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The new 3-series F30 was launched this year by BMW in the Indian market. The following concept outlines what we would have done for the launch of this iconic vehicle.

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BMW Digital 2012

  1. 1. BMW 3 Series Launch Digital 2012Since you are viewing this,we have used post-it notes to add what we discussed when the slide wasdisplayed so as not distract the reader from the slide content
  2. 2. ABOUT US DEM™ = Experience + Insights Shack is a 5 year old full service digital outfit that enables brands to deliver Exceptional Experiences to its users on digital by Establishing the presence, Enhancing the brand’s connect with users and Engaging the relevant users through specific calls-to-action. We do this through our proprietary Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM™) Tool which enables the brand to assess the status quo, identify gaps & opportunities, design specific initiatives to tap those opportunities and capture all the interactions to come up with insights.
  3. 3. ABOUT US STRATEGY DESIGN & & RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY CONTENT INSIGHTS & & PLATFORMS INTELLIGENCE We have four pillars of strength that enable us to manage the brand’s entire digital ecosystem. • The central idea driving our strategy - ‘What is the takeaway for the brand and the user?’ • Knowledge of building and growing virtual communities • The philosophy of ‘minimalism’ inspires our design where form and function define each other • Expertise to work with the newest technological platforms –Python, Ruby, Hadoop, Drupal etc. • Capturing the entire footprint of the brand in the digital space and coming up with actionable metrics that go beyond the usual clicks, likes and comments
  4. 4. CREDENTIALS CLIENT: Goodyear ROLE: Research, Strategy, Concept, Planning, DESCRIPTION: Creating an integrated platform on Content, Design, Execution, Community Management, ‘stories about road trips’ Intelligence, Collaboration with subject matter specialists (Photographers, Authors, Illustrators, Artists)
  5. 5. CREDENTIALS CLIENT: Apollo ROLE: Content Strategy, Community Building, DESCRIPTION: A community based platform on off- Promotion, Driving Conversions (Pre ordering of book) roading culminating in the launch of an exclusive coffee table book about the art of 4X4 riding
  6. 6. CREDENTIALS CLIENT: Yahoo! ROLE: Content Strategy, Community Building, DESCRIPTION: An online pan-India championship Content Production focused on quizzing and sustaining the initiative by building a niche community for quizzers (Know-Q- Out)
  7. 7. CREDENTIALS CLIENT: Madhya Pradesh Tourism ROLE: Content Strategy, Community Building, Photo DESCRIPTION: A community platform with focused Blogging on luxury travelers and photographers through photo blogging and photo essays
  8. 8. CREDENTIALS CLIENT: PepsiCo India ROLE: Content Strategy, Design & Development, DESCRIPTION: An integrated platform establishing Community Building, Driving conversions (more than PepsiCo’s flagship health brand ‘Quaker Oats’ on the 1,80,000 Heart check ups at Apollo), Online digital landscape positioned as a thought leader on Reputation Management health & fitness
  9. 9. UNDERSTANDING OF BRIEF The Product • Introduced in 1975 • This is the 6 th generation • Available in two trims: Luxury, Sports • Current E90 is #2 behind the C-class (W204) • Aim: To regain the #1 position by redefining the segment and setting benchmarks in its class
  10. 10. UNDERSTANDING OF BRIEF The Positioning A substance driven positioning with the overarching messaging of ‘Strength & Supremacy’ Ultimate Driving Strength Supremacy Clear aesthetic Pioneering Elegant Sporty Flair appeal technologies Driving Pleasure Athletic Dynamic Efficiency Distinct look Performance Key attributes that Hallmark Benchmark define the character and personality of the Attention to detail new F30
