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Published in Education , Technology
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  • Feudalism means:Europeans created feudalism because people of Europe had no strong central government for protection or helpSelf-sufficient: not requiring any help/support/aid


  • 1. Feudalism in Western Europe Aim/Goal: How did feudalism answer problems raised by the fall of the Roman Empire?
  • 2. Fall of Rome The fall of Rome in 476 A.D. changed the map of Europe. The once great empire was replaced by hundreds of little kingdoms.
  • 3. Collapse of the Central Government  During the Roman Empire, there was a central government. It made laws and had armies to protect people.  However, with the fall of Rome, the central government collapsed.  Hundreds of little kingdoms governed in its place.
  • 4. Document #1 1. Historians called this time period the “Dark Ages,” because ____________ ________________________________. 2. Since many Europeans forgot what the Greeks and Romans contributed and many people did not know how to read or write, who became the “teachers” to the people of Europe? The teachers became __________ _____________________________.
  • 5. The Early Middle Ages was a dangerous time.
  • 6. Oh My…What are we going to do?
  • 7. Document #2 3. Feudalism means ____________ _______________________________. Europeans created “feudalism” because ____________________________________ ___________________________________. 4. Self-sufficient means _______________ _____________________________. Give an example of someone you know who is self-sufficient. ________________________.
  • 8. Feudalism  Feudalism was the political, social, economic and military system of the Middle Ages.  In a feudal society, land is exchanged for military service and loyalty.  The ownership of land was the basis or power.
  • 10. Lords People who owned land were called lords. Lords gave land to lesser lords called vassals. A vassal had to obey his lord and give military service and loyalty to his lord.
  • 11. Peasants Needed Protection  Peasants were frightened.  They turned to landowners for protection.  Peasants offered their labor in exchange for protection.  These peasants were called serfs.
  • 12. It was a dangerous time to be a peasant. Poor people turned to rich landowners with armies for protection.
  • 13. Serfs  A serf was “bound to the land.”  He could not leave his lord’s land.  He was not a slave because he could not be sold.  But he was not free because he could not leave.
  • 14. Assignment:  Write a paragraph explaining who you would want to be in the European feudal structure (King, Lord, Knight, Serf) and why?