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Allahu -Who is Allah-Malayalam
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Allahu -Who is Allah-Malayalam


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Allahu -Who is Allah-Malayalam,nitch of truth

Allahu -Who is Allah-Malayalam,nitch of truth

Published in: Spiritual, Technology, Business

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  • 1. 4 A√m-lp tUm. -Fw. Dkvam≥ A√m-lp NICHE PUBLICATIONS P.B No: 832, Poothole, Thrissur - 4.
  • 2. 5A√m-lp Malayalam | Study | Allahu A√m-lp- Author: Dr. M. Usman | Second Edition: July 2013 Price: $. 15.00 Publishers | Distribution: Niche Publications | P.B. No:832 | Poothole | Thrissur-4 | Kerala | India | Email: Cover: Niche Graphics | Layout: Safeer Rahman Printing: Ebenezer Printers, Thrissur
  • 3. 6 A√m-lp Cu- tem-IØn-sm-cp- {kjv-Sm-hp-≠v ˛ Po-h≥- ¬-In- hmbp-hpw- sh≈hpw- ku-Icy-s∏Sp-Øn- `q-an- sb Po-hnX-tbmKy-am-°n-b ]caIm-cp-Wn-Im-b {kjv- Sm-hv- ˛ mw- Chn--sS Fßs Po-hn-°Wsa∂pw- Cu- Po-hn-XØn-s‚ ]cae-£yw- Fs¥∂pw- Zq-X∑m¿- ap- tJ {kjv-Sm-hv- sΩ ]Tn∏n--®p.- Ωp-sS Po-hn-XØn- s‚ IW°v- acW-tijw- mw- {kjv-Sm-hn-s‚ ap-ºn¬- t_m-[n-∏n-t°≠n-hcpw.- A∂v- ]p-Wyw- sNbv-Xhv- kz¿Khpw- ]m-]w- sNbv-Xhv- c-Ihpw- {]Xn-^ew- In- ´pw.- AXn-m¬- {kjv-Sm-hv- Xs‚ Zq-Xcn-eq-sS ¬-In-b n¿-tZiapkcn-®v- Po-hn-°p-Ibm-Wv- ap-jy-s‚ c£m- am¿-Kw.- Ωp-sS tem-I {kjv-Sm-hv- ¬-In-b n¿-tZi kw- ln-XbmWv- Izp¿-B≥.- ap-lΩZv- _n bn-eq-sS Ah≥- B ktμiw- ap-jy¿-s°Øn-®p-sIm-Sp-Øp.- CXdn- ™-hcpw- Adn-bm-Øhcpw- ap-°n-Sbn¬- D≠v.- tem- Isc ap-gp-h≥- {kjv-Sm-hn-s‚ ktμiadn-bn-°¬- AXdn- ™hcp-sS _m-[y-Xbm-Wv.- AXnm-bn- cq-]o-Ir-Xam- b Hcp- {]kv-Ym-am-Wv- n-®v- Hm-^v- {SqØv. A√m-lpth,- ns‚ kXyaX ktμi {]N-c- W-Ønp th≠n-bp≈ Cu Ffnb {iaw Rß-fn¬ n∂v kzoI-cn-t°-W-ta, Zp¿_-e-amb RßfpsS Ic- ߃°v o i‡n ]I-tc-W-ta.... (Bao≥). amt-P¿
  • 4. 7A√m-lp
  • 5. 8 A√m-lp "em- Cem-l C√√m-lv'-˛Hcp- ssZhhp-an-√ A√m- lp- A√m-sX'- F∂ {]Jym-]am-Wv- Ckv-em-an-s‚ am- ‰an-√m-Ø ASn-ÿm-w.- ap-jym-cw-`w- ap-X¬- F√m- {]hm- NI∑m-cpw- apjytcm-Sv- DXv-t_m-[w- sNbv-Xn-´p-≈ G‰hpw- alØm-b hNam-WXvv-.- F√m- thZ{Kv- Yßfpw- B almXXzw,- B Aiz-ckXyw- ap-jy-sc ]Tn-∏n-°p-∂p.- F{X am-‰Øn-cp-Øep-Ifpw- ssIISØep- Ifpw- S∂n-´p-s≠¶n-ep-w- ]u-cm-Wn-I thZßsf√mw- ]cn- tim-[n-®m¬-,- Cu- kXyw- C∂pw- hy-Iv-Xambn- a n-em- °mw.- "em- Cem-l C√√m-lv'-,- ""Hcp- ssZhhp-an-√ A√m- lp- A√msX''- F∂ Cu- {]Jym-]Øn¬- c≠v- Im- cyßfp-≠v.- H∂v,- AXv- ap-jy¿- Bcm-[n-®p- t]m-cp-∂ F√m- ssZhßsfbpw- ]m-sSntj[n-°p-∂p.- c≠v,- A√m- lp- am-{XamWv- ssZhw- F∂v- ÿm-]n-°p-Ibpw- sNøp- ∂p.- Bcm-[- A¿-∏n-°s∏Sp-∂Xv- Ft¥m-,- AXmWv- ssZhw- F∂Xp-sIm-≠p-≈ hn-h£.- Bcm-[-bp-sS aPv- P {]m¿Ybm-Wv,- As√¶n¬- {]m¿-Y X-s∂bm-Wv- Bcm-[ F∂pw- ]dbmw.- {]m¿-Yn-°-s∏-Sp-hm-≥,- As√- ¶n¬- Bcm-[n-°s∏Sp-hm-≥- A¿-lXbp-≈hm-bn- Bcp- an-√,- H∂p-an-√ A√m-lp- A√m-sX.- ap-gp-h≥- {]]©-Øn- s‚-bpw- {kjv-Sm-hpw- ]cn-]m-eIp-amb kam-cm-[y-m-b A√m-lp
  • 6. 9A√m-lp ssZhsØ Ip-dn-°p-∂ Ad_n-]Zam-Wv- "A√mlp'.- "A√m-lp'- F∂p- ]dbp-tºmƒ- AXv- ap-kv-enw-Iƒ- F∂p- ]dbp-∂ Hcp- Phn-`m-KØn-s‚ Hcp- Ip-essZham- sW∂v- ]ecpw- sX‰p-[cn-®Xp-t]m-se tXm-∂p-∂p.- Aap- kv-enw-Iƒ- am{Xa√,- apkv-enw-Ifm-sW∂hIm-is∏Sp- ∂hcn-epw- Hcp- henb hn-`m-Kw- Aßns [cn-®p-him- bn-´p-≠v.- F∂m¬- Cu- Zriy-{]]©sØbpw- AXn∂∏p- dap-≈Xn-sbpw- iq-y-Xbn¬-n-∂v- krjv-Sn-®v- n-en¬- ]v- ¬-In- ]cn-]m-en-®v- Ap-{Iaw- hf¿-Øn-s°m-≠p- hcp- ∂,- k¿ΔiIv-Xpw- k¿-ΔPv-Rp-am-b {kjv-Sm-hm-b {]]©I¿-Øm-hm-Wv- A√m-lp.- ap-kv-enw-Ifp-sSbpw- ln- μp-°fp-sSbpw- Irkv-Xym-n-Ifp-sSbpw- as‰√m- Phn-`mK ßfp-sSbpw-- Idp-Øhcp-sSbpw- shfpØhcp-sSbpw- ]m- iv-NmXy-cp-sSbpw- ]u-ckv-Xy-cp-sSbpw- kIeNcm-Ncßfp- sS-bpw- F√m-w {kjv-Sm-hpw- ]cn-]m-eIp-am-Wv- A√m- lp.- GsX¶nepw- Hcp- `m-j°m-cp-sStbm- tZi°m-cp-sS- tbm- h¿-K°mcp-sStbm- kz-¥a√; F√m-hcp-sSbpw- bYm¿-Y ssZhw- Ah≥- am{XamWv! F√m- ap-jy-akp-Ifn¬-n-∂pw- F√m- krjv-Sn-Ifn- ¬-n-∂pw- {]IrXym- D≠m-Ip-∂ {]m¿-YIƒ- Ah¶-te- °m--Wv- Dbcp-∂Xv.- "ssZhta'-,- "Hm- tKm-Uv'-,- "Cu-iz-cm'- F-s∂-√m-w- apjy≥- hn-fn°p-tºmƒ- Ah≥- GXp- hn- `m-KØn¬-s∏´hmbm-epw- Dt±in-°p-∂Xv- {kjv-Sm-hm- b,- {]]©I¿-Øm-hm-b A√m-lp-hn-sbm-Wv! GXp- t]cn¬- hn-fn-®m-epw- ap-jy-n¬-n-∂v- {]IrXym- D≠m- Ip-∂ {]m¿Y,- Ahcp-sS {kjv-Sm-hn-tm-Sp-≈Xm-Wv.-
  • 7. 10 A√m-lp a‰p-≈ {In-{Xn-a ssZhßsf ap-jy¿- sI´n-®a®p-≠m- °n,- {]m¿-Yn-°m-p-≈ apjy-cp-sS hm-Rv-Osb Xr]v- Xn-s∏Sp-Øm≥- {ian-°p-∂p.- {]IrXn-hn-cp-≤hpw- kXy-hn- cp-≤hpamb Cu- t]m-°n-v,- ap-jy-cp-sS bYm¿Y i{Xp- hm-b ]n-imNv- B°w- Iq-´p-∂p.- AØcw- Bcm-[Ifp-w- {]m¿-YIfpw- ^ekn≤n-bp-≈Xpw- √Xp-am-Wv- F∂ {]Xo-Xn- ap-jy-a n-ep-≠m-°m≥- F√m- Ign-hp-Ifpw- D]tbm-Kn-®v- ]nim-Nv- {ian-®p-sIm≠n-cn-°p-∂p.- ""Bcm-[y-m-bn-´v- Bcp-an-√ A√m-lp-h√m-sX''- F∂ efnXamb Ckv-em-an-s‚ {]Xn-Pv-Rm-hm-Iyw- bYm¿-Y ap- jy-{]IrXn°v- tbm-Pn-®Xm-sW¶n-epw- ]cºcm-KXam-bn- _lp-ssZhm-cm-[bn¬- ap-gp-In-bh¿-°v- AXv- hfsc {]bm-kap-≈ Im-cyam-bn- Adn-bs∏Sp∂p.- Ahcp-sS _p- ≤n-bpw- hn-Pv-Rm-hp-sa√mw- _lp-ssZhm-cm[sb ym- bo-Icn-°p-hmpw- ÿm-]n-°p-hm-pw- D]tbm-Ks∏Sp-Øp- I F∂√m-sX,- {]]© {kjv-Sm-hpw- kw-c£Ip-am-b km£m¬- ssZhw- am-{Xam-Wv- F∂ kXyw- {Kln-°p- hm≥- Ahcp-sS _p-≤n-bp-w- hn-Pv-Rm-hp-sam-∂pw- klm- bIamIp-∂n-√.- eu-In-Ihn-jbßsf√mw- hfsc _p-≤n- tbm-Spw- hn-thItØm-Spw- ssIImcyw-sNøp-∂h¿- Bcm- [bp-sS hn-jbw- hcp-tºmƒ- A‘am-b ApI-c-W- Øn--s‚bpw- ]m-cºcy-Øn-s≥-bpw- am¿-K߃- kzo-Icn- °p∂p.- _p-≤n-°pw- hn-thIØn-pw- B cw-KØv- ÿm- an-√ F∂ n-e]m-Sm-Wv- A[n-Iam-fpIfp-w- ssIs°m- ≈p-∂Xv.-
