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MammothDB is the first inexpensive enterprise analytics database, offered in the cloud or on-premises.

It's pointless to have big, or even medium sized data, if you don't have the ability to easily use and understand that data. We're making enterprise analytics accessible to every company in the world, particularly the under-served 88% of global companies that don't have enterprise analytics/business intelligence today.

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Mammothdb - Public VC Pitchdeck!

  2. 2. inexpensive analytics MammothDB replaces Oracle and Teradata for analytics solutions starting now, there’s no reason to use expensive databases for enterprise analytics
  3. 3. 3 team: analytics experts alex aldev angel mitev co-founder: COO & BI steve keil co-founder: CEO & sales /01 /02 /03 • architect of DHL’s global Business Intelligence solution, which is still in use; • DWH and analytics guru (including ETL, DB, Cubes, Reporting) for global 2000 firms over 10 years; • previous companies include DHL, SBB (Swiss Rail), Cabletel • 4x entrepreneur, last exit – the sale of Sciant to VMware (VMW) in 2008; 12+ years sales & marketing industry experience; • speaker and promoter: featured on • 3x entrepreneur (co-founder of Sciant & Scaletools), including exit to VMW; • BI subject matter expert, over 12 years experience in the field; • program management for BI projects at SBB, Siemens, and DHL co-founder: CTO & BI
  4. 4. 4 the problems we solve WHAT’S THE POINT OF STORING BIG DATA… IF WE CAN’T AFFORD TO EASILY USE IT ?!? /01 /02 /03  DWH & analytics solutions are ridiculously expensive, especially when you have big or enterprise data modern NoSQL solutions are both slow & difficult for the business person to use. Oh, did we mention… they’re also expensive? this means most companies simply can’t afford to gain insight from their data!
  5. 5. the mammothdb solution GET: 1. LIGHTNING FAST QUERIES – 1-2 seconds fast 2. SQL NATIVE – use the reporting tool you want 3. FLEXIBILITY – on-premises or cloud solutions 4. INEXPENSIVE ANALYTICS – DWH for 10x less a. LINEAR COST SCALABLE – big data, less price 5 /01 /02  make it fast & easy to use, with MammothDB; including our interactive engine & query re-writer (SQL native & accepts standard schemas) start with hadoop, the leading platform for big data, and an amazing parallel processing engine - use only parts of it
  6. 6. 6 value: business users ♥ us MAMMOTHDB DELIVERS INTERACTIVE QUERY TIMES (1-2 seconds) mammothdb enables users to start analyzing quickly by: • using standard data schemas, and • industry standard reporting tools they already have and use! /03 /01 /02 business users definitely don’t want to learn SQL-like programming languages. We are SQL-native! business users don’t wait hours, or even minutes, to get reports: they want them fast!
  7. 7. 7 MammothDB value: lowering total cost  VALUE PREVENTION   VALUE CREATION  VS. NEW WAY + = + = OLD WAY inexpensive Hadoop nodes expensive servers & backup hardware expensive database expensive – $500K & more, just for software and hardware inexpensive – analytics for 10x less, providing insights, not expenses inexpensive database
  8. 8. beta version completed Q2 2013, and now production version released! milestones & traction   8  /01 /02 /03 /04 /05  Global Logistics Company our first paying customer Top-3 transportation company globally; providing positive feedback & extending our license agreement through 2014 signed Global Media Company – Our next paid customer! Top-3 global media company; new agreement to analyze social media data across multiple channels. channel partners – signing our first three channel partners EU innovation award winner MammothDB chosen among the top innovative startup technology companies in Europe, and awarded a €175,000 innovation grant
  9. 9. (IDC) the business analytics software market grew by 14% in 2011, and will reach $50.7 billion in 2016, all driven by the focus on complicated and big data. data is getting bigger, and harder! 9 MARKET SIZE ADOPTION RATE market size & focus DISRUPTIVE VISION the enterprise analytics adoption rate is as low as 10% of the market, meaning high costs are a massive barrier to entry! /01 /02 /03 we believe that to disrupt an existing market, a 10x or greater cost savings is needed. our vision is to tackle the 90% existing market, and enable the entire world to gain wisdom from their data. We focus on the under-served medium to large sized companies (100M+ revenue) that can’t afford today’s enterprise analytics solutions.
  10. 10. • HADAPT (~17M) • IMPALA/CLOUDERA (~141M) • PLATFORA (~27M) • JEHTRODB (~4.5M) • SPLICE MACHINE (~19M) competitor snapshot 10 ORACLE-EXADATA MICROSOFT-PDW TERADATA-ASTERDATA EMC-GREENPLUM IBM- NETEZZA HP-VERTICA ESTABLISHED PLAYERS SOME NEW STARTUPS we view the old traditional plays as our real competition… there’s a lot of new “big data” companies, but most of them aren’t designed for analytics – they focus on “big data,” & aren’t interactive, or effective, for the real business world. they are also terribly capital inefficient.
