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Shannel’s GLO Portfolio
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Shannel’s GLO Portfolio


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  • 1. Shannel  Cabuhat  Sophomore  Year  May  25,  2011  
  • 2.   Alooooha!  Shannels  back  for  another  round  on  my  GLO   portfolio!  What  is  GLO?  It  stands  for,  General  Learner  Outcomes.   Here  I  will  deliberate  about  my  final  year  in  the  MeneMac  Core.      As  my  sophomore  year  comes  to  a  close,  looking  back  at  all  the   work  I  have  done  this  past  year  really  showed  the  challenges  I   went  through  with  these  assignments.  Being  in  MeneMac  is  not  a   choice,  it  is  also  a  commitment  as  a  student  learner  who  does   beyond  what  a  regular  Moanalua  High  School  student  does.   MeneMac  has  really  pushed  me  with  many  assignments  and   projects  for  the  past  2  years  and  I  can  say  that  Im  glad  I  made  it   through  with  satisfying  results.  MeneMac  really  changed  my   perspective  on  high  school,  way  different  than  what  I  anticipated.      In  my  GLO  Portfolio  Presentation,  I  will  show  evidence  of  my   work,  projects,  and  activities  I  have  done  in  the  entire  year  that   show  I  have  met  all  six  learner  outcomes.  
  • 3.  "Be  responsible  for  ones  own  learning”   Definition:  The  ability  to  take  action  for  ones   learning.  It  means  taking  what  you  learned   into  your  time,  and  responsibility  and  doing   what  it  takes  to  check  if  you  understand   what  you  were  taught.  
  • 4. 1.  Taking  notes  for  classes  such  as  Spanish,  Geometry,   Spanish Notesand  Basic  Physics.     Taking  notes  for  these  classes   show  that  I  want  to  be  sure  that  I   have  understood  what  I  was   taught  in  class.  It  is  helpful  for   the  times  when  I  am  confused,   Geometry Notes need  it  for  homework,  projects,   help  me  prepare  for  tests/ quizzes,  and    other  assignments.   This  shows  that  I  do  what  is   takes  to  check  if  I  understand   what  I  was  taught.   Basic Physics Notes
  • 5. Checking grades2.  Taking  time  to  check  my  current  grades  on  SnapGrades.    When  SnapGrades  was   introduced  to  the  whole  school,  I   was  happy  that  I  finally  get  to   see  my  current  progress  in  each   class.  It’s  really  helpful  because  it   displays  all  my  assignments,   projects,  grades,  report  card,   and  more.  When  I  am  viewing   my  SnapGrades  I  am  taking  my   learning  into  my  hands  because   checking  my  grades  shows  that  I   am  concerned  about  any   upcoming  tasks  to  do.   Checking my missing assignments
  • 6.  “Understand  that  it  is  essential  for  human   beings  to  work  together”   Definition:  The  importance  for  us  to  work   together  as  a  team,  and  to  be  a  community   contributor.  This  GLO  is  a  crucial  in  Menemac   because  we  have  to  be  able  to  put  effort  in   our  group’s  work.  
  • 7. 1.  Exploravision    Exploravision  is  a  nation  wide   competition  where  many  grade   levels  compete  to  create  a  new   invention  that  could  benefit  us  in   the  future.  For  this  project,  my   group  was  called   “Nanotechnos.”  I  faced  a  lot  of   challenges  in  this  project   because  I  was  basically  the   leader  of  the  group.  I  had  to   make  sure  everyone  did  their   part,  set  and  plan  everything  and   make  sure  everything  was   These are a few of the web ages I made turned  in  before  the  deadline.   for this project with everyone’s written part in it’s own part of the website.
  • 8. 2.  “Movie  Trailer”  themed  bulletin    This  one  was  a  challenge,   from  the  beginning  of   lunch  the  day  before  it  was   due,  we  had  to  film  and   edit  the  bulletin  and  leader   in  a  couple  of  hours.  This   displayed  the  team  work   needed  to  complete  this  on   time.  And  we  successfully   finished  it  in  satisfaction.  
  • 9.  “Be  involved  in  complex  thinking  and  problem   solving”   Definition:  The  skill  to  demonstrate  critical   thinking  and  to  solve  problems  using  high   quality  and  responsive  sources  or  services   and  implementing  them  in  a  scholarly  way.  
  • 10. 1.  Exploravision    Exploravision  was  very  difficult  and   required  A  LOT  of  critical  thinking.   This  is  because  we  had  to  take  a   present  technology  and  evolve  it  into   something  we  could  use  in  the   future.  The  invention  my  group   created  was  a  single  pill  that  had   hundreds  of  Nanobots.  The  purpose   of  the  pill  was  to  eliminate  the   procedure  of  opening  the  human   body.  This  pill,  once  taken  will  be     activated  by  human  saliva  and  will   repair  the  damages  in  the  human   body  in  a  effective  way  without   leaving  any  scars  on  the  skin.  
