Social Leaderboard_Indian luxury car brands_17 August 2012


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Shack evaluated India's three top-selling luxury car brands – BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz – to derive a comparative benchmark of their standing on social platforms.

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Social Leaderboard_Indian luxury car brands_17 August 2012

  1. 1. SOCIAL LEADERBOARDLUXURY CAR BRANDS: 4th Aug – 17th Aug 2012
  2. 2. 1:INDEX:  SOCIAL LEADERBOARD: week-on-week performance of top 3 luxury car brands…  SUMMARY Digital strategy for experience events going astray like lost sheep?…  OBSERVATIONS  RECONNECT GRADE: o BMW o AUDI o MERCEDES-BENZ  WHY COMMUNITIES?  METHODOLOGY: the research process…  ABOUT SHACK©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  3. 3. 2: SOCIAL LEADERBOARD 4th August – 17th August 2012 12,00,000 7.9% 37.4% 11,00,000 10.3% Community Size (members) 10,00,000 BMW (W5) 9,00,000 2.8% BMW (W6) Audi (W3) 8,00,000 Audi (W4) Merc (W5) 7,00,000 4.1% Merc (W6) 6,00,000 5.9% 5,00,000 - 9.0% 18.0% 27.0% 36.0% 45.0% Activity GradeBrand Community Size Share (%) Activity Grade Current 1w ago Current 1w ago Current 1w agoBMW 11,25,269 11,16,822 39.9% 40.3% 37.4% 7.9%Audi 10,91,846 10,56,291 38.7% 38.1% 3.6% 3.1%Merc 6,01,776 6,00,387 21.3% 21.6% 5.9% 4.1% ©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  4. 4. 3:SUMMARYDigital strategy for experience events goingastray like lost sheep? The dawn of branding and marketing signalled that the success of a company was not dependent on just a world-class product anymore. Now, consumers buy in anticipation ofowning and using the product. For instance, if a consumer buys aluxury sports sedan, with it she/he also buys the experience of motor-racing.The highly interactive digital ecosystem offers a tremendousopportunity for brands and marketeers to amplify this experienceamong its target audience. But how far has the thousands of photolikes, contest entries and live tweets helped brands in achieving theaforementioned goal? We investigate.The Buddh International Circuit has created an avenue for the likes of BMW,Audi, Mercedes and Porsche to showcase the superiority of their luxury line.They organize track day events where select owners and a few influencersget to experience the car on the circuit under expert guidance. The objectiveof such initiatives is to strengthen the association of brand owners,©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  5. 5. 4:enthusiasts and loyalists with the brand’s attributes. As Audi India headMichael Perschke says "The Audi sportscar experience has been developedin line with the Audi brands 3 core value pillars - sportiness,progressiveness and sophistication. These qualities and an exciting formattogether create a very unique and ideal opportunity for all car enthusiastsout there who have always wanted to dynamically explore sports cars, buthave never had a chance to do so."Here, the role of the social web, because of its pervasiveness andinteractivity, is to provide a similar user experience to brand lovers not partof the drive event and “earn” new brand followers through the word-of-mouth subsequently generated. However, ShackMatrix’s measure of theReconnect Grade observed that Audi and Mercedes-Benz did not improve itsappeal with racing enthusiasts as a result of these initiatives and there is alot of improvement desired in this respect. The focus of these onlineinitiatives is volume rather than the quality of the engagement.The concept of using influential individuals or groups to build up publicsupport for an initiative is not a new idea. Edward Bernays, regarded as thefather of PR, widely advocated and practiced it for the likes of P&G andLucky Strike. But the digital ecosystem offers brand’s the ability to provide acontinuous brand experience that complements the traditional BTLmarketing efforts and sustains consumer association in the long termincreasing average levels of brand recall, recognition and image. In order totap this opportunity, marketeers must rethink their strategy and investin building communities, like the Harley Owners Group, that gives members©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  6. 6. 5:a sense of ownership towards the brand. Only then can a brand create truebrand advocates who help market experiences to potential consumersthrough word-of-mouth. OBSERVATIONS  Reaction and feedback about potential buyers’ test drive experience should have logically followed the launch of the new BMW 3-series which would have pushed up the Reconnect Grade for the brand’s message of ‘driving pleasure’. On the contrary, the grade showed that only 1 in every 100 brand followers connected with the brand’s message. BMW’s Activity score is still riding on the strength of syndicating 3-series reviews by auto magazines and TV shows, which will be hard to sustain once the initial coverage dies off.  Audi took the contest route to provide a chance to their fans to experience the new Audi A6 TDI at the Buddh International Circuit. However, only 1% of their activity appealed to racing enthusiasts which raises questions on the efficacy of contests in the social space to attract the right audience for niche events. Audi also covered an off-roading tour, with Gul Panag as one of the travellers, in order to highlight the superior features of their new Quattro Drive technology. However, this brand association only resulted in 5 in every 500 brand community members connecting with this theme.  Mercedes-Benzs AMG drive academy initiative targeted at "real motor- racing enthusiasts" failed to stir up online buzz as the motor-racing theme appealed to only 3 in 200 brand community members.