Fashion and editorial photography overview


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Fashion and editorial photography overview

  1. 1. •
  2. 2. Aims and Objectives Launch and look at Keys plus photographers Aims: Understand sub-genres of fashion/editorial Objectives: Choose an area and publication to work within Research chosen area and annotate Creative Lighting Assignment Choose area to work within Define Fashion, Editorial Etc : research this area
  3. 3. Fashion and Editorial Photography Overview of the Genres
  4. 4. What is Fashion? • Fashion is about selling a lifestyle • This can be through clothes or accessories • Fashion is often aspirational Images by Bruno Dayan
  5. 5. Images by Eric Frideen
  6. 6. Images by Kevin Mackintosh
  7. 7. Image by Phil Poynter
  8. 8. Images by Bruno Dayan
  9. 9. Images by Kevin Mackintosh
  10. 10. Image by Phil Poynter
  11. 11. Images by Bruno Dayan
  12. 12. Image by Phil Poynter
  13. 13. Image by Kevin Mackintosh
  14. 14. Images by Bruno Dayan
  15. 15. Images by Kevin Mackintosh
  16. 16. Images by Eric Frideen
  17. 17. Image by Kevin Mackintosh
  18. 18. Image by Phil Poynter
  19. 19. What is Editorial? • Editorial is concerned with a theme • It can be supported by text to tell the story • But it has to have a strong narrative structure, regardless of whether or not text is relevant • Sometimes Reportage (stories of public interest) are presented in an editorial format • Editorial formats include: printed magazine an e-zine or online blog format
  20. 20. Reportage story appearing in editorial feature about Japans Fukushima Tsunami
  21. 21. Another example of reportage in an editorial format: Kulture Magazine
  22. 22. Kulture Magazine: editorial feature about bulldozing of illegal immigrants camp in Spain, reportage public interest story in magazine format
  23. 23. What about Commercial? • Commercial is all about selling the product • Convincing the viewer that they can’t live without that particular item • Persuading the audience to go out and purchase that must have product
  24. 24. Images by Rory Lewis
  25. 25. Images by Rory Lewis
  26. 26. Genre cross - over • • • • Fashion Editorials are evident in magazines But the images have to link to tell a story The narrative has to flow and be clear Some commercial products are disguised to appear in editorial pieces as a way of sub consciously persuading the viewer to purchase an item, usually supported by text, this is what the industry label an advertorial
  27. 27. Ford SMAX advertorial
  28. 28. Feature Editorials • Images to accompany text • Typically found in Lifestyle and Sunday Supplement Magazines
  29. 29. Jana Cruders’ work successfully mixes commercial with fashion and fashion with editorial, producing stylized and sometimes quirky visual narratives
  30. 30. Task 1. Research each area (sub-genre) covered in today's presentation. Take a screen grab or page rip and annotate to show your understanding of why it is that particular area – use this to choose as below 2. Choose an area to work within for the project (fashion/commercial etc) 3. Choose a publication within that area as a key media (which your research, test shoots, development, finals etc will all be based on) 4. Begin researching this area/publication via screen grabs of relevant web sites and page rips of magazines