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Salesforce University Recruiting
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Salesforce University Recruiting


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  • 1. UNIVERSITY R E C R U I T TALENT B R A N D | E N G A G E | C L O S E Steve Greene How to find and sell smart, creative and productive technical talent at America’s top Engineering schools
  • 2. University Recruiting Goals
    • Hire the best and brightest from the top Technology schools in the U.S.
    • Build an internship program that provides strategic & tactical value and provides a farm team for Full-time employment
    • Provide visibility at key universities to (business model, technologies, industry leadership, etc.)
    • Promote Salesforce as the best place to work on Earth!
  • 3. Recruiting Credo
    • Recruiting is an imperative for our success
    • We hire only the best and brightest – we maintain our high standard as we scale
    • We always create a positive impression of Salesforce with every candidate and the community
    • We always respect the candidates as we respect each other
    • We are honest and straight-forward with candidates
    • We always sell Salesforce
    • We value talent over experience
  • 4. Recruiting Credo (continued)
    • Interviews are coordinated and efficient - each person has a specific role and skills to assess in the interview
    • We are always prepared for an interview
    • We don’t waste the time of our candidates by asking the same questions over and over again
    • We do whatever we can to accommodate interviewing
    • We look for the best in each candidate
  • 5.
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
    • CalPoly San Luis Obispo
    • San Jose State University
    • UC Cal Berkeley
    • Cal State, East Bay
    • Stanford University
    Target Schools
  • 6. Recruiting Process
    • On-campus Career Fair
      • Interview right after Career Fair
    • Advertise through University Career Posting
      • Review resumes
    • On-campus interviews
    • On-site interviews
    • Offers
    • Selling
  • 7. On-campus Career Fair
    • Takes place…well…on campus
    • Sept-Oct & Jan-Feb
    • Many of our competitors are present
    • 3-5 people from SFDC should attend
    • Big SFDC marketing opportunity
      • Lots of collateral and “give-aways” to sell the company
    • Many don’t know SFDC – explain who we are
    • We are looking for Graduates & Interns – undergrad and grad students
  • 8. On-campus Career Fair
    • Briefly interview on the floor – rank & rate
      • At the end of the day we rank all candidates and determine who we want to interview on-campus in the coming weeks
    • Hot candidates get a full interview on-campus
      • Determine if we should bring candidate back to SF for full round
    • Every candidate should have a good experience with us
      • Sell them on Salesforce (business model, SF location, high-growth, cool technology, QE)
      • Ask them what they’re interested in
      • Educate students on Dev, QA, Systest, EngSvcs, DevSvcs (most students know little or nothing about non-Dev)
      • Make everyone feel like they have an opportunity with Salesforce
    • We sell all positions in all functions in all locations
  • 9. Advertise - University Career Posting
    • We advertise prior to the career fair
    • All candidates must post resume to a specific job advertised (even if they submitted resume at Career Fair)
    • Many of our best candidates did not come to the career fair
    • Deadline to submit – usually 1 week prior to on-campus interviews
    • We review and decide who we want to talk to on-campus
    • Students are invited to signup for a time slot for a specific position
    • Some students don’t respond, some students show up on the day of the on-campus recruiting
  • 10. On-campus interviews
    • Usually Takes place several weeks after the Career Fair
    • Dedicated rooms for each position
    • 45 minute interviews / mostly paired
    • T-shirt giveaway
    • Some hybrid candidates: Development / QE
  • 11. On-campus interviews
    • Determine technical competence, passion / desire, teamwork skills, career objectives
    • Sell
    • Due to limited space you may choose to interview candidates outside of the pre-determined room
  • 12. On-campus interviews Guidelines
    • Introductions and interview agenda
    • Warm-up & Background Questions (what’s your major, student organizations or clubs, what’s your favorite class & why)
    • Technical Interview (mix of Java coding and testing questions)
      • Warmup Technical questions
      • Harder Technical questions
      • Hardest Technical questions
    • One/Two behavioral questions (i.e. what was the most challenging problem you faced in college, how did you handle it, etc.)
    • Time for them to ask questions
    • Sell (Great Culture (great benefits, 1-1-1-1, agile, yoga, Club One, free snacks/beverages), Interesting Space (on-demand industry, Apex,, Great/Smart People, Downtown SF with a view of the water)
    • Wrap-up (next step in process will be final rounds in SFDC and we will notify you within 1 week, if you have any questions contact Danette, etc)
  • 13. Candidates on-site in San Francisco
    • Interview on-site with a pre-defined team of paired interviewers (usually 3 sets)
    • All candidates will get a programming test
    • We do a standard debrief on all candidates
    • All candidates will go on a “site seeing event”
    • Interview is followed by dinner that evening with all students interviewees
    • We don’t walk any candidate who has come on-site for an interview
    • Keep in mind these are students with talent and little or no experience – questions should focus on their talent
    • Interview standards relative to their education level
  • 14. How’d we do last year? 31 hires, 16 interns 16 Interns 31 Full time employees # Hires Source 4 UIUC 5 Cal Berkeley 6 Cal Poly 16 CMU # Hires University
  • 15. Resources on the Wiki
    • http://
    • Useful resources for University Recruiting
      • College Interview Structure - for Interviewing on-site at the University
      • College Interview Tips
      • General College Interview Questions
      • Specific QA College Interview Questions