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Explain everything


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A brief description of how the iPad application Explain Everything can be used in the class.

A brief description of how the iPad application Explain Everything can be used in the class.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Presented by Sarah Guite
  • 2.  How to create and share videos Ideas to get students using ExplainEverything
  • 3.  Flip the classroom, or simply use material asa resource for students Students can access material any time fromYouTube or cloud storage Record your own lessons and publish forstudents to view later on
  • 4.  Plan, create and share ideas Capture images and video and use in ExplainEverything For English, as a tool to improve literacy:students can upload a reading passage andrecord themselves reading, using the pointerfeature
  • 5.  Explain Everything connects to cloud storage.Using the gear iconin the top right ofthe home screen,select “accounts”and switch on theaccounts that youwould like toconnect to ExplainEverything.
  • 6. From the homescreen, use the “+”icon (on the far left) toopen a blank projectUse the “+” iconsecond to the left toopen a pre-existingfile or image fromcloud storage.
  • 7. - Hover over colours to change- Move elements on the screen- Add new slides- Draw- Add Shapes- Add text- Add photos, images, movies from photo roll or cloud- Tap an element, then tap “x” to delete it- Undo- Minimize the formatting toolbarHover over slide counter to reveal slides, movethem around or delete them
  • 8. Recordwith thered button.If there isan error,individualslides canbe re-recorded
  • 9. Save projectfiles to returnto your work.Use audio andexplain byannotatingandmanipulatingimages.Compress andexport videos.
  • 10. Video can beexported to cameraroll, Youtube, Box,Dropbox, and othercloud storage areas.
  • 11.  Set up a shared class Box folder for students tosave their videos. Make sure students have editaccess! Use Creative Commons images, or have studentstake their own photos. For teacher-created videos, start from aPowerpoint, so that you can later use the slidesin other applications (Nearpod, for example). Import Explain Everything videos into iMovie tocreate mashups with other videos and music.
  • 12.  Showcase of Explain Everything Videos Explain Everything Videos that Explain howOther Teachers Use Explain Everything Explain Everything 2.0 Updates Explain Everything A Connected CreativityApp