Service system design (laya burger)


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Service system design (laya burger)

  1. 1. Mungunshagai Enkhbold
  2. 2. LAYA BURGER CAFÉ Since its establishment in Taoyuan, in 2002, Laya Burger Café has rapidly grown over the years. In seven years the business has grown to include about 600 brunch shops. Determined to be Taiwan’s most outstanding café, Laya Burger Café has successfully established a central warehouse, a food factory, complete logistics network management and a professional counseling team to provide the best quality service possible.
  3. 3. Laya Burger Cafe’s business concept includes three major principles:Health They endeavor to carefully research and development the various ingredients for their food factory, located in Taiwan, to the most professional OEM manufacturing standards. Laya Burger Café’s managers are always actively looking for the top ingredients at home and abroad to enhance the depth and breadth of their products.
  4. 4. Laya Burger Cafe’s business concept includes three major principles:Quality Laya Burger Café never compromise quality for the ingredients, in upholding this principle they regularly invite professional food producers or OEM manufacturers to scrutinize their quality. When preparing food all staff must wear masks and gloves through the service.
  5. 5. Laya Burger Cafe’s business concept includes three major principles:Comfortability Laya Burger Café actively remodel there shops’ interior for breakfast, lunch, and leisure-oriented features to adhere to the bright, clean and relax atmosphere they strive to uphold. Strengthening the comfort of the store, they include varieties of greenery and landscaping to provide their consumers with one of the most comfortable, relaxed dining environment.
  6. 6. Supporting facility• Store-front shops with ample space both inside and out.• Comfortable interior dining area, endorsing the customer’s positive perception of the organization.• Exquisitely decorated exterior dining area, catching theSupporting facility customer’s eyes and promoting dining diversity.• Nicely decorated restroom• Menu
  7. 7. Facilitating goods • Drinks • meals • combination meal sets Information • The website acts as a powerful sales promoter to the customer toSupporting facility view activities, new products and benefits. • Calorie markers on menu • English version menu • Meal introduction on wall • All meals has a picture on menu.
  8. 8. Explicit services• The clean and neat environment provided• welcoming customers with good service attitude• healthy good tasting food with calorie marked• soft tranquil music• relaxing environment• fast meal delivery
  9. 9. Implicit services• The great attitude of the employees adding to the customer’s positive perception of the organization.• The peaceful dining atmosphere adding to the customer’s satisfaction after a meal.•The policy of serving quality foods is essential to the customer’s perception of taste and reliable service.
  10. 10. Criteria for evaluating the Service Package (condensed version) Items Description Items DescriptionSupporting Facility Explicit ServicesIs it centrally located? Yes Service with a smile? Yes Are the cooks certified? YesFacilitating GoodsNumber of menu items? >91 items Implicit Services Restaurant décor? ExcellentInformation Suitable music? YesUp-to-date website? Yes Waiting in pleasant and short? Yes
  11. 11. Strategic service vision Service delivery system Operating strategy Service concept Target market Segment600 branches in Taiwan Provide better follow- Fast delivery of local and international up services meals with good students, for exampleFun and warm attitude Yuan Ze University’s Clean environment studentsatmosphere todifferentiate service Fresh smelling quality Serve only the best food quality sauce, the people of TaoyuanOutside dining area seasoning and who want to grab a Affordable meals with ketchup quick bite instead of great servicePhone call delivery making breakfast or Use of uniform for lunch Family environmentHire employees based on Employees to convey providing kids friendlyattitude quality service passersby who want to services grab a quick meal inThe use of spacious Unique children area comfort Candies for kids afterstore-front shops meals to make them people who enjoy happy dining outdoors
  12. 12. Laya Burger Café outperforms their competition through:Overall cost leadershipimplements a low-cost strategy by invest in: • efficient-scale facilities; tightly controlled overhead control; and seek out innovative technology.Differentiation•brand name called Laya Burger•invested in a website to provide more quality service•offering different features and events creating customer loyalty.Focus•They are committed to breakfast, lunch, and delivery services•listen to customer needs to observe the market development, innovation and diversification of needed meal items
  13. 13. Items Description • Excellent food quality and clean environment. • They provide out-door dining. Qualifiers • They have promotions and functions. • Combo meals and their menu is in both English and Chinese. • 600 branch cafés every 3-5 kilometers With a fully functioning website, delivery service and promotions, such as by one-get-one-free, Laya Burger CaféService Winner excels in dimensions such as convenience, and reputation that wins its customers loyalty. Price might be a minor setback for a very small portion of their mealsService Loser but they offset this with promotions.
