«	  Serving	  Smart	  Digital	  Marketing	  »	  
We	  develop	  brand	  platforms	  for	  the	  digital	  ecosystem	  along	  three	  dimensions	                          ...
Elevating	  a	  brand’s	  online	  presence	  with	  the	  3Es	         Establish	                              Enhance	  ...
We	  made	  this	  happen	  for	  our	  clients.	                       Success  Stories
Case  Study  •  2011–12Goodyear	  •	  Joy	  of	  Journey	                                                                 ...
Case  Study  •  2010–13Yahoo!	  •	  World	  Search	  Championship	                                                        ...
Case  Study  •  2010–11  Quaker	  •	  Mission	  to	  make	  India	  Heart	  Healthy	                                      ...
Case  Study  •  2010–12  Madhya	  Pradesh	  Tourism	                                                                      ...
Services	  at	  Shack	   Design   • Direct   •                      &	  Develop                                           ...
Identifying	  the	  right	  direction	  Brand  and  Product        Target  Market                                         ...
Integrating	  interactive	  media	                          Content  Management                                           ...
Constructing	  the	  right	  message	                                                     Strategy	                       ...
Tracking	  for	  business	  impact	                                                 Strategy	                         Plat...
Icing	  on	  the	  cake	  	                                  Coded  for  Device                                           ...
Why	  unique	  brand	  platforms	  is	  a	  smart	  call?	  	                               Create  the  Right  Pull   Con...
Why	  work	  with	  Shack?	      Online  Movers                 Asset  Builders            Analysts  by  Design           ...
They	  went	  digital	  with	  us	  
Opening	  doors	  to	  the	  digital	  space.	  Founded	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  	  Cive	  years	  back,	 ...
Go	  Digital	            info@shack.co.in                                                       or  +91  11  466  963  38 ...
Shack companis  credentials
Shack companis  credentials
Shack companis  credentials
Shack companis  credentials
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Shack companis credentials


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Shack companis credentials

  1. 1. «  Serving  Smart  Digital  Marketing  »  
  2. 2. We  develop  brand  platforms  for  the  digital  ecosystem  along  three  dimensions   Unique  Presence  •  User   Connect  •  Be@er  Recall   Systema(c  •  Self-­‐ Trend  Map  •  Business   organized  •  New  Age   Insight  •  Analysis   Track  data  for   responsive   content Social   Sixth   Smart   Designed  for Connect   Sense   present  genera0on   technology Image  management
  3. 3. Elevating  a  brand’s  online  presence  with  the  3Es   Establish   Enhance   Evaluate   Pla;orms  from  scratch Exis0ng  interfaces Performance  and  data Websites,  Mobile  PlaJorms   Applica(ons,  Forums Trend  Mapping  and   and  Social  Media  Channels and  Content  Marke(ng Tracking  Analy(cs  
  4. 4. We  made  this  happen  for  our  clients.   Success  Stories
  5. 5. Case  Study  •  2011–12Goodyear  •  Joy  of  Journey   Establ-­‐ ished Key  Pla;orm goodyearjoyoRourney.com Digital   •  Dis&nct  brand  posi&oning •  Reinforcing  the  brand  via  travel  communi&es Joy  of  Journey,  an  ac(ve  community   need online  for  travel  enthusiasts. Strategy Crea(ng  a  unique  go-­‐to  plaJorm  for   stories  on  travel.  Engaging  via   informa(ve  and  real-­‐(me  content   using  social  networking  channels.   Served Digital  Channel  Strategy  •  PlaJorm   design  &  development  •  Content   strategy,  produc(on  and  modera(on
  6. 6. Case  Study  •  2010–13Yahoo!  •  World  Search  Championship   Establ-­‐ Key  Pla;orm knowqout.com ished Know-­‐q-­‐out—  an  intense   community  of  quizzers. Digital   • Promote new features of Yahoo! Search to increase adoption Strategy • Highlight sponsor’s new launch — Chevrolet Beat need •  With  the  power  of  Yahoo!  Search   integrated  within,  a  quizzing  plaJorm   was  designed. •  Establishing    a  sustainable   community  for  ac(ve  par(cipa(on  in   Yahoo!  World  Search  Championship   annually  and  act  as  brand  advocates. Served •  Content  Marke(ng  for  World  Search   Championship.   •  A  structured  blog  with  consistent   content.  FB  community  page  —  where   members  ac(vely  shared  their   knowledge  and  gave  feedback.