  11. 11. UNDERSTANDING OF BRIEF The Objectives • Innovatively use Social-web and the Inter-web to build anticipation, launch the car, make people aware of the uniqueness of the product and drive conversions for test drives – Pre-launch build up – Buzz around the launch – Create conversations around the launch and take it forward – Connect with people who identify with the brand – Create touch points for the TG, create awareness in an innovative manner and sustain the engagement – Measure and analyze the digital presence: Coverage, Conversations, Conversions
  12. 12. DIGITAL AUDIT SHACK-MATRIX™: DIGITAL SCORECARD PRESENCE GRADE Representation on relevant platforms AUTHORITY GRADE Official channels are the primary source of information TG GRADE Mix of the TG the brand’s platforms appeal to ACTIVITY GRADE It is a digital scorecard Level of activity on existing channels assessing the brand’s entire digital presence on RE-CONNECT GRADE key grades critical to it. It Attributes and values TG connects the brand with helps in identifying improvement areas and COVE-CON GRADE Mapping of coverage and conversations generated by the coverage opportunities that can be tapped SENTIMENT GRADE Overall sentiment index divided into Owners and Aspirants Disclaimer: DEM and Shack Matrix are exclusive property of Shack; re-use without permission strictly prohibited
  13. 13. DIGITAL AUDIT The Methodology This is based on data mined over the last 14 days and can be increased to larger sample space The competitor space we have considered for the new 3 series includes- 1. Mercedes C-class (W204) 2. Audi A4 (B8) 3. Volvo S60 The data for the BMW captures the expectations from the new F30 since the same has been revealed outside of India and it has been covered in AutoCar India, Zigwheels and Overdrive India among others as against the opinion about the competing cars The Shack Matrix has been designed with our proprietary methodology and takes into account factors such as influencer rating, usefulness, relevance, redundancy, timeliness, strength of superlatives (best would be given a higher weightage than good) etc. Disclaimer: DEM and Shack Matrix are exclusive property of Shack; re-use without permission strictly prohibited
  14. 14. DIGITAL AUDIT PRESENCE GRADE AUTHORITY GRADE ACTIVITY GRADE (FB) TG GRADE (FB) Disclaimer: DEM and Shack Matrix are exclusive property of Shack; re-use without permission strictly prohibited
  15. 15. DIGITAL AUDIT COVE-CON GRADE RE-CONNECT GRADE SENTIMENT GRADE RE-CONNECT GRADE Disclaimer: DEM and Shack Matrix are exclusive property of Shack; re-use without permission strictly prohibited
  16. 16. DIGITAL AUDIT Insights: Like others:Indistinctive ownership. Uncaptured digital footprints. Non-contextual TG Currently BMW’s digital presence is indistinctive, the TG on the platforms Non-conversational- Reactive. don’t have any context to relate to, the communication is non- conversational and interactions are not captured in one place
  17. 17. DIGITAL AUDIT Opportunities: Create Symmetrical presence Context building with TG Launch & Post Launch Engagement
  18. 18. TARGET GROUP OWNERS: Owners/ prospects/ enthusiasts ASPIRANTS: Future prospects/ enthusiasts/ Understand & appreciate brand’s Aesthetics & do similar work in their Personal capacity/ Identify with the brand/ Influencers
  19. 19. OWNERS ASPIRANTS The graph shows the concentration of the two segments of the TG on the technographic ladder. We can see that the OWNERS are largely joiners, spectators or completely inactive and largely use the medium for communications & networking While it is the ASPIRANTS who are most active on the digital platforms and are creators ofcontent, engage in conversations, rate the content as well segregate it through bookmarking and tagging.
