staring into each other‘s eyes during sex canmake your orgasms more powerful. Try to hold each other‘s gaze for at least a minute, especially during the height ofsex. This will make your orgasms more intense and you‘ll feel intensely close to the other person. If you prefer rearentry positions then you can always put a mirror in the room and stare into one other‘s eyes using the reflection.Ideally though, try to stick with face-to-face contact at least some of the time.
  18. 18. Food sexIf you‘re a neat freak you may find food sex hard work. Your sheets will get messy, you‘ll have food in your hair andyou may be finding evidence of your night of passion for a few weeks after. The point is though that you loosen upand have fun. Food is very sensuous and it is often described using sexual words. Get creative with your choices –use foods with different textures, different shapes and different smells. Cream works particularly well, but you mayend up throwing out your bed linen because the smell is hard to disguise.Closet sexHaving sex in a tight space is novel, kinky and can be very, very hot. If you can handle the slightly claustrophobicenvironment and focus on the new angles you are forced to twist and curl into, then you‘ll soon be turned on in atotally new way. The lack of space in a closet will mean that you have to try out new positions and the darkness andnovelty of the situation will get you both really excited. Just remove anything of any value beforehand as it‘s not aneasy space to maneuver around in and accidents may happen.Morning sexWant to get your day started in the best possible way? Then have sex before breakfast. Although mornings may notbe your favourite time to get foxy, those love-struck couples who have sex first thing feel more upbeat and benefitfrom a stronger immune system. Also your sex will be better. Most guys feel more turned on in the morningsbecause their testosterone levels are at their highest at night. You will also be well rested and will therefore have sexfor longer and try out some more energetic positions.Machine sexWe all know that a vibrator is a girl‘s best friend, but vibrations are good for guys too. To turn the heat up in your lovelife pay a visit to your washing machine or tumble dryer. To begin, turn the machine on. Then the girl should bendover at a right angle over the machine, with her stomach and upper body lying flat over the top of the appliance. Theguy then takes her from behind and kneels into the machine. The vibrations will rock through you both, bringing bloodto those all important areas and making them much more sensitive.Alfresco sexThere is a reason that whilst you read this 84,000 people are having sex outside; it‘s incredible. You feel bad and soyour adrenaline levels rise, which makes the sex frantic, frisky and fun. Remember though that although goingalfresco can be spontaneous, it often isn‘t as easy as it seems in the movies. Prepare a little and pack some usefulprops: a blanket, some tissues and a brush. Be careful too, you can get in trouble if you get caught so maybe opt fora safer option and get it on in your garden or balcony.5 shocking sex facts5 sex facts that surpriseSex facts are always brilliant. The problem is we all talk about sex so much that there‘s verylittle that shocks or surprises us anymore. Did you know that there‘s seven calories in onetablespoon of sperm (yawn)? Yet, sometimes you can find a crazy sex gem that bogglesyour mind. Here are five shocking sex facts that will surprise you:
  19. 19. Sex can help you give a great speechBefore you get carried away, we are not suggesting you hop into bed with your boss or sleep with the entireaudience. However, having sex can help ease those all too familiar and very dreaded pre-speech nerves. This theorywas developed by the psychologist Stuart Brody, who asked 22 women and 22 men to keep sex diaries about theirbedroom antics. The group of men and women then had to undertake stressful tasks, like public speaking and mentalarithmetic tests. Brody found that the couples who had had penetrative sex were less stressed and their bloodpressure levels returned to normal at more speed that the others. Sadly though, those who ―did it‖ alone did not reapthe calming benefits, so buddy up before your next big speech.The Victorians were filthyIt turns out that the Victorians weren‘t the tight-lipped prudes we once imagined. In fact it would seem that the Brits ofthe nineteenth century were a rather fruity bunch. Not only was this the age that heralded the vibrator as a cure forhysteria, but it also saw a rise in kinky behaviour and tools, such as nipple piercings, pubic wigs and some rathergruesome looking sex chairs. The sauciness doesn‘t end there though. Although it is still disputed, it‘s thought thatthe term blow job also derives from this ―prudish‖ period where people would speak about a ‗below job‘ and referredto prostitutes as ‗blowsys‘.We kiss to inoculateResearchers at the University of Leeds believe that humans kiss to inoculate. Women who catch cytomegalovirustypically cannot carry a baby to term. However, if women are exposed to the virus in small doses then they becomeinoculated. And how can you inoculate against the virus? Why, through swapping saliva of course. Therefore, thebrain boxes at the University of Leeds have concluded that we don‘t jump into bed with each other straightawaybecause if we did we might infect women. Therefore we kiss to protect women from catching cytomegalovirus. Sopucker up and stay healthy by smooching.Giving oral is as good as the gymSadly girls, giving oral will only benefit you if you‘re the giver not the taker. A study has found that pleasuring a guyand swallowing can lower women‘s blood pressure and reduce their risk of getting pre-eclampsia. However, if you
  20. 20. don‘t have the stomach to tackle your man‘s area in this way there are other ways you can lower your blood pressure.Another study found that having regular sex with a partner you lived with could lower your diastolic blood pressure,whilst another study found a link between cuddling and reduced blood pressure. So, although you shouldn‘t give upon the gym altogether, ladies, it might be worth swapping your sports kit for something a little slinkier once in a while.Sperm is a great face creamAlthough it‘s not a great idea to bottle your man stuff and give it to your girl as a present, it turns out that spermcontains protein, which if applied to the face has the same anti-wrinkle benefits as moisturising creams. Apparentlythe white stuff can tighten skin and give you a little surgery-free facelift. Interestingly, this isn‘t the only benefit spermhas to offer. It also contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fructose. Plus, if you‘re still not convinced thatsperm is super, a recent study in Albany found that women who had sex without condoms had fewer signs ofdepression than women who used condoms or did not have sex at all. Three cheers for semen.Top 10 worst sex injuries10 wince-worthy intercourse accidentsSex is a highly physical act, and like any physical activity it comes with its risks of injury.Here are 10 true stories of wince-worthy mishaps that will have you showing some extracaution the next time you get down to business.Cat attackCats are naturally inquisitive creatures, so how do you think they are going to react if they see you bouncing away onyour bed with no clothes on? Unlucky pet owners have suffered deep cuts and scratches on their backs, butts oreven worse places as a result of a mid-sex cat attack. Some believe this is a sign of cats trying to protect theirowners, whereas others think cats are just a sex-stopping nuisance – either way, be sure to check that your next lovemaking session is feline free.Eye popping orgasmsDo you go into sex wanting a blinding moment of pleasure? Be careful what you wish for. During particularly intenseorgasms, the extreme increase in blood flow can actually lead to ruptured blood vessels in the eyes, causingtemporarily reduced vision. Doctors have reported cases of men and women complaining of reddened eyes anddamaged eyesight, with seemingly no clear causes until they ‗fess up about the particularly exuberant sex they‘d hadrecently.
