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Library policies

  1. 1. Presented to;Dr. Robina BhattiPresented by;M. YounasRoll # 24BS 5th Semester, (2010-2014)Department of library ScienceThe islamia university of Bahawalpur
  2. 2. Library is a place wherebooks and other readingmaterial are kept to servetheir user.
  3. 3. A proposed or adopted course orprinciple of action. A course of action, guidingprinciple, or procedure consideredexpedient, prudent, oradvantageous.
  4. 4. Governing principles that serve asguidelines or rules for decision-making and action in libraries.
  5. 5.  Library opening hours, as determined from time to time, will beposted on the Library is notice board and main entrance. Users are required to display their ID/staff/membership cardthroughout their stay in the library. However, staff wearing IUBofficial nametags is allowed to enter. Cards are non transferable to any one. Misuse of cards wouldbe liable to penalty. Users must be formally and decently dressed as defined in theUniversity Dress Code. Only reading and writing materials can be brought into theLibrary. Other materials such as bags, umbrellas, parcels,crash helmets, etc., are not to be brought into the library. Sucharticles may be left on the reception desk close to theentrance of the Library. Library management accepts noresponsibility for loss of any of these items if token is missing.
  6. 6.  Loss of tokens would be accountable to charge the fineof replacement. Weapons are not allowed in the Library. Hand-phone, walkman, Discman and similar electronicgadgets are not allowed to be brought into the Library. Smoking, eating and drinking is strictly prohibitedinside the library. Users are required to conduct themselves properly andgive cooperation to create a pleasant atmosphere inthe library conducive for study and research. Silence is to be strictly observed in the Library. Damaging or stealing Library materials/properties areliable to strict disciplinary action.
  7. 7.  Reservation of seat is not permitted except it has beenspecially mentioned by the library administration. Users are not allowed to remove or change the placement ofchairs, tables or any other furniture in the Library.Writing/marking on the library furniture is strictly prohibited. The Library accepts no responsibility for lost of personalbelonging(s) left unattended. Official time of the Library, including the basis for determiningfines for overdue borrowing will be read according to theCirculation clock or the clock at the Borrowing Counter. Library officers have the authority to bar any person fromusing library facilities for any infringement of the Library Rulesand Regulations. Library Authority may amend Library Rules and Regulationsas and when necessary.
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