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Shadbrook Semi-Annual Meeting May, 2009
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Shadbrook Semi-Annual Meeting May, 2009


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Semi-Annual Meeting May, 2009

Semi-Annual Meeting May, 2009

Published in: News & Politics, Business
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  • 1. Semi-Annual Homeowners Meeting May 5, 2009
  • 2. Agenda
    • Call to Order
    • Introduction of Executive Board
    • Review of Q1 Activities
      • Establishing Priorities for 2009
      • Budget Review
        • Budget Report
      • Directory Update
      • Committee Assignments
        • Road Committee Report
        • Social Committee Update
      • Homeowner Survey
    • Survey Results
    • Next Step Executive Board Recommendations
    • Election Announcement
    • Homeowners Open Discussion
    • Close
  • 3. Meet the Leaders of the Association
    • Executive Board
      • Nick Stoyanoff President
      • Christa Grix Vice-President
      • Lesia Meili Treasurer
      • Keri Libbe Secretary
    • Committee Chairs
      • Kim Sulek Roads Committee
      • Linda Leidel Social Committee
  • 4. Transitions
    • We sadly note the passing of Harold Cullum
    • We welcome the arrival of James & Kimberly Dunne
  • 5. Budget Report
    • Issues facing the Association
      • Low Balance
        • Annual dues are low compared to other Associations in the area
        • Delinquent payments (complicated by inconsistent documentation)
        • Inconsistent (ad hoc) allocations to various activities
          • e.g., Social Events
      • No contingency fund for unexpected costs
    • Q1 Activities
      • Review of other Homeowner Association dues and policies
      • Attempts to take delinquent accounts off the books
      • Discussions with adjacent Associations about shared services
      • Executive Board formulation of a new dues structure and budget
    • Recommendations & Discussion
  • 6. Proposed 2010 Budget 2008 Dues & Spending Dues $ 110 Total ($110 x 45) $4,590 Spending Insurance Policy $ 269 Landscaping $1,548 Snow Removal $5,500 Social Activities $ 483 Administrative $ 65 Total $7,865 Current Balance: $3,649 2010 Proposed Dues & Budget Dues $ 200 Total ($200 x 45) $9,000 Proposed Budget Insurance Policy $ 269 Landscaping $ 500 Snow Removal $5,500 Social Activities $ 500 Administrative $ 300 Total $7,069 Projected Balance: $5,618
  • 7. Proposition A: Budget & Homeowner Dues
    • Proposition A is a proposal to approve the Board’s proposed budget and raise the annual dues from $175 (in 2009) to $200. The increase in dues is being requested to build a surplus that can be used to cover unexpected expenses .
    • A YES vote on Proposition A would approve the proposed budgetary spending and raise homeowner dues to $200 per year
    A NO vote on Proposition A would keep homeowner dues at $175 per year The Executive Board recommends a YES vote on Proposition A
  • 8. Road Committee Report
    • Issues facing the Association
      • Ongoing maintenance
        • Complaints from residents on last year’s plowing and salting
      • Need for Repair
        • Inadequate public or private funds
        • Disagreement on how much of the cost homeowners should bear
        • Confusion over final costs to homeowners
        • Willingness of all homeowners in the association to contribute
    • Q1 Activities
      • Ongoing appeals to Wayne County for patching
      • Review of Edenderry SAD
      • Review and Modification of Township SAD policies
      • Review of Federal, State & Township Funding Sources
      • Meeting with Township & Other Homeowner Association Officials
      • Survey of Homeowners
    • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Discussion
  • 9. Road Survey Results Zero Under $5k Under$10k Under $15k No Price Too High Question: What is highest priced SAD proposal you would support?
  • 10. Social Committee Report
    • Summary statement of the issues facing the Association
      • Inconsistent Spending
      • Partial Interest & Attendance
      • Requests for Self-funding
    • Discussion
  • 11. Proposition B: Road Repair
    • Proposition B is a proposal to allow the Executive Board to continue exploring alternative road repair options and funding sources for a period of six months; with a final report and SAD recommendation due at the November Homeowners meeting.
    • A YES vote on Proposition B would empower the Executive Board to explore alternatives until the November meeting; where a final repair recommendation will be made.
    A NO vote on Proposition B is a mandate to immediately solicit competitive bids and form a new SAD based on the lowest cost received The Executive Board recommends a YES vote on Proposition A
  • 12. Open Discussion