  21. 21. Incorrect lubricationIf anything will make you more careful over what you use as lubricant then it‘s this story. A young man and hisgirlfriend were staying at his grandmother‘s, and when she left the house they decided to have some fun. Aftersearching for lubricant, they found her nitroglycerin paste and decided it would do the job. How wrong they were. Thepaste caused their blood pressures to plummet, and the grandmother returned to find them unconscious and naked inher basement. Probably not the most treasured memory she has of her precious little grandson.Perks of the jobOne unlucky woman in Australia was having sex in a hotel room when her bed-rocking antics caused the glass lightfitting to fall from the ceiling onto her head, injuring her face and mouth. Rather than complaining to the hotelmanagement, the woman instead sued her employers. Why? She was on a business trip, and she claimed they hadcaused her both physical and psychological damage because the intercourse-related incident took place during workrequired travel. Her employers rejected the claim, pointing out that the injury was due to what they tactfully describedas ―a frolic of her own‖.Contraception consumptionWe all know it‘s wise to take precautions, but sometimes safe sex isn‘t as safe as you might think. While performingoral sex, women have been known to accidentally swallow the condoms that their partners were wearing. Because ofthe material condoms are made of they are certainly not designed for human digestion, and can lead to severecoughing and breathing difficulties. They might come in tasty flavours, but swallowing them is definitely not advised.10 wince-worthy intercourse accidentsBeware of glassesWhen the alcohol is flowing one thing can often lead to another, so it won‘t be surprising to hear that beer and wineglasses are one of the items broken most often during sex, second only to bed frames. If you want to avoid painful
  22. 22. cuts and sharp objects stuck in places you don‘t want them to be, then be sure to clear away any broken glass beforeyou accidentally roll through it in the throes of passion – it happens more often than you would think.Heart stopping intercourseAlthough it might not seem like it because of the amount of fun you‘re having, remember that sex is still a form ofexercise, with particularly steamy sessions burning over 300 calories in an hour. Research by the Journal of theAmerican Medical Association has found that the increased physical exertion during sexual activity can actually tripleyour risk of a heart attack in the hours shortly after it.Sex and sports don‟t mixSports stars earn millions, are well known celebrities, and are generally in great shape, so it‘s easy to see why theyfind themselves having plenty of sex. However, this high level of sexual activity can actually be detrimental to theircareers because of the strain it piles on their joints and muscles on top of their already demanding training schedules.Footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng found this out when he pulled a muscle in his thigh because of his supermodelgirlfriend, who apparently demanded sex from him seven to 10 times a week. Poor guy.Paralysing hickeyHickeys are the love trophies of teenagers the world over, but they could actually be more dangerous than meets theeye. During sex, a New Zealand woman was given a hickey by her partner, and soon found her left arm partiallyparalysed. Doctors found that her hoover-mouthed husband‘s hickey was so strong that it had caused a blood clot inan artery in her neck, causing her to have a minor stroke.Bumps, breaks and sprainsNot all sex injuries are over the top or extreme – a UK study found that one third of people admitted to suffering minorinjuries resulting from intercourse, including bruises, carpet burns, and sprained wrists and fingers. Five per cent ofthose surveyed even said they‘ve had to miss work because of a sex-related injury, which must be a fun phone call tomake to the boss.What your favourite sex position says about youSex and your personalitySex is personal and it says something about who you are and what you are about. Have aflick through these sex positions and find out what your favourite sex move says about you:The Position: the sandwichHow to do it: girls, you lay flat, face down on the bed, whilst the man in your life lies on top, also facedown. The guymay need to use his arms for support too – getting squashed is not sexy.What this says about you: you love traditional relationships and are completely comfortable with intimacy. This is avery loving position as the girl is exposing her spine, a vulnerable area of her body. The guy is being protective andcaring. You are loyal, fair and open.The Position: doggy styleHow to do it: the girl goes on all fours whilst the guy goes on his knees and positions himself behind her.What this says about you: you are a logical thinker who does not romanticise life. Pleasure is your priority and in agroup you are the fun-loving person who can always be relied on for a good time. You are confident, outspoken anddominant.
  23. 23. The Position: twistedHow to do it: Start off as if you are spooning, with the girl in front and the buy behind. The front spoon then slidestheir leg forward and the back spoon tucks their leg in between the front spoons.What this says about you: some say you‘re efficient, others may say you are lazy. This position allows for deeppenetration, which is always a bonus, but it requires very little effort. Maybe you have a hectic life or a partner wholikes sex when you‘re at your sleepiest.The Position: bumper carsHow to do it: you both face in opposite directions, laying facedown. The man hooks his legs over the woman, soyour buttocks are touching and enters from behind.What this says about you: you are highly creative and love to experiment with things others wouldn‘t try. You like tostand out in a crowd and have a very strong sense of who you are. You live for yourself and have been described byothers as a thrill-seeker.The Position: bookendsHow to do it: You and your partner face one another on your knees – it‘s like a vertical missionary position.What this says about you: You are highly diplomatic and consider everyone to be equal. This position sacrificesgood penetration for intimacy, which is a sacrifice you are happy to make. For you sex is about being close with yourbedroom buddy.7 ways to boost your confidence in bedHow to improve your sexual confidenceSex can be pretty daunting. If you‘re not scared about getting your kit off, then there‘s thesmall matter of your moves to consider, or the positions you like. Although sex can be
  24. 24. scary, there are certain sex tips that will give your bedroom confidence a boost. Checkthese out:LaughBedroom bloopers happen to everyone. Whether you hit your head, bite your tongue or make a weird noise, the bestthing to do is not to ignore it, but to laugh about it. Sex is not always sexy and you should expect something, at somepoint, to go wrong. Treating it in this light-hearted way will show that you are confident and mature. Even if somethingdoesn‘t go wrong, throwing your partner the odd smile is reassuring and makes you both feel close.Conquer a fearIf you want to be confident under the covers, you need to feel confident in yourself. Overcoming a fear is one of theeasiest ways to boost your self-esteem. Choose something achievable and then work out a feasible way to reachyour goal. Make sure you get people involved in your plan as this will make you stick to it. Ideally, the person you‘resleeping with is the best person you can choose to get involved in your challenge.
