Paraphrasing correctly


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Paraphrasing correctly

  1. 1. Quotes, paraphrases, and summaries mustall be cited. When you paraphrase, you areputting the author’s original text in your ownwords.However, even if you change the words, youare still plagiarizing if you do not cite thesource.
  2. 2. “Some of the time he passed in a lightsleep, although he frequently woke from it inalarm because of his hunger, and some of thetime was spent in worries and vague hopeswhich, however, always led to the sameconclusion: for the time being he must remaincalm, he must show patience and the greatestconsideration so that his family could bear theunpleasantness that he, in his presentcondition, was forced to impose on them.”
  3. 3. Gregor passed some of the time in a lightsleep but he woke up frequently because hewas hungry. He also worried about hissituation, but he always came to theconclusion that he must remaincalm, patient, and considerate. This wouldhelp his family bear the unpleasantness thathe was forced to impose on them.
  4. 4. Gregor passed some of the time in a light sleepbut he woke up frequently because he washungry. He also worried about his situation, buthe always came to the conclusion that he mustremain calm, patient, and considerate. Thiswould help his family bear the unpleasantnessthat he was forced to impose on them.All of the words in orange are copied from theoriginal text.
  5. 5.  First,the original source is not cited. There should be a citation that lets the reader know what is being paraphrased. Also, only a few of the words are changed; many of the words, phrases, and sentence structures are identical to the original (see the orange words on the previous slide). When you use words or phrases that are identical to the original, you must enclose them in quotation marks.
  6. 6. In order to paraphrase correctly, everythingmust be in your own words and the sourcemust be cited.It is not enough to just change a few words.If you cite anything word-for-word, you mustuse quotation marks.
  7. 7. Gregor tried to sleep, but he was veryhungry since he had not eaten. Also, he wastrying to figure out how he could help hisfamily. He felt like a burden to his parentsand sister, but he knew that “for the timebeing he must remain calm” (Kafka 20).
  8. 8. You can see that the source has been citedin MLA format in parentheses at the end.Everything has been put in the writer’s ownwords except “for the time being he mustremain calm.” This is word-for-word fromthe original text, so it was placed inquotation marks.
  9. 9. Kafka, Franz. Metamorphosis. Trans. David Wyllie. Classix Press, 2002. Project Gutenberg. Web. 15 Oct. 2012.