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  • 1. Open new doc and make it A4 sizes (or A3 landscape if a double-page spread
  • 2. File>Place (browse for an image – portrait is easiest to work with so bear in mind when shooting)
  • 3. Move image around, resize (hold down shift to keep proportions) and click enter when ready. Notice the layers
  • 4. Select the Type tool from the toolbar (you can select vertical if you wish)
  • 5. Choose your font. This must be appropriate for your style of publication and you should only use a maximum of three per page/design. Use the move tool (V) to move anywhere you want. Click back on the text icon in the tool bar to reselect and edit
  • 6. Download a barcode from the internet (you can find transparent ones meaning only the black bars are visible. Place the barcode in a suitable spot, hit enter (remember to resize with shift key)
  • 7. Add a shape (from the toolbar) if you wish. This can be a banner or splash on which text etc is placed
  • 8. Change the colour by clicking into the colour box on the top options bar (this works for text too). Select what you want (as appropriate to your design) and click ok
  • 9. You can move your layer order around. Here I moved the ‘A Helmut Newton Special’ on top of my black banner so the text can be seen