  25. 25. Stop having sexIf you stop making sex the main goal you might start to think about your naked body differently. Try to do more thingsnaked, so that you and, if you have a guy or girl in your life, they will get used to seeing your naked body. Normalisingnakedness will make you feel comfortable when you strip off. You could shower together, have a naked massage oreven eat your dinners naked. Just remember to shut those curtains!PropsProps make sex fun and if you choose the right ones they can make you feel great in the bedroom. A naughtycostume, some devious make-up or a blindfold can add a spice of sauciness to your love life and it will also give youa new persona. If you go in as Fireman Sam or Police Officer Polly, think of them as a confident, sex god/goddess.Use the act once or twice then switch back to being yourself - remember that you were that person all along.Sharing is caringMen and women feel insecure and at some point it‘s likely that both you and your partner have felt uneasy when thelights go out. Bring up what has been troubling you when you are both alone, in a private place. Let each other speak.If your partner doesn‘t seem to know what to say, don‘t take this as a sign they don‘t care, ask them what they thinkor feel about the situation. Try to come up with a solution or a plan together – something you both feel comfortablewith.Do the mathsWe‘re all insecure about some part of our body and most of the biggest hang-ups are to do with guy‘s penises andwomen‘s chests. Remember, though, the average size of a flaccid penis is between 2.5 inches and 5.5 inches, whilstthe average bra size for women is between a C and a D cup. If you‘re still not happy, for guys trim your hairdownstairs; it will make you seem bigger. Girls, do chest exercises to improve the firmness, lift and shape of yourbreasts.Switch focusIf you start to get nervous, or if you can‘t stop thinking about how big your tummy must look from this angle, switchthe focus. If you‘re just kissing, don‘t think about what will come next. Just concentrate on the thing you‘re doing andtry to enjoy it. If you‘re having sex and the insecurities or nerves arise, don‘t panic. Look your partner in the eye andconcentrate on how good everything feels. Also think: if you‘ve got to this stage then they must fancy you.Girls, 5 ways to make him want youHow to get his attentionHow can you make him want you? Does strutting around in red shoes and some killerlipstick really get his attention? This is your guide to getting noticed by the guy you want –follow these tips and he won‘t be able to resist your charms:Get a lifeNo one likes someone who is too available. The key to making that cute guy want you is to get your own life outsideof work or your other responsibilities. You should take up an extra class, start a project or volunteer; anything thatmakes your life fuller. This way, you‘ll stop spending so much time thinking about that man-shaped hole in your life.
  26. 26. Plus you‘ll have lots of interesting things to talk about and you‘ll be happier – and happiness is the best beautyproduct.Don‟t play gamesAlthough you don‘t want to show that you are blatantly, head-over-heels, madly and truly in love with the guy you like,don‘t play too many games. He needs to know that you like him so give him some handy signs. Touch himunexpectedly – not in a creepy, stationary cupboard grope, but when you talk to him, touch his arm lightly. Eyecontact is also hugely important when it comes to sending him the right message. Make sure you meet his eyes whentalking to him and catch his gaze on the odd occasion, smiling seductively as you do so.Who are you?The harsh truth is this: if you don‘t love yourself, why should anyone else? Although lots of people will love you evenif you don‘t, your relationships will be much healthier and far more stable if you do. Try to work out what is stoppingyou from being confident, and then try to overcome these issues. If you have low body confidence taking up a sport isa good idea because it will make you think about your body differently. If you feel too shy, then push your boundariesby doing something new or something independently. Giving yourself some TLC is one of the best ways to get a guyand it will improve ever other area of your life too.Makeover your faceIf you want to be noticed by the man you‘ve been daydreaming about then take a look in the mirror. According toresearch, the structure of your face will indicate to guys how fertile and therefore how attractive you are. They citethat big eyes are a big bonus. If you‘re looking in the mirror now and think your eyes are microscopic, don‘t panic.What mother-nature has not given us, beauty products have. You can make your eyes stand out by wearing amoisturising eye cream, curling your eyelashes and wearing white eye shadow or an eye brightener product.
  27. 27. Is honesty the best policy?According to Stephen Emlen, a researcher from Cornell University, honesty may not be the best policy if you‘vecheated on your past man. Emlen conducted a study that asked people to rate attributes in terms of how desirablethey found each trait. Apparently fidelity, along with good parenting and devotion, came out on top. So if you havecheated in the past, maybe it would be best to conceal the fact for a little while. Or if you have never cheated, dropinto the conversation how much you value fidelity.How to survive Valentine‘s Day when you‘re singleThe single person‘s guide to Valentine‘s DayEven for the happiest of singletons Valentine‘s Day can be a nightmare, with reminders oflove and romance hard to avoid. However, Valentine‘s Day needn‘t be just for couples. Tocelebrate your singledom and make the most of the day, check out these tips for enjoyingValentine‘s Day as a single guy or girl.Remember it‟s not the end of the worldWhile many of us dream of being swept off our feet and lavished with attention (and gifts) from an adoring partner, inreality it‘s important to retain some perspective and remember that it‘s not the end of the world if Valentine‘s Day is abit of a letdown on the romance front. OK, you may not have plans this Valentine‘s Day, but it is just another day onthe calendar after all, and there will be many more to come in which to score the perfect date.Treat yourselfIf you don‘t have anybody to spoil this Valentine‘s Day, why not take it as an opportunity to spoil yourself? Treatyourself to a bit of pampering, cook yourself a nice meal or have a relaxing bath with candles and a glass ofchampagne. With no one else‘s feelings to consider, you‘re free to spend the day doing whatever you want and tomake it a special day just for you.