  11. 11. 11 /01 /02 /03 /04 5 reasons why we’ll win our technology approach is the future of analytics: (next slide please)/05 we’re focusing on real business problems, • where customers and prospects experience a lot of pain, not on the hype of “big data.” business users are the target, who have specific problems over mid sized and tough data. that’s the real pain, and the real market. capital efficient operations and development, • we do a lot with a little, reaching beta while being self-funded, and our production ready system is on par with our competitors! we’re disrupting the existing business analytics market, • rather than creating a new, limited market of “big data” companies. few companies really have very big data: most have “tough” data to analyze, of less than 1 TB. we focus on real problems, not the “big data” tiny market. SaaS and On Premises at a low cost price-point: • we’re the only viable low cost enterprise analytics alternative on the market – all our competitors are striking price points similar to enterprise versions of Oracle, Teradata, or Vertica implementations. why would a company pay the same money for an untested new kid on the block?
  12. 12. 12 /A /B MammothDB: pre-structured data stored and processed by optimized data engines, on each Hadoop node! VS. = wasteful use of CPU/network, and inefficient for analytics = amazing efficiency and speed MDB: future of data analytics SQL-over hadoop competitors: unstructured data stored on the file system, processed at query time:
  13. 13. warning: the next slide is geeky and full of text, but does explain the evolution (and devolution) of analytics, and how we feel MammothDB is different
  14. 14. evolution of data analytics MAINFRAME SQL DATA WAREHOUSING HADOOP SQL-OVER HADOOP MAMMOTHDB • one big server • transactions & analytics on the same box • only programmers can run reports • batch processing, very slow • one big server • transactions & analytics on the same box • batch processing, very slow • finally, an easier interface for writing queries (SQL)! • two servers! • transactions & analytics on different boxes! • interactive processing! • an easier interface for writing queries (SQL)! • horribly expensive  • many small servers (clustering) • transactions & analytics on the same box • only programmers can run reports • batch processing, very slow • many small servers (clustering) • transactions & analytics on the same box • clumsy processing, fairly slow • finally, an easier interface for writing queries (SQL)! • many small servers (clustering) • transactions & analytics on different boxes! • interactive processing! • an easier interface for writing queries (SQL)! • awesomely inexpensive 
  15. 15. ON PREMESISSaaS: ENTERPRISESaaS: SMB monthly subscription • smaller data sets • prototyping • quick solutions • freemium model • annual contracts • ad-hoc & hourly monthly subscription • larger data sets • custom solutions • enterprise integrations • paid, w/support license fees & free • traditional enterprise • big data requirements • on-site security policies • complex integration needs revenue models PAID SUPPORT • consulting • customization • “health” checks • implementations PROFESSIONAL SERVICES • one & two day trainings, plus • half day workshops TRAINING + +
  16. 16. 16 /01 /02 /03 go-to-market approach channels & partnerships – creating partnerships with consulting companies, integrators, hardware firms, and software companies (e.g. reporting and ETL tools)in order to really scale freemium – fulfilling our promise of low-cost, helping customers start free, then grow smoothly into our subscription or on-premises plans direct sales – Our first customers are made through direct sales in our network. we’re expanding into new areas(e.g. telecoms & banking), and our pipeline is growing Disrupting the sales cycle : Anyone who tells you that enterprise analytics has a “short” sales cycle is flat-out lying. It’s never been short, because prices are high, and therefore risk is high. Until now – we’ve seen a 3x reduction in sales cycle time!
  17. 17. data size + complexity cost millions  cheap  small / easy medium (100’s GB) big / complex (TB’s) huge analytics DB position: today
  18. 18. analytics DB position: tomorrow data size + complexity cost millions  cheap  small / easy medium (100’s GB) big / complex (TB’s) huge
  19. 19. summary: key disruptions native SQL-compliant database: • providing seamless integration with existing reporting tools & data schemas. this is what the market wants: business users like SQL, and they like one of the already existing 1,000+ reporting tools. 19 /01 /02 MammothDB is fast & scalable: • sub-second  second query responses over tough data. inexpensive analytics means more companies gain insight: • we’re the low cost airline carrier. we get you there, cheaper. maybe not as glamorous as a premium carrier, but now it means more people can fly. /03 /04 MammothDB is disrupting the real/existing market: • we focus on the *actual* market – enterprise data! the dirty secret out there is that most people struggle with 100’s of GB of enterprise data – and we’ll help them do that!
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