Photography & the_genre[intro]


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Photography & the_genre[intro]

  1. 1. Genre
  2. 2. Genre: a class or category of artistic endeavour having a particular form, content, technique, or the like. So genre is just a fancy way of describing a type or category of artwork. Examples: the genre of rap music the genre of landscape painting the genre of symphonic music the genre of portrait photography the genre of gothic novels (literature) the genre of science fiction films
  3. 3. These paintings are by the artist known as Canaletto, 1697 – 1768. What genre (type) of paintings are they? The genre of landscape painting (or urban landscape)
  4. 4. What genre do these paintings by the English artist Thomas Gainsborough belong to? The genre of Portraiture (portrait paintings)
  5. 5. How many different genres of painting can you think of? Discuss
  6. 6. We can have different genres based on the different type of subject matter: Landscape (natural and urban) Portrait Abstract And we could also talk about different styles of painting as representing different genres: Expressionist, Impressionist Cubist, Surreal, Etc.
  7. 7. Photographic Genres We have seen that there are several different genres of painting. Similarly, there are a few genres of sculpture. The medium of photography is somewhat different because it has many, many different genres! Look at the following images, make notes as to possible names for the different genres of photography which you see
  8. 8. Ansel Adams
  9. 9. Ansel Adams
  10. 10. Andreas Gursky
  11. 11. Andreas Gursky
  12. 12. Edward Weston
  13. 13. Edward Weston
  14. 14. Eugene Atget
  15. 15. Eugene Atget
  16. 16. Eddie Adams
  17. 17. Henri Cartier Bresson
  18. 18. Henri Cartier Bresson
  19. 19. Henri Cartier Bresson
  20. 20. Jeff Wall
  21. 21. Man Ray
  22. 22. Diane Arbus
  23. 23. Diane Arbus
  24. 24. Martin Parr
  25. 25. Martin Parr
  26. 26. Horst P Horst
  27. 27. Cecil Beaton
  28. 28. Richard Billingham
  29. 29. Richard Billingham
  30. 30. David Bailey
  31. 31. David Bailey
  32. 32. Sam Taylor Wood
  33. 33. Sam Taylor Wood
  34. 34. Robert Franks
  35. 35. Robert Franks
  36. 36. How many different categories – or genres of photography did you spot?
  37. 37. Here are just a few of the different genres of photography Which did you spot? News Portrait Editorial Landscape Architectural Sports Vernacular Fashion Street Photography Advertising Documentary Product Medical Candid Abstract Identity Holiday ‘snaps’ Fine Art Forensic …………………. And more!
  38. 38. Key genres • Portraiture – attempts to capture personality and soul. Can refer to time and place • Landscape – shows different locations, traditionally as a form of status, now includes cityscape, seascape etc. Can discuss social, political or environmental issues within • Documentary – to capture a moment in time. Can be journalistic, social, political... • Fine art – focus on meaning and communication, can include all genres, linked to painting styles
  39. 39. As we have seen, photography’s versatility means it has many different genres. Consequently, photography is very hard to ‘pin-down’ as an artistic medium – it has so many different uses, styles, categories, types …. genres! In effect, photography sometimes seems to have no style or characteristics which are unique and specific to the medium itself – its sheer adaptability and versatility seems overwhelming. Partly because of this, there are some people who argue that photography is NOT a true artistic medium. Extension Work: What do you think about this argument … can photography be an art? Discuss.