Double Page Spread Radial Analysis


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Double Page Spread Radial Analysis

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis
  2. 2. Radial Analysis of NME Double Spread - Vampire WeekendThe multi-coloured confetti compliments the blue of the sky to make it look childish and even immature. The vivid colours could imply that the interview could either be a happy article or even a sad article that could show the contrast of the colours and the article.Confetti in the air could hint a celebration of success with the band; reaching a certain point they wanted to be at. The two men trying to fight against the confetti may suggest that they are not going to stop; they want to accomplish more.A quote in capitals wants the reader’s attention. The block of writing is in the centre of the article which catches the reader’s eye before they read the article. This makes them more interested and curious which then leads them to wanting to read the article.The bright sky blue colour is kept all the way though the page to keep the bright theme. The blue writing in the short paragraph breaks up the piece of writing. This highlights the important names and also makes it less tiring to read.Italic font used for the title makes go with the sky blue to keep a sort of soft pastel theme, also makes the article look as if it is innocentLarge image takes up well over a page, the bright sky blue. Sky blue can give connotations of calm and something friendly.The man behind the fan could insinuate that he has the most control over the band as he is holding the fan that is blowing towards his fellow band mates
  3. 3. Radial Analysis of Hip Hop Connection Double SpreadThe red text attracts the reader’s eyes to the page. Using red writing against the uninteresting even boring black and grey writing shows that the page craves attention. The huge font in red is in the middle of the page. This highlights a quote from the page and grabs the reader’s attention to make them want to carry on reading the article.The font used looks like as if it has been imprinted on as it is a military themed font. It has been done to catch the reader’s notice to read the page as the font is big and bold.The left page has been used exclusively for the interview. The diverse fonts and colours have been used to break the text up so the writing is not too strenuous to read. The whole of the right page is occupied by an image of the artist that has been interviewed. The same white background has been kept through out the page spread to keep the page in its theme.The single artist is working independently so this shows with the image as he is standing alone. Artist is wearing baggy clothes which are stereotypical to his genre, a plain white t-shirt and black baggy jeans with trainers. The pose the artist is undertaking looks like he is urban genre and the sturdy pose with his feet shoulder width apart shows he is confident and implies that he is standing on firm ground and he doesn’t need to move. His hand is placed around
  4. 4. Radial Analysis of NME Double Spread – Kings of LeonBoth men are close, standing next to each other. One of the men has their arm around the other. This represents the closeness and the connection between these two men. The man with his arm around his friend is holding a beer close to his body. This could represent that he likes drinking beer or has a bond with alcohol.White text makes it simpler to read because the colours at the bottom go darker. Red writing is used to establish the question and to separate it from the answer. Larger bold writing in the lower centre of the page is used; this attracts the reader’s eye. After this, it will then lead the reader to want to read more to gain knowledge about why the artist had stated the quote mentioned.A big image of the artist takes up the whole page. All images on this spread are shown to be happy and joyful. The artists are close together to show that a strong friendship has developed. This could also suggest that they have been through a journey to get where they are now and have built a well-built stable relationship.