Paper machie steps (show) (final) for website


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Paper machie steps (show) (final) for website

  1. 1. Hello,Do you want to learn about a project that promotes recycling? I am Deeba Rana from Pakistan the land of Malala Yousufzai. I live in remote area Nara Mughlan of Disitrict Chakwal, a city 400 KMs south of Swat. While Malala holds flag of struggle for girl’s education in a conservative society of Pakistan, I represent women of Pakistan making my living by doing Papier mache work. In 2003, when PODA started its project I was part of that and till date I am working with PODA as a Master Artisan. Papier Mache is a French term. It’s an old art. There is no other art or craft form that is quite so environmentally friendly as papier mache. It is a recycler’s dream. Today I will share with you my work that how I make different products with Papier mache.
  2. 2. Part 1: How I make pulp of recycle papers, mainly newspaper? I collect used papers and paper products for making pulp It has two parts a) Making paper mould of different shapes (balls, bells, boxes, toys) b) Painting various patterns using traditional designs and new designs also.
  3. 3. I tear papers in very small pieces and soak these pieces in water. The water should be enough that all papers fully soak in it.
  4. 4. When the paper pulp becomes very soft I squeeze water from the paper
  5. 5. My next step is to squash the papers manually to make pulp you can see in the picture below
  6. 6. I do not have electric blender but you can make more pulp in lesser time by using electric blender 
  7. 7. Time for making sticking paste / rice glue I make sticking paste by mixing one glass of white flour and four glasses of hot boiling water
  8. 8. I cook it constantly and stir to avoid any lumps. You just make by mixing hot water (you may use kettle or micro wave oven for boiling water).
  9. 9. To make pulp sticky I add this paste in the pulp after it gets cold
  10. 10. I really love this part when I mix pulp like dough; just like I make dough for making Roti (Bread)
  11. 11. Now it’s time to wrap the ball with paper strips Shaping up the mould/ball
  12. 12. I prefer wrapping three layers of strips around the ball
  13. 13. Now watch me carefully how I am covering the ball with pulp
  14. 14. After covering the ball make it smooth with your hands the way I am doing
  15. 15. You can make the layer of pulp thick or thin as you want and flat the surface with back of spoon or some flatting tool
  16. 16. The molded ball will fully dry after two days and I again smooth the surface of ball with wet hard stone
  17. 17. From the middle of the ball I am marking it to cut it into two halves Cutting of mould and reassembling
  18. 18. Now I am cutting the ball with cutter
  19. 19. It is separated into two pieces after cutting
  20. 20. With wooden stick I am apply glue on both pieces on the edges sides
  21. 21. Next I tie both sides with a string and let it dry
  22. 22. When it is completely dry once again I am making the ball surface smooth with sandpaper
  23. 23. I like blue color so I am applying blue enamel paint as base color of the finished product Part B: Painting the ball
  24. 24. After coating the enamel I am waiting to get it dry and shiny, beware it can go messy
  25. 25. After mixing poster color with a bit of shampoo or washing detergent I am making floral pattern
  26. 26. With blue I am using pink & golden color for making my floral pattern more prominent
  27. 27. Finally, this is how I make papier mache ball. You may see other products we make at PODA which you can buy online for promoting Malala’s mission of girls education in Pakistan
  28. 28. Thank you for buying papier- mashie handicrafts made by me and my fellow rural women artisans in Pakistan. Your purchase will help us to continue our work and raise funds for girls education and women rights work in Pakistan. If you have any questions about our art or products feel free to email me at