  7. 7. Case  Study  •  2010–11  Quaker  •  Mission  to  make  India  Heart  Healthy   Enha-­‐ nced Key  Pla;orm goodmorningheart.com Digital   • Promote goodmorningheart.com and increase footfall • Increase registrations on the site via campaigning Campaign  to  promote  Quaker’s  online   need plaJorm. Strategy A  campaign  for  the  conscious  young   genera(on  of  India  who  foresee  health   as  an  important  aspect  in  future  and   reinforce  the  brand  among  them. Served Content  Marke(ng  •  Digital  Channel   Strategy  •  Social  PlaJorm  design  &   development  •  Content  strategy,   modera(on  and  management
  8. 8. Case  Study  •  2010–12  Madhya  Pradesh  Tourism   Enha-­‐ nced Key  Pla;orm mptourism.com Digital   • Raise awareness about MP Tourism • Draw travellers to MP via content marketing Campaign  to  promote  MP  Tourism   need online. Strategy Madhya  Pradesh  to  be  showcased  in   pictures,  a@rac(ng  travellers  for  it’s   scenic,  architectural,  historic  and   cultural  stories.   Served Content  Marke(ng  •  Digital  Channel   Strategy  •  Social  PlaJorm  design  &   development  •  Content  strategy,   modera(on  and  management
  9. 9. Services  at  Shack   Design • Direct • &  Develop Strategy • Front     Back     •Deploy End   End   Pla;orms • Analy0cs • Content
  10. 10. Identifying  the  right  direction  Brand  and  Product   Target  Market   Strategy   Platforms   Research Analysis Back  End  Structure Media  Research Industry  Research Content   Analytics   Posi(oning
  11. 11. Integrating  interactive  media   Content  Management   Strategy   Platforms  Website/Microsites Systems Back  End  Structure Web  and  Mobile   Mul(player  Games Apps Content   Analytics   Digital  Forums
  12. 12. Constructing  the  right  message   Strategy   Platforms   Communica(on   Social  Media   Plan Structure Back  End  Structure Direct  Audio/Video   Content  Marke(ng Produc(on Plan  Niche  Events/ Content   Analytics   Shows
  13. 13. Tracking  for  business  impact   Strategy   Platforms   PlaJorm/Brand   Compe((ve  Analysis monitoring Back  End  StructureDigital  Marke(ng   Campaign  Insights Intelligence SWOT  Analysis  and   Content   Analytics   Ac(on  Plan
  14. 14. Icing  on  the  cake     Coded  for  Device   Design   Direct   Immersive  UX Intelligence Front  End  StructureTechnology  made  for   Responsive  Design Human  Behavior Love  for  What  We  Do Develop   Deploy  
  15. 15. Why  unique  brand  platforms  is  a  smart  call?     Create  the  Right  Pull Control  over  Data Independent  digital   Analy(cs  derive   presence  captures   ac(onable  insights  for   focused  target   business  as  measured   markets. via  data  and  pa@erns   of  interac(on.
  16. 16. Why  work  with  Shack?   Online  Movers Asset  Builders Analysts  by  Design We  translate  brand-­‐ We  help  brands  form   We  bring  back   marke(ng  offline  to  an   exclusive  communi(es   consumer  behavior   integrated  digital   around  their  product  for   insights  from  digital   campaign. meaningful   data  to  chalk  out   engagement. direc(ons.
  17. 17. They  went  digital  with  us  
  18. 18. Opening  doors  to  the  digital  space.  Founded                              Cive  years  back,  Shack  is  a  small  powerhouse                              of  new  media  ideas.  From  crea(ng  the  first  ever  photo-­‐blog  for  MP  tourism  promo(ons  to  buzzing  quizzers  with  Yahoo!  moments—  we  love  the  power  of  analy(cs  to  derive  business  insights.At  Shack,  our  language  is  binary  but  we  stand  one  to  combine  tradi(onal  marke(ng  wisdom  with  new  age  techniques.  Away  from  our  screens—  we  indulge  in  art  workshops,  theatre,  baking  or  brewing  coffee  beans.  So,  drop  by  for  freshly  brewed  coffee  and  your  brand  could  go  digital  over  a  chat  with  our  team.
  19. 19. Go  Digital   info@shack.co.in or  +91  11  466  963  38 Connect  with  Shack Visit  us  at  www.shack.co.in143A,  1st  &  2nd  Floor,Shahpur  JatDelhi  -­‐  49
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