  28. 28. Don‟t get in touch with your exWith romance in the air and seemingly everyone coupled up, it is perfectly natural for your mind to drift to past loveson Valentine‘s Day, particularly if you are only recently single. However, although the temptation may be strong to getin touch with an ex, remember that setting yourself up for rejection and heartache is not going to improve your day.Give a friend a call and spend your valuable time and conversation on someone who will appreciate it instead.Take off the rose-tinted glassesIt‘s easy to feel jealous of those who are loved up on Valentine‘s Day. However, it‘s important to maintain someperspective and remember that no relationship is perfect and that the romance you see on Valentine‘s Day is notrepresentative of a day-to-day relationship. Rather than being envious of the relationships around you, remindyourself of all the things you don‘t miss about being in a relationship, and all the perks of being single you get toexperience now.Stop torturing yourselfSobbing into a bucket of popcorn as the credits roll on another romantic movie, wailing along to ‗All by myself‘ at thetop of your voice, or going over and over all the reasons your ex was definitely ‗the one‘ to your poor best friend…Does any of this sound familiar? And if so, is this really how you want to spend your Valentine‘s Day? Make a thresolution not to torture yourself this February 14 by listening to love songs, watching romantic movies or sittingabout reflecting on your failed relationships. Instead, get out there and do something fun!Spend time with othersJust because you are single on Valentine‘s Day that doesn‘t mean you have to spend it alone. Rather than moping athome, make plans to spend time with your family or friends doing something you enjoy. You could get the girls roundto watch DVDs, visit a family member you rarely get to see, or head out for cocktails with friends. After all, Valentine‘sDay is a day for spending time with those you love, whoever they may be.Kick-start a new romanceIf there‘s someone you‘ve got your eye on and you think they may be interested too, why not take Valentine‘s Day asan opportunity to express your interest? Send an old-fashioned anonymous card or just a flirty email and set thewheels in motion. Alternatively, sign up for online dating or look into other ways to find love, and let the thought of apotential new romance brighten up your day.Top 10 sexual fantasies10 of the naughtiest fantasiesHere are the 10 top sexual fantasies. We all do it, in fact 95 per cent of us fantasise everyday. So, to keep your naughty thoughts fresh check out this handy guide to raunchyfantasies:The exMaybe we love thinking of our ex because it‘s so wrong, or so out of reach; either way, it‘s a turn on and we all love it.Getting this fantasy right is all about anchoring it in reality. You need to visualize places where you and your ex usedto hang out, or things you used to do to one another. This way, your fantasy will feel like it could be a reality, which ishot, hot, hot.
  29. 29. Lights, camera, actionMost people who don‘t like being centre stage in their day-to-day life love lots of attention in their dream world andthis is why being filmed during sex is such a popular fantasy. To make this fantasy good think about how you wouldlike to be filmed, what you‘d be doing and who you‘d be doing it with. Is anyone watching, or is this going to be aprivate tape for those lonely nights in?The copWho doesn‘t love a uniform? Combine that smart costume with a dominatrix-like attitude and bingo, you have onesaucy daydream. Handcuffs, batons and even a police chase can feature within your dream. To keep the cop ideafresh, you should sometimes switch roles and think about being the cop, or being the captured criminal.The clubIt‘s dark, there are lots of young hotties dancing around and then a stunning person walks up to you and... Well, youknow the rest. Getting it on in a club had to make it onto the top sexual fantasy list because pretty much everyonehas wanted to do it or, at the very least, everyone‘s thought about what it would be like.The strangerMany people would love to try no-strings-attached sex with a complete stranger, but most are too scared or wouldfeel way to guilty to give it a go. For that reason, this is perfect fantasy material. Choosing a gorgeous stranger whoyou‘ve spotted during the day is a great way to kick off this raunchy dream.The food fightFood and sex have always gone hand in hand, so it‘s no wonder that a food fight is one of the top seven fantasies. Ifyou love your food, then you can think about different types, like sweet and savoury. Plus picture different settings:picking fruit in Spain, in a sauna-like kitchen or even in a cafeteria. As always, variety is the key for this food fightfancy.
  30. 30. The swimming poolThe swimming pool fantasy often features in big, Hollywood films and why wouldn‘t it? The thought of diving into abig, blue pool and finding your all time, number one guy or girl wearing very little and looking very good is alwaysgoing to be a huge turn on. This little fantasy will always hold some allure for people, which is why it‘s on our top 10sexual fantasies list.The teacherWhen you were at school, you hated it, but now you‘ve left, teachers keep popping into your dirtiest thoughts. Peoplemay love the teacher fantasy so much because of Britney and her Baby One More Time video, but we have a feelingthat people love this because of the authoritative role the other person can adopt.The threesomeIn reality, threesomes can be awkward incidents that are best forgotten, but in your dream world they can be a wholelot of fun. This is such a staple sexual fantasy because it is so easily interchangeable. You can have two guys, twogirls or one of both sexes. There‘s also endless kinky tricks you can try out in an orgy that would never work with atwo-person team.The peep showNot many people would actually like to fantasise about a peep show, but peeping at others who are having sexactually excites lots of people. You could think about watching people on screen, or people getting it on outside, likeat the beach or in a park. It‘s exciting because there‘s a chance you might get caught.5 foods that will turn you onYour guide to aphrodisiacsCan food turn you on? If you believe the legend that Casanova ate 50 raw oysters forbreakfast, it would seem that aphrodisiacs do work. So here‘s a guide to five of the bestlibido-lifting boudoir foods:CeleryCelery may not be exciting, it may not be appetising, but it is great for getting you excited. If you‘re throwing a party ortreating your date to a homemade dinner, serve them celery sticks with a sour cream or humus dip. This is the perfectpre-date snack because celery contains androsterone, an odourless hormone, which turns guys on. In turn, menrelease pheromones, which makes women feel more attracted to the celery chomping man. If you don‘t fancy celeryand dips, you could pop some celery into a salad or make a celery soup.Steak with a pine nut saladIf you are on a date, serve steak with a pine nut salad. Firstly most meat-eaters love steak, so even if your date isfussy they will still tuck into what you serve. Secondly, high-protein foods like steak increase alertness andassertiveness. This will mean that after the meal your date won‘t feel drowsy and will feel more confident aboutgetting what they want – you. Make sure you combine your steak with a pine nut salad though. Pine nuts, an ancientaphrodisiac, are high in zinc, which enables guys to make more sperm.