  20. 20. BUZZ: LAUNCH Whenever there is any car launch happening, there is a large amount of buzz around the brand wherein both the TG segments are equally active in anticipation of the launch……
  21. 21. BUZZ: POST-LAUNCH However, this buzz rapidly declines once the launch has taken place. It is only the owners who seldom connect to seek specific information while the aspirants have no avenue to connect with the brand
  22. 22. PRESENCE & BEHAVIOUR OWNERS ASPIRANTS Joiners, Keeping in touch with friends and Interacting with friends, Consume videos, acquaintances (Photos, Messages), Videos Cool hunting: Follow trends and memes, They rarely join brand pages or share Social Games, Joining communities around interesting content, Use smart phones topics of interest, Following brands for deals, A small percentage does play social games. promotion or showing admiration Following influencers, Sharing created Content around topics of interest, Following content (Blogs), Sharing content that they influencers, News, Customer Care consume (Articles, Blogs, Videos, Pictures), They mostly consume content and interact Interacting with celebrities, Awareness about with other influencers trends Writers, Designers, Bloggers, Journalists, Comic artists, musicians, photographers are active here Professional networking, Professional groups, Enquiries, Asking for Largely joiners, Have a presence, trying to recommendations, Q&A build up their professional network, Knowledge sharing
  23. 23. PRESENCE & BEHAVIOUR A very small percentage has their own Travel & Lifestyle, Design-related, Concept blog, however, they read other blogs blogs giving niche content on a topic, especially those on news sites (LiveMint Tumblogs (Tumblr) for largely fashion & style etc) related content, Photo blogs, Social blogs They do consume & appreciate such as Posterous & Tumblr, Magazine & exclusively created and well curated News blogs content on blogs (Driven, Nowness etc.) They comment a& share on other blogs, maintain their own blogs, discover interesting blogs through social platforms Pinterest is still in the invite phase and therefore appeals to this target segment Takes the entire experience of pinboarding because of its exclusivity. It is a visual paper cutouts online. medium and therefore easy to consume, It appeals to car enthusiasts, designers, especially on mobile devices while on the sports enthusiasts, artists, writers etc. who move have always used pinboarding to collect and curate interesting things from magazines, journals, newspapers, books etc. They are viewers, rarely commenters and creators. Besides consuming, they are also creators, Consume videos on music, talks, news, TED, subscribers and commenters on this sports, movie trailers medium. They primarily contribute towards the virality of a video by spreading it across platforms. Interests: Music, Movies, Short films, concept videos, talks, Sports, Ads, TV shows
  24. 24. CENTRAL IDEA & THEME BMW 3.0 ( What would the 3 series be-if it were a web platform
  25. 25. CENTRAL IDEA & THEME CONCEPT • The all new BMW 3 series is the ultimate object of desire for car lovers. • But not all car lovers are/will be able to experience the car first hand. How do we solve this problem? • Enter “BMW 3.0”- The 3 series on the web
  26. 26. CENTRAL IDEA & THEME ABOUT • BMW 3.0 will be a concept campaign site launching the new BMW 3 series on the conversational web to showcase its ‘Strength & Supremacy’ – The site signifies the philosophy behind BMW 3.0 series and acknowledges the achievements of people who excel in the fields of design, art and technology and the objects of desire made with the highest craftsmanship – It allows users to experience the BMW 3 series in a unique personalized manner and create buzz around the launch
  27. 27. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES - AFFINTIY & RECALL: - BMW 3.0 will be the equivalent of the all new 3 series on the web allowing the TG (Owners+Aspirants) to experience it in a unique and personal manner. - Showcasing the philosophy, values and characteristics that define the all new BMW 3 series SPORTS LUXURY DESIGN ART TECHNOLOGY Elegant Sporty Flair Clear aesthetic appeal Pioneering technologies - RECALL & DIALOGUE: Repository of information about awe inspiring people, objects of desire and innovations which are similar to the glorious past, lineage and finesse of the 3-series that connects with the TG in a visceral way - DIALOGUE & VIRALITY: A playful interface with social gaming designed into the heart of the campaign which incentivizes users to come back repeatedly and spread the buzz - VIRALITY: A unique vanity URL with personalized content that models the user in the unique image of the car, Contests and Interactive Games - SITE TRAFFIC & TEST DRIVES: - Cross-promotion across owned platforms with specific calls-to-action to drive traffic to the website. These calls-to-action would be given after a unique aspect of the car has been highlighted in sync with the other content that is created. Also using the strength of creating referral traffic from YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest (Pinterest currently is the second largest site sending referral traffic) - Since Pinterest is an invite-only medium, the e-mail capturing section that will be used to send Pinterest invites can also be additionally used to send personalized e-mailers for test-drive registrations