  • 11. 2.  Geometry    I  take  CPM  Geometry.  AKA   College  Preparatory   Mathematics.  It’s  not  like   regular  Geometry,  this  kind   of  Geometry  contains  more   word  problems  and   This picture contains the notes I took while learning a new concept. This equations.  I  think  this  is  a   new lesson required me to learn 3 good  examples  because  it   equations using the apothem of a requires  me  to  understand   hexagon. This took me a while to learn because it was hard for me to the  word  problem,  be  able   understand all the equations required to  use  the  equations  and   to know. But with help, critical thinking importantly  use  critical   and determination I was able to comprehend this. thinking.  
  • 12.  “Recognize  and  produce  quality  performance   and  quality  products.”   Definition:  Proficiency  to  create  and  identify   good  quality  issues  of  the  product/ performance.  
  • 13. 1.  Physics  Music  Video    My  groups’  “Cellular  Energy”  music   video  is  what  I  picked  as  an   example  for  this  GLO  because  I  feel   that  the  effort  we  put  in  this  video   shows  good  cinematography,   audio,  and  editing.  This  music   video  required  us  to  get  a  concept   in  the  science  field,  create  lyrics,   get  an  instrumental,  record  it,  and   film  a  music  video  along  with  it   too.  And  with  everything  put   together,  the  audience  should   have  been  able  to  learn  something   new  out  of  the  music  video.  
  • 14. 2.  Websites     When  I’m  making  websites,  I  always   have  the  feel  that  it  needs  to  be  at   its  best  quality.  And  usually  when  I   create  websites  I  have  to  be  able  to   create  &  identify  its  quality  as  a   product.  My  freshmen  year’s    Traits   Portfolio,  Poetry  Website,    GLO   Portfolios  and  Exploravision  web   pages  shows  a  good  example  for   this  GLO  because  I  know  the   websites  I  made  for  each  of  them   are  organized,  done  well,   demonstrates  good  examples,  and   shows  a  state  of  excellence.  
  • 15.  "Communicate  effectively  with  a  variety  of   audiences  for  a  variety  of  purposes”   Definition:  The  competence  to  correspond   effectively  with  peers  and  adults  for  different   reasons.  
  • 16. 1.  Videoconferences     The  video  conferences  we  have  done  this  year  shows  how   effective  we  can  communicate  with  other  states.  For   example,  recently  we  just  had  a    videoconference  with   Los  Fresnos.  We  communicated  with  them  effectively   with  the  new  cell  phone  polls,  surveys,  showing  them   videos,  and  etc.  It  was  fun  videoconferencing  with  other   states  because  I  got  to  learn  something  about  their   community,  what  they  do,  what’s  it  like  there  and  more.   It’s  really  cool  how  we  are  able  to  communicate  with   people  on  the  other  side  of  the  country.    
  • 17. 2.  Blog  Commentary    Parent  commentaries  and  classmate   commentaries  is  an  effective  way  to   interact  with  my  parents  and   classmates.  When  we  have   assignments  that  require  2  gives  and   2  gets,  doing  blog  commentaries   make  it  a  breeze  to  do.  When  I  need   to  post  a  comment  on  my  friends’   Here is an example of a blog essay  I  just  have  to  comment  and   commentary I had to do for the post  it.  When  I  need  my  parents  to   “This I Believe” essay. post  their  reflection  about  my   portfolio  I  just  have  to  guide  them   through  the  basics  and  help  them  be   able  to  comment  and  post.  Blog   commentary  makes  conversing   better  through  technology.  
  • 18.  “Use  a  variety  of  technologies  effective  and   ethically”   Definition:  The  usage  of  technology  in  its   different  forms  effectively  and  respectively.  
  • 19. 1.  Websites    Online  websites,  web   pages/portfolios  I    have   done  show  that  I  can  use  a   variety  of  technology   effectively.  Making   websites/portfolios  are   useful  because  it  makes  it   easier  to  use  since  I  am  in   media  program.  The  fun   part  about  creating   websites/portfolios  is  that   it  lets  me  use  my  creativity.  
  • 20. 2.  Promethean  and  Blogger    Promethean  and  Blogger  is  what  I   mainly  use  for  English.  (My  math  class   just  recently  started  using  the   Promethean  too.)  Promethean  and   blogger  are  good  examples  because   they  are  two  different  types  of   technology  that  are  used  for  academic   reasons.  In  Promethean,  you  can  text  in   answers  to  any  presentation.  For   blogger  you  can  blog  any  work  a   teacher  assigns  and  the  teacher  can  just   check  them  instantly  by  putting  in  our   URL  and  checking  what  we  posted  up.   This  shows  how  I  can  use  technology   effectively.  
  • 21.   My  goal  for  high  school  is  to  maintain  a  high  GPA  and  remain   on  honor  roll,  graduate  as  Magna  Cum  Laude  and  be  an  honor   graduate.      After  I  graduate  I  want  to  pursue  a  career  as  a  Dentist  or   Dental  Hygienist.     dh.htm    TO  MOM/DAD:  Thanks  for  reading  my  GLO  Portfolio!  I  hope   you  enjoyed  it  and  got  to  see  all  the  hard  work  I  do  in  all  of  my   classes.  Please  post  a  parent  reflection  on  my  blog  @­‐portfolio-­‐ parent-­‐reflection.html