  • 8. 11A√m-lp {kjv-Sm-hv- am-{Xam-Wv- Bcm-[°¿-l≥- Hcp- hkv-Xp-hn-pw,-- ]cam-Wp- ap-X¬- £{Xkaq- lw-hsc bmsXm-∂n-pw- iq-y-Xbn¬-n-∂v- kz-bw- nehn- ¬-hcn-I km[y-a√.- iq-y-Xbn¬-n-∂v- ]cam-Wp-h√,- AXn-epw- tem-eam-b FeIv-t{Sm-tWm,- t{]m-t´m-tWm- kq- £v-aIWßtfm- t]m-ep-tam- {ItaW DZv`q-Xam-Ip-Ibn- √.- Cu- Im-cyw- ap-jy-_p-≤n-°v- A[nIw- BgØn-sem- ∂pw- Nn-¥n-°m-sXXs∂ hy-Iv-Xam-bn- {Kln-°m-hp-∂Xm- Wv.- {]]©w- kz-bw-`q-hm-sW∂pw- AXv- Fs∂∂pw- D≠m- bn-cp-∂XmsW∂pw- Am-Zn-bm-sW∂pw a‰p-ap-≈ bp-IvXn- hm-Zn-Ifp-sSbpw- `uXn-Ihm-Zn-Ifp-sSbpw- hm-Z߃- C∂v- imkv-{Xtem-Iw -Xs∂ X≈n°f™n-cn-°p-Ibm-Wv.- hn- Ikn-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-∂ Cu- {]]©w- hnIkn-°m≥- Xp- Sßn-b Hcp- L´ap≠m-bn-cp-∂n-cn-°m-sX Xcan-√.- {]]©- Øn-v- Hcp- Xp-S°aps≠∂pw- AXv- s]s´∂v- Hcp- iqyX- -bn¬-n-∂v- hºn-® hn-kvt^m-StØm-sS n-ehn¬-hXm- sW∂pw- a‰pw- B[p-n-I im-kv-{XIm-c∑m¿-Xs∂ A`n- {]m-bs∏Sp-∂p.- iqy-Xbn¬-n∂v- bm-sXm-∂n-pw- kz-bap- ≠m-bn-Øo-cp-hm≥- km-[y-a√.- imkv-{XIm-c∑m-cp-sS {]]©sØ∏‰n-bp-≈ am-dn- s°m-≠ncn°p-∂ n-Ka߃- F¥m-bm-epw- Hcp- ]cam- Wp-hn-p-t]mepw- kzbw- n-ehn¬-hcm-tm- kz-bw-`q- B- bn-cn-°p-hm-tm- km-[ya√.- ]cam-Wp-hn-s kw-_v-[n- ®n-StØm-fw- AXn-s‚ A`y¥c LSbpw- B¥cn-I Nehpw- a‰p- k¶o¿-W hißfpw- X¬-kw_v-[am-b ]Tßfn¬- G¿-s∏´n-´p-≈ im-kv-{XImc ∑m-sc A¥m-
  • 9. 12 A√m-lp fn∏n-°p-∂p.- Nn-e¿- AXv- shdpw- "am-b'bm-sW∂pw- Nn- e¿- AXv- shdpw- Neam-sW∂pw- a‰p-Nn-e¿- AXv- a n s‚ {]h¿-Øw- (mind stuff) BsW∂pw- Aßs ]e ]e A`n-{]m-bßfpw- Ahcn¬- n-∂v- Db¿-∂p- hcp-∂p.- {]]©Øn-s‚ ÿm-Øv- Hcp ]cam-Wp- am-{Xam- Wv- D≈Xv- F¶n¬-t]m-epw-,- AXn-v- n-en¬-∏p- ¬- In,- n-en¿-Øn-t∏m-cp∂ Hcp- {kjv-Sm-hv- Iq-Sm-sX Ign- bp-Ibn-√.- ]camWp-hn-s‚ a[y`m-KØv- Nen-®p-sIm-≠n- cn-°p-∂ t{]m-t´m-Wpw- AXn-p-Np-‰pw- Idßn-s°m-≠n-cn- °p-∂ FeIv-t{Sm-Wp-Ifpw,- B {kjv-Sm-hn-s‚ I¬]°v- hn-t[bam-bn-s°m-≠m-Wv- Nen-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-∂Xv.- "D≠m-Ip-I'- F∂ Ahs‚ I¬-]bmWv- ]cam-Wp- ap- X¬- £{Xk aq-l߃- hsc F√m-‰n-s‚bpw- n-en¬- ]n-s‚ ]n-∂n-ep-≈ clkyw-! hy-Xy-kv-X ]Zm¿-Y߃ °v,- ]cam-Wp-hn-se FeIv-t{Sm-Wn-s‚bpw- t{]m-t´m- Wns‚bpw- FÆ hy-Xym-kw- Ap-kcn-®v- hyXy-kv-X Kp- W߃- ¬Ip-∂Xpw-,- Ahsb Ahbp-sS am¿§-ßfn¬- bn-°p-∂Xpw- {kjv-Sm-hv- Xs∂.- F√m- hkvXp-°ƒ-°pw- krjv-Sn-∏v- ¬In- Ahsb am¿-§Øn¬- bn-°p∂- {kjv- Sm-hm-b A√m-lp-hn-s‚ I¬-∏ Ap-kcn-®v- n-ehn¬- h∂Xm-Wv- Cu- {]]©hpw- AXn-ep-≈ Ncm-Ncßfpw.- ""Ahs‚ Im-cyw- C{Xam-{Xam-Wv.- Ah≥- Hcp- hkv- Xp- D≠m-hWsa∂v- Dt±in-®m¬,- AXn-tm-Sv- "D≠m-Iq'- F∂p- ]dbp-∂p.- At∏mƒ- AXp-≠m-IpIbm-bn''.- ]cn-ip-≤ Izp¿-B≥- {kjv-Sm-hns ]cn-Nbs∏Sp-Øp- ∂Xv- Aßsbm-Wv.- Ah≥- D≠m-hWw- F∂v- Dt±in-
  • 10. 13A√m-lp °p-∂Xv-,- iq-y-Xbn¬-n-∂v- DXv-`q-Xam-Ip-∂p-.- Ahs‚ kØbpw- Kp-Wßfpw- n-kv-Xp-eßfm-Wv.- Ahst∏m- se bmsXm-∂p-an-√.- Ah≥- Dt±in-°p-∂Xn-s iqy- Xbn¬- n-∂v- Ahs‚ I¬-∏sIm-≠v- DXv-`q-Xam-°m- p-≈ A]m-chpw- n-kv-Xp-ehp-amb Ign-hn-∂p-tbm-Py- am-b Ahs‚ kØsb,- `m-hbn¬- sIm-≠p-hcm≥-t]m- epw- km≤ya√.- Ahs‚ Zrjv-Sm-¥ßfn¬-Iq-Sn- Ahs a n-em-°mw.- Ahs‚ kØsb∏‰n- Nn-¥n-®v- Ahs cq-]s∏Sp-Ø Akm-[yam-Wv.- AXv- A‘m-fn-∏n-te FØn- °pIbp-≈q.- C∂p- Im-Wp∂ hmtem-Ihpw- £-{X- ßfpw- kq-cy-pw- N{μpw- `q-an-bpw- Poh Pm-eßfp-sa√mw- Ahs‚ Zrjv-Sm-¥ßfmWv.- Ahs‚ krjv-Sn-Ifm-Wv.- ""BIm-ißfn-epw- `q-an-bn-epw- F{Xsb{X Zrjv-Sm¥ ߃-! Ah¿- Ahbp-sS Acn-In-eq-sS S∂p-t]m-Ip-∂p.- Ah¿- Ahsb∏‰n- Xsc {i≤n-°p-∂tXbn-√''.- (Izp¿- B≥- 12:105). `q-an-sb ap-jy¿-°pw- a‰p- Po-hPm-e߃-°pw- Po- hn-°p-hm≥- ]‰n-b n-ebn¬- ]m-Is∏Sp-ØnbXv- A‘am- b,- _p-≤n-bn-√m-Ø {]IrXn-bp-sS hn-IrXn-b√,- tIm-Sn- °W°n-ep-≈ a‰p- tKm-fßfn-sem-∂p-an-√m-Ø hm-bp-aWv- Uehpw- Pehpw `£W ]YZm¿-Yßfpw- a‰p- ]e ku- Icy-ßfpw- Chn-sS hfsc Bkq{Xn-Xambn- G¿-s∏Sp- Øn-bXv,- k¿-ΔPv-Rpw- k¿-ΔiIv-Xpw- ]caIm-cp-Wy hm-p-am-b A√m-lp-hm-Wv.- Ahs‚ ZrjvSm¥ßfn¬-Iq- Sn- Ahs a n-em-°n,- Ahtm-Sv- μn-Im-Wn-®v- Ah- s am-{Xw- Bcm-[n-°p-hm≥,- _p-≤n-bpw- hn-thN-iIvXn-
  • 11. 14 A√m-lp bp-w- ¬-Is∏´n-´p≈ ap-jy-h¿-§Øn-p-th≠n- Ah≥- sNbvX Ap-{Klam-Wn-Xv-! A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Ap-{Kl߃-°v- μn-bp-≈hm- bn s°m≠v,- Iq-Sp-X¬- Ap-{Kl߃- Bin-®p-sIm-≠pw- ,- D]{Z hßfn¬- n-∂v- c£ tXSn-s°m-≠pw- Ahtm-Sv- am-{Xw- {]m¿Yn-®p-sIm-≠pw- Ahs am-{Xw- Bcm-[n-®p- sIm-≠pw- Po-hn-t°≠ ap-jy≥,- Xs‚ {]m¿-YIfpw- Bcm-[Ifpw- A¿-∏n-°m≥,- ]e ssZhßsfbpw- sI´n- ®a®p-≠m-°p-∂Xv- F{X `b¶camb A{Iaam-Wv-! kz- ¥w- Bkv-Xn-Iy-Øn-v- am-{Xw- μn- Im-Wn-®v- ISw-ho-´m≥- t]m-epw- Hcp- ap-jy-∂pw- km-[y-am-Ibn-√,- F∂n´ t√ FÆa‰ a‰v- Ap{Klßfp-sS Im-cyw-! ""At∏mƒ- krjvSn-°p-∂h≥,- krjv-Sn-°m- Øhst∏m-sebm-tWm?- n-߃- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Ap- {Kl߃- FÆp-Ibm-sW¶n¬- n-߃-°v- AXv- IW- °m--°p-hm≥- km[n-°p-Ibn-√,- Xo¿-®bm-bpw- A√m lp- s]m-dp-°p-∂hpw- Icp-Wm-n-[n-bp-am-Wv'- (Izp¿-B≥- 16:18).- {kjv-Sm-hv- am-{Xsa Bcm-[b¿-ln-°p-∂p-≈q.- A- h∂v- am{Xsa Bcm-[°pw- {]m¿-Y°pw- DØcw- ¬- Im≥- km[n-°q-! {]m¿Ybpw- Bcm-[bpw- shdpw- am- -kn-I hym-bmaa√; DØcw- Int´≠ Im-cy-ßfm-Wv.- {]m¿-Y°v- DØcw- sNøp-I F∂Xv,- "krjvSn'- Dƒ-s°m- ≈p-∂ Im-cy-am-Wv.- AXv- {kjv-Smhn-∂v- am-{Xsa Ign-bq.- "D]Im-chpw- D]{Zhhpw- sNøm≥- km-[n°m-Ø {kjv- Sm-h√m-Ø hkv-Xp-°sftbm- Bfp-Isftbm- hnfn-®v- {]m¿-