  28. 28. CAMPAIGN TASKS 1. TG Mapping: Prepare personas by mapping AIOs (activities, interests, opinions), demography, geography and media consumption pattern for the 2 TG segments - TG1: Owners - TG2: Aspirants 2. Presence Management: Establish the presence of the brand on relevant platforms as per the campaign - Identifying the relevant platforms - Developing presence by populating it with content & creatives - Maintain the platforms as per the plan 3. Campaign Promotion for launch - Use the relevant channels to promote & cross promote the platforms - E.g. lead capturing to be done through Website, campaign site, Twitter and Pinterest - Product promotion would be carried out through all channels - Promote through paid and organic means (Content, Creatives, MetaTags, Bookmarking, Open Calaise) as well as referral traffic 4. KeyDeliverables - Identify platforms - Design & Development: Campaign site, Applications, SNS, Creative - Content Strategy: Content Plan, Editorial Calendar & Content Budgeting, Mapping Content Resources, Content Production - Campaign Monitoring & Review
  29. 29. PLATFORMS PROPOSED CONCEPT CAMPAIGN SITE BMW 3.0 will be a concept campaign site focussing on launching BMW 3 series and in turn educating car lovers about the lineage and uniqueness of the car. The site will have an element of gaming and sporty flair. People would be able to play with the website and in the process get to see aesthetically pleasing content. With the help of our well equipped Tech Team we shall integrate this website with social features so that people can share, invite and get into conversations. Website will have 3 phases- • Pre-launch: This will go live 15 days before the launch of the car giving sneak preview of the content as a story. Focus- 3 is what? • Launch: The website will go live with the complete content cross promoted on other owned platforms • Post-Launch: Focus will shift from 3 series to brand BMW and a slightly revamped website will go live. Content units will comprise of – Articles – Videos – Photo-essay – Podcast – Creative- Illustration, comic, infographics – Music – Event- Launch – Game- Threedefine – Generate Leads
  30. 30. PLATFORMS PROPOSED SOCIAL WEB We propose to use the following platforms to engage people and generate buzz about the launch through BMW 3.0 • FACEBOOK • YOUTUBE • PINTEREST • TWITTER • YOUTUBE • LINKEDIN • TUMBLR MOBILE • AR- Info • Game- Three.define • Mobile optimised Campaign site • Applications OFFLINE INTEGRATION • Launch coverage • Pre-launch/Launch events- Art/Design/Technology
  31. 31. CONTENT STRATEGY To let users experience the brand by creating and curating niche content showcasing the philosophy and personality of the all new BMW 3-series and the overall brand. It will be done by featuring exemplary individuals and inspirational things signifying the above mentioned qualities of the brand. The idea is to let users discover and share the content which inspires them. In turn, it helps achieve - Awareness - Recall - Dialogue
  32. 32. CONTENT STRATEGY Campaign Website The content website will feature content from 3 fields - Art - Design - Technology The Content will comprise of - Short Essays - Features - Multimedia pieces - Photo Essays - Music - Illustrations - Information about the product The Content will be Editorial in nature created by established authors, photographers, multimedia artists, illustrators
  33. 33. CONTENT STRATEGY Campaign Website The content website will feature content from 3 fields - Art - Design - Technology The Content will comprise of - Short Essays - Features - Multimedia pieces - Photo Essays - Music - Illustrations - Information about the product The Content will be Editorial in nature created by established authors, photographers, multimedia artists, illustrators
  34. 34. CONTENT STRATEGY Facebook Facebook will be used to do community building and to create buzz about 3 series launch Inform – History/Lineage – New 3 series- Videos + Images + polls – Comparison charts – Interactivity around images – Linking various content of the campaign site with different characteristics of 3 series Activities – Engage TG in in activities as Timeline hunt – Connect (Image 1 + Image 2) – Quiz days – Puzzle on Pinterest/FB – Contest – Hold a contest with the help of an interactive quiz where people can publish their scores Applications- Three is U