  31. 31. CurryAnother great dinner to pick when on a date is curry. A UK study has shown that just thinking of your favourite spicydish is enough to increase both your heart and your blood pressure to a level similar to one reached during sexualarousal. For the guys, make sure you order a curry that uses the herb Fenugreek. According to a study, male libidoincreased by 28% when men ate Fenugreek. This is because the seeds are thought to increase the production ofhormones, such as testosterone.AniseedAniseed has been used as an aphrodisiac for years. The Romans and Greeks both believed it to be a powerfulconcoction. It is thought that just sucking on the seeds can make you feel aroused. Adding aniseed to a sauce forchicken or pasta is a great way to make use of the seeds. Aniseed is not to everyone‘s taste though. If you still wantto use aniseed as an aphrodisiac you can add the seeds to ice-cream or drink aniseed based cocktails. There areaniseed teas, aniseed sweets and aniseed liquors.StrawberriesDid you know that the Romans associated the seductive strawberry with Venus the goddess of love? Strawberriesare particular good for your sex life because they help out the adrenal gland, which produces hormones that stimulateorgasm. Stock up on these red fruits and you‘ll feel more stimulated in bed. You could pack a picnic and take
  32. 32. strawberries, or if a picnic isn‘t for you, eat some vanilla ice-cream with fresh strawberries. The calcium content in atypical bowl (200 milligrams) can also make orgasms more powerful and intense.Dealing with ImpotenceWhat is impotence?In men, impotency is usually associated with erectile dysfunction (ED). It refers to the inability of a man to achieve ormaintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It includes the failure to achieve an erection when sexuallystimulated, as well as losing an erection prior to ejaculation.A difficult condition for the man to deal with, the root of this condition can be physical, psychological, lifestyle-basedor a combination of all three. However, a person suffering from ED might take comfort from the fact that it confrontsmen from all over the world and is seen in almost 50% of the male population in the age group of 40-60 years.Erectile Dysfunction is a curable condition and does not always imply total loss of sexual activity or desire. It doesn‘tnegate normal desire and often a person suffering from it may obtain an erection but is simply unable to maintain itfor the expected period of time.Causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)Contrary to popular belief, in 80 – 90% of the cases the cause is physiological and not psychological. Often, it is aphysical condition that could have been brought upon by an unhealthy lifestyle that might involve smoking, excessivedrinking, poor eating habits, medication and so on. Impotence could be caused due to insufficient flow of bloodthrough the penile arteries (arteriogenic), blood leakage from veins in the penis (venogenic), improperneurotransmission in the penis (neurogenic), hormonal imbalance or psychogenic (disorders resulting frommental/emotional turmoil) reasons.Diagnosing EDA diagnosis of ED or impotency is carried out by studying the patient‘s medical history, all the while scanning forpotential causes. This is followed by a physical examination and tests for diabetes, hormonal regulation andcardiovascular disease. There are also a variety of tests specifically to check whether the cause of the dysfunction isphysiological or psychological. For instance, a nocturnal penile tumescence checks to see if the patient is able tohave normal erections at night. If yes, then it‘s most likely that the cause is psychological.Treatment of EDCertain conditions (diabetes, hypertension, depression among others) and the drugs prescribed for their treatmentcan cause ED. Treatment of impotence varies from natural remedies and drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra to sexualcounselling and psychotherapy to external vacuum devices, penile injections, hormonal replacement therapy andeven implants and microsurgery as advised by the physician.The most advised and natural way to avoid the condition is to live a healthier life. Exercising, weight control,wholesome diet, general body fitness and a healthy and active sexual life can prevent impotency as well as treat it.Kegel exercises, which are exercises focussed on the pelvic region, are known to help improve sexual health andtreat erectile dysfunction.―Not tonight honey‖ – The facts on female impotence
  33. 33. What is female impotence?Female impotence deals with difficulties women face with sex. It is also referred to as sexual dysfunction. As againstmen, for whom impotence means an inability to get an erection or maintain it for the desired period of time, impotencein women includes low sexual desire, low arousal, difficulty or inability to reach orgasm and problems with lubrication.More than 40% of adult women encounter sexual dysfunction at some point in their life. These dysfunctions could bein the form of: Lack of sexual desire (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD) Inability to progress through the normal phases of sexual arousal (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder or FSAD) Discomfort during intercourse and inability to achieve an orgasm (Female Orgasmic Disorder or FOD).Causes of female impotenceThere are usually two conditions leading to aversion to sex on the basis of physical pain or discomfort: dyspareuniarefers to extreme discomfort or pain in the genital area, particularly the vagina. This may be experienced before,during or after sexual intercourse. The other is called vaginismus; an involuntary contraction of the muscles aroundthe vagina that makes penetration during sex difficult.In general however, the causes for sexual dysfunction in women are widespread and proper treatment can only beprescribed after a detailed medical diagnosis. A lot of women sometimes face major pelvic surgeries, which may laterlead to some form of sexual dysfunction. Sometimes the hormonal changes brought about by the menstrual cyclesand menopause can cause impotency. Conditions like diabetes and hypertension have also been known to influencea woman‘s sexual health.Often, female impotence is caused by some traumatic experience or psychological reason that has created anaversion to sex. At times, social and religious pressures and personal relationships and marital problems create anon-sexual frame of mind that turns into a mental road block leading to sexual dysfunction. Unhealthy bloodcirculation and poor neurotransmission to a woman‘s vagina may be another cause of her sexual problems.Excessive smoking and drinking and conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, poor arterial health, and weightproblems interfere with the natural behavior of the body and are potential factors for sexual problems.Treatment of female impotenceThere are a variety of treatments depending on the problem. Various natural remedies, holistic approaches andpsychotherapy have been applied with a measure of success. Additionally, oral medication, hormonal therapy andsurgical procedures are also used to treat impotency. All in all, one of the simplest and most effective steps that canbe taken towards avoiding such condition and even recovering from sexual dysfunction is to live a healthy life.Measures like maintaining a balanced diet, exercising, weight control andstress management help not just in curingimpotency, but also avoiding it.Do you fancy him?It‘s very possible you could be falling for someone right now and not even realise it. We‘ve all hadthat ‗D‘oh‘ moment when we realise we‘ve been trailing around after someone for months, withoutreally considering that they could be a potential love interest.Here are five signs that you‘re chasing him without knowing it – do any of them ring a bell?
