Pamphlet profcon 2014_1_-1


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Pamphlet profcon 2014_1_-1

  1. 1. a-c-W-hm¿-Ø-Iƒ-°pw a-Æ-d-Iƒ-°pw Nn-Xm-`-kv-a-߃°p-a-cn-In¬ an-gn-Iƒ --™ mw F-{X-mƒ {]n-bs∏-´-h-sc Hm¿-Øn-cp-∂p? A-{X-mƒ am-{X-ta --sΩ Ip-dn-®p-≈ A-h-cp-sS Hm¿-a-I-fpw X-ßn n¬-°q.-.-.A-tXm-sS, Xo-cp-tam.-.-.-? F-√mw a-Æn¬ A-h-km-n-°p-tam? K¿-`-ÿ-in-ip-hn-tm-sSm-cp hm-°v! ""tam-t, A-Ω-bp-sS K¿-`m-i-bw sXm-´v o bm-{X Xp-S-ßp-I-bm-Wv. o sN-√p-∂ tem-I-Øv ]q-hpw ]q-ºm-‰-bpw ]q-hm-Sn-bp-ap-≠v. Im-Spw I-S-ep-w Im-´m--bp-ap-≠v.-.-.-! a-™pw a-g-bpw am-a-e-I-fp-ap-≠v.-'' A-h-s‚ {]-Xn-I-c-Ww. ""I-f-hv.-.-.-! Cu K¿-`-]m-{X-Øn--∏p-dw H-cp tem-I-tam? A-Xv kw-`-hy-tam?'' A-h-km-w A-h≥ ]n-d-∂p-ho-Wp.-.-.-! Im-gv-N-Iƒ-°p ap-∂n¬ ]-cn-{`m-¥-m-bn s]m-´n-°-c-™p.-.-.-! A-sX, a-Æ-d-I-fn¬ n-∂pw Nn-Xm-`-kv-a-ß-fn¬ n-∂pw -ap-°p-ap-s≠m-cp a-S-°w.-.-. a-s‰m-cp P-∑w.-.-.-! A--iz-c -Po-hn-Xw.-.-.-! ""A-t∂-Zn-h-kw B-[n-]-Xyw A-√m-lp-hn-m-bn-cn-°pw. A-h≥ A-h¿-°n-S-bn¬ hn-[n-I¬-]n-°pw. F-∂m¬ hn-iz-kn-°p-I-bpw k¬-I¿-Ω-߃ {]-h¿-Øn-°p-I-bpw sN-bv-X-h-cm-tcm A-h¿ kp-Jm-p-`-h-Øn-s‚ kz¿-K-tØm-∏p-I-fn-em-bn-cn-°pw. A-hn-iz-kn-°p-I-bpw -Ωp-sS Zr-jv-Sm-¥-ß-sf n-tj-[n-®v X-≈p-I-bpw sN-bv-Xh-cm-tcm A-h¿-°m-Wv A-]-am--I-c-am-b in-£-bp-≈-Xv.-'' (Jp¿-B≥ 22:55) C-Xv kw-`-hy-am-tWm? 25 h-b- m-b H-cp hy-‡n 26 h¿-j-߃-°p ap-ºv F-hn-sS-bm-bn-cp-∂p? I-≠m¬ A-d-∏p-f-hm-°p-∂ h-kv-Xp-hn¬ n-∂v A-¤p-X-I-c-am-b a-p-jy-i-co-cw kr-jv-Sn-® ]-S-®-h-v ]p-x-kr-jv-Sn-°p-I {]-bm-k-I-c-a-√. ]-c-tIm-Sn a-p-jy¿-°v ]-e-X-cw hn-c-e-S-bm-f-߃ h-c-®-h-v C-sX-√mw A-km-[y-sa-t∂m? ""a-p-jy≥ hn-Nm-cn-°p-∂p-t≠m; mw A-h-s‚ F-√p-I-sf H-cp-an-®p-Iq-´p-I-bn-s√-∂v? A-sX, mw A-h-s‚ hn-c¬-Øp-ºp-I-sf t]m-epw i-cn-s∏-Sp-Øm≥ I-gn-hp-≈-h-m-bn-cn-s°.-'' (Jp¿-B≥ 75:4) B-cm-Wv Xm-¶-sf G-‰-hp-a-[n-Iw kv-t-ln-°p-∂-Xv? t]-‰p-tm-hv A-p-`-hn-® A-Ω-bm-tWm? F-∂pw a-[p-c-an-Tm-bn-bp-am-bn F-Øn-bn-cp-∂ A-—-m-tWm? {]m-W-t{]-b-kn-bm-tWm? I-fn-°q-´p-Im-c-m-tWm? C-h-sc-√mw sN-bv-X k-lm-b-hpw ]n-¥p-W-bp-am-tWm A-h¿ kv-t-ln-®p F-∂p ]-d-bp-∂-Xn-s‚ B-[m-cw? F-¶n¬ P-∑w X-∂- ssZ-h-tam? A-¤p-X-I-c-am-b i-co-c-L-S- ¬-In-b {k-jv-Sm-thm? n-ß-fp-sS lr-Z-bw 100,000 X-h-W Zn-t- kv-]-μn-°p-∂p.