  35. 35. CONTENT STRATEGY Facebook: Sample • Activity: Nominate inspiring individuals and their stories • Content: Product features reflecting the smallest of details and how one can benefit in the daily lives E.g. Introducing the Comfort Access special accessory- Now no more searching for your keys while struggling with your bags after a strenuous shopping trip. <Image macro-shot attached> • Virality: Sharing the BMW 3.0 activity on the timeline. Also integrating the Open Graph API to create an app section pulling feeds from BMW 3.0 <name of player> THREEDEFINED himself as <avatar name>. Experience BMW 3.0 to THREEDEFINE yourself. • Wall of Fame: This will display the individual ‘Threedefined’ pages of the people who have played visualized in an interesting way
  36. 36. CONTENT STRATEGY Twitter • Use twitter to get in touch with influencers and initiate dialogue on BMW 3.0 by – Ask journalists to share their expectations – Creative people to share what do they think when people mention 3.0 – Moderate the dialogues – Information about 3 series features – Invite people to BMW 3.0 – Declare contests – Twitter mentions visualization – Leads – Live tweets from launch – Retweet people sharing 3 series launch tweets • Trending topic #3serieslaunch #threeis #threeiswhat
  37. 37. CONTENT STRATEGY YouTube • Launch a branded YouTube channel showcasing the unique qualities of BMW 3 series with the help of concept videos – Video 1- Stop animation. Video with music featuring B.L.O.T – Video 2- Creation of BMW Part 1 & Part 2 – Video 3- People reacting to the launch • Use the videos/Multimedia pieces to increase the visibility on web. • Innovative, interesting and creative multimedia pieces will help brand build the affinity, helping in creating buzz (sharing) and conversations (brand recall)
  38. 38. CONTENT STRATEGY YouTube: Video Concept I The BMW is not just a car – it’s an experience in lifestyle, in driving pleasure, in aesthetic beauty, in supreme engineering and sheer brilliance. The personality of the BMW directly correlates to its owners – driven, achievers. The multimedia piece brings together all of these elements to present a piece that reflects BMW as a superior brand and the 3 series as the ultimate object of desire. The piece shows the car plant in Chennai. It talks about BMW in India as an iconic symbol. It is a combination of video, stills and audio that’s fresh and fast paced. The sounds and voices that are heard come from the crafting of the BMW 3 series – bringing it together from start to finish. It shares BMW’s vision for the Indian market, presented in an aesthetic and visually appealing manner. It captures its extraordinary characteristics like precision, supreme design and innovation.
  39. 39. CONTENT STRATEGY LinkedIn • Showcasing the brands products and services. • Syndicate Links • Engage in dialogue • Post reviews and recommendations • Running recommendation ads targeting the right TG: Send traffic to BMW India website (launch & post-launch)
  40. 40. CONTENT STRATEGY Pinterest- The first brand in India to use it • Creating virtual boards for all things 3 series cross ported from FB/BMW 3.0/YouTube. Suggested pinboards- – Museum of 3: A showcase of BMW 3-series over the years – Art/Design/Technology: From BMW 3.0 – Videos: YouTube screenshots with description – The New F30: Images of the new F30, will drive traffic to the website • It also helps in boosting virality. Currently, Pinterest is second when it comes to sending referral traffic • The platform also has a very niche audience consistent with the TG of the brand • The concept website will also have ‘Pin it’ button allowing users to pin and share content created on the BMW 3.0 site
  43. 43. Instructions on how to play the game Images of inspiring people in the field of art, design & Instructions on how to play technology in the put in the form of a video background Connect to the Facebook and Twitter platforms of BMW 3.0 Three images showing people or objects of desire symbolizing supreme design, art & technology. User can choose any one in each of the three boxes When the user hovers mouse over Call to action to Shuffle the an image it spans out to occupy the images to come up with a box. User can fix it by clicking new image set
  44. 44. All three images have been selected and fixed by the user Call to action to Submit and ‘Threedefine’ yourself and know your quotient with respect to art, design & technology
  45. 45. Connect with the FB accountof the user to automaticallypost all interactions with the app to the timeline of the user.