  34. 34. 1. You hang out with him constantly, on his termsIt‘s totally normal for girls to hang out with guys without being secretly in love with them. After all,lots of girls have their guy mates – gay or straight – who they love to spend time with, partly becausethey bring something different to the conversation and the social dynamic. But, don‘t confuse thatwith being surgically attached to a particular guy ‗mate‘, who you might have a crush on.If you find yourself volunteering to stand at the sidelines of his Sunday five-a-side match and handout oranges, or catch yourself thinking ‗Sure, I wouldn‘t mind seeing the latest Vin Diesel flick withhim‘ then you might just have a secret crush. Don‘t get us wrong – there‘s nothing wrong with thateither! Just don‘t let it go on ages before you take action. Too long and it‘s likely he‘ll have noticed;then the question becomes, why didn‘t he reciprocate?2. You bad mouth any woman he looks at/goes out withIs there one guy you know who never seems to go out with a woman who‘s good enough for him? Doyou find yourself telling your friends how he‘s such a great catch, and he seems to be hopeless atfinding a good woman? Or maybe you‘ve noticed him looking a woman in a bar and you can‘t resisttelling your friend what awful hair and make-up she has?Yes? Then maybe, just maybe, you should ask yourself why you‘re so protective over this friend. Ofcourse we‘ve all thought at some point that our friends could do better in the romance department,but not constantly. Consider whether you wish you were that woman he was looking at in the bar.3. You get annoyed when he doesn’t your text message, missed call, Facebook message and/or email. Ask yourself, if it was adifferent friend who‘d not replied to your text message, how would you feel? Would you get annoyedor would you just think ‗Oh well, she‘s probably busy‘? If you care that much about this blokereplying to your text, then you should wonder how deep your feelings run for him.4. You blow off a date to see himRain-checking a hot date because a bloke friend asked you over to watch The Apprentice final is apretty big ‗you‘re chasing him and you don‘t even know it!‘ sign. In fact, they don‘t get much clearerthan preferring to spend time in with him rather than out with another bloke.5. Talking about him all the timeThere comes a point when you like someone so much that you manage to squeeze them into everysentence you utter. ‗It‘s funny you say that because Dave had a pet hamster too...‘ or ‗Well, that‘snothing, Joe holds the world record for the biggest collection of bottle tops...‘ Similarly, this
  35. 35. phenomenon also happens to people in the first flush of a relationship (when everything about theother person is fascinating) and after a break up (when they still want to believe the other person ispart of their life). If you‘re not sure whether this is you, count how many times you mention ‗him‘during the course of an evening with friends. It‘s also worth seeing how many times your friendseither roll their eyes or exchange ‗looks‘. If either number goes above two, you might need toconfront your feelings.Want to move in together? Read this before youtake the diveBefore you make the BIG move to live-in together. Here are a few things you must look into.Are we ready?So, you have been together for a while… and now, want to move in together. Go through our must-have conversations‘ list, before you take that step.Are you both on the same page?Why do you want to move in together? This is the first question you need to ask yourselves. Makesure you‘re both in it for similar reasons. If he‘s thinking it will help save rent money and for theother it is a step before you say ―I do‖, then there is bound to be trouble going forward. So, both ofyou put down your reasons for wanting to live together and see what comes out of it.Get a reality check!The initial few weeks are likely to be blissful. Waking up beside your sweetheart every morning, whoneeds anything more? But in reality, there‘s more to it than just that. Like everything else in life, yourrelationship too changes constantly. When you‘re living together, you‘re more likely to bear witnessto the ugly sides of each other — which you may or may not have been aware of.There are practical problems such as Who should use the bathroom first? Who makes the tea in themorning? So take all this into consideration before making that BIG MOVE. Both of you must have aserious chat about the possible changes, and whether you‘re ready for them.Work out the finances!Money can be one big SPOILER, which makes it a very important part of the decision makingprocess. This can be a big dampener, especially if one makes or spends more than the other. Check tosee where you guys stand with respect to finances. Do you want to merge your finances or keep itseparate? Be open and share your fears and anxieties about money.