  • 12. 15A√m-lp Yn-°p-∂Xpw,- Ahbv°v- Bcm-[ A¿-∏n-°p-∂Xpw- G‰hpw- hen-b A{Iahpw- hn-Uv-Vn-Øhp-am-Wv.- A√m- lp-hns‚ Ap-{Kl߃-°v- μn-bp-≈hcm-bn-s°m-≠v,- Atßb‰sØ kv-tltØm-Spw- Xm-gv-atbm-Spw-Iq-Sn- Ahs am-{Xw- Bcm-[n-°p-Ibm-Wv- _p≤n-bpw- hnthI- hpap-≈ ap-jy≥- sNtø≠Xv.- Ahv- Ωp-sS μn- bpw- Bcm[bpw- Bhiy-an-√.- Ah≥- ]cm-{ibap-Iv- Xm-Wv.- Ahs‚ Ap{Kl߃-°v- μn-bp≈ hcm-bn- s°m-≠v; Iq-Sp-X¬- Ap-{Kl߃- Bin-®p-sIm-≠pw- D]{Zhßfn¬-n-∂v- c£tXSn-s°m-≠pw- mw- sNøp-∂ Bcm[Ifpw- {]m¿-YIfp-sa√mw- ap-°v- th≠n- Øsøm-Wv.- ""ap-jy-sc! n-߃- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ B{in-XcmWv.- A√m-lp-,- Ahm-Wv- ]cm-{ibap-Iv-Xpw- kv-Xp-Xy¿- lpw-''- (Izp¿-B≥-- 35:15). m-kv-Xn-Icp-sS Ap-am-w- bp-Iv-Xn-hn-cp-≤w-! {kjv-Sm-hpw- n-b¥m-hp-am-b ssZhØn-s‚ Zrjv-Sm- ¥ßƒ- {]]©w- ap-gp-h≥- n-d™v- In-S°p-∂p.- ssZh Bkv-Xn-Iy-sØ hn-fn-t®m-Xp-∂ FÆn-bm-sem-Sp-ßm-Ø Zrjv-Sm-¥ßƒ- tem-Iw- apgp-h≥- ]c∂v- In-S°p-∂p-sh¶n- epw-,- ssZhØn-s‚ Bkv-XnIyw- ntj[n-°p-∂h¿- ssZhw- ap-jy-krjv-Sn-bm-sW∂v- hmZn-°m-dp-≠v.- Ahcp- sS hm-Z߃- Cßs t]m-Ip-∂p: ""{]m-No- ap-jy¿- {]IrXn-bn-se {]Xn-`m-k߃- I≠v- Aºc∂v- ]eX cw- ssZhßsf {]m¿-Yn-®p.- AKv-n-bpw- kq-cy-pw- N{μpw- Im‰pw- {]Im-ihp-sams° Ah¿-°v- ssZhßfm-bn-cp-∂p.-
  • 13. 16 A√m-lp m-KcnI Xbn¬- ap-jy-∂p≠m-b hf¿-®tbm-sSm-∏w- Ah-s‚ ssZhßfp-sS FÆhpw- Ipd™p-h∂p.- Aß- s ]ctIm-Sn- ssZh߃- aq-∂n-seØn.- ]n-s∂ aq-∂v- H∂m-sW∂m-bn.- ap-lΩZv - ssZhw- H∂p-am-{Xsabp-≈q- sh∂v- {]Jym-]n-®p.- Ct∏mƒ- Im-ew- ap-t∂m´v- t]m-bn-cn- °p-∂p.- im-kv{Xw- hf¿-∂n-cn-°p-∂p.- Cn- Hcp- ssZh Øn-s‚bpw- Bhiy-an-√''.- CSn,- an-∂¬,- Im-‰v,- ag F∂n-Xy-m-Zn- {]Xn-`m-k߃- {]mNo- ap-jy-cn¬- ]eXcw- ssZhßsf∏‰n-bp-≈ k¶¬-]߃- D≠mIp-hm≥- Im-cWam-bn- F∂p-hbv-°p- I! ]s£ AXn-vapºv- Hcp- Im-cyw- Ku-n-t°≠Xp-≠v.- Chbv-s°√mw- ap-ºv- Cu- {]]©hpw- Ahcp-sS Akv-Xn- Xz-hpw- Ahcn¬- F¥v- {]XnIcWap-≠m°nbXv! Ahscm-s° Cu- {]]©w- kz-bw-`q-hmsW∂pw,- Xß- sf√mw- ]Zm¿-YØn-s‚ Im-em-¥cØn-ep-≈ ]cnWm- aØn-eq-sS DXv-`qXcm-bhcm-sW∂pw,- a n-em-°n-b mkv Xn-Itcm,- ]Zm¿-Yhm-Zn-Itfm- Bbn-cp-∂n-cn-°m≥- h√ AhImi hp-ap-t≠m? Hcn-°ep-an√,- F∂v- GXv- `u- Xn-Ihm-Zn-bpw- kΩXn°pw.- Akv-Xn-Xz-hpw- {]]©hpw- {]m-No- ap-jy-cn-ep-≠m- °nb {]Xn-IcWw,- {]]©{kjv-Sm-hm-b ssZhsØ∏‰n- bp-≈ hn-izm kam-bn-cp-∂p.- AXm-bn-cp-∂p- Ahcp-sS ASn- ÿm-hn-izmkw.- {kjv-Sm-hm-b ssZhØn-ep-≈ hn-izm- kw- n-ehn-en-cn-s° Xs∂ bmbn-cp-∂p- {]IrXn-bn-se hn-hn-[ {]Xn-`m-kßsf hn-hn-[ tZhotZh∑m-cp-am-bpw- D]ssZhßfp-am-bpw- _v-[n-∏n-®p-sIm≠v- Ah¿- k¶¬- ]߃- n¿-Ωn-®p-≠m-°n-bXv.- {]]©{kjv-Sm-hm-b ssZ-
  • 14. 17A√m-lp hØn-¶te°p-≈ ip-]m¿-i°m-cm-bpw- CSbm-f∑m-cm-bp- am-Wv- hn-hn-[ ssZhßsf Ah¿- k¶¬-]n-®n-cp-∂Xv-! BZn-a ap-jys‚ ASn-ÿm-hn-iz-m-kw- {kjv-Sm-hpw- kwc£Ip-am-b GIssZhØn-ep-≈ hn-izm-kam-bn-cp- ∂p.- Imem¥cØn-em-Wv- _lp-ssZh hn-izm-kw- DSseSp- ØXv.- B{^n-°bnse Bbnc°W°nep-≈ tKm-{Xh¿- §°m¿- FÆ a‰ tZho-tZh∑mscbpw- aq¿-Øn-Isfbpw- Bcm-[n-°p-∂p.- AXnp-]cn-bm-bn- Ahsc√mw- {]]©- I¿-Øm-hm-b ssZhØn¬- hniz-kn-°p-∂p.- Ωp-sS ]iv- Nn-aL´Øn¬- Xm-akn-°p-∂ BZn-hm-kIfm-b ap-Ø- ∑m¿,- ]Wn-b∑m¿,- tNm-em-bv-°∑m¿- F∂n-ßsbp- ≈-hcp-sSbpw- ne CXv- Xs∂.- Ahsc√mw- hn-hn-[ tZho- tZh∑m-scbpw- aq¿-ØnIsfbpw- Bcm-[n-°p-∂hcm-Wv.- ]s£ F√m-hcpw- ]S®Xºp-cm-n¬- hn-iz-kn-°p-∂hcm- Wv.- m-kvXn-Icm-b bp-Iv-Xn-hm-Zn-Iƒ- ]dbp-∂t]m-se,- {]m-No ap-jy¿- Xp-S°Øn¬- _lp-ssZh hn-izm-kn- Ifm-bn-cp-∂psh∂pw,- hn-Pv-Rm-w- h¿-[n-®t∏mƒ- ssZhßfp-sS FÆw- Np-cpßn- H∂nse Øn-sb∂pw-,- im-kv-{Xo-b hn-Pv-Rm-w- Cn-bpw- h¿-[n-®p-hcp-tºmƒ- B hn-izm-khpw- C√m-Xm-bn-Øo-cp-sa∂psa√mw- D≈ hm- Z߃- kXy-hn-cp-≤hpw- bp-Iv-Xn-hn-cp-≤hp-am-Wv- F∂Xv- hfsc hy-IvXamWv.- im-kv-{Xo-b hn-Pv-Rm-Øn-s‚ ]m- c-ay-Øn-seØn-b F{Xtbm- _lp-ssZhm-cm-[-Icp-≠v-! im- kv--{Xo-bhn-Pv-Rm-w- sXm-´v- Xo-≠n-bn-´n-√m-Ø F{Xtbm- GIssZh hnizm-kn-Ifp-≠v; n-co-iz-chmZn-Ifp-≠v.- im- kv-{Xo-bhn-Pv-Rm-w- h¿[n-°p-∂tXm-sS ssZhhn-iz-mkw-
  • 15. 18 A√m-lp C√m-Xm-bn-Øo-cp-sas∂√mw- ]dbp-∂Xv- shdp-sXbm-Wv.- GXm-bm-epw- Hcp- Im-cyw- hy-Iv-Xam-Wv.- ap-jy¿- FhnsS sb√m-ap-t≠m,- Ahn-sSsb√mw- ssZhhn-izm-kap- ≠v.- ap-jy-s‚ {]IrXn-bn¬- ASßn-bn-´p-≈ Hcp- P∑hm- kt]m-sebmWv- ]S®Xºpcmn-ep-≈ hn-izm-kw- F∂p- ]dbp-∂Xm-Wv icn.- {[p-h{]tZißfnepw- acp-`q-an-Ifn- epw- a[y-tcJm-{]tZißfnepw- ]¿-ΔXin-Jcßfnepw- Im-Sp--Ifn-epw- Zzo-]p-Ifn-epw- F√mw- Po-hn-°p-∂ ap-jy- kaqlßfn¬,- H∂pw- Xs∂ n-co-iz-chnizm-kn-Ifm-bn- cp-∂n-√.- F√mhcpw- GsX¶n-epw- Hcp- XcØnep-≈ ssZh- hn-izm-kn-Ifm-Wv.- {kjv-Smhmb ssZh-sØ∏‰n-bp≈ Hcp- t_m-[sa¶n-ep-an-√m-Ø kaq-lßfn√.- ""ap-jy¿- Htc kap-Zm-ba√m-sX Bbn-cp-∂n-√,- F- ∂n--´v- Ah¿-`n-∂n-°p-IbmWp-≠m-bXv''- (Izp¿-B≥ 10:19) GIssZhØn¬- hn-iz-kn-°p-Ibpw- B ssZhsØ am-{Xw- Bcm-[n-°p-Ibpw- sNbv-Xn-cp-∂ BZn-a ap-jy- kaq-lw- Imem¥cØn¬- `n-∂n-°p-Ibm-Wp-≠m-bXv.- Iq- sS°q-sS ss]im-NnI t{]cWIfpw- hym-tam-lßfpw- tZtl-Nv-OIfpw- ]eXcw- ssZh k¶¬-]߃- sI´n- ®a®p-≠m-°m≥- t{]cW¬-In.- _lp-ssZ hhn-izm- kØn¬-n-∂v- Ap-{Iaam-bn- Dcp-Øn-cn-™p- h∂XmWv- GI ssZhhn-izm-ksa∂ hm-Zw Hcn-°epw- icn-b√.- sX- fn--hp-Ifp-sS bm-sXm-cp- ]n≥-_ehp-aXn-∂n-√.- bpIv-Xn-bpw- A-Xns Aw-Ko-Icn-°p-∂n-√.- hm-kv-Xhw- adn-®m-Wv.- GI- ssZ-hhn-izmkam-Wv- BZytabp-≈Xv.- AXn¬- n-∂v- P߃- _lp-ssZhhn-izm-kØn-te°v- hy-Xn-Nen-°p-
  • 16. 19A√m-lp Ibm-Wp-≠m-bXv.- ˛{]hm-NI∑mcpw- thZ{KŸßfp- sa√mw,- _lp-ssZhhn-izm-kßfn-te°v- hgp-Xn-t∏m-b Pßsf,- GIssZhhn-izm-kØn-te°v £Wn-°p-Ibm- Wv- sNbv-Xn-´p-≈Xv.- {]hm-NI∑m¿- ssZhm-hXm-cßf√ ]ctem-I Po-hn-XsØ∏‰n- ap-∂dn-bn-∏pw,- kp-hn- tijhpw- ¬Ip-hm-pw,- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Ap- {Klßsf∏‰n- Ap-kvacn-∏n-°p-hm-pw- Ahs am-{Xta Bcm-[n-°p-hm≥- ]m-Sp-≈psh∂v- apjy-sc [cn-∏n-°p- hm-pw-, ssZhZq-X∑msc A√m-lp- apjy-cn¬- n-∂v- Xs∂ n-tbm-Kn-°p-Ibpw- Ah¿- ap-tJ thZ{K Ÿßƒ- FØn-®p-sIm-Sp-°p-Ibpw sNbv-Xp.- Cu- hn-[Øn¬- F√m- kapZm-bßfn-epw- ssZhZqX∑m¿- n-bp-Iv-Xcm-bn-´p-≠v.- ap-jy-sc bmsXm-cp- am¿-Kn¿-tZihp-an-√m-sX,- Cjv-Sw- t]mse hn-lcn-°p-hm-pw- X∏nØSbm-pw- hn-´n-cn-°b√.- Ahcn¬- n∂v- A√m-lp- sXcs™Sp-°p-∂ DØacpw- hn-iz-kv-Xcpw- kXy-k‘cp-am-bh¿-°v,- Zn-hy-t_m[w- ¬-In- ssZhZq-X∑m-cm-bn- n-tbm-Kn-°p-Ibpw- sNbv-Xp.- apjym-cw-`w- ap-X¬ A√m-lp- kzo-Icn-®n-´p-≈ S]Sn- {Iaam-Wn-Xv.- ap-jy-sc kw-_v-[n-®n-StØm-fw- CXv- G‰hpw- hen-b Hcp{Klam-Wv.- ""A√m-lp-sh am-{Xw- Bcm-[n-°p-I,- a‰m-cm-[y-sc-sb- √mw- h¿Pv-Pn-°p-I F∂ t_m-[hp-am-bn- F√m- kap- Zm--bßfn-te°pw- mw- {]hm-NI∑m-sc Ab®n-´p-≠v''- (Izp¿-B≥ 16:86) A[¿-Ωw- sIm-Sn-Ip-Øn- hm-gp-Ibpw,- km-£m¬- {kjv-
