Sleep problem and 102 solutions


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sleepless beauties, stress, different solutions, funny and dangerous

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Sleep problem and 102 solutions

  1. 1. Sleep Problem and 102 Solutions By team Magenta
  2. 2. The Problem“ Less sleep due to Baby”
  3. 3. Funny Solutions
  4. 4. 1. have no baby2. cast a spell on the baby3.Make funny faces at it so that it stops crying and goes to sleep.4.Make a dummy of yourself and keep it near the baby so that it does not cry and disturb you.5.Make him read encyclopedias.
  5. 5. 6.Smother him.7.Trick your friends into babysitting your kid.
  6. 6. Dangerous Solutions
  7. 7. 8.give it sleeping pills9.leave the baby outside your bedroom and let it cry10. put a sock in its mouth so that it can not cry.11.Put a tape on its mouth.12.Put candy within his reach.13.Dump him in front of the TV.
  8. 8. 14.Make him eat chewing gum.15.Lock him in the attic or basement.
  9. 9. Sensible Solutions
  10. 10. 16. Get a mechanical crib that will rock on its own17.Take sleep management classes18.Sleep in the afternoon19.Play relaxing games just before sleeping time so that baby does not get hyper20.Make baby tired by making it do tiring activities21.Get baby used to a variety of sleep associations .22.Take her on a drive, walk around or rock the baby
  11. 11. 23.Set a routine for the child.24.Change your routine25.Get hubby to share the load26.Get a toy which sings lullaby to the baby27.Get a maid who will do your other works and you can sleep whenever you want.28.Do not let the baby sleep in the afternoon
  12. 12. 29.Keep the day time nap less than 3 hours.30.Develop a bedtime routine as soon as possible.31.Follow bedtime rituals consistently.32.Keep him awake during the day so that he sleeps more during the night.33.Consult a pediatrician for some light dose of a sedative to make the child sleep at night.
  13. 13. 34.Change wet or soiled diapers
  14. 14. 35.Try to do your chores when your baby is awake so that you can sleep when he sleeps.36.Dont make it the babys habit to be in your arms all the time. Leave him on his own for a little while everyday.37.Try to him as comfortable as possible at night so that he sleeps for a long stretch of time.38.Try to feed your baby more often during evening time then the rest of the day. So that he could sleep well. Feeding milk an hour before bedtime
  15. 15. 39.Some babies create their own weird position to sleep when they grow a little older. Do not change their positions and let them sleep the way they are comfortable.40.Some food can help child sleep better. For example a warm glass of milk an hour before sleep can be fed for more peaceful sleep. Such routine for the baby can be a reminder of bed time too. Weird SleepingPosition
  16. 16. 41.Sudden changes in bedtime routine might suffer their sound sleep. If you want changes for baby’s bedtime then do it slowly. For example, 10-15 minutes every day until you reach your target time.42. Make a phrase or soft sound at baby’s bedtime and use it every day so that the baby will associate it with bedtime. Nighttime Phrase
  17. 17. Critical Thinking Solutions
  18. 18. 43.check for its digestion problem. might be colic44. check for its teething problems45.check for nappy rash46.Remove irritating sleepwear.47.Create the right bedroom temperature and humidity.48.Dont make eye contact while putting down to sleep, it stimulates their minds.
  19. 19. 49.Use dimmers and create an atmosphere for sleeping.
  20. 20. 50.Give baby a warm bath51.Give a soothing massage to Baby’s Body Massagerelax tense muscles and busyminds
  21. 21. 52.An overtired child will have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. A well-rested baby will fall asleep easier and is more likely to sleep for longer periods53. Conditioning it to asleep, for example keep a stuff toy in the crib that also goes to sleep with the baby.
  22. 22. 54. Associate bed with the process of sleep by putting him to bed drowsy but awake. This will help him understand that it is bedtime.55.Avoid the habit to do bed share with your child during sleep. Make it a habit for it to sleep alone.
  23. 23. 56. To avoid visual distractions, a thin cotton cloth can be used to cover baby’s face. This can help them shut down eyes quickly and fall asleep.57.Babies who are too warm or too cold wake up more easily. Try to use a sleep bag for this purpose. It will keep the baby warm.58. Having a firm mattress without toys, blanket or pillows can also be helpful. Firm Mattress
  24. 24. 59. If a parent monitors the child a lot. It teaches the baby to wake up more often. Give it few minutes to soothe itself back to sleep.60. Try to use a high quality diaper for bedtime. It will keep it dry for a longer time.61.Use a warm wash cloth to wipe your baby at bedtime change because a cold wet wipe wakes it up faster.62.To keep a track of regular sleep time. Use the same routine for bed time and wakeup time on weekend and weekdays both.