  36. 36. What might help is preparing a monthly budget and deciding who will put down how much eachmonth. See if you‘ll like to share expenses equitably or if you want to divide it as per individualearnings and expenditures. This could also be done in the form of a cohabitation agreement similarto a pre-nuptial agreement, where you decide how you‘ll share your expenses and who will pay forwhat.Make sure you work all of this out before you take the dive.Designate choresHe is your boyfriend not just your roommate, so you don‘t need to talk about who will do the dishesand laundry, right? WRONG! You might initially enjoy doing all the chores to please the otherpartner, but it is bound to get to you in a while.To avoid that — from the start –designate responsibilities. Make sure you‘re both aware of theresponsibilities and can meet them.Can you cope with small irritants?When you‘re sharing a living space, there will be many small irritants. Little things like a wet towelon the bed, or her leaving the water running while brushing her teeth – can be irksome, leading toconflict. Check with yourselves to see if you can cope with such conflicts. And also whether you‘rewilling to make changes to accommodate the other‘s point of view and needs.Future prospects.Well, you‘re moving in together now. So does this mean marriage is the next step? If so, in how muchtime. If marriage isn‘t on the cards, are both partners O.K. with it. These are some importantquestions you need consensus on before you move in together. Otherwise, it‘s likely to leave one orboth of you hurt and heartbroken in the end.Plan an exit strategy.Some might call this pessimistic, but it is wise to chalk out a plan in case one of you does not want tocontinue with the arrangement. It‘s important to acknowledge this possibility. Make sure you haveyour own savings account.This is also where a cohabitation or living-together agreement can be of most help. A cohabitationagreement not only helps organise day-to-day finances of living together, it is also helpful in case youwere to split. This agreement can help you do it as fairly as possible.
  37. 37. No sex please, were married!SAYING no to your spouse’s request for sex could land you in far more trouble thanimaginable. The willful denial of sex, including on the first night after marriage byeither spouse, amounts to cruelty and can be a ground for dissolution of the marriage,declares a recent ruling by the Delhi High Court.Justice Kailash Gambhir pronounced this verdict while upholding the lower court’sdecree of divorce to man in a “sex-starved marriage” because his wife had refused tohave intercourse with him on the wedding night and made him long for what hewanted for five subsequent months. “Sex is the foundation of marriage and marriagewithout sex is anathema,” ruled Justice Gambhir.Anathema aside, the reality is that young couples these days simply aren’t willing tostay in relationships that lack sexual chemistry. “ The number of couples seekingdivorce based on sexual strife has nearly doubled in the last two decades. Sexualproblems existed then too, but people lived with them,” says divorce lawyer GurmeetNarula of Narula Associates.The doors of divorce lawyers aren’t the only ones that people with sexual complaintsknock. “ Sexual problems are as common as a common cold today and counselhundreds of couples whose married lives have hit rock bottom because of their poorsex lives,” says Dr Prakash Kothari, the country’s best-known sexologist and founder-adviser to the World Association for Sexual Health. “Hardly two or three people cameto the OPD in the 1980s when the Department of Sexual Health was started at the KEMHospital [Mumbai]. Today, we get at least 100 people, including young and middle-aged couples.” Rather than the women, it’s the guys who seem to be in trouble.Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are common problems, and womendrag their husbands to the sexologist as a last resort. “Women are walking out ofmarriages citing impotent husbands as a reason. Men also complain about their wives,saying that they are too preoccupied with their careers to find time for sex,” says DrKothari.Experts attribute sexual disharmony among urban couples to various factors. “Peoplehave put sex on the back burner. Couples come home late, one sleeps before the other,there is no interaction and sex becomes perfunctory. High stress levels, preoccupationwith careers, latenight partying, alcohol and smoking wreak havoc on the sex lives ofcouples,” says Dr Kothari.The intrusion of TV, Internet, mobile phones and the social media makes mattersworse.It’s not just young couples whose bedroom lives are lacklustre.
  38. 38. The 2011 India Today-Nielsen Sex Survey reflects the sexual ennui that seems to begripping the entire nation. Sexual satisfaction, it found, has dipped to 27 per cent forthe first time in eight years of the India Today Sex Survey series. Making excuses toavoid sex is not just female prerogative though half the wives say, “ Not tonight, honey.I have a headache.” One third of husbands also fake a headache to avoid sex.BOREDOM with marital sex is a common complaint for both men and women. Over 48per cent husbands confess that their ideal bed mate is not their wife, and about 33 percent of the wives say that sex becomes unimportant after a few years of marriage.Seeking pleasure outside marriage is common.“There is a rise in extra-marital affairs because people don’t devote time and attentionto their marriages,” explains Dr Kothari. “They are too preoccupied with their careers,and finding a sexual partner at the workplace doesn’t seem like a bad idea for many.”Female emancipation has also affected bedroom politics. Women are more sociallyand economically independent, and aren’t easily deterred from walking out ofmarriages. “ Women aren’t willing to be viewed as sex objects any longer,” says DrPulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, VIMHANS, Delhi. “They have their own sexualpreferences and want to express them.Sometimes they don’t want sex when their husbands do and they need to be respectedfor the choices they make,” Dr Sharma adds. But the men aren’t too happy about thissharing of power. “ Unlike earlier, when women would just hit the bed whenever aman wanted them to, now the ladies have a say,” says Delhi- based sexologist andrelationship counsellor Col. (Retd) V. K. Wadia. “ They say no when they don’t feel likesex and men cannot take it.”Some experts believe that the High Court ruling may encourage more couples withailing sex lives to take matters to court. But this may not be in their best interests, sayexperts. “ This kind of ruling can be misused,” says Dr Sharma of VIMHANS. “ Sexbetween two partners is a private affair and using a spouse’s refusal to have sex as aweapon in court isn’t a solution to the problem. A partner may not want sex due togenuine reasons like a medical problem, a history of abuse, sex phobia or even anxiety,which needs time to be dealt with. In such situations, a blanket ruling just wouldn’twork,” he adds.SEX must be viewed in the context of the social, economic and emotional relationshipbetween two people, say counsellors. If the relationship isn’t great in other areas,sexual satisfaction may be low. The amount of sex each couple needs also varies.“There can be no clear-cut rule that quantifies how much sex is essential for amarriage to survive. This is up to the partners to decide,” says Dr Sunil Mittal,Director, Delhi Psychiatry Centre. Rather than heading to the divorce court, solutionsmay be found from therapists. “ Couples shouldn’t shy away from seeking professional