  46. 46. Quotient Score: Separate from Art, Design & Technology Unique Vanity URL will be generated<user name> that can be shared on social network platformsThree.define because we are defining Content pieces based on the inputs of the the user in 3 quotients: Art, Design, user. These content pieces will be exclusively Technology created by Team Shack keeping in mind the design, art and technology benchmark of the new BMW 3-series
  47. 47. Unique Vanity URL will be<user name> that can be shared on social network platforms
  48. 48. Any content piece that is clicked on expandsonto the screen and the background will be blanked out
  49. 49. FACEBOOK1. Clues related to the BMW 3 series will be planted in the Facebook timeline 2. Users will then have to play an interactive quiz based on these clues 3. Winners will be gratified
  50. 50. PROMOTIONAL TACTICS Buzz Brand Recall Leads Test Drive PRE-LAUNCH Build-up (15 days prior to launch) 1. Launch the campaign website without BMW logo 2. Start building conversations around 3iswhat on SNS and send them to the website, showing them a sneak preview of content units 3. Ask them to write what does 3 mean to them. They can write the same & publish to FB/Twitter etc. 4. Run Display Banners ‘3 is what?’ and build curiosity 5. One can run a print campaign sending the traffic to FB/Website 6. Use Facebook + Twitter to increase the curiosity and anticipation ‘COUNTDOWN STOPS AT 3’ 7. Run Flier Ads with the same concept
  51. 51. PROMOTIONAL TACTICS Buzz Brand Recall Leads Test Drive PRE-LAUNCH Contests 1. Dig timeline on Facebook, find clues and play an interactive quiz 2. Complete the jigsaw puzzle on Pinterest 3. Threedefined- The unique vanity URL that will be generated on can be shared. The one reshared the maximum number of times will be declared the winner. Maintin a leaderboard on FB/BMW 3.0 website Ads Targeted Flier Ads- Facebook Promoted Tweets- Twitter Banner Ads- Selected Properties Video Ads- Network Mimic- YouTube WOM Take selected few people from the pool and offer them test-drive let theme talk about it. Don’t allow them to take photos
  52. 52. PROMOTIONAL TACTICS Buzz Brand Recall Leads Test Drive LAUNCH FACEBOOK Countdown Timer started 3 days ago will have numbers counted backwards At the exact time of launch, the countdown will stop at 3 [an animation video can be used here] Promotion: Flier Ads + Animation + TimeLine+ 3isU* * Launch 3isU, let people nominate new faces, created feature pieces for 3 of these people and put theme on BMW 3.0 in a week’s time YOUTUBE Launch mimic page with 4 Videos User landing on YT will see the stop animation video and proceed to see the other 4 videos Links at the top will send them to website/ concept site (3 is what) LINKEDIN Syndicate content + Recommendation Ads (link to website + BMW 3.0) PINTEREST Picture Puzzle Put up a board with a missing picture of a puzzle. Send them to the car website to get it and ‘Pin It’ TWITTER Share Threedefinition unique URL Ask people to Threedefine themselves in 140 characters Share interesting information about people & things and send to BMW 3.0
  53. 53. DEM™ = COMMUNITY + QUERY + CRM + ORMCONVERSATIONS QUERIES COMMUNITY MENTIONS Insights CRM Build ORM - Pro-active - Product FAQs Capture - Reactive - Brand - Campaign If not FAQs - Competitors Analyze Categorize Shack Matrix Escalate Insights Attend Community Management, Query Handling, Lead Management as well as Monitoring of reputation can be handled from inside Shack’s DEM™ Disclaimer: DEM and Shack Matrix are exclusive property of Shack; re-use without permission strictly prohibited
  54. 54. DEM™: SNAPSHOTS Disclaimer: DEM and Shack Matrix are exclusive property of Shack; re-use without permission strictly prohibited
  55. 55. TIMELINES (INTERNAL DELIVERABLES) 1. Evaluation Report: 15 working days - Project and campaign architecture 2. Design & Development: 30-45 working days - Campaign Site - Applications - Creatives - Site Identity - SNS Indentity Profile - E-mailers & Newsletters 3. Content - Content Planning - Content Budgeting/ Editorial Calendar - Content Production: 2-week content cycle (Production to start 3 weeks in advance)* - Articles: 7 working days - Videos: 10-14 working days - Photo-essays: 7 working days * Content production and Website design & development will be carried out simultaneously
  56. 56. TIMELINES (CAMPAIGN) 1. PRE-LAUNCH: Week 1 & Week 2 - Build-Up - Word of Mouth - Ads - FB Activity - Twitter 2. LAUNCH: Week 3 to Week 7 - Campaign Site launch - FB Contest - FB Application - Pinterest - YouTube launch - Promotion - Ads
  57. 57. TEAM 1. Abhiram – Research/ Analytics 2. Abhishek – Branding/ Strategy 3. Ajay Poonia – Project 4. Geetanjali Krishna – Content Strategy 5. Shyam Somandh – Digital Strategy/ Technology
  58. 58. STRATEGIC TEAM- PROFILES Shyam Somandh – Digital Strategy/ Technology Having spent 10 years in Indias digital domain, Shyam is a journalist turned digital strategist. He has pioneered new technologies, products and paradigms, including the use of RSS for content syndication (at Indian Express, and, micro-content (Twitter at CNN-IBN, which was the first Indian news organization to get on the platform in 2007) and non-traditional methods to discover and distribute content (XMPP to push/pull content at CNN-IBN). Abhishek – Branding/ Strategy He has been the strategic force behind digital campaigns of KKR, Reebok India, Idea Cellular, PepsiCo India and Yahoo!. He is also the Founder and CEO of an independent new media outfit Shack Design Co. Geetanjali Krishna – Content Strategy A book publisher and a columnist for Business Standard for over 15 years, Geetanjali has been the content strategist for brands like Goodyear India. In 2006, she set up a social media platform called Copper Beech.