  • 17. 20 A√m-lp Smhmb ssZhØn-v- ]p-dsa ap-jy¿- ]e ssZh-ß-sf- bpw- k¶¬]n®p≠m-°n- Bcm-[n-°p-Ibpw-,- ∑bp-sS ÿm-w- Xn-∑ Icÿam°p-Ibpw- sNøp-∂ ÿn-Xn-hn- tijw- kw-Pm-Xam-Ip-Ibpw- sNbv-Xn´p-≈ L´ßfn¬- ap-jy-sc t¿-am¿-§Øn-te°v- bn-°p-hm≥- Znhy-t_m- [w- ¬-In-s°m-≠v- ssZhZq-X∑m-sc A√mlp- ap-jy- cn¬- n-∂v- Xs∂ n-tbm-Kn-®p-t]m-∂p.- [¿-Ω ]pÿm- ]Øn-v- ssZhw- ap-jy-m-bn- AhXcn-°p-∂p F∂ sX‰n-≤m-cW,- {]hmNI∑m-sc∏‰n- ]n¬-°m-eØp-≠m-b AXn¿-Ihn-™ Nn-¥m-KXn-Ifn¬- n-∂v- DSseSp-ØXm- hmw.- {]hm-NI∑m¿- shdpw- D]tZjv-Sm-°ƒ- am-{Xam-bn- cp-∂n-√.- D]tZi߃- Po-hn-XØn¬- {]tbm-KhXv-Icn®v- am-XrI Im-Wn-t°≠hcp-am-Wv.- ap-jy- {]IrXn-°pw- kz- `m-hØnpw- Ap-tbm-Py-am-b nba ßfpw- XXz-ßfp- am-Wv- Xßfp-]tZin°p-∂sX∂v- Po-hn-XØn-eq-sS sXfn- bn-t°≠hcm-Wv.- AXp-sIm≠v- Ah¿- ap-jy¿- Xs∂ Bbn-cn-°Ww.- AXn-v- ap-jy-{]IrXnbn¬-n-∂v- Xn I®pw- `n-∂cm-b "am-emJ'-am-tcm- km-£m¬- ssZhw- Xs∂tbm- ap-jy-cq-]w- ]q-≠v- ap-jy¿-°n-Sbn¬- Po-hn- ®n-´v- Imcy-an-√.- am-em-Jam-cp-sS Po-hn-Xw- Ah¿-°v- am-{Xsa ]n-¥p-Scm≥- Ignbq.- ssZhsØ kw-_v-[n-®n-StØm-fw- ap-jy-P∑w- kzo- Icn-°p-Itbm- ap-jy-cq-]w- ssIs°m-≈p-Itbm- sNøp- ∂Xv- Ahs‚ ]cn-ip-≤ Kp-W߃-°v- tbm-Pn-®X√.- {`q- Wm-hÿbnepw- ssiihØn-epw- _m-ey-Øn-epw- a‰p- Po- hn-XL´ßfn-ep-Sofhpw- apjysc B{ibn-®p- Po-hn- t°≠p-∂ Hcp KXn-tISv- ]cm-{iban-√m-Ø ssZhØn-
  • 18. 21A√m-lp p-≠m-bn-°q-Sm.- Du-Wpw- Dd°hpw- `m-cy-bpw- k¥m-hpw- D≈ ssZhw- ÿn-c{i≤tm- ]ckzm[o-ap-Iv-Xtm- Bhp-Ibn√.- AXn-m¬- ssZhw- ap-jy-m-bn- AhXcn- °p-∂p-sh∂ k¶¬]w- ssZhØn-s‚ alXz-Øn-v- If¶ta¬-∏n-°em-Wv.- ssZhZq-Xcmb ap-jy-cn¬- ]n¬- °mesØ P߃- Zn-hy-Xz-am-tcm-]n-®p-sh∂XmWv- hkv- Xp-X.- ssZhhn-izm-kn-Ifm-b ap-jy¿- Xs∂ ssZh- sØ∏‰n- ]e XcØn-ep-≈ sX‰m-b [m-cWIfpw- sh®p- ]p-e¿-Øp-∂Xn-s thZ{KŸßfpw- ssZhZq-X∑m-cpw- Xn- cp-Øp-Ibpw- A√m-lp-hn-s∏‰n-bp≈ bYm¿-∞ hn-Pv-Rm- w- ap-jy¿-°v- ¬-Ip-Ibpw- sNbv-Xp-sIm-≠n-cp-∂p.- F∂m-epw- Im-em-¥cØn¬- ]n-im-Nns‚ t{]cW°pw- kz- ¥w- tZtlNv-O°pw- hiw-hZcm-bn-s°m≠v- ]eXcw- ssZhk¶¬]ßfpw- ap-jy¿- cq-]s∏Sp-Øn-s°m≠n-cp- ∂p.- {]hm-NI ]cºcbn¬- A¥n-am-Wv- ap-lΩZv- _n .-At±lw- am-hIp-eØn-m-Iam-w- n-bp-Iv-Xm- b {]hm-NIm Wv.- At±lØn-eq-sS ap-jy¿-°v- A√m- lp- ¬-In-b hn-ip≤ {KŸas{X Izp¿-B≥.- AXv- bm- sXm-cp-hn-[ ssItb‰Øn-pw- hnt[bam-hm-sX XXm- b cq-]Øn¬- Ωp-sS ap-ºn-ep-≠v.- ap-lΩZv- _n -sb kw-_v-[n-®v- At±lw- Hcp- ap- jymb ssZhZq-Xs∂√m-sX,- tZhm-sWt∂m,- ssZhm-hXm-camsWt∂m,- ssZham-sWt∂m- ap-kv-enw-Iƒ- hn-iz-kn-°p-∂n-√.- Aßs hn-iz-kn-°p-∂hv- Ckv-em-
  • 19. 22 A√m-lp an-¬- ÿm-hp-an-√.- "A√m-lp-h√m-sX Hcp- ssZhhp-an- √'- F∂Xm-Wv- Ckv-em-ans‚ {]Ya {]Xn-Pv-Rmhm-Iy- sa¶n¬- "ap-lΩZv- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Zq-XmWv'- F∂Xm- Wv- ZznXo-b hNw.- ""Rm-≥- n-ßsft∏m-se Hcp- apjy≥- am-{Xw,- Fn°v- Zn-hy-t_m-[ap-s≠t∂bp-≈q''- (Izp¿-B≥ 19:20) F∂v- {]Jym-]n°m≥- At±lw- A√m-lp-hn-m¬- imkn-°s∏´Xm-bn- Izp¿-Bn¬- H∂n-tesd ÿe-ß- fn¬- Im-Wmw.- ]q¿-Δ {]hm-NI∑m-cn ¬- Nn-e-sc Ahcp- sS Ap-bm-bn-Iƒ- hmgv-Øp-∂Xp-t]m-se n-ßsfs∂ hm-gv-Øcp-sX∂pw- Rm≥- A√mlp-hn-s‚ Zq-X-pw- Zm- kpw- am{Xam-sW∂pw- _n - Ap-bmbn-Isf D]tZ- in--®n-´p-≠v.- Ncaw- {]m]n-°p-∂n-s‚ sXm-´p-ap-ºp≈ Zn-hk- ßfn¬- Xs‚ J_¿- Bcm[m-ebam-°cp-sX∂pw- B- tLm--jÿeam-°cp-sX∂pw- ]eh´w- Xm-°o-Xp- ¬-Ip- I-bp-≠m-bn.- Aßs sNøp-∂h¿- im-]Øn-v- hn-t[bcm- sW∂v- ap-∂dn-bn-∏v- ¬-Ip-Ibpw- sNbv-Xp.- ap-kv-enw-Iƒ- ap-lΩZv- _n- sb A¥n-a {]hm-N- Ipw- amXrIm]p-cp-jp-sa∂ n-ebn¬- Atßb‰w- B- Zcn-°p-∂p. temIsغm-Sp-ap≠m-bn-´p-≈ k¿-Δ {]hm- NI∑m-scbpw- hnthNw- Iq-SmsX BZcn-°m≥- Izp¿- B≥- im-kn-°p-∂p-≠v.- ]s£ ap-lΩZv- _n tbtbm- at‰sX¶n-epw- {]hm-NI∑m-sctbm- ssZhm-hXm-cßtfm- Znhymw-iap-≈htcm- Bbn- I¬-∏n-®p- Bcm-[n-°p-hm-tm-
  • 20. 23A√m-lp {]m¿-Yn-°p-hm-tm- ]mSp-≈X√.- an-Yym- k¶¬-]߃- Ahkm-sØ thZ{KŸam-b hn-ip-≤ Izp¿-B≥- ap-jycpw- ]n-im-Np-°fpw- A√m-lp-hn¬- Btcm-]n-®n- ´p≈ F√m- sX‰m b k¶¬-]ßsfbpw- Xn-cp-Øp-Ibpw- ,- Ahs‚ Kp-Whntijßsf kp-hy-Iv-Xam-bn- hn-hcn- °p-Ibpw-,- ap-jy¿- Btcm-]n°p∂ F√m- t]m-cm-bv- aIfn¬-n-∂pw- Ahs ]cn-ip-≤m°pIbpw- sNøp-∂p.- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Kp-Whn-tijWßsf Ah≥- Xs∂ ]cn Nbs∏Sp-Øn-Øcp-∂Xv- A∏Sn- kzo-Icn-°p- Isb∂√m-sX apjy`m-h°pw- A`o-jv-SØn-pw- Ap- kcn-® k¶¬-]߃-°v- AhnsS ÿm-an-√.- ap-jy-¿- Nn-et∏mƒ- ssZhsØ apjytm-fw- Xmgv-Øp-∂p.- Nn- et∏m-ƒ- ap-jy-sc ssZhtØm-fw- Db¿ Øp-∂p.- apjy- s‚ t]m-cm-bv-aIfpw- Ign-hp-tISp-Ifpw- KpWßfpw- kz- `mhßfpw- A√m-lp-hn-v- Btcm-]n-®v- {kjv-Sm-hns‚ n- kvXp-eamb ]Zhn-sb If¶s∏Sp-Øm≥- Hcp-sºSp-∂p.- kzm[o-Øn-v- hnt[bm-Ip-∂,- km-[m-cW°m¿-°v- tcn-´v- _v[w- ÿm-]n-°m≥- ]‰mØ Hcp- n-e]m-Sp-Im- cm-bn- A√m-lp-hns k¶¬-]n-°p-∂p.- F∂n-´v- ssZhkm-ao-]yw- tSn-bhsc∂v- X߃- Ap-am-n-°p- ∂ ]p-Wy-hm-f∑m-sc ssZhØn-¶¬- ip-]m¿-iIcm-bn- Ahtcm-[n-®p- Ah¿- ap-tJ ssZhkm-ao-]y-Øn-v- {ian- °p-∂p.- AXp-t]m-se krjv-Sn-Iƒ-°v- {kjv-Sm-hn-s‚ Ign-hp- Iƒ- k¶¬-]n-®v- Ahsc hn-fn-®v- {]m¿-Yn-°phm-pw-
