School management in open erp


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School management in open erp

  1. 1. Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. OpenERPSchool Management Module Power Point Presentation
  2. 2. OpenERP School Management Module OpenERP School Management Module which is used bySchools/Colleges to manage there daily activities like,Employees,Students,Parents details, Books and Library Records, AdmissionProcess,Assignments,Exams- Results and Reports,Events,Transports,Attendance,Timetable,Fees and Other Reports. It gives one point access tomanage these wide range of activities effectively and hence enhanceefficiency of overall system.
  3. 3. Brief about – School Management ModuleCore modules incorporated in School Management vertical is as follows : 1) School Admission : • Student Information register • Provision to capture Student previous acadamic details • Student Emergency contact details • Integration of student transport process • Event and student medical information • Print studen ID, Student Attendances report 2) Exam module • Integrated with exam – Academic exams, Additional exams. • Exam Result Report. • Exam Maximum and minimum mark details.
  4. 4. Brief about – School Management Module Cont... 3) Event Organisation • We can create event for Students. • Event registration Details • Event Participants information • Track event information into student Register.• 4) Transportation Booking • Linking of Transportation information in student account • Maintaining Transport details with Participants & Vehicle information • Root wise, Date wise Transport Registration details. • Track transport pickup points and cost information.
  5. 5. Brief about – School Management Module Cont... 5) Attendeance & Fees Details • Print daily , Monthly attaendence report • Add Fees Heads • Create Fees Structure and Print Student Payslip • Monthly Payroll register • Standard and division wise Attendence. 6) Time Table • Schedule Time-table for standards. • Schedule Time-table for Divisions • Assign subject and teacher for Scheduled period. • Print Time-table with subjest and teachers details.
  6. 6. Brief about – School Management Module Cont... 7) Library Mangement • Create Books record • Create Library card for Students and Teachers. • Provide Numbers of Book issue for Card holder. • Create Book issue Entry • Track book details – Book issue, return and lost. • Provide Book Penalty details. 8) Exam • Computation of Fees as per Fees structure • Cost bifurcation in multiple heads of Fees heads. • Student Payslips
  7. 7. School Management Module
  8. 8. School Management Module – student information
  9. 9. Standards Information :Using School Management module user can add Standards information with Divisions, Class teacher, Medium andSubject, Student , Events information.
  10. 10. Student Admission Register :In School Managment user can add Admission details in Admission register with contact details, Academic history,Medical history and other details.We can print Student ID, Student Attendence report.
  11. 11. Examination ManagementScheduling and arranging examinations with for standards and subjects. Provide Examination dates andMarks details. We can attached exams syllabus, training material.
  12. 12. Examination Result Report : Subject wise or student wise results report is generate with obtained mark details. User can view or print exam result report. Exam result with Obtaines meark detail.
  13. 13. Event Information :In school mangement we can arrange an event add participants details We can print event Details Report..
  14. 14. Student Attendence : Student attendence : We can add student attendence records. Attendence by – Monthly or daily. We can print Daily attendence sheet, Monthly attendence sheet .
  15. 15. Training ModuleWe can integrate Module with the training modules of OpenERP which provides coursespresences and participations .
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  17. 17. We have expertise in Open Sourse Softwares