  39. 39. help,” says Dr Kothari.“Most sexual problems can be treated.” People need to remember this before rushingto get a divorce on the grounds of sexual compatibility.REFUSAL ON THE FIRST NIGHT IS QUITE COMMONSONAM and Arun have been married for the last five years. Both are MBAs who bringhome big cheques. But their problems started right from their wedding night, whenSonam refused to have sex with Arun.Theirs was an arranged marriage and the idea of getting physically intimate with Arunwithout knowing him properly made Sonam uncomfortable.Her refusal, however, became an issue in Arun’s head from the beginning.Eventually, Arun wanted sex every alternate day, but Sonam didn’t. They had a busywork life and barely spent time together. Sex took a backseat, resulting in numerousfights. Arun threatened to walk out of the marriage, which led them to seekingprofessional help. Commenting on the case, Dr Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist,VIMHANSDelhi, says: “Sex on the first night is not a great idea in an arrangedmarriage as a couple hardly know each other. Performance anxiety is always a part offirst time sex, so the wedding night may not be the right moment for this.”Guys, boost your sex driveYour guide to getting moreSex, sex, sex; it‘s all we think about, right? Although lots of people think us guys want sexconstantly, it‘s just not always true. However, although guys don‘t always want it, if you‘venot felt that urge in a while, or if your idea of a hot night is eating a fiery madras with mates,then maybe it‘s time you gave your libido a kick. With just a few tricks and changes to yourdiet you can turn yourself into a real-life Casanova and have a few more wild nights in underthe covers:Get some sunSunbathing isn‘t just for girls; if you want to increase your libido it‘s time you lathered on the sun screen and gotoutdoors. Recent research has shown that soaking up the sun‘s rays increases male testosterone levels. Accordingto studies, as doses of vitamin D increase, which is gained from sunshine, men‘s testosterone levels rise. Just onehour in the sun can significantly boost the male sex hormone.Get a takeawayIt always seems that everything that tastes fantastic is terrible for our health; it‘s either high in fat, high in salt or it hasa high GI level. However, although a pizza, some doughnuts or some popcorn may not be the healthiest of snacks,
  40. 40. there are certainly some perks to indulging in some of these treats. A research team from Chicago found that thesmells from these foods in increased men‘s penile blood flow.Take a spinA Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, a Hennessey Venom GT and a McLaren F1; do these names get your heart racing?According to research, they should. Getting behind the wheel of a fast car gives you such a thrill that it makes thebody produce more testosterone. However, it‘s bad news for those guys who drive a banger. Driving an old car canactually lower your levels of the sex hormone. Perhaps that iconic, mid-life crisis sports car no longer seems like astupid buy.Have a kick aboutFed up of getting nagged because you play too much football? Well, here‘s a fail-proof excuse you can use next timeyou‘re getting hassled: football increases your libido. The beautiful game is said to boost testosterone and levels ofthe hormone is found to be highest if you are playing at home. Why not ask your girl to come and watch you play atyour next home match, then take her on a romantic date; you won‘t be able to keep your hands off her.Ice cream: the food of the sex GodsAlthough a bowl of ice cream may seem a little infantile, all men should grab a bowl every now and again. Vanilla icecream is a perfect concoction of sex fuel. The vanilla scent is a natural libido booster, which calms men and reducesinhibitions. The calcium content in a typical bowl (200 milligrams) can also make orgasms more powerful and intense.Next time you‘re out on a date, don‘t skip the deserts guys.Put down the bottleChatting up women can be terrifying, granted. But if you‘re looking to reignite your sexual desire, cut down on theamount of alcohol you consume, especially on those nights when you could potentially get laid. More than two unitsa day will lower your libido. A normal bottle of lager (330ml) contains 1 unit, whilst an average pint of cider (568ml)contains 2.8 units. Even a week of not drinking can increase your desire.RelaxYour mate got promoted over you, your team is facing relegation and your in-laws are coming to visit. Life is alwaysgoing to be stressful, but too much stress increases the hormone cortisol, which causes testosterone to dropdramatically. To combat additional stress visit a steam room. This will relax you and boost your blood flow; both inturn will increase your sex drive. In addition to this, eat foods containing tryptophan, like turkey.Valentine‘s Day dos and don‘ts10 things you should and shouldn‘t do this Valentine‘s DayWhether you‘re single or coupled up come February 14th, there are certain things youshould bear in mind to help the day go more smoothly. Check out these 10 dos and don‘tsfor Valentine‘s Day.Don‟t assume your partner shares your feelings about Valentine‟s DayIt‘s no secret that some people love Valentine‘s Day while others view it simply as a day designed to con us out of ourhard-earned cash. If this is your first Valentine‘s Day with your partner, it is important to find out which side they fallon. Different things are important to different people and, while your partner not being overly excited about this
  41. 41. occasion is no indication of their feelings towards you, it may be helpful to discuss your hopes and plans forValentine‘s Day in advance so as to avoid disappointment and, if necessary, reach a happy compromise.Don‟t forget the date!No matter whether Valentine‘s Day scores high on your list of favourite dates or not, if it is important to the personyou care about then you should do your best not to forget it. Not only will forgetting about Valentine‘s Day potentially thupset and hurt your partner, but you may find that they bring it up every February 14 for years to come! To stay inyour partner‘s good books, set yourself a reminder of the day and make sure to keep the evening free.Don‟t get too swept up in the romanceOn arguably the most romantic day of the year it is easy to get swept up in the romance and say or do things younormally wouldn‘t. Shopping for a pair of earrings can easily turn into a spontaneous engagement ring purchase, or aromantic dinner could lead to an impromptu declaration of love. However, it‘s important to make sure you are reallysure before you change the dynamics of your relationship and that you haven‘t just got carried away with theromance.Don‟t get in contact with your exRomance is in the air, everybody is seemingly coupled up, so, for all you single guys and girls, it is perfectlyunderstandable that your mind may drift to love. However, although the temptation may be strong to get in touch withyour ex (or that guy you‘ve been unrequitedly lusting after), don‘t do it! No matter how lonely you are this Valentine‘sDay, we can guarantee that setting yourself up for rejection and heartache will not make your experience moreenjoyable. Instead, spend your valuable time and conversation on someone who will appreciate it, such as a familymember or friend.