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QryptiQ, a knowledge initiative of Shack Co., creates innovative learning ecosystems with the help of traditional and new media tools

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Qryptiq Corporate Profile

  1. 1. CarefullyCraftedKnowledgeEndeavours
  2. 2. “What we think we are”We are a Quiz company. We do fun quizzes andfun quizzing workshops. Quizzes in whichpeople scratch their heads, rack their brainsand then utter sounds of amazement. Webelieve in making learning fun. That’s it aboutus. No slick corporate pitch, just fun educativeQuizzes.
  3. 3. “Why we do what we do”Our raison dêtre or reason for being is simple.‘We believe innovation should be in the culture of everyorganisation’We create innovative knowledge games for our clientsto attract new and retain existing patrons at yourestablishment.Augmenting every engagement program with ahealthy dose of humour and wit comes for free!!
  4. 4. “What have we done till date”KNOW-Q-OUT- Collaborative Learning Platforms which arechanging the face of knowledge sharing as we know itPOWER QUIZ- An in-house Power & Steel Quiz for JindalSteel and Power Ltd. employees, 2011 [Raigarh, Tamnar &Gurgaon]HERO MEGAMIND- An in-house business quiz for employeesof Hero MotoCorp, 2012 [Gurgaon, Delhi, Dharuhera &Haridwar]CHAMPIONS KI KHOJ- Business & Management PracticesQuiz for Central Bank of India, 2010 [Indore]NEGOCIOS- An in-house Finance quiz for UBS employees,2010 [Hyderabad]
  5. 5. RIDDLER’S REVENGE- Riddling our patrons with somegooglies at Xes Café, Saket [Delhi]I FAQ- I Frequently Ask Questions, fortnightly trivia nights atDe Villa, Hauz Khas [Delhi]THURSDAY TRIVIA- Trivia was never so much fun. Trivianights every last Thursday, GK1 & Khan Market [Delhi]TRICKY TUESDAYS- Every Tuesday at 2030 hours Manajsa,Hauz Khas is the place to be [Delhi]ILLUME- The Annual Corporate Quiz of SRCC’s Quiz Club,2011 [Delhi]QUIZZOTICA- Inter college General Quiz for IIT, Roorkee’stech fest, Cognizance, 2012 [Roorkee]DE GHUMA KE- Inter College Cricket Quiz at St. StephensCollege annual quiz festival, Quizzotic, 2011 [Delhi]
  6. 6. PLAT QUIZ- The Annual Scindia School Platinum JubileeMemorial Quiz 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 [Gwalior]FUN LABS- An interactive quiz workshop with Mayo CollegeGirls School, 2011 [Ajmer]TAFS SPORTS QUIZ- The Air Force School 16th Annual Inter-school Quiz and Quiz Workshop, 2010 [Delhi]MOD QUIZ- Delhi’s First Inter-School Quiz Festival at ModernSchool, 2010 [Delhi]QUIZDOM- Inter School Quiz for Nirma University, 2010[Ahmedabad]HAVE IT FLAUNT IT- An Inter School IT Quiz at SethAnandram Jaipuria School, 2010, 2011 & 2012 [Kanpur] and more….
  7. 7. “What makes us stand out”Whether it be a online knowledge sharing platform or a Funinteresting quiz for an inter-school event or an in-house quizat company premise we have the expertise and content tomake sure your platform/knowledge event is a great one.QryptiQ has presence spanning across social mediaplatforms that the youth of today frequents. We haveleveraged this to great effect and benefit for our clients.Content which helps you learn- We at QryptiQ preparecontent which helps you learn something NEW.Every single time. Every single question.Augmenting our research and content with generous humourand wit is our forte. We deliver excellent content,presentation and showmanship for our audiences across thenation. A heady cocktail with a long lasting impact.
  8. 8. OVERVIEW “on the job”
  9. 9. “What they say” “The Quiz Workshop conducted by Mr.“I was very impressed and I thought the Ajay Poonia and Mr. Deshan Tucker wasquizmaster particularly had a great truly a thrilling and learning experience.presence and it was a very enjoyable The students were able to learn and knowquiz”- Gulu Ezekiel, Sports Journalist the facts of general awareness in a playful manner.” “I love the fact you try to experiment with formats” “I am sure your style of quizzing produces better quizzers” “Excellent quiz I have to say” “Your quiz was full of humour, interesting and knowledgeable”
  10. 10. “There was never a better time to talk to us” hello@qryptiq.com http://www.facebook.com/QryptiQ http://twitter.com/#!/teamqryptiq 011- 466 96 338 II +91 9968 329 111 http://www.qryptiq.com/