  25. 25. 63.Some babies need special techniques to sleep. They can’t be kept alone to sleep. After rocking your baby, lie down close to her until she is sound asleep.64. Prepare the bed according to the weather. If it is cold weather and you place your baby onto cold sheets. It will definitely disturb her sleep. Try to use a flannel cloth or warm towel on the sheet and remove it before placing the Sleep Bag baby.
  26. 26. 65. Baby’s daytime is also associated to their night time behaviour. If the baby is calm and satisfied during the hours of the day then it will carry the same peacefulness at night too Crying at daytime
  27. 27. Cruel Solutions
  28. 28. 66.put ear plugs in your ear so that you are not disturbed67.ignore the child and pretend that you do not hear anything68.put pillow on your head and sleep so that you do not hear anything.69.Scare it to sleep by wearing a costume.70.Lock it up in an attic.
  29. 29. 71.Give the child up for adoption.72.Call child protective services and tell them you have a meth lab in your basement.73.Get his voice box taken out.74.Behave like the parent in Hansel & Gretel and leave the kid in the woods.75."Accidently" expose him to harmful fumes.
  30. 30. 76.Forget him at the mall.77.Leave him on your neighbors doorstep.78.Squeeze him to death.
  31. 31. Smart Tricks
  32. 32. 79.Book them. Gently pat your baby on the back, slower and slower, until you’ve stopped. Then place a lightweight book on your baby’s back to simulate your hand. After your baby falls asleep, carefully remove the book.80.Ticking Heart. Wrap a ticking clock in a small soft blanket and lay it near the baby so she can hear the muffled sound. Shell fall asleep comforted by the simulated sound of mothers heartbeat.
  33. 33. 81.Try different mattresses as it might not be comfortable for the baby. Different Mattresses
  34. 34. 82.Mommys Scent. Lay your baby in the crib with the robe you wear when breastfeeding, so your baby is reminded of your smell and will relax to sleep.83.Daddys Turn. Take a break and ask Dad to try his luck with getting baby to sleep. Recommend he read baby the sports page or sing all the choruses to "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."
  35. 35. 84.Sometimes it can be a shock for the baby to go from your warm arms into the cold crib. A suggestion would be to put a heating pad in the crib for a short time and then removing it before the baby goes to bed. Make sure that it has not overheated the bed.
  36. 36. 85.Make it sleep on a bed near you so that you can touch it often and thus relax it. Keeping baby’s bed near your own
  37. 37. 86.Make sure that the baby is exposed to a lot of sunlight during the day and darkness at night. This can help to distinguish the difference between day and night and will help develop a natural sleep rhythm. Be sure to avoid harsh artificial light in the evenings as this can throw off the routine.
  38. 38. 87.Sometimes gently rubbing babies between the eyes, where the bridge of the nose should be, can relax them enough to fall asleep.88.A pacifier can be used to make the baby settle down before bedtime Using a pacifier at bed time
  39. 39. 89.If a baby is suffering from cold then stuffy nose might not let her sleep well. For this purpose an electric vaporizer can be used. Electric Humidifier vaporizer90. Bedroom temperature should be consistent. Research shows that ideal temperature for a baby room should be 70 degree F and 50 percent humidity level. If the weather is dry then use a humidifier.
  40. 40. 91.Baby slings can be used during day time. It is observed that babies who are carried in ‘baby slings’ for several hours a day can settle at night better.
  41. 41. Last Resort Solutions
  42. 42. 92.Change your job and get a one which is not that stressful and you can sleep more..93.Get your mother to help you with the baby.94.Resign from your job and stay at home.95.Start praying that a fairy godmother comes and changes the baby into a sperm.
  43. 43. 96.Get a baby sitter (night maid).97.If the child is weak and feels hungry after every hour even if you breast feed, fill the bottle with your milk and then hand him over to someone in the house to take care.
  44. 44. 98.As we have day care centers you should raise voice to also have night care centers where you can leave the baby and have a peaceful night.
  45. 45. Creative Solutions
  46. 46. 99.Some kind of sounds can be used to lull baby to sleep. They are known as white noise, such as the sound of a fan. It will help the baby to settle down and sleep well.100.Ask another child of yours to take care of the baby.
  47. 47. 101.Make the baby sleep with another child of yours so that it feels relaxed.
  48. 48. 102.Decorating the roof or walls of baby’sroom with some fluorescent night rayglowing stickers can give a nice soothingfeeling to the baby at bedtime. Fluorescent Night Ray Glowing Stickers