-.-.n-ß-fp-sS i-co-c-Øn-se Np-h-∂ c-‡m-Wp-°ƒ sk-°‚n¬ 25 e-£w ]p-Xn-b tIm-i-ß-sf D¬-]m-Zn-∏n-°p-∂p.-.-.n-ß-fp-sS izm-k-tIm-iw 11,000 en-‰¿ hm-bp iz-kn-°p-∂p.-.-.n-ß-fp-sS hr-°-Iƒ Zn-t- 150 en-‰¿ c-‡w ip-≤o-I-cn-°p-∂Ø, C-h-bn¬ H-∂v ]-Wn-ap-S-°n-bm¬? C-sX-√mw sN-bv-Xp- X-∂-h--t√ -sΩ G-‰-hpw Iq-Sp-X¬ kv-t-ln-°p-∂-Xv? F-¶n¬ B kv-t-l-n-[n-bm-b {k-jv-Sm-hn-s mw Iq-SpX¬ A-dn-tb-t≠? {]-Xn-a-Iƒ, ]q-Pm-ap-dn-Iƒ, ]p-Wy-]p-cp-j≥-am¿, a-Jv-_-d-Iƒ, a-p-jy-ssZ-h-߃ Xp-S-ßn-b-h-bn¬ ssZ-h-sØ {]-Xn-jvTn-°p-∂-Xv G-‰-hpw h-en-b -μn-tI-Sm-Wv.C-kv-emw C-Xn-s in¿-°v (_-lp-ssZ-hm-cm-[-) F-∂phn-fn-®p; H-cn-°-epw s]m-dp-°m-Ø a-lm-]m-]w. "".-.-.-C-{km-bo¬ k-¥-Xn-I-tf, F-s‚-bpw n-ß-fp-sS-bpw c-£n-Xm-hm-b A-√m-lp-sh n-߃ B-cm-[n-°p-hn≥. A-√m-lp-thm-Sv h-√-h-pw ]-¶p-tN¿-°p-∂ ]-£w Xo¿-®-bm-bpw A-√m-lp A-h-∂v kz¿-Kw n-jn-≤-am-°p∂-Xm-Wv. -c-Iw A-h-s‚ hm-k-ÿ-e-am-bn-cn-°p-I-bpw sN-øpw. A-{I-an-Iƒ-°v k-lm-bn-I-fm-bn B-cpw X-s∂bn-√.-.-.-'' (Jp¿-B≥ 5:72) a-g-bpw a-e-bpw, Im-‰pw Im-Spw, I-c-bpw I-S-epw a-p-jy¿ -an-°p-∂ B-cm-[y¿-°p ap-ºp- kr-„n-°-s∏-´n-´n-t√? B-‰w ap-X¬ B- -h-sc-bp-≈ k¿-h Po-h-Pm-e-ß-fpw a-p-jy≥ ]q-Pn-°p-∂ ssZ-h-߃-°v ap-tº C-t√? kv-t-l-n-[n-bm-b ssZ-h-Øn-s‚ t]-cn-em-Wv Nq-j-W-ßfn¬ G-dn-b ]-¶pw. sh-dp-sam-cp P-]-am-e-bpw Ip-sd I-≈-°-Y-I-fpw G-tXm H-cp ar-X-i-co-c-hp-ap-s≠-¶n¬ B¿-°pw C-∂v tIm-So-iz-c-m-Imw. B-flm-hn-s ]-S-®-h-m-Wv B-flo-b-X ]Tn-∏n-t°-≠-Xv. A-Xv ssZ-h-am-Wv, {k-jv-Sm-hm-b ssZ-hw.-.-.-! Jp¿-B≥ B-flo-b D-]-tZ-i-ß-fp-sS A-h-km- F-Un-j≥.-.-.ssh-cp-[y-ß-fn-√m-Ø Im-em-Xn-h¿-Øn-bm-b A-¤p-X {K-Ÿw.-.-.!ap-kv-enw B-Nm-c-{I-a-ß-fn¬ D-b-tc-≠ a-{¥-[z-n-Iƒ am-{X-a-√, am--h¿-°p-≈ Zn-hy-{]-Im-i-am-W-Xv; a-p--jy-s t¿-h-gn -bn-°p-∂ -∑-bp-sS Xo-c-hpw.ap-l-Ω-Zv -_n(k) n-c-£-c≥, A-m-Y≥, im-¥n-Zq-X≥, A-¥n-a-{]-hm-N-I≥....- to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path... to the right goal... through the right path...