  59. 59. STRATEGIC TEAM- PROFILES Ajay Poonia – Projects Ajay has an experience of over 3 years in the digital domain and has executed projects for brands like Goodyear India, Yahoo! World Search Championships and the award winning Madhya Pradesh Tourism. Abhiram – Research/ Analytics He has expertise in market & brand research. In his past, he worked with UBS Investment Banking for 2 years as a Senior Analyst
  60. 60. TRAINING PROCESS STEP I Brand Orientation: Team working on the project understands the Brand in its totality. - Brand History - Brand Offerings - Brand Positioning - Brand Messaging - Communication Guidelines: Marketing, PR - Brand’s Marketing Objectives & Initiatives - Brand ‘s Communications & Initiatives STEP II Preparing Brand Manual: We prepare a comprehensive document which sums up the guidelines to be followed by the team. It includes- - Plan - Content Strategy - Creative for various Platforms - Communication Guidelines- Reputation & Community - Promotion- Advertisements - Key people in the brand team who have to be included in all communications, Who to contact for what - Setting micro-objectives We make guide sheets and checklists to ensure adherence to Brand’s guidelines
  61. 61. TRAINING PROCESS STEP III Skill Building Workshops: - To equip the team with the required skills, we organize regular in-house workshops (‘Unshackled’) - We consult experts, invite industry veterans, pro-actively interact on relevant channels such as LinkedIn, Quora, Blogs and Twitter STEP IV Project Management: - Assigning specific tasks to team members - Fixing communication flow between two teams - We assign a Project Head & Account Head to streamline all communications STEP V Tools & Platforms: - We use Basecamp for Project Management - Clients have access to the same for tracking day to day progress - DEM™* - Content Budgeting - Review, Publishing - Monitoring & Tracking - Analytics & Insights
  62. 62. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 1. Awareness & Recall - Delivery on Shack Matrix: Increase Re-Connect Grade, TG Grade - Impressions, Keyword mentions, Number of shares across platforms 2. Dialogue - Delivery on Shack Matrix: Increase Authority Grade, Presence Grade, TG Grade, Cove-Con Grade - Number of comments, Number of enquiries, Number of e-mail registrations for Pinterest, Number of contest participants 3. Virality - Delivery on Shack Matrix: Increase Presence Grade, Activity Grade, Re-Connect Grade - Number of unique URLs shared across platforms, Number of subscribers on YouTube channel, Organic growth on platform 4. Website Traffic - Delivery on Shack Matrix: Increase Authority Grade, Presence Grade, Activity Grade, TG Grade - Paid traffic: FB Ads traffic, CTR on banner ads, Traffic from Google Ad campaigns - Organic traffic: Referral traffic from other owned platforms, Increase in Absolute Unique Visitors, Device specific traffic, New vs Returning Visitors 5. Test Drives - Delivery on Shack Matrix: Increase Activity Grade, Authority Grade, Presence Grade, TG Grade, Cove-Con Grade - Conversions (Set goals on Google Analytics), Number of drop offs during registration process