  • 21. 24 A√m-lp Ahsc Bcm[n°p-hm-pw- Hcp-sºSp-∂p-! apjy-sct∏m- se k¥m-ßfp-≈hmsW∂v- k¶¬-]n-®v- B "k¥m- '-ßfp-sS Xr]v-Xn- tSn- A√mlphn-tm-SSp-°p-hm≥- Nn- e¿- {ian-°p-∂p.- krjv-Sn-Ifn¬- n-∂v- F√m- Im-cy-Øn-epw- hy-Xy-kv- Xmb {kjv-Sm-hn-s‚ n-kv-Xp-ekØsb F√m- krjv- Sn-Ifn-epw- ebn®pIn-S°p-∂ Hcp- iIv-Xn-bm-tbm,- As√- ¶n¬- GsX¶n-epw- apjycn¬- CSbv-°v- AhXcn-°p-∂ H∂m-tbm- k¶¬-]n-°p-∂hcp≠v. {kjv-Sm-hpw- krjv-Sn- bpw- c≠√ F∂ n-KaØn-seØp∂ AssZz-X hn- izm-kn-Ifm-Wh¿.- Cßsbp-≈ F√m- sX‰mb k¶¬- ]ßsfbpw- [m-cWIsfbpw- Xn-cp-Øp-Ibpw- A√mlp- hn-s ]cn-ip-≤am-b n-ebn¬- ]cn-Nbs∏Sp-Øp-Ibpw- Ahs‚ KpWßsfbpw- Ign-hp-Isfbpw- Zrjv-Sm- ¥ßsfbpw- th≠hn-[Øn¬- AhXcn-∏n-°p-Ibpw- sNøp-∂ ]cn-ip-≤ Izp¿Bpw-,- AXn-s‚ hymJym-am- b {]hm-NI s‚ hNßfpamWv- A√m-lp-hn-s kw_v-[n-® bm-Ym¿-∞yw- {Kln-°p-hm≥- ap-°p-≈ am¿- K߃.- Izp¿-B≥- ]cn-Nbs∏Sp-Øp-∂ ssZhw- ""A√m-lp- Ah√m-sX thsd Bcm-[y-n-√.- Po- hp≈h≥; kzbw]cym-]v-Xm-b k¿-Δ n-b¥m-hv. Ahs Hcp-hn[ ab°hpw- Dd°hpw- _m-[n-°p-∂n-√.- BIm-ißfn-epw- `q-anbn-ep-ap≈sX√mw- Ahs‚Xm-Wv.- Ahs‚ Ap-hm-Zan-√m-sX Ahs‚bSp-Øv- ip-]m-¿-i sNøp-∂h≥- Bcp-≠v?- Ahcp-sS ap-∂n-ep-≈Xpw- ]n-
  • 22. 25A√m-lp ∂n-ep-≈Xpw- Ah∂v- Adn-bmw.- Ahs‚ Adn-hn¬-n- ∂v- Ah≥- Dt±in-®Xem-sX Ah¿- bm-sXm-∂pw- Adn- bp-∂n-√.- Ahs‚ kn-w-lm-kw- BIm-i`q-an-Isf Dƒ s°m-≠n-cn-°p-∂p-; Ahbp-sS kw-c£Ww- Ahv- `m- ca√.- Ah ≥- AXyp--∂Xpw- alXz-tadn-bhp-am-Ip-∂p''- (Izp¿-B≥- 2:255)- ssZhsØ tIhew- Hcp- "iIv-Xn'-bm-bn- AhXcn-∏n- °p-I ]Xn-hp-≠v.- "n¿-Kp-W ]cam-Xv-am'- F∂v- ]dbpw- t]m-se bmsXm-cp- Kp-Wßfp-an-√m-Ø A‘am-b Hcp- iIv-Xn-bm-Wv- ssZhw- F∂v- Ap-amn-°p-∂h¿-°v- Ahs `bs∏tS≠Xn-√.- Ah¿- Aht°mƒ- Db¿∂hcm-Wv.- Ah¿-°v- hy-Iv-Xn-Xz-ap-≠v.- Pohp-≠v.- KpWßfp-≠v.- Nn-¥n-°p-hm-pw- a n-em-°p-hm-pw- D≈ Ign-hpIfp≠v.- hn-Im-chn-Nm-cßfp-≠v.- F∂m¬- Ahcp- sS k¶¬-]Øn¬- ssZhw- Po-hn-√m-Ø,- hn-Nm-chnIm- cßfn-√m-Ø,- _p-≤n-bpw- hn-Pv-Rm-hp-an-√m-Ø A‘am- b Hcp- n¿-§p-W "iIvXn'- am-{Xam-Wv.- At∏mƒ- ap- jy≥- ssZhtØ°mƒ- Db¿-∂ n-ebn-em-Wv-! ap-jy- s‚ Al¥°v- t]m-jWw- ¬-Ip-∂ Hcp- ssZhk¶¬- ]am-Wn-Xv.- F∂m¬- ]cn-ip-≤ Izp¿-B≥ ]cn-Nbs∏Sp-Øp-∂ ssZhw- ˛A√m-lp-˛ Xo¿-Øpw- hy-Xy-kv-Xm-Wv.- "Po-hp- ≈h≥-; "Hcn°epw- acn-°m-Ø Po-hp-≈h≥'-; ""Hcn-°epw- acn-°m-sX Pohn-°p∂hn¬- n߃- `cta¬-]n-°p-I,- Ahs‚ kv-Xp-Xn- {]Io¿-Øw- sNøp- I''- (Izp¿-B≥ -25:58)-
  • 23. 26 A√m-lp kr-jv-Sn-Ifp-sS Po-hn¬- n∂pw- Po-hnXØn¬- n- ∂pw- hn-`n-∂am-Wv- Aht‚Xv.- ""Ahst∏m-se bm-sXm-∂p-an-√''- (Izp¿-B≥ 42:11)- F∂Xv- Ahs‚ F√m- Kp-W߃-°pw- _m-[Iam- Wv.- Ah≥- ]cm{ibap-IvXm-Wv.- kz-bw-]cym-]v-Xm-Wv.- F√m-hcpw- Ahs B{ibn-°p∂p.- Ah≥- Bscbpw- H∂n-sbpw-- B{ibn-°p∂n-√: Hcp- ab°hpw- Dd°hpw- _m-[n-°m-sX Ft∏m-gpw- F√mw- Adn-™p-sIm-≠pw- F√mw- n-b{¥n-®p-sIm-≠pw- k¿-ΔYm- PmKcq-Im-Wv- Ah≥.- AXp-sIm-≠m-Wv- `q-an-bpw- kq-cy-pw- N{μpw- A¥am-b BImiØv- ]c∂p-In-S°p-∂ tIm-Sm-p-tIm- Sn- £{Xßfpw- F√m-w- ]ckv]cw- Iq-´n-ap-´m-sX,- hyhÿm-]n-Xam-bn- Nen-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-∂Xv.- ""Xo¿-®bm-bpw- A√m-lp- BIm-ißsfbpw- `qan- sbbpw- oßn-t∏m-Im-sX ]n-Sn-®p-n¿-Øp-∂p.- Ahsbßm-pw- o-ßn-t∏m-bm¬- Ah√m-sX B¿-°pw- Ahsb ]nSn-®p-n¿-Øm≥- km-[y-am-Ibn√'-'- (Izp¿-B≥- 35:41)- BI¿-jW iIv-Xn-sb]‰n-bpw- {]Ir-Xn-sb-∏‰nbp- sa√mw- ]e kn-≤m-¥ßfpw- ap-°v- Bhnjv-Icn-°mw.- ]s£,- Ahkm- hn-iIeØn¬- F√m- hkv-Xp°fpw- GIm-b {kjv-Sm-hn-te°v- hn-c¬-Nq-≠p-∂p.- Hcp- hkv- Xp-hn-pw- kz-bw- n-ehn¬- hcmtm- n-en¬-°m-tm- km-≤y--a√. G‰hpw- sNdn-bXv- ap-X¬- G‰hpw- hen-bXp- hscbp-≈ F√m- hkv-Xp-°ƒ-°pw- Hcp- "d∫v'- (kr-jv-Sn- ®v- ]cn-]m-en-®v- e£yØn-te°v- hf¿-Øn-s°m-≠p-hcp∂
  • 24. 27A√m-lp m-Y≥)- Iq-Sm-sX n-ehn¬- hcm-tm- n-en¬-°p-hmtm- km[y-a√ Xs∂.- ap-jy¿-°v- A‰w- Im-Wm≥- Ign-bmØ Cu- Zr-iy-{]]©Øn-s‚bpw- AXn-∏p-dap-≈Xn-s‚bp- sa-√mw- {kjv-Smhpw- ]cn-]meIp-am-b A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Adn-hn¬-n-∂pw- Ign-hn¬-n-∂pw- nb{¥WØn¬- n- ∂pw- Hcp- ]cam-Wp-thm,- AXn-epw- n- m-cam-bXp-t]mep- tam- Hgn-hm-bn-t∏m-hp-Ibp-an-√.- "A√m-lp-hn-s‚ knw-lm-kw- BIm-ißsfbpw- `q- ansbbpw- Dƒ-s°m-≈p-∂p'-.- Cu- tem-IØn-s‚ {kjv-Sm- sh∂ t]mse AXns‚ n-b¥m-hp-ah≥- Xs∂.- kr-jv- Sn-°p-∂Xv- Hcp- ssZhhpw- kw-c£n-°p-∂Xv- Hcp- ssZhhpw- kw-lcn-°p-∂Xv- as‰m-cp- ssZhhp-a√.- AØcw- sX‰p-[m-cWIƒ- Zq-co-Icn-°m-m-Wv- "Ahbp-sS kwc£Ww- Ahv- `m-ca√'-,- F∂v- ]d™Xv.- hy-Xy-kv- X ssZhßfpsS n-b{¥WØn-em-Wv- Cu- A¥tIm- Sn- tKm-f߃- o-ßp∂sX¶n¬- Acm-PIXzw- sIm-≠v- Ah Ft∂m- in-®p-Ign-™n-´p≠mIpw.- ssZh߃- XΩn-ep-≈ a¬-kcßfpw- A[n-Im-c hSw-henbpw- tem- IØn-s‚ m-iØn¬- Iem-in-®n-cn-°pw.- ""Ahbn¬- A√mlp-hn-v- ]p-dsa ssZhßfp-≠m-bn-cp-∂p-sh¶n¬- Ah XI¿-∂n-´p-≠mhpw'' (Izp¿-B≥ 21:22)- F∂ Izp¿- B≥- hNw- ssZhØn-s‚ GIXzw- sXfn-bn-°p∂ bp- Iv-Xn-]cam-b ka¿-Yam-Wv.- kr-jv-Sn-bn¬- ebn-®n-´n-√ ""BIm-ißfn-epw- `q-an-bn-ep-ap-≈sX√mw- Ahs‚ ]cn-ip≤n-sb {]Io¿-Øw- sNøp-∂p.- Ah≥- {]Xm-
  • 25. 28 A√m-lp ]im-en-bpw- AKm-[PvRp-as{X.- BIm-ißfn-sebpw- `q-an-bn-sebpw- ]cam-[n-]Xyw- Ahp-≈Xm-Wv.- Ah≥- Po-hn-∏n-°p-Ibpw- acn-∏n-°p-Ibpw- sNøp-∂p.- Ah≥- F√m-‰n-pw- Ign-hp-≈hm-Wv.- AhmWv- BZn-a≥- Ahm-Wv- A¥n-a≥.- {]Xy-£pw- ]tcm-£pam- bhpw- Ah≥- Xs∂.- Ah≥- F√m- Im-cy-ßfpw- ]q¿- Æambn- Adn-bp-∂hm-Wv''- (Izp¿-B≥ 57: 1˛3).- {kjv-Sm-hm-b A√m-lp-hn-s‚ kØ Ahs‚ kr-jv- SnIfn¬- n-∂v- thdn-´p- n¬-°p-∂p.- kr-jv-Sn-bn¬- ebn- ®v- hn-ap-IvXm-Im≥- km-[n-°m-Ø,- k¿-ΔØn-epw- hym- ]n-®p-In-S°p-∂ Hcp- A‘amb iIv-Xn-bm-bn- am-{Xw- ssZ- hsØ k¶¬-]n-°p-∂Xv- ssZhsØ ntj[n-°p-∂Xn- v- Xp-ey-am-Wv.- `u-Xn-Ihm-Zn-Iƒ- {]Ir-Xn-sb∂v- ]dbp- tºmƒ- Dt±in-°p-∂Xpw- AssZz-X°mcp-sS ssZhhpw- XΩn¬- hen-b hy-Xym-ksam-∂p-an-√.- ]s£,- Ahcp-sS Cu- k¶¬]w- hm-kv-XhØn¬- _lp-ssZhm-cm-[bn- te°v- Ahsc FØn°p-∂p.- F√m- hkv-Xp-°fn-epw- ssZhnImwiw- Ip-Sn-sIm-≈p-∂p-sh∂pw- AXp-sIm-≠v- F¥n-s Bcm-[n-®m-epw- AsX√mw- ssZhØn-p-≈ Bcm-[bm-sW∂pw- Ahcn¬- Nn-e¿- hm-Zn-°p-∂p.- A√m-lp- Ahs‚ kr-jv-Sn-Ifn¬- ebn-®v- hym-]n-®v- InS°p-Ib√,- Ahs‚ kØ kr-jv-Sn-bn¬- n-∂v- thdn- ´v- n¬-°p∂p.- ]s£,- Ahs‚ Adn-hpw- Ign-hpw- F√m- ‰n-sbpw- Nqgv-∂v n¬-°p-∂p.- ÿe˛Im-e]cn-[n-Iƒ-°v- AXo-Xm-b A√m-lp- n߃- Fhn-sSbm-bm-epw- n- ßfp-sS Iq-sSbp-≠v-Xm-pw.- `qan-bp-sS A¥¿-`m-KtØm- BIm-ißfp-sS hn-Zq-cXbn-tem- bmsXm-∂pw- Ahs‚