©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  7. 7. 6:RECONNECT GRADE 4th August – 10thAugust 2012 9.0% Reconnect Grade 6.0% 4.0% 3.0% 1.9% 1.1% 1.1% 0.2% 0.04% 0.02% - 2.5% 2.0% Reconnect Grade 1.5% 1.3% 1.1% 1.0% 1.0% 0.6% 0.5% 0.1% 0.01% 0.00% - 2.5% 2.0% 2.0% 1.7% Reconnect Grade 1.5% 1.5% 1.1% 0.9% 1.0% 0.5% 0.3% 0.2% -©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  8. 8. 7:RECONNECT GRADE 11th August – 17thAugust 2012 9.0% 8.1% Reconnect Grade 6.7% 6.0% 3.1% 3.0% 1.8% 1.7% 1.0% 0.2% - 2.5% 2.0% 2.0% Reconnect Grade 1.5% 1.1% 1.0% 1.0% 0.5% 0.2% 0.2% 0.03% 0.03% - 2.5% 2.0% 2.0% Reconnect Grade 1.4% 1.5% 1.3% 1.1% 1.0% 0.5% 0.2% 0.2% 0.1% -©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  9. 9. 8:About the Social LeaderboardThe Leaderboard updates the results derived from our internal tools andmethodologies on a bi-monthly basis, based on which we will bring out ourconclusions. Shack uses a proprietary grading mechanismShackMatrix™ to derive the Authority, Activity and Reconnect Grades,which are key determinants of a brand’s social presence. Read moreabout the Matrix and Grades.Why Communities?Create, Connect, Curate — The Shack Manifesto for BuildingCommunitiesWith the social online world becoming an important cog in a customer’srelationship with a brand, there is a need for a common language that cangive meaning to the seemingly unstructured social data scattered acrossplatforms that represents a brand’s interaction with its core community.As has happened with the introduction of any new communication medium,practitioners are making the mistake of using the measuring stick (such asviews and reach) of traditional advertising media to gauge success in thesocial web. For over a half a century, we have been thinking about©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  10. 10. 9: marketing in terms of campaigns with a very clear beginning, middle and an end. But the online digital world is currently in the process of being rebuilt around people and what we know as the social web, in a few years, would simply be the web. Therefore, long term success for brands depends on leveraging these human relationships to create a strong sense of community around products, concepts and values that are dearest to the brands.How we measure effectiveness in Online Communities?The ShackMatrix™ is a proprietary framework that enables assessment of abrand’s digital footprint in a holistic way. It is a common language designed tounderstand the value of a brand’s online efforts expressed through 5 grades thatcombine the understanding of traditional branding with the dynamics of a socialonline world.  Presence Grade: Measures how well is the brand represented on digital platforms.  Authority Grade: Measures how authoritative is a brand’s owned- channels for information on the brand and its products.  TG Grade: Measures the percentage of the desired target group mix active on the brand’s owned platforms.  Activity Grade: Measures the level of activity on existing channels.  Re-Connect Grade: Measures the extent to which community members connect and identify the brand with the attributes desired by it. ©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  11. 11. 10:Data MethodologyWe take online performance as a holistic concept. While size of the brand’scommunity and level of activity are important factors, the profile of the TG,the authority of the brand’s platforms and its recall are also equallyimportant ingredients.In calculating the ShackMatrix™, we assign weights to the different metricson individual platforms in order to combine them into a single comparablegrade that is relevant to the digital objectives of the brand.The weights are decided based on the relative effectiveness of the platformto a brand’s community as well as the brand’s own digital goals.Data Validity and IntegrityWe source the data from the brand’s official digital properties. Our scope isrestricted by the data made available through the APIs of the socialplatforms we cover.The coverage of data in this report is restricted to Facebook and Twitter.More detailed and granular metric studies are done for clients on a projectbasis.©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands
  12. 12. 11:About ShackShack is a digital marketing company which brings together brands and theircustomers in carefully crafted, wholesome communities, providing exceptionalexperiences for all.We leverage communities for brands:In order to create and maintain buzz around your brand you need your targetaudience to form lasting relationships with your brand.We build platforms for the communities:Being a one-stop solution for all your community building and web-based marketingneeds, we craft comprehensive campaigns, based on careful strategy, encompassingan entire digital eco-system.We develop content for the platforms:Along with creating engagement tools both online and off-line we also encourage andfacilitate generation of remarkably effective and compelling content, in a methodicalmanner by our own team, and in a random manner, by your community members.We measure the impact on the brand:You need to monitor the impact that the campaign has on your brand. This impact isnot something hypothetical, it is hard, tangible, three-dimensional data that not onlytells you where you presently stand, but also tells you where you need to go andwhat path you need to follow with the help of Shack’s proprietary Digital EcosystemManagement tool. Website || Blog || Twitter ©Shack Companis. All Rights Reserved. Social Leaderboard: Luxury Car Brands