  14. 14. Possible fail points External Internal Service Display and Dining counter / PHYSICAL Restaurant Menu Wait T.V. Dining area area Waiting EVIDENCE entrance appearance Food area View snacks Watch CUSTOMER Enter Take a Order the Receive Check-out and take a T.V. and ACTIONS restaurant seat meal food and leave seat eatLine of Interaction ONSTAGE Warm Deliver Process CONTACT Deliver Take food welcome menu order food check-out PERSON from staffLine of Visibility BACKSTAGE CONTACT PERSONLine of Interaction SUPPORT Prepare Cash PROCESSES food register
  15. 15. DescriptionPossible fail points Corrective measure Reasons for failure Example Waiters do not write Several customers are down food orders. ordering, one as not to They memorize each include mustard in he’s meal, another as to include Waiters can carry order for several extra tomato in her meal a note-pad and Take food order customers at a time. and lots of other orders are pen with them to High probability to taken at the same time. The forget miner order take orders. waiter might just not detail. remember the customized orders in a rush of orders. Cooks are told what is Several orders are places Cooks can be given ordered. some with customization. They are not given a list of a list of foods to The cooks have to multi- food orders to prepare. prepare so as to Prepare food task most times and with They need to memorize meals reduce the risk of to make. the customization to remember, this can lead to wrong food High probability to forget miner customization detail. wrong food preparation. preparation.
  16. 16. Design Elements Description Structural Support strategy Re-design to support strategy To reduce the risk of wrong meal order waiters can carry a Need miner re-design to aid in customerDelivery system note-pad and pen to take satisfaction orders and cooks can receive note-pad of meals to prepare. let customers feel comfortable and welcomed,Facility design the interior include varieties of greenery, AC, Non needed TV, kids corner, and waiting area. 600 branches strategically located in TaiwanLocation gives Laya burger café access to a diverse Non needed target market. Laya Burger Café’s interior is designed to utilizeCapacity planning capacity to its maximum with exterior dining Non needed area.
  17. 17. Design Elements Description Managerial Support strategy Re-design to support strategy To reduce the risk of wrong The fully function website for Laya burger café meal order waiters can carry aInformation aids in providing customers with great note-pad and pen to take satisfaction. orders and cooks can receive note-pad of meals to prepare. The most important quality feature is the freshQuality products used to prepare meals that are Non needed ordered using a just-in-time system. A service culture that fosters a family-typeService atmosphere is reinforced by including a kid’s Non neededencounter area and exterior dining. Customers can call in to order food, have theirManagerial meals customized and have it delivered. Thus,capacity and Non needed the customer demand in terms of timing anddemand appropriateness can be controlled effectively.
  18. 18. By re-designing the possible failure modes: •food order and preparing foodLaya Burger Café can: •increase the number of customers they serve •increased satisfaction to both employees and customers •reduce the risk of serving wrong meals to customers •maximize the utilization of cooks •do further customization of meals •increase its customer satisfaction and greatly increase customer loyalty
  19. 19. We believe that by keeping up with theseconsistencies and implementing the re-design of this research paper, Laya BurgerCafé can further improve its service anddeliver excellent high-quality customersatisfaction.
  20. 20. THANK YOU!