  • 26. 29A√m-lp Adn-hpw- Ign-hpw- hebw- sNøm-ØXm-bn´n-√.- Cu- {]]©Øn-v- Hcp- Xp-S°ap-≠v.- AXn-v- Am- Zn-Xzan√.- Bcp-sS I¬-] {]Imcw- {]]©w- n-ehn¬- ht∂m- B {kjvSm-hm-Wv- Am-Zn-bp-≈h≥.- F√mw- iz- cam-Wv.- Ah≥- am-{Xam-Wv- Aiz-c≥.- Ahs‚ Zr-jv-Sm- ¥ßfn¬- Iq-Sn- Ah≥- {]Xy-£mWvv.- bYm¿-YØn¬- AZr-iy-p-am-Wv.- AZr-iy-m-b B {kjv-Smhv,- {]]© ]cn-]m-eIm-b A√m-lp,- Ah≥- am-{XamWv- ssZhw; Ah≥- am-{Xam-Wv- Bcm-[y≥,- Ahs t¿-°p-tsc,- bm-sXm-cp- CSbm-fcp-an-√m-sX,- bm-sXm-cp- {]Xo-Ihp-an-√m- sX Bcm-[n-°p-I.- ""cm-hpw- ]Iepw- kq-cy-pw- N{μpw- Ahs‚ Zr-jvSm- ¥ß-fn¬- s]´Xm-Wv.- kq-cy-∂pw- N{μ∂pw- n߃- km- jv-Smw-Kw- sN-ø-cpXv; Ahsb kr-jv-Sn-® A√m-lp-hn-∂p- am{Xw- km-jv-Smw-Kw- sNøp-I,- n-߃- Ahsbm-Wv-B- cm-[n-°p-∂sX¶n¬''- (Izp¿-B≥ 41: 27)-.- ]n-Xm-h√; ]p-{Xp-a√ ssZhsØ ]n-Xm-hm-bpw- ]p-{Xm-bpw- k¶¬-]n-°p- ∂Xns Izp¿-B≥- n-in-Xam-bn- FXn¿-Øn-´p-≠v.- Izp¿- B-n-se G‰hpw- sNdn-b Hcp- kq-d-(A≤ym-b)-Øn-se B-ibw- Chn-sS ]I¿Øp∂p; ""{]Jym-]n-°p-I,- Ah≥- A√m-lp-hm-Wvv.- GIm-Wv.- A√mlp- AJn-eØn-∂pw- B{ibhpw- ]cm-{iban-√m- Øhp-amIp∂p.- Ah≥- Pn-∏n-®n-´n-√; Ah≥- Pm-Xp- a√.- Ahp-Xp-eyam-bn -bmsXm-∂p-an-√''- (Izp¿-B≥- 112)-
  • 27. 30 A√m-lp A√m-lp-hn-s‚ n-kv-Xp-eXbpw- GIXz-hpw,- Ahs‚ kØbn-epw- Kp-Wßfn-epw- Bkv-Xn-Iy-Øn-epw- {]h¿- Øßfn-epw- F√m-w- _m-[Iam-Wv.- Ahv- Hcp- k¥m- hp-an-√; Ah≥- BcpsSbpw- k¥m-hp-a√.- k¥m-Øn- v- ]n-Xm-hn-s‚ KpWßfpw- Ignhp-Ifpw- Gsd°p-sdbp- ≠m-bn-cn-°pw.- Nnet∏mƒ- Nn-e hnjbßfn¬- ]n-Xm-hn- t°mƒ- Ign-hp-Iƒ- D≠m-tb°pw.- Bscbpw- A√mlp- hn-s‚ "]p-{X≥'- F∂v- Hcp- Ae¶m-c cq]Øn¬-t]m-epw- hn-tijn∏n-°p-hm≥- ]cn-ip-≤ Izp¿-B≥- AphZn-°p- ∂n-√.- A√mlp- ]dbp∂p.- ""]caIm-cp-Wn-I≥- Hcp- k¥m sØ ssIs°m-≠n-´p-s≠∂v.- BIm-i߃- s]m-´n-s∏m- fn-bpIbpw- `q-an- ]n-fcp-Ibpw- ]¿-ΔX߃- XI¿-∂p-ho- gp-Ibpw- sNøp-am-dp-≈ Hcp- alm-]m-XIam-Wv- n-߃- sNbv-Xn-´p-≈Xv-; ]caIm-cp-Wn-Iv- Hcp- k¥m-sØ Btcm-]n-°p-Ihgn.- k¥m-sØ kzo-Icn-°p-I ]caIm- cp-Wn-Iv- `qjWa√.- BIm-i `q-an-Ifnep-≈ Ghcpw- ]caImcp-Wn-Is‚ ASp°¬- Hcp- Zm-km-bn- hcm-Xn-cn- °n-√''- (Izp¿-B≥- 19: 88˛92)-.- hn-ip-≤ Izp¿-Bs‚ AhXctWmt±iy-ßfn¬- H∂v- "ssZ h]p-{Xm'-tcm-]Ww- SØn-bh¿-°v- ap-∂dn-bn-∏v- sIm- Sp-°emWv.- Izp¿-Bs‚ AhXctWm-t±iy-sØ∏‰n- A√m-lp- ]dbp-∂p-: ""A√mlp- Hcp- k¥m-sØ ssIs°m-≠p- F∂p- ]dbp∂h¿°v- ap∂dn-bn-∏v- sIm-Sp-°p-hm≥-th≠n-bpw.- AXn-s°p-dn-®v- Ah¿-°v- Hcdnhp-an-√; Ahcp-sS ]n-Xm-
  • 28. 31A√m-lp °ƒ-°p-an-√.- Ahcp-sS hm-bn¬- n-∂v- ]pds∏Sp-∂ hm- °v- alm-]m-XIw- Xs∂.- Ah¿- AkXy-a√m-sX ]dbp- ∂n-√''- (Izp¿-B≥ 18: 4,-5).- Hcp- Ae¶m-c cq-]Øn¬- t]m-epw- ]dbm≥- ]m-Sn√m- -Ø Hcp- {]tbm-Kam-Wv- "ssZh]p-{X≥'- F∂Xv.- krjv-Sn- Iƒ- F{X henbhcmbm-epw- A√m-lp-hns‚ Zm-k≥- F∂ n-ebn-√msX AXn∂∏p-dap-≈ Hcp- _‘w- A√m- lp-hntm-Sv- D≠m-bn-cn-°p-hm≥- ]‰pIbn-√.- A√m-lp-hn- s‚ I¬-]{]Im-cw- n-ehn¬- hcn-Ibpw- nen¬-°p- Ibpw- Ahs‚ I¬-]{]Im-cw- in°p-Ibpw- sN-øp∂ A√m-lp-hn-s‚ kr-jv-Sn-sb Ahs‚ ]p{Xm-bn- Btcm- ]n-®p-Iq-Sm-ØXm-Wv-.- ]p-{Xv- ]n-Xm-hn-s‚ta¬- kzm-[o-- hpw- AhImißfpw-,- Nn-et∏mƒ- A[n-Im-chp-ap-≠m-bn- cn-°pw.- ]n-Xm-hn-s hn{ian-°p-hm≥- hn-´v- ]q¿-Æam-b A- [n-Im-chpw- n-b{¥Whpw- Itø¬-°p-hm-pw- ]p-{Xv- km- [n-°pw.- A√m-lp-hn-v- Xp-ey-stbm- AXn-epw- D]cn-bm- bhstbm- Btcm-]n-°em-Wv- ssZh]p-{X k¶¬-]w- sIm-≠p-≠m-bn-Øo-cp-∂Xv.- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ ]cn-ip-≤n-°pw- n-kv-Xp-eX°pw- GIXz-Øn-pw- H´pw- tbm-Pn-°m-Ø ""ssZh]p{X≥'- F∂ k¶¬-]sØ ]cn-ip-≤ Izp¿-B≥- hfsc iIv-Xn-bm-bn- Xn-ckv-Icn-°p-∂p.- Bh¿-Øn®m-h¿- Øn-®v- hn-a¿-in-°p-∂p.- ""Ah¿- ]dbp∂p-: "A√m-lp- Hcp- k¥m-sØ hcn- ®n-cn-°p-∂p-sh∂v.- Ah≥- F{X ]cn-ip-≤≥-! BIm- ißfn-epw- `q-an-bn-ep-ap-≈sX√mw- Ahs‚Xm-Wv.- F√mw- Ahv- Io-gv-s∏´Xm-Wv.- BIm-ißsfbpw- `qan-sbbpw-
  • 29. 32 A√m-lp ap≥- am-Xr-Ibn-√m-sX kr-jv-Sn-®h≥-,- Ah≥- Hcp- Im- cyw- hn-[n-®m¬- "D≠m-hp-I'- F∂v- AXn-tm-Sv- Ah≥- ]dbpI am-{Xw- aXn-; At∏mƒ- AXp-≠m-Ip-∂p''- (Izp¿- B≥ 2: 116,-117).- ]caIm-cp-Wn-Ipw- Icp-Wm-n-[n-bpw- ""Ahs{X A√m-lp,- Ah√m-sX Hcp- ssZhhp- an-√.- AZr--iy-sØbpw- Zr-iy-sØbpw- Adn-bp-∂h≥.- Ah≥- ]ca-Im--cp-WnIpw- Icp-Wm-n-[n-bp-am-Wv-''- (Izp¿- B≥ 59: 22).- km-£m¬- ssZhw- DØaam-b AtI m-aßfn¬- Adnb s∏Sp-∂p.- B m-a߃- Ahs‚ Kp-Wßsf {]- Xnn-[m-w-sNøp∂p.- B m-aßsf hy-Xy-kv-X ssZhß- fm-bn- k¶¬]n-°p-∂ `o-aamsbm-c_≤w- ]e kap-Zm-b- ß-fn-ep-ap-≠v.- Izp¿Bn¬- G‰hp-a[nIw- Bh¿-Øn- °s∏´ c≠v- ]cn-ip-≤ m-aßfmWv- "dlv-am-pw'- "dlo- apw'-; "]ca Im-cp-Wn-Ipw- Icp-Wm-n[nbpw'.- ]cn-ip-≤ Izp¿-Bn¬- "A¿-dlv-am≥'- F∂ Hc≤ym- bw- Xs∂bp-≠v.- AXv- Xp-Sßp-∂sXßn-sbm-Wv-: "]caIm-cp-Wn-I≥.- Ah≥- Izp¿-B≥- ]Tn-∏n-®p.- ap-jy- s kr-jv-Sn-®p.- kwkm-cw- ]Tn-∏n-®p'.- (Izp¿-B≥ 55: 1˛4).- Ahs‚ A]m-cam-b Im-cp-Wyw- sIm-≠m-Wv- Ah≥- apjy-sc kr-jv-Sn-®Xpw- Ah¿-°v- Bib hn-n-abw- sNøm-p≈ Ignhv- ¬-In-bXpw- Ah¿-°v- t¿-am¿-Kw- Im-Wn-®p-sIm-Sp-°phm≥- {]hmNI∑m-sc n-tbm-Kn- ®Xpw- {KŸßƒ- AhXcn-∏n-®Xpw,- A¥n-aam-bn- ]cn- ip-≤Izp¿-B≥- AhXcn-∏n-®Xp-sa√mw.- Ahs‚ Ap-
