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  • Emphasize students inability to see value in content 
  • Fun - Play with their peers, viewed as an acceptable hobby with their friends, no stigma Interactive - They are in control, the end hasnt been scripted for them, they have the responsibility for how it ends Fast paced - Flashy, graphics, high quality Relevant - They are familiar, have background with gameplay, motivation to succeed Goals - they want to achieve goal, allows for trial and error, failure is ok as long as they learn from mistakes
  • Example of a game created by large company that can be used - means high production value -updated 3 times since 2007 Available for windows, soon for mac Appropriate for all ages Inexpensive, can be used with classroom computers with no additions needed
  • Can play as any nation during conflict Students make important, real life decisions -Economics: Trade, research,  -Diplomacy: negotiate with others -Industry: Build an infrastructure -Military: Build allies, enemies, decide who to invade, defend Scenarios: follow historical, chronological events -game makes decisions based on knowledge of history Scenarios changes: can customize scenarios to simulate what could have happened if events had not occured in history
  • Free, easy to use with google accounts Can be easily adapted for individuals, groups - change based on how they act inside the game     - Through page breaks Allows for formative and summative assessments     -students keep running log of actions and justifications     - students have to submit final justifications for actions with hindsight Organized easily for the teacher to assess
  • We will be in the room for kiosk time Come with questions, concerns, comments on how we would use, interact and adapt the technology Ask them to make sure they stop at the exit video station


  • 1. Unpacking a Solution:
    • Motivating Disconnected Students Through Innovative Approaches and Tools
    • Birgitte Jensen 
    • Candace Marcotte
    • and Kyle Shack
  • 2. Motivation: Connections to History
    • Student apathy towards history
      • How do I connect an uninterested or struggling student to the content?
      •   How do do ensure my students UNDERSTAND the content and can use the knowledge outside the classroom?
    • Illinois State Social Studies Standard 16.A.4a
      • Analyze and report historical events to determine cause and effect relationships
  • 3. Student's Feelings Towards History
      • Boring
      • View as lecture then test class
      • Can't connect with content
      • No background knowledge of content
      • See no value in material
  • 4. Why do kids play video games?
      • Fun
        • Social and engaging
      •   Interactive 
        • They can affect the outcome, change the story
      • Fast paced
      • Relevant 
      • Goal to reach, score to achieve, winner and loser
  • 5. Making History
      • World War II simulation game
      • Available on popular platforms
        • Windows & soon Mac
      • Rated E  (Everyone)
      • Inexpensive  ($35 - $45)
  • 6. Valuable Content in Making History
      • Act as nation during WWII
        • Both sides of conflict
      • Students make key decisions related to:
        • Economics
        • Diplomacy
        • Industry
        • Military
      • Scenario follows historical timeline
      • Scenarios can be customized to allow for alternate variables, events, decisions
      • Can be played individually or collaboratively
  • 7. How to Assess a Video Game?
    • Google Form
      • Easy to create
      • Can individualize the forms for each student or group
      • Allows for formative and summative assessments
      • Easy organization of responses
  • 8. Additional Resources & Readings
    • Sample Assessment Google Form - http://bit.ly/nq5ZVq 
    • Google Form Creation Help - http://bit.ly/mS3LxO 
    • Making History: Gaming Headquarters  - http://making-history.com/
    • Glenn Wiebe: Video Games, iKids & Education in the 21st Century  http://slidesha.re/o7V60d 
    • Kara Platoni: Computer Games Explore Social Issues - http://bit.ly/rcq3CC 
  • 9. Let's share ideas...
    • #relate 11
    • @ShackKyle