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Question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combinationof your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Final Front Cover
  3. 3. Final Billboard
  4. 4. Trashy Magazine Price Date/Issue number Stars photosMasthead in top third in bubbleof page Eyeline match No clear to engage the house style reader Barcode Text in shadow to make it stand it Doesn’t use out three colour rule Star anchored by text – Trashy TV magazines all capitalised and large usually use a great making it easy to read selection of bright colours - 12 or 13 - and include a selection of Boxes showing different bubbles, boxes and programs - use of character’s pictures. names
  5. 5. Classy Magazine Banner Date/Issue numberMasthead in top thirdof pagePerformance to Eyeline matchattract the audience to engage the readerThree colour rule Star anchored by text –Clear house style in all capitalised and largeterms of font, size, making it easy to readcolour Classy TV magazines tend to be more upmarket and aimed a more sophisticated audience. For this reason, they are created to look Actors name in bold to make it like something a reader would want to display. stand out to the audience
  6. 6. My Product I chose to use this magazine cover and base my final front cover on it. I felt that our soap was aimed a young adult demographic, and therefore I wanted out product to appeal to them. Eyeline match to engage the Masthead in top third reader of page Performance to attract the audienceClear house style interms of Date/Issue numberfont, size, colour Actors name in bold to Three colour rule make it stand out to the audience
  7. 7. Making My Product• Image – photoshop• Fonts and colours• Features• Positioning
  8. 8. Making My Product This was the original image I chose to use, which I took using the green screen. I then used the lasso tool on Photoshop to cut it out.
  9. 9. First Draft Front CoverHere is my first draft frontcover: Feedback from teacher: 4
  10. 10. Final Front Cover
  11. 11. BillboardsWhile researching billboard posters, I looked at SKINS existing products as FRESHERS would be aimedat the same demographic and made by the same institution. BILLBOARD 1 All characters No E4 in frame branding Large, clear Full body title shots of the characters Lots of bright colours to attract the audience Series of boxes showing stills from the show to engage the audience
  12. 12. BILLBOARD 2 All charactersCharacter photos taken have eye lineon green screen then match withedited onto same audience tobackground engage themLow key lighting Branding inconnoting gritty golden square toatmosphere attract the audience Clear E4 branding
  13. 13. Costumes – similar to those worn in trailer for the same conventions 1 Final Billboard By combing the conventions on both of the existing billboards, I created mine for FRESHERS… White backgroundFull length sophotos of characters stand outcharactersBackgroundphotos relateto GENRE•Lipstick –teenagers/love Clear E4•Post it notes and pens– college/work branding •Font •Colour •logo