  • 30. 33A√m-lp {Klßsf FÆn-°W°m-°phm≥- km-[y-a√.- Icp-Wbp- sS DdhnSam-bn- Ahs‚ Icp-Wbp-sS Hcp- iXam-w- am- {Xam-Wv- temIØp-≈ F√m- Im-cp-Wy-Øns‚bpw- ASn- ÿm-w- F∂s{X _n- - hn-iZo-Icn-®n´p≈Xv.- ]caImcpWn-I≥- ap-jy-cp-sS ]m-]߃- s]m-dp-°p- hmpw- Ahcp-sS ]iv-Nm-Øm-]w- kzo-Icn-®v- Ahsc Ap- {Kln°phmpw- kZm-k∂≤m-bn- n¬-°p-∂p.- ap-lΩZv- _n- bp-sS ImeØv- a°bn-se _lp-ssZhm-cm-[-I- ∑m¿- A√m-lp-hn¬- hn-iz-kn-®n-cp-∂p.- ]s£,- A√m-lp- hn-s‚ Cu- hn-tijWsØ "]caIm-cpWn-I≥'- F∂ m- asØ˛ kzo-Icn-°p-hm≥- Ah¿- Iq-´m-°n-bn-√.- ImcWw,- A√m-lp- ]caIm-cp-Wn-Im-sW¶n¬- ]n-s∂ A√mlp- hn-p- ]p-dsa Ah¿- hn-fn-®p- {]m¿-Yn-°p-Ibpw- Bcm-[n- °p-Ibpw- sNbv-Xn-cp-∂ CSbm-f∑m-scm-∂pw- Bhiy-ap- ≠m-bn-cp∂n-√t√m.- Ah¿- [cn-®n-cp-∂Xv,- ]m-]n-Ifm-bn- cp-∂ Ahtcm-Sv- A√m-lp-hn-v- AXn-bm-b shdp-∏pw- tZjy- hpw- BsW∂pw- Hcn-°epw- AhtcmSv- Ah≥- Im-cp-Wyw- Im-Wn-°p-Ibpan-s√∂p-am-bn-cp-∂p.- F∂m¬- A√m-lp- {]Jym-]n-°p-∂Xv- tm°p-: ""]dbp-I,- Xßfp-sS Bflm-°tfm-Sv- AXn-{Iaw- {]h¿Øn-® Fs‚ ASn-aItf,- A√m-lp-hns‚ Im-cp- WysØ°p-dn-®v- n-߃- n-cm-is∏Scp-tX.- n-ivN-b-am- bpw- A√m-lp- F√m- ]m]ßfpw- s]mdp-Øp-sIm-Sp-°p- ∂p.- Xo¿®bm-bpw- Ahs{X s]m-dp-Øp-sIm-Sp-°p-∂- h-pw- Icp-Wm-n-[n-bpw.- nßfp-sS c£n-Xm-hn-te°v- ]- iv-Nm-Ø]n-®v- aSßp-Ibpw- Ah∂mbn- A¿-∏Ww- SØp- Ibpw- sNøp-hn≥-; n-߃-°v- in-£ hcp∂Xn-v- ap-ºv.-
  • 31. 34 A√m-lp ]n-s∂ n-߃- klm-bn-°s∏Sp-Ibn-√''.- (Izp¿-B≥- 39: 53).- ""Bcm-Wv- A√m-lp-h√m-sX ]m-]߃- s]m-dp-°p- hm≥?''- F∂ A√m-lp-hn-s‚ tNm-Zyw- GXv- ]m-]n-bm-b ap-jy-∂pw- Bibw- Biz-m-khpw- ¬-Ip-∂p.- ]iv-Nm- Ø]n-°p-∂hsc Ch ≥- CjvSs∏Sp-∂p.- ]m-]w- s]mdp- °p-∂Xv- Ahv- Cjv-Sam-Wv.- ]caIm-cpWn-Ipw- Icp- Wm-n-[n-bp-am-b A√m-lp- Ip-‰t_m-[hpw- ]iv-Nm-Øm- ]hpap-≈ GXp- Zm-ks‚bpw- GXv- ]m-]hpw- s]mdp-Øp- sIm-Sp°pw.- AXn-v- a‰m-cp-sSbpw- ip-]m¿-i th≠.- am- ≤y-ÿw- th≠.- Hcm-fp-sS ]m-]^ew- as‰m-cm-fp-`hnt°≠n- hcn-I F∂ Ao-Xn- ssZhØn¬- n-∂v- Hcn-°ep-ap-≠m-hn-√.- ssZhØns‚ ap-ºn-e√m-sX as‰m-cm-fp-tSbpw- ap-ºn¬- G‰p- ]dtb≠Xp-an√; ]d™n-´v- Im-cy-hp-an-√.- ]nXm-hn- s‚ ]m-]w- ]p-{Xttbm- ]p{Xs‚ ]m-]w- ]n-Xm-hn-ttbm- _m-[n-°n-√.- ap-jy-]n-Xm-hn-s‚ ]m]^ew- ap-jy-Ip- ew- ap-gp-h≥- Np-at°≠Xm-sW∂ XXzsØ Ckvemw- iIv-Xn-bp-Iv-Xw- X≈n-°fbp-∂p.- ap-jy-cp-sS ]m-]]cn- lmcm¿-Yw- ssZhw- ap-jy-m-bhXcn-®v- kz-bw- _en- bm-th≠p-∂ Hcm-hiy-hp-an-√.- ]m-]n-bp-sS a v- ip-≤am- bn-Øo-cp-Ibpw- Ahv- Xs‚ ]m-]sØ kw-_‘n-®n- StØm-fw- Bflm¿-Yam-b tJZap≠m-hp-Ibpw- Xm≥- AXm-h¿-Øn-°ns√∂v- {]Xn-Pv-R sNøp-Ibpw- sNbv-Xm¬- Xs∂ ap-jy-a ns‚ tem-eam-b Ne߃- t]mep- adn-bm≥- Ign-bp-∂hpw- Im-cp-Wn-Ip-am-b ssZhw- ]m- ]w- s]mdp-Øp-sIm-Sp-°pw.-
  • 32. 35A√m-lp ]m-]n- Xn-cn-®p- hcp-tºmƒ- A√m-lp-hn-p-≠m-Ip-∂ kt¥m-jm-[n-Iyw- F¥p-am-{Xam-sW∂v- Ap-bm-bn-Iƒ- °v- Hcn-°¬- _n- - hn-iZo-Icn-®p- sIm-Sp-ØXn-ßsbm- Wv-: acp-`qan-bn¬- Hcp- acØWen¬- hn-{ian-°p-∂ Hcp- ]YnI≥- n-{Zbn-em-≠p-t]m-Ip-∂p.- DW¿-∂t∏mƒ- Xs‚ H´IsØ ImWp-∂n-√.- AXn-s‚ ]p-dØm-Wv- Abm-fp- sS Blm-c]mo-bßfpw- a‰p- km-[ßfpw.- A‰w- Im- Wm-Ø acp-`q-an-bn¬- Zml Pew -t]mepw- jv-Ss∏´v- Xm≥- H‰s∏´Xn¬- ]cn-{`m-¥m-bn- Abmƒ- hnhim-bn- Ign- bp-tºmƒ- Abm-fp-sS ap-ºn-eXm- B H´Iw- {]Xy-£- s∏-Sp-∂p.- `£Whpw- sh≈hp-sa√m-w- AXns‚- ]p-dØp- ≠v.- jvSs∏´ Xs‚ H´IsØ Xn-cn-®p-In-´n-bt∏mƒ- Abm-ƒ-°p-≠m-b kt¥m-jsa{Xtbm- AXn-t°mƒ- F{Xtbm- Cc´n-bm-Wv- ]m-]nbm-b Zm-k≥- ]iv-Nm-Ø]n- °p-tºmƒ- A√m-lp-hn-p-≠m-Ip-∂ kt¥m-jw.- hn-ip-≤ Izp¿-Bpw- AXn-s‚ B[n-Im-cn-I hy-Jym- Xmhmb _n- bpw- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Imcp-Wym-Xn-tcIv- tØbpw- ]m]n-Iƒ-°v- Ah≥- sNøp-∂ am-∏n-sbpw- Bh¿-Øn-®m-h¿-Øn-®v- Du-∂n-bq-∂n- ]Tn-∏n-°p-∂p-≠v.- ]caIm-cp-Wn-I≥,- Icp-Wm-n[n,- s]m-dp-°p-∂h≥,- am-∏v- sNøp-∂h≥,- hn-´p-ho-gv-NsNøp-∂h≥,- ku-ay≥,- hn-im- e≥-,- DZm-c≥- F∂n-ßs ]c»Xw- kvYeßfn¬- hn-ip- ≤ Izp¿-B≥- A√m-lp-hn-s hn-tijn-∏n-°p-∂p.- GXv- √Im-cyw- sNøp-tºm-gpw- ap-kv-en-w-Iƒ- "_n- kv-an.....'- sNm-√n-s°m-≠v- Xp-Sßp-∂p.- Aßs sNøm≥-
  • 33. 36 A√m-lp Ah¿-°v- _n -bp-sS n¿-t±iap-≠v.- ""]caIm-cp-Wn- Ipw- Icp-Wm-n-[n-bp-am-b A√m-lp-hn-s‚ m-aØn¬'- '- F∂Xm-Wv- "_n-kv-an'.- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Ap-]ahpw- Afh‰Xp-am-b Icp-W am-{XamWv- ap-jy-v- B{ibw.- B kv-tlhm-bv-]pw- Imcp-Wy-hpw- ]nXm-hn-s‚bpw- am- Xm-hn-s‚bpw- kvtltØ°m-fpw- Im-cp-Wy-tØ°m-fpw- F{Xtbm- D∂Xam-Wv.- I¿-Ω^ew- F∂m¬- ∑tbbpw- Xn-∑tbbpw- AkXy-tØbpw- kXy-tØbpw- o-Xn-tbbqw- Ao-Xn-tbbpw- [¿- ΩsØbpw- A[¿-ΩsØbpw- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Im-cp-Wyw- Xp-ey-am-bn- KWn-°p-sa∂v- [cn-°cp-Xv.- ∑°v- √ {]Xn- ^ehpw- Xn-∑°v- AXnpkcn-®v- in-£bpw- D≠m-bn-cn- °p-Isb∂Xv- [m¿-Ωn-I kZmNm-caq-ey-߃- A¿-YhØm- IWsa¶n¬- AXym-hiy-amWv. - ""BIm-ißfn-ep-≈Xpw- `qan-bn-ep-≈Xpw- A√m-lp- hn-s‚XmWv.- Xn-∑ sNøp-∂h¿-°v- Ah¿- {]h¿-Øn- ®Xp-kcn-®p- {]Xn--^ew- ¬-Ip-∂Xn-pw,- ∑ sNøp- ∂h¿-°v- G‰hpw- √Xp-sIm-≠v- Ah≥- {]Xn-^ew- ¬- Ip-∂Xn-pw -th≠n''- (Izp¿-B≥- 53: 31).- in-£bpw- c£bpw- ¬-Ip-∂ o-Xn-am-pw- Im-cp-Wy- hm-p-amb A√m-lp- Ahs‚ alm-Im-cp-Wyw- aq-ew- ap- jy-scsb√mw- acWm-¥cw- Ahkm-m-fn¬- c≠m- aXpw- Dbn¿sØgp-t∂¬∏n-°pw.- ap-jy-v- Ah≥- Aiz-cam-b Hcm-Xv-am-hmWv- {]Zm-w- sNbv-Xn-´p-≈Xv.- F√mw- in-® tijw- Ahkm-mfn¬- Ahs‚ I¬-
  • 34. 37A√m-lp ]bp-≠m-Ip-tºmƒ,- BZyap-jy≥- sXm-´v- Ahkm- ap-jy≥- hsc,- Hcm-fpw- hn-´p-t]m-Im-sX `qan-bn¬- n- ∂v- PUtØm-Sp-Iq-Sn- Dbn¿-sØgp-t∂¬-∏n-°s∏Spw.- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ CXn-p-≈ Ign-hn-sbm-Wv- ssZh-hizm- kn--Ifm-bn-´p-≈hcn¬- Xs∂ hen-sbmcp- hn-`m-Kw- n-tj- [n-°p-∂Xv.- ]cn-ip-≤ Izp¿-B≥- hfsc iIv-Xn-bm-bn- ap-jy-sc D¬-t_m[n-∏n-°p-∂Xv- A√m-lp- Xo¿-®bm-bpw- ap-jy- sc acWm-¥cw- PUtØm-Sp-Iq-Sn- Dbn¿-sØgp-t∂¬- ∏n-°p-Ibpw- Ahscsb√mw- ]ctem-IØv- Hcp-an-®v- Ip-´n- Ahcp-sS I¿-Ω߃°p-kcn-®v- {]Xn-^ew- ¬-Ip- Ibpw- sNøpw- F∂ Im-cy-am-Wv.- ""A√m-lp- A√m-sX thsd Hcp- ssZhhp-an-√; Xo¿- ®bmbpw- n-ßsf Ahkm-m-fn¬- Hcp-an-®p-Iq-´pw.- AXn¬- bm-sXm-cp- kwibhp-an-√.- Bcm-Wv- A√m-lp- th°mƒ- h¿-Øam-Øn¬- IpSp-X¬- kXyw- ]p-e¿-Øp- ∂h≥?''- (Izp¿-B≥- 4: 97)-.- Cßs apjy-scbpw- Pn-∂p-Isfbpsa√mw- ]ctem- IØv- Hcp-an-®p-Iq-´n- ∑°v- ∑sIm-≠pw- Xn-∑°v- AXn- p-kcn-®pw- {]Xn-^ew- ¬-Ipw.- ∑bp-sS {]Xn-^ew- AtIan-c´n-bpw- apjy≥- `m-hbn¬- Z¿-in-°p-∂Xn- t°m-sf√mw- alØchp-am-bn-cn-°pw.- Cn- ap-°v- Nn-¥n-°p-I tem-IØn-s‚ {kjv-Sm-hpw- kw-c£Ipw- GIm- Wv.- Ahs‚ am-{Xw- n-b{¥WØn-em-Wv- Im-cy-ßsf√mw.- Ah≥- F√mbvt∏m-fp-w- ZØ{i≤m-Wv.- Dd°hpw- ab°-
