Exam 2 Take Home


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Exam 2 Take Home

  1. 1. Standard 5.4.4 Monday What Have a class discussion to see what the students already know about the subject. (communication)(Intrapersonal) Have the students make inferences on what the others in the class are saying. (inferences) Have the students write a paper over what animal they would want to be and why. (language Arts)(interpersonal) What is the objective The objective of the day is to see what the students already know about the topic. TSWBAT The students will be able to hold a class discussion on a topic that has just been introduced to them and also start on a short paper that they will develop over a week’s time. Tuesday What The students will be given a list of animals and arrange them into different groups in which they think that they belong. (ocean, forest, desert, etc.) (predict) After the chart is complete students will work as a group to look to see if their predictions on the animals were correct. (classify) When all the animals have been properly placed in the correct group we will see what percentage the students got right to start out with. (measure)(Logical Math)(math) What is the objective The students will learn that sometimes things cannot be judged on first appearances. Sometimes we need to get to know the subject (animal) a little bit better before we can actually classify them into a certain group. TSWBAT The students will be able to look up information in their textbooks and other materials given to them to research certain topics that the teacher assigns. Wednesday
  2. 2. What To introduce today’s lesson I would have to students spell out the vocabulary words to music using their bodies. So as a class they would have to work together to spell the words. Continent, Climate, Habitat, Predator, and Prey. (bodily kinestic) (musical)(visual spatial) http://www.sciencenetlinks.com/lessons.php?DocID=232 For this lesson the students talk about possibly observe animals and the environments that they live in. In the end they predict what other environments could that animal possibly live in. (observe)(naturalistic) The students will work a crossword puzzle and word search that contains this week’s vocabulary so far. We could include the standard 5.4.5 on this day. What is the objective The objective is that the students will actually get to see some animals in their natural habitat and maybe predict what other habitats that they could possibly live in. Students can understand that it is possible for animals to get along in other environments but not all environments. TSWBAT The students will be able to better understand animals environments and how to predict where they could possibly live if they were forced to move out of where they are living now. Thursday What http://www.indianastandardsresources.org/files/sci/sci_5_4_environment.pdf For this activity I think that it would be a fun activity to have the students create each of these environments in the classroom if at all possible, but if not possible then the teacher could ask the students to draw pictures of each. (linguistic) After each environment has been created the students could use the paper that they have been working on little by little all week and take that animal. They would have to go to the group that they are supposed to be in, this would give the other students in the class an idea of what the other students favorite animal is and what animals that they are going to the about tomorrow in the speeches. (bodily kinestic) What is the objective Students can work with one another to create a proper design to represent their environment. Also students can correctly identify what group that their animal belongs in after almost a week of doing research on their animals.
  3. 3. TSWBAT The students will be able to correctly represent the environments that we have been learning about all week and the animals that they have been learning about all week. Friday What The students will spend the entire science period in the computer lab working on their paper researching their animals. They will need to know what environment that they live in, what kind of food that they eat, what continent that they are found on if any, they will need to be able to describe what the animal looks like, and any information that they feel is important about their animal. (linguistic) (technology) What is the objective The students will learn how to do research and properly write a paper following the criteria given to them by the teacher. The students will also learn the difference between a reliable resource and a resource that is not so reliable. TSWBAT The students will be able to write a research paper using forms of technology and following a certain criteria that is given to them. The teacher will grade all the papers and the presentations that the students give on their animals.