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Library in their pocket


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Whys and Hows of various mobile applications in libraries.

Whys and Hows of various mobile applications in libraries.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Extra step to access – patrons have to go to app store and download
  • Transcript

    • 1. Library in their PocketUsing Technology to Meet Patrons Halfway Presented by: Sarah Glassmeyer, JD MLS Director of Content Development Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)
    • 2. Agenda• What is mobile tech? – Considerations• WordPress Basics – Plugins/Widgets – Themes• QR Codes• eBooks, eReaders, ePatrons?
    • 3. Notes• Not a CALI sales pitch• Arthur C. Clarke magic• Glassmeyer Theory of Library Tech – Cheap – Easy – Patrons will actually use it • Stuff they’re already using • Stuff they *should* be using
    • 4. Mobile Tech
    • 5. The Stats Slide• One mobile device for ever person on earth by 2015• More people use phones to go online than PCs by 2013• 71% expect mobile site to work as fast as desktop• 23% of adults have cursed at their phone when the mobile site doesn’t work Source:
    • 6. Mobile Considerations• Size• Operating system – Be system agnostic – Flash• Play to their strengths – Cameras – Pre-made apps – Ubiquitous-ness – Easy
    • 7. To App or Not to App?• Short answer: Nope.• The case against apps: – Lots of development time/money – Extra step to access – Not system agnostic – Rarely an advantage use wise – Maintenance of changes
    • 8. App Alternatives• Mobile friendly sites• QR Codes• eBooks
    • 9. Mobile Friendly sites• Keep it quick• Simple navigation• Thumb friendly• Visibility• Mobile redirect (if possible – link okay)• Not sure?
    • 10. Mobile Test Example
    • 11. Mobile Test, 2
    • 12. Mobile Test, 3
    • 13. Q. What if your site is NOT mobile friendly? A. Make one.
    • 14. Wordpress• Blogging platform• Hosted or Self hosted – – – MU (your institution or CALI classcaster• Open Source• Plugins
    • 15. Plugins/Widgets • ~19,000 Plugins • • Uses – Add functionality with press of button – change look – change entire site(Themes also do some of the above but are more appearance based.)
    • 16. Wordpress Uses• Library Website• Research Guide(LibGuides)• Course webpage (TWEN/Blackboard)• Other type of website• Blog• Podcast Host All of these will be mobile friendly!
    • 17. Wordpress in Action!
    • 18. Wordpress, 2
    • 19. Wordpress Basic Start
    • 20. Dashboard
    • 21. Themes
    • 22. PluginsOnly for self-hosted or Wordpress MU wordpress sites. Otherwise use widgets.
    • 23. WidgetsFunctionality as well as page layout
    • 24. Adding Content
    • 25. Ta-da!
    • 26. Make it Mobile!
    • 27. Mobile Site
    • 28. PART THREE Q. We know what mobile means and howto make a mobile friendly website. How do we get it from the web onto their device? A. QR Codes
    • 29. QR Codes• Quick Response Code• Free to make, Free to decipher• Bar code on steroids – URL – App in app store – Contact information – Phone number
    • 30. QR Codes, 21. What do you want QR code to point to?2. Create QR Code3. Release into wild4. Patrons scan them
    • 31. Creating QR Codes
    • 32. Creating QR Codes, 2
    • 33. Suggested Uses Library Tours Research guidesPut on book dummyand link to electronicversion Business cards, office doors, library doors
    • 34. Suggested Uses, 2Patron Surveys
    • 35. PART FOUReBooks, eReaders, e-cetera
    • 36. eBooks• Why eBooks? – Easier to read on mobile than PDF or Word• What are eBooks? – 2 Standards – ePub and .mobi(Kindle) – Mini-website• What about iBooks? – Forget it. Just another app.
    • 37. How to Make eBooks• Full instruction (with pictures!) on my website: (Making eBooks for Fun and No Profit) – Free software • Open Office Writer to ePub extension • Calibre • SIGIL – Word -> Open Office Doc -> Save as ePub ->Edit in SIGIL - >transform to .mobi in Calibre• Alternatively, wordpress plugins
    • 38. Suggested Uses• Anything you put on website in word or PDF• Anything in the public domain – Statutory supplements• Law reviews/in House publication
    • 39. Thank you!Questions?
    • 40. Image Credits••••••••••