  2. 2. im-kv-{X-hpw K-th-j-W-ß-fp-an-√m-Ø Im-e-Øv K¿-`-Kr-l-Øn-se k-¶o¿-W-X-Iƒ A-t±-l-sa-ßn-s kw-km-cn-®p.-.-.-? ""]n-s∂ B _o-P-sØ mw H-cp {`q-W-am-bn cq-]-s∏-Sp-Øn. A--¥-cw B {`q-W-sØ mw H-cp amw-k-]n-fi-am-bn cq-]-s∏-Sp-Øn. Xp-S¿-∂v mw B amw-k-]n-fi-sØ A-ÿn-Iq-S-am-bn cq-]-s∏-Sp-Øn. F-∂n-´v mw A-ÿn-Iq-S-sØ amw-kw sIm-≠v s]m-Xn-™p. ]n-∂o-Sv a-s‰m-cp kr-jv-Snbm-bn mw A-h-s h-f¿-Øn-sb-Sp-Øp. A-t∏mƒ G-‰-hpw -√ kr-jv-Sn-I¿-Øm-hm-b A-√m-lp A-p-{K-l-]q¿-W-m-bn-cn-°p-∂p.-'' (Jp¿-B≥ 23:14) F-¶n¬ A-t±-l-Øn-eq-sS A-h-X-cn-® {K-Ÿw A-t±-l-Øn-t‚-X-√, a-dn-®v ssZ-hw a-p-jy-v ¬-In-b hn-ip-≤Ø, Xn-cn-®-dn-hn-s‚ h-gn-bn-te-°v Xm-¶-sf-bpw £-Wn-°p-I-bm-Wv. -∑-°m-bn Im-tXm¿-Øn-cn-°p-∂ Iym-º-kv ap-‰-Øv B h-gn Im-Wn-°m≥ R-߃ Xm-¶-fp-sS Iq-sS-bp-≠v.MSM- hn-Zym¿-Yn -thm-∞m--Øn-s‚ m-ep ]-Xn-‰m-≠p-I-sf A--iz-c-am-°n-b hn-Zym¿-Yn Iq-´m-bv-a. -∑-bp-sS ]-£-Øv h-gn Im-Wn-°m≥ s{]m-^-j-W¬ hn-Zym¿-Yn-Iƒ-°m-bn kw-L-Sn-∏n-°p-∂ ]-Xn-s-´m-a-Xv s{]m-^-j-W¬ Ãp-U‚ v-kv m-j-W¬ tIm¨-^-d≥-kv-˛ -t{]m-^v-tIm¨, 2014 s^-{_p--h-cn 7,8,9 Xn-ø-Xn-I-fn¬ ]-Ø-w-Xn-´-bn¬ sh-®v -S-°p-I-bm-Wv. Xm-¶-sf-bpw £-Wn-°p-∂p Iq-´p-Im-tcm-sSm-∏w. A-√m-lp A-p-{K-ln-°-s´. Bao≥ Contact No.:9446990010,09895732298 F∂m¬, -ap-s°m-cp bm-{X-s°m-cp-ßn-bm-tem? A-£-c-h-gn-bn¬ In-X-t®m-Sp-∂ kp-lr-tØ, A-dn-hv Xn-cn-®-dn-hv t-Sm-p-≈-Xm-Wv.-.-.-! A-£-c-߃ -∑-bp-sS Xn-cn-m-f-ß-fm-I-Ww; I-em-e-b-߃ -∑-bp-sS {]-`-h-tI-{μ-ß-fpw, km-£y-]-{X-ß-fpw in-em-^-e-I-ß-fpw A-dn-hv ¬-Ip-∂ sh-fn-®-Øn-s‚ kv-am-c-I-ß-fpw.-.-.