  • 35. 38 A√m-lp hp-an-√m-sX n-Xm-¥Pm-{KX ]p-e¿-Øp-∂p.- GXv- Iq-cn-cp- fn-epw- tem-IØns‚- GXv- tImWn-epw- S°p-∂ n- m- cam-b Ne߃-t]m-epw- Im-Wp-Ibpw- tIƒ-°p-Ibpw- Adn-bp-Ibpw- sNøp-∂p.- Im-cy߃- sXcy-s∏Sp-Øm≥- Ahs∂m-cp- ip-]m¿-iItm- D]tZjv-Smthm- th≠,- ip]m¿-iIƒ-sIm-≠v- kzm[o-n-°s∏Sp-∂hp-a√ Ah≥.- Xs∂bp-a√ Ah≥- kr-jv-Sn-Itfm-Sv- AXn-c‰ Zbbpw- Im-cp-Wy-hp-ap-≈h≥.- temIØm¿-°pw- Ahs‚ Im-cp-Wy-Øn-s‚bpw- Ir]bp-sSbpw- tcnb Hcw-iw-t]m- ep-an-√.- Aßsbp-≈ PK∂n-b¥m-hn-tm-Sv- tcn-´v- {]m¿- Yn-°m-sX,- CSbv-°v- ip-]m¿-iIscbm-°p-∂Xv- Ahs Ahn-izkn°es√?- Ahs‚ kv-tlsØbpw- Im-cp-Wy- sØbpw- AhaXn-°et√?- Ahs {Iq-cpw- ITn-pw- `o-Icp-am-bn- IW°m°et√?- "A√m-lp-sh IW°m- t°≠t]m-se Ah¿- IW°m-°n-bn-´n-√'- (Izp¿-B≥- 6:92)- F∂v- Izp¿-B≥- Ip-‰s∏Sp-Xp-∂Xv- F{X kXyw! Xm-sg ]dbp-∂ ssZhhN߃- {i≤n-°p-I ""Fs‚ Zm-k∑m¿- Fs∂ kw-_v-[n®v- n-t∂m-Sv- tNm- Zn-°p-∂]£w- Rm≥- kao-]ÿm-Wv; {]m¿-Yn-°p- ∂hs‚ {]m¿-Y,- Ahst∂m-Sv- {]m¿-Yn-°p-∂ ]£w- Rm≥- kzo-Icn-°pw.- AXp-sIm-≠v- Ahscs‚ Blzm- w- kzo-Icn-°s´.- Ahsc∂n¬- hn-iz-kn-°s´; Ah¿- hn-thIn-Ifmtb°mw''.- (Izp¿-B≥ 2: 186)- ""kXy-am-bpw- ap-jy-s mw- kr-jv-Sn-®p.- Ahs‚ a v- a{¥n-®psIm-≠n-cn-°p-∂Xv- m-adn-bp-∂p.- mw- Po-
  • 36. 39A√m-lp hm-Un-tb °mƒ- Ahtm-SSp-Øhm-Ip-∂p.''- (Izp¿- B≥- 50: 16).- ""Ah¿-°v- D]{Zhtam- D]Im-ctam- sNøm-Øhsb A√m lp-hn-v- ]p-dsa Ah¿- Bcm[n-°p-Ibpw- "Ch¿- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ ASp-°¬- Rßfp-sS ip-]m¿-iIcm-sW'- ∂v- ]dbp-Ibpw- sNøp-∂p.- tNm-Zn-°q-: BIm-i`q-an-Ifn¬- ssZhØn-v- Adn-™p-Iq-Sm-Ø hnhc߃- Ahv- n- ߃- ]d™p-sIm-Sp-°p-Ibm-tWm?'' (Izp¿-B≥ 10: 18). km-£m¬- ssZhØn-te°v- a≤y-ÿ∑m-sc kzo-Icn- °p∂Xnv- ]p-dsa a‰p- ssZhßsf {]m¿-Yn-°p-Ibpw ]q-Pn--°pIbpw- sNøp-∂Xv- ta¬-]d™Xn-t°mƒ- hen- b A]cm-[am-Wv.- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ Kp-W߃- a‰p-≈- hcn¬- Btcm-]n-°p-∂Xpw- A√m-lp-hn-sb√m-sX a‰p- ≈hsc {]m¿-Yn-°p-∂Xp-sa√mw- GIssZhhn-izm-kØn- v- hn-cp-≤amWv.- ssZhØn¬- ]¶v- tN¿-°em-Wv.- "in¿- °v'- F∂m-Wv- AXn-v- kmt¶Xn-I {]tbm-Kw.- {kjv-Sm- hpw- kw-c£Ipw- a‰pw- a‰pw- GIssZham-sW∂v- hn- iz-kn-®Xp-sIm-t≠m- ]d™Xp-sIm-t≠m- am-{Xam-bn-√.- AXn-p-tbm-Py-am-bn- {]m¿YIfpw- Bcm-[Ifpw- hgn- ]m-Sp-Ifp-sa√mw- GIssZhØn-v- am{Xw- A¿-∏n-°Ww.- A°m-cy-Øn-em-Wv- GXp- Im-eL´Øn-epap-≈ ap-jy¿- °v- A_≤w- ]nW™n-cp-∂Xv.- {kjv-Sm-hpw- kwc-£- Ipw- kw-lm-cIp-sa√mw- A√m-lp- am-{Xam-sW∂v- ap- lΩZv- _n- bp-sS Im-esØ a°m-n-hm-kn-Ifpw- k- ΩXn--®n-cp-∂p.- ]s£ Bcm-[Ifpw- hgn-]m-Sp-Ifpw- A√m- lp- A√m-Øh¿-°pw- Ah¿- A¿-∏n-®p-t]m∂p.- B "in¿-
  • 37. 40 A√m-lp °n'-sbm-Wv- hn-ip-≤Izp¿-B≥- tNmZyw-sNbv-Xn-´p≈Xv.- "in¿-°n'¬-n-∂v- hn-ap-Iv-Xm-hm-sX Hcp- hy-Iv-Xn- F{X √ I¿-Ω߃- sNbv-XXp-sIm-≠v- km-aq-ly- tkhw- sNbv-Xp-sIm-≠pw- ^ean-√.- ap-jy≥- G‰hpw- A[n-Iw- ISs∏´n-´p-≈Xv- Xs‚ {kjv-Sm-hpw- kw-c£Ip- am-b A√m-lphn-tm-Sm-Wv.- Ahs∏‰n-bp-≈ hn-izm- khpw- Ahtm-Sp-≈ Iq-dpw- n-jvIf¶am-hp-Ibpw- Ahs‚ AhIm-im-[n-Im-c߃- a‰p-≈h¿-°v- ¬-Im-Xn- cn-°p-Ibpw- sNøpI ap-jy-s‚ {]m-Yan-I ISabm-Wv.- AXp-sNøm-sX "in¿-°p'ambn- Po-hn-®m¬,- Ah≥- F¥p- k¬-°¿-Ω߃- {]h¿-Øn-®m-epw- ssZhØn-¶¬- Akzo- Im-cy-am-Wv.- Cu- ssZhhN߃- {i≤n°pI: ""A√m-lp- F√m- hkv-Xp-hn-s‚bpw- {kjvSm-hm-Wv.- Ah≥- F√m- hkv-Xp-hn-s‚bpw- ta¬-tm-´w- hln-°p∂- hp-am-Wv.- BIm-ißfp-sSbpw- `q-an-bp-sSbpw- Xm-t°m- -ep-Iƒ- Ahs‚Xm-Wv.- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ hN-ßfn-¬- Ahniz-kn-®h¿- Xs∂bm-Wv- jv-S°m¿.- tNmZn-°p-I: tl,- Ahn-thIn-Isf,- A√m-lp- A√m-Øhsc Bcm-[n- °Wsa∂m-tWm- n-ßsft∂m-Sp- ]dbp-∂Xv?- "Xm≥- ]¶v- tN¿-°p-∂ ]£w- Xs‚ k¬-°¿-Ω߃- n-jv-^eam- bn-t∏m-hp∂Xpw- Xm≥- jv-S°m-cn¬-s∏´hm-bn-Øo-cp- ∂Xp-am-'-sW∂v- n°pw- n-s‚ ap-ºp-≈h¿-°pw- t_m- [w- e`n-®n-´p-≠v.- F∂√,- A√m-lp-hn-s am-{Xw- Bcm- [n-®v- o- μn-bp-≈hcn¬- s]´p-sIm-≈p-I.- `q-an- ap-gp- h≥- Ahkm m-fn¬- Ahv- Hcp- ]n-Sn-am-{Xw.-- BIm- i߃- Ahs‚ Iøn¬- Hcp- Np-cpƒ.- Ah≥- AXn-]cn-
  • 38. 41A√m-lp ip≤≥.- Ah¿- ]¶p-tN¿-°p∂ Xn¬- n-s∂√mw- Ah≥- Db¿-∂hmWv.''- (Izp¿-B≥ 39: 62˛67)- ""A√m-lp- Ahn¬- ]¶p-tN¿-°p-∂Xn-s s]m-dp-°p- Ibn √; Xo¿-®.- AX√m-ØXv- Ahp-t±in-°p-∂h¿-°v- s]m-dp-Øp-sIm-Sp°pw.- Bsc¶n-epw- A√m-lp-hn¬- ]¶v- tN¿-°p-∂Xmbm¬- Ah≥- hºn-® ]m-]w- kºm-Zn-®p''.- (Izp¿-B≥ 4: 49)- Ahkm-am-bn- A√m-lp-hn-s‚ DØaam-b m-aßsf,- Ahs‚ Kp-Wßsf D¬-tLm-jn-°p-∂ GXm-pw- Izp¿- B≥- hN߃- D≤cn-®p-sIm-≠v- Ahkm-n-∏n-°s´! ""Ahs{X A√m-lp-: Ah√m-sX Hcp- ssZhhp-an- √.-AZriy-sØbpw- Zriy-sØbpw- Adn-bp-∂h≥.- Ah≥- ]caIm-cp-Wn-Ipw- Icp-Wm-n-[n-bp-as{X.- Ahs{X A√mlp,- Ah √m-sX Hcp- ssZhhp-an-√.- cm-Pm-hv,- AXn- ]hn-{X≥,- kam-[m- Zm-Xm-hv-,- A`bw- ¬-Ip-∂h≥,- ta¬- tm-´w- hln-°p-∂h≥,- APø≥,- Aew-LyiIv-X≥,- alXz-ap-Sbh≥,- Ah¿- ]¶v- tN¿-°p-∂Xn¬- n-∂v- A√m- lp- ]cn-ip-≤m-Wv.- Ahs{X A√m-lp.- Bkq-{XI≥-,- (C√m-bv-abn¬- n- ∂v)- krjv-Sn-°p-∂h≥,- cq-]s∏Sp-Øp-∂h≥,- G‰hpw- DØama ߃- Ahp-≈Xs{X! BIm-ißfn-epw- `q-an- bn-ep-ap-≈sX√mw- Ahs hm-gv-Øn-Sp-∂p.- Ah≥- APøm- b AKm-[Pv-Rs{X''.- (Izp¿-B≥ 59:22˛24)- A√m-lp- am-{Xam-Wv- Bcm-[y≥-,- Ah√m-sX Hcp- ssZh hpan-√.- Ahtm-Sv- am-{Xw- {]m¿-Yn-°p-I Ahs am- {Xw- Bcm-[n-°pI, A√m-lp- AIv-_¿-.
  • 39. 42 A√m-lp kXyØns≥d hnf°pamSw apgph≥ apjycpsSbpw ∑°pw CltemIsØbpw ]ctemIsØbpw hnPbØnpambn {]]©mY≥ ¬Inb ktμiamWv Ckvemw. CXv ]n¥pStc≠Xv apjycpsS _m[yXbmWv. c£bnte°pw kam[mØnte°pw im¥nbnte°pamWXv £Wn°p∂Xv. ]ctemI hnPbamWXns≥d e£yw. AXnmbn, GImb A√mlpsh am{Xw Bcm[n°pI Ah≥ aplΩZv _n bneqsS ¬Inb ktμiw ]n¥pScpI. Cu kXyØnte°v F√mhscbpw £Wn°p∂p. _v[s∏SpI: NICHE OF TRUTH P.B. N0: 832, Poothole, Thrissur-4. Tel: 9746547777
  • 40. 43A√m-lp