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Contents page analysis

  1. 1. Contents Page Analysis(Images of contents pages will be scanned in at a later date)
  2. 2. Radial Analysis of Q contents pageImage ConnotationOne of the images used is the front cover to remind the audience of what issue the magazine is and what it looks like. There are also 3 other images in the double spread to give the reader an insight into the magazine. It also makes the contents look busier and full of interesting features, chosen to fulfil the target audience’s needs. The first image is of an older man in the left corner (Holly Johnson); he is not making eye contact with the camera. It is a close up of him; it shows him to be dressed in a suit and gelled back hair. This could suggest the man is rich and has a lavish lifestyle but it could be also represent the music genre he comes from. The next image is of the woman in the centre of the page (Juliette Lewis), she is wearing a patterned shirt and an Indian styled hat, and this is an unusual combination and stands out from the other images. A medium shot is used to show her clothing and hat to show her style to the audience. The third image is also a medium shot, taken from a live show of a lead singer, playing guitar and singing. This is a typical image used in a magazine as it illustrates the emotions of playing music.Image DenotationThe contents page shows a range of images all over the page and all of people are featured in the magazine. Next to the images are numbers corresponding the page their feature is on. The masthead has a text saying ‘Issue 283’ which is shows that Q is a long running magazine.AudienceThere is a range of artists from different genres in this page from classical to pop. This shows the magazine has a wide target audience or for people who are interested in several genres. However from the layout, being neat and tidy could show that it is aimed at young adults. The colours and the gender of artists suggest the magazine is not aimed at a particular genre.LightningFor each of the three images used different lightning has also been used. For example, the first image is of the older man in the left corner (Holly Johnson) a spotlight has been used to shin off his face to show detail and a backlight has been used to complete a different coloured background. In the second image of the woman in the centre of the page (Juliette Lewis), the light has been used from above her at angle as half on her face and one shoulder can be seen, this could contrary to sides of her personality, one side been and the other being bad. The last image is taken from a live show and the lightning is shinning on his face to show he is the main person to be viewed at.ColourRed is used throughout the contents page, for the background of the masthead and strips, this is used for separating information, this could be used as the background is red for the Q logo and this shows they are referring back to the house style. It also stands out from the white background making it easy to distinguish between the different colours. Black has been used traditionally for the font and this also makes it stand out.FontSerif font has been used in this contents page throughout; this adds detail from a normal font. Bold has been used on the headings to emphasise them and make them stand out to the reader. All on the text is black so that it stands out from the white background.LayoutThere are several images on the page, two are tilted to give the page a bit of width and not make the page to straight, and this also makes the page more interesting to the audience. To give the readers an insight in what the page looks like, the page number is placed next to the corresponding image this gives the audience a faster option of finding the page they wish to read. The contents are set out in list which is simple and easy to use with a detailed sentence underneath each headline.his jaw freely to signify that he is holding his head up right. This shows that he is confident and positive.
  3. 3. Radial Analysis of NME contents pageImage DenotationThere is one main image used on the contents page, with artists listed alphabetically on the left side. Under the key picture is a description of what the image is about. Under the explanation is a sub heading selling the magazine for a discounted price. This is simply contents design but used well for a magazine mainly based around the genres of indie/rock.Image ConnotationThis image is an action shot taken during a live performance as shown by ‘Radiohead, Los Angeles, 24/01/10’. This can connote as being taking from a fan from the crowd as the angle shot is at a low angle. He is also shown singing and playing the guitar which can connote he is the leader singer and the key man in the band he is playing in. The singer is wearing a causal checked shirt which is usual for indie/rocker to wear; his hair is also fairly long which also shows that he stereotypically fits into the indie genre.AudienceThere is a clear type of audience which this magazine is being directed at. This is done bye using an image of the main singer from the band Radiohead, a band which produces music of the indie/rock. Consequently the viewers is likely going to be young adults and teenagers who are interested in this genre and inspired by the indie/rock styleLightingA spot light has been in used in this photo as the images was taken at a live show, this has been used to show he is the main person in the band and is typically at the front of the stage, this also makes him stand out from the black background which connotes artificial lightning has been used.ColourThere is a colour scheme of red, black and white has been used on this contents page and these colours contrast each other as none of them are similar colours, this makes highlighting important key words or phrases. Also the black matches the background of the image so it all fits in nicely.FontFor subheadings and the contents list, sans Serif font has been used which is quite basic and simple. For the main body Serif font has also been used but in bold and this makes stand out more. This font can signify the text going into detail, expanding on the subheading.LayoutThe layout is simple, one main image with text around it. Also the only piece of copy (text) is also about the band in the picture. All the artists in the contents page are in alphabetical order help out the audience find a particular person or band. There isn’t much detail of what else is in the magazine shown to the audience but this could make the reader more interested to carry on reading the magazine