-! ]-s£ Im-º-kv C-∂v n¿-Δ-ln-°p-∂-sX-¥m-Wv? A-[m¿-an-I-X-bp-sS N-fn-°p-f-ß-fpw, a-c-®p-h-´n-se irw-Km-c-ß-fp-a-t√ Im-º-kv? a-c-W-s°m-ºn¬ D-dp-º-cn-°p-∂ bp-h-an-Yp--ß-fpw, ssh-cy-ß-fp-sS I-em-]-°-Øn D-b¿-Øp-∂ bp-h-Xz-hp-at√"Im-º-kv'F-∂ ]-Z-Øn-s‚ ^v-fm-jv-_m-°v.-.-.-! kp-lrtØ, -sΩ -bn-°p-∂-Xm-cm-Wv? C-∂v Sq-Øv-t]-Ãpw Sq¿ t{]m-{Km-apw {U-kv-tIm-Upw sl-b¿-ssÃ-epw Xo-cp-am-n-°p-∂-Xv ao-Un-b-I-f-t√? I-gn-°m≥ s]-]v-kn-bpw _¿-K-dpw, [-cn-°m≥ Po≥-kpw So-j¿-´pw X-s∂ th-W-sa-∂v a-- n¬ a-{¥n-°p-∂-Xm-cm-Wv? am-[y-a `o-a≥ a-- n-s hn-j-en-]v-X-am-°p-∂-Xv mw A-dn-bp-∂p-t≠m? s]-bv-Xn-d-ßp-∂ Nm-¬-a-g-bn¬ mw Syq¨ sN-øp-∂-Xv hn-Im-c-߃-°v C-°n-fn- ]-I-cp-∂-h am-{X-at√? tk¿-®v F-©n-p-I-fpw bq-Syq-_pw t^-kv-_p-°pw H-cp-°p-∂ tIm-f-ß-fn¬ mw ssS-∏p sN-øp-∂ hm-°p-I-fn¬ n-∂v -Ωp-sS am-y-X-bpw X-e-ap-d-bp-sS A-]-Y-k-©m-c-hpw hm-bn-°m-m-hp-∂n-t√? kp-lr-tØ, Xn-cn-®-dn-hpw Xn-cn-®p--S-Ø-hpw B-h-iy-a-s√? ]-{¥-≠-c {Kmw amw-k-°-jv-W-am-bn Po-hn-X-bm-{X B-cw-`n-® Hm-tcm a-p-jy-pw bm-{X A-h-km-n-∏n-°p-∂ H-cp n-an-j-an-t√? Xm-¶ƒ A-Xn-s-°p-dn-®v Nn-¥n-®n-´p-t≠m? mw Im-Wp-∂ kz-]v--߃-°v km-^-ey-ap-≠m-Ip-tam? a-- n-se {]-Xo-£m-]p-jv-]-߃ hn-S-cp-tam? ^o-kpw tIm-gv-kpw, D-d-ßm-Ø cm-hp-I-fpw sh-dp-sX-bm-hp-tam? am-c-I-tcm-K-߃.... kw-lm-c-Xm-fi-h-am-Sp-∂ {]-Ir-Xn-Zp-c-¥-߃.-.-.a-c-W-s°-Wn-sbm-cp-°p-∂ s]m-Xp-n-c-Øp-Iƒ.-.-.ssk-d¨ ap-g-°n-∏m-bp-∂ Bw-_p-e≥-kp-Iƒ.-.-.A-Xym-ln-X-hn-`m-K-Øn-se A-W-bm-Ø- sse-‰p-Iƒ.-.-.C-h-sb-√mw -sΩ Nn-e-Xv Hm¿-an-∏n-°p-∂n-t√? -√-ho-Sv, kp-μ-cn-bm-b C-W, ]p-Xn-b Im-dv, k-aq-l-Øn-s‚ B-Z-c-hv, C-h-sb-√mw e-`n-°pw-h-sc mw Po-hn-®n-cn-°p-tam?