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Presentation pak.railways


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Pakistan rail ways.presented by shabbir dero …

Pakistan rail ways.presented by shabbir dero

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  • 2. INTRODUCTION State own rail transport service Head quarter in Lahore Stretched over 8000 km Important mode of transport Administer under federal Govt, ministry of railways Vertically integrated organization
  • 3. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Minister (Mr. Ghulam Ahmed Bilour) Federal secretary (Muhammad Arif Azim) Directors (Adm,Tech, p &finance) General ManagersG.M,s operations, Manufac & services, FG Inspector
  • 4. PEST ANALYSIS Economic factors Eco. Conditions are not Political factors sound Worse day by day Inflation Uncertain env Rising fuel pricesNo investment by investors Changing govt eco polices PEST Social factors Technological factors Attitude of people Electrical engines Desires New railway tracks Online ticketing Expectations
  • 6. Current operational position Faces deficit of Rs 26252.315 Millions Shortage of locomotives No freight trains Half of locomotives are out of order Communication system is out dated Track is over aged Borrowed 40 billion from state bank Paying 4.6 billion as a interest to SBP Revenue declining consecutively
  • 7. PR COOPERATION WITH CHINA China is actively involved in the development of Pakistan Railways for the past five years China is to export 69 modern locomotive engines to Pakistan to modernize Pakistans railway fleet. the first 15 engines will be manufactured in China and the remainder will be assembled in Pakistan, with spare parts and technology provided by China.
  • 8. COMPETITORS OF RAILWAYS CNG Buses Daewoo Express, Kohistan, Khan Brothers, Skyways and Niazi express
  • 9. RESTRUCTURING OF PAKISTAN RAILWAYS Time is important to the customers The seat reservation system should be made online The first line staff should be trained Railways service center should be initiated Proper information should be provided to the customers Railway stations should be clean
  • 10. STRATEGIES FOR TURNAROUNDGOALS • Ensure availability of sufficient railway engines • To ensure that railway trains leave/arrive at the station at listed time • Ensure proper maintenance of engines • Ensure availability of sufficient passenger coaches • Utilize cheap coal-driven engines instead of expensive diesel driven engines
  • 11. PROPOSED GOALSGoal 1 • Repair old engines at railway workshops • Import new engines from china • Import new engines from USA
  • 12. Goal 2 Task the station managers to start train on time Conduct study to determine appropriate time duration for each time route
  • 13. GOAL 3 Training workshops to enhance capacity of Pak railway engineers and technicians Routine maintenance schedules to be strictly followed Purchased required railway spare part from open market (domestically)
  • 14. GOAL 4 Reduce the number of cargo train Repair passenger coaches in workshop Purchase passenger coaches from china Old coal-fire railway engines refurbished and utilized in on short
  • 15. FEASIBILITY REPORT FOR PROPOSED GOALSGoal 1 Pak railway is facing financial crunch, no new imports are force able in future only repair can made locally at Pak railway workshops
  • 16. GOAL 2 Disciplining the station passengers can enhance efficiency in timing Good maintenance, done locally, can ensure zero breaks down
  • 17. GOAL 3 Routine training and refresher courses are feasible Railways workshops to produce spare parts
  • 18. GOAL 4 Good trains are major cost earner therefore they cannot be reduced beyond a certain level No foreign purchases feasible Unfeasible too costly to convert diesel engine to coal head railway engine
  • 19. RECOMMENDATIONS Pakistan Railway requires a radical restructuring Strong leadership at the helm of affairs is also required Railway should treat customer in a respectful manner Trains should depart on time On the long routes the number of stations should be reduced The security system should be better