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Classroom expectations pp

  1. 1. Classroom Expectations World History
  2. 2. New Rules For 2nd SemesterJackets are to remain on until your class has earnedpermission to remove them If you have to be asked to put your jacket back on, it will cost you participation pointsTardy Policy You must be in your ASSIGNED seat by the time the bell rings, or else you are TARDYYou MUST write down all homework/assignments. I willnot allow you to just “remember” it
  3. 3. Writing Utensils/ PassesYou MUST bring a writing utensil to class EVERYDAY. You have been given five (5) passes to exchange for a writing utensil from Mr. Shack If you use all five (5) or lose them, you will not be given loaner pencils without it costing you pointsBathroom Passes You will be given two (2) passes to go to leave class during the semester If you use both, or lose them, you may not leave class.
  4. 4. Potential Extra CreditThere will be extra credit opportunities throughout thesemesterWorld News/Event Article You will be eligible to receive extra credit by bringing in an article from a credible news source, that discusses an international news event. You will only get extra credit if you present this article to the class, in a professional and thorough manner
  5. 5. Participation Point SystemThe first violation of these rules will result in a warning tostopYou will be eligible for 25 points per week for participation 5 per dayYou will lose points for being disrespectful, rude, crude orengaging in disruptive behaviorYou will gain points for being on task, participating andignoring others trying to be disruptive
  6. 6. Do-Now:You will be given Do-Now worksheet every Monday.You must complete Do-Now’s throughout the week on thissheet.Do-Now Sheet should be turned in every FridayIf you lose your Do-Now sheet, you must complete theweeks Do-Nows on separate sheet of paper, and turn thisin to receive credit.When bell rings – immediately stop talking, begin workingon Do-Now or wait for instructions
  7. 7. During Do-Now:Must remain silent until Mr. Shack gives directionsDo-Now worth 25 points per weekWill receive highlighter or stamp during Do-Now toindicate student was silent and working during Do Now Will be given second mark if point lost due to talkingWill not receive stamp or mark after alarm goes offDo Nows without stamp or mark will not be given creditStudent’s who receive full marks for 2 consecutive weeksor more will receive 5 points extra credit
  8. 8. Today’s Do Now:We are renaming the Do-Now!Create a list of at least 5 possible new names for the Do-NowOnce you have been given permission from Mr. Shack,you may write your top idea on the boardAs a class, we will vote on them, with the top vote getterbeing voted on by all six classes tomorrow.
  9. 9. Classroom ExpectationsDue to the large of amount of students who are losingparticipation points, we are going to reiterate theclassroom expectationsTake notes on the classroom expectations on your ExitSlip
  10. 10. Classroom ExpectationsNo speaking when Mr. Shack is speakingNo speaking when another student has the floorNo Inappropriate Language Put Downs, Rude Comments, Inappropriate Laughing, CursingDo not get out of desk while class is in session
  11. 11. Classroom ExpectationsNo food, candy or non-water drinks in the room If found with any of the above, they will be immediately thrown away and students will issued warning Second time, student is issued an after school detention If this continues, parent communication will beginAbsolutely no throwing of any items Immediate detention Second violation, call home and hour detention Any further violation, conference with school administration/parent
  12. 12. Goals for Second SemesterTake the next few minutes to reflect on your first semester What went well for you? Academically? Socially? What went poorly? Academically? Socially?Now, make a goal for yourself for the second semester. Ex. I am going to study more and do better on all exams. I am going to raise all of my grade one letter grade. I am going to improve my HW scores in all classes.
  13. 13. Exit SlipTurn in the notes on classroom expectations