Weird Myths In Business

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Weird things we accept in our everyday corporate lives.

Weird things we accept in our everyday corporate lives.

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  • 1. WE i RD MYTHS WE BELIEVE in B U S I N E S S Steve Greene,
  • 2. The boss has the best ideas
  • 3. Get everything started now so it looks like we’re making progress
  • 4. Everything is priority 1
  • 5. My staff can’t make a good decision
  • 6. Leadership only comes from the top
  • 7. “ The driver” is the only effective leadership style
  • 8. It’s better to motivate rather than inspire
  • 9. Individual utilization is more important than team effectiveness
  • 10. It must be right the first time
  • 11. Ambiguity must be eliminated before we start
  • 12. We can predict and commit to what we’ll build this year
  • 13. The truth is dangerous
  • 14. My title reflects my credibility
  • 15. More due diligence will give me the answer I want
  • 16. Bad news is our enemy
  • 17. The project is 90% complete
  • 18. It’s all about me
  • 19. My staff is focused on my career advancement
  • 20. The job of my staff is to deliver work for me
  • 21. Centralized control is the key to enterprise scale
  • 22. Change can only happen incrementally
  • 23. The process should guarantee that I will not fail
  • 24. Specialization will lead to more productivity
  • 25. If we predict the future we can be predictable
  • 26. More precision in my estimates will make them more accurate
  • 27. Talent doesn’t matter. The process will fix it
  • 28. I can’t trust my staff to manage a budget
  • 29. Performance reviews matter
  • 30. My staff must be 110% utilized
  • 31. Increased pressure on my staff will drive productivity
  • 32. We can’t do that because it’s not part of the plan
  • 33. Stick to the plan even though the world has changed
  • 34. If I don’t check my blackberry the world will fall apart
  • 35. If we let our Talent make decisions they’ll spin out of control
  • 36. Radical Transparency will diminish my power
  • 37. Loyalty is more important than competence
  • 38. Creativity doesn’t scale
  • 39. There is no room for failure
  • 40. There’s no need in business to focus on humanity
  • 41. got more?
  • 42. Think about it.