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  • 2. WHO WAS RIZWANUR? Rizwanur Rahman, 30: A computer instructor working in an institute in Kolkata ;He came from a poor middle class family but was well educated He belongs to a Muslim family He was found dead under a railway track on 21st Sept.
  • 3. About Priyanka Priyanka Todi the daughter of Mr. Ashok Todi. A well known Industrialist person and owner of the Lux Cozi company . She belongs to a Hindu family. A very simple girl who wanted to enjoy the every moment of life. But that particular instances changed her life completely.
  • 4. What was the case about? Rizwanur and Priyanka fell in love at the graphic training school where Rizwanur taught. On the 18th August 2007 they decided to get married. the two secretly married according to the Special Marriage Act to which a few close friends and colleagues of Rizwanur were witnesses.
  • 5. Continued……•After the marriage, Priyanka wentback to the Todi family andRizwanur continued his work atthe multi-media centre.•After a week Rizwanurapproached his brother confessedeverything to him about theirsecretly marriage.•On August 31st he broughtpriyanka to his home.Later onboth of them signed a letter to thepolice asking for protection fromPriyanka father
  • 6. Allegation of police harassmentand mental torture Priyanka’s family was not happy with her decision as rehman belong to Muslim religion. They wanted to remove rehman from her life for that they took the help of police. The police, warned Rahman to get arrested on charges of abduction if he doesnt return priyanka to his in-laws.
  • 7. Death Mystery After2 weak of separation from his wife he found dead on21 sept afternoon near the railway line with folded hand and serious wound on his head
  • 8. Mystery continues… As the police commissioner claimed that it was not a murder case but it was just a simple case of suicide. In this case the turning point came when the statement of train driver was flashed in the media that he didn’t saw any one lying on the rail track while driving. After this statement the mystery was changed into the fact that it was not a suicide but a preplanned murder case.
  • 9. Entry of CBI After protesting by the people of Kolkata the high court ruled that the Rehman death investigation carried out by local government is illegal and ordered CBI enquire. Another turmoil later, the police officers associated with case were transferred CBI investigated that priyanka father gave money to some of the relatives and local goon so that they help in separating rehman from priyanka.They had offered 5 to 6 lakh to rehman elder’s brother.
  • 10. The case of the text messages A month after Rizwanurs death, there was a leak in the media which published the messages allegedly sent by Rizwanur which clearly indicated that he was about to commit suicide One message sent to Ashok Todi on Sept 21 read thus: Papa, there is 10 mins before I kill myself, let me talk to her for the last time’ Five minutes later it was to Vimala Todi, mother of Priyanka: Mom, I will kill myself in five minutes, please let me talk to her. But what raised doubts was that both the messages were in Hindi. According to Rukhbanur, his brother was never sent messages in Hindi as he was not conversant with the language. He always texted in English
  • 11. Violence and rioting bydisaffected people A violence mob went on rampage at the park circle and the police station. They set a police vehicle on fire when rumor spread that rehman body had disappeared from the police morgue. More than a dozen Policemen were injured in brick batting and stone-pelting.
  • 12. Final Verdict CBI charged Priyanka father Mr.Todi, her Uncle Pardeep todi, her maternal uncle Anil Sarogi and three police officer in case of Rehman murder. The CBI framed charge sheet against them for non-bailable criminal proceedings. On October 13, 2008, the Supreme Court of India stopped all proceedings in the Rahman case . Till the date, Rahmans assassination is counted among one of
  • 13. Unethical Issue associated with this case To love someone is not a crime. Priyanka not supporting what was right Police was not following their responsibility