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Product Portfolio



witel pte ltd\'s product portfolio.

witel pte ltd\'s product portfolio.



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    Product Portfolio Product Portfolio Presentation Transcript

      Jimmy M. Jigmo
    • Desktop Messaging
    • Mobispine
      • Swedish based VAS company , HQ in Stockholm
      • World leader in Enterprise Desktop Messaging solutions
      • Global presence: sales offices in Europe, US&LATAM, Middle East, APAC
      • 25 leading Mobile Operators as customers: Vodafone, Orange, Mobistar, TeliaSonera, Tele2, Netcom, MTS, Tata, Telefonica O2, Telenor and more
    • Business Drivers
      • Desktop Messaging is a proven mission critical solution for Enterprise Customers and their day-to-day business activities
      • The DM solution addresses Enterprises from various sectors: banking, transportation, healthcare, insurance, BPO, IT, public sector, auto industry
      • Allows Enterprises to reach workforces, customers and partners via SMS and MMS
      • Operators are able to win more Enterprise accounts and strengthen the existing ones with a convenient, cost-effective and relevant messaging service for their businesses
      • Integrated experience across handsets and Mobile Broadband (using a recognizable phone number)
    • Very intuitive user interface
      Version No: 12345 / Status: Live
    • New features
      • Composer
      • Send email as well as SMS, all from one window
      • Easy MMS composer (optional)
      • Contacts
      • Access all sources of contacts - Outlook, Windows, Mac
      • Easy importing of contacts from Excel and CSV files
      • Option to integrate with online handset contacts sync servers
      • Visual display of contacts alongside the composer window
      • ‘Recent Activity’ window automatically generates a list of favourite contacts
      • Group messaging – create groups in the client
      • Messages
      • ‘Speech bubble’ conversational history of messages sent and received
      • ‘Recent Activity’ view of the last SMS sent or received for each contact
    • SMS from Microsoft Outlook
      Includes access to Outlook Address Book
      use contacts, groups and distribution lists
      Sending SMS&MMS
      Message Scheduling
      schedule SMS&MMS to be sent
      SMS Calendar reminders
      Signatures and Message Templates
      Reply-to-Inbox function
      Allows sending long messages
      Works on Outlook 2003 up to 2010
    • Microsoft Outlook - Example features
      SMS reply is delivered into the user’s Outlook inbox
      Schedule SMS delivery
      SMS ‘signatures’ and ‘templates’
      SMS reminders of calendar events
    • SMS Solution for iPad
      The application includes:
      • the ability to read the iPad contacts,
      • send long messages with concatenated SMS,
      • see a message history and delivery status,
      • access images from a user’s image gallery to compose an MMS
      • record audio to add to an MMS.
    • Enterprise API
      The Mobispine API enables 3rd party enterprises and developers to create applications that send and receive mobile messages through the Operator network
      For Enterprises and Developers:
      flexibility in how they send messages; no longer tied to just the Mobispine clients
      a specially designed API
      a dedicated web portal with support tools, code samples and documentation
      self-service registration
      simple sign-up and payment through their existing handset contract
      For the Operators:
      a valuable enterprise tool and a way to capture the long-tail of messaging apps
      a ready to launch package of support tools and services
      control without overhead: set terms, conditions and policies for accounts
    • Enterprise API - Architecture
      (& MMS-C)
      New 3rd party clients
      Existing Mobispine clients
      Mobispine Messaging Platform
    • Professional Services
    • Branding services
      • Client is fully Operator brandable
    • Mobile Broadband solution
      • Ability to deploy with Mobile Broadband dongles
      • Ability to integrate with ‘Connection Managers’
      • Ability to upgrade many devices in the field
      • Create additional messaging revenues
      • Ability to charge separate tariffs
      • Unified user experience
      • Allow sending from a handset number
      • Additional services
      • Add MMS
      • Access desktop contacts
    • 2 way SMS
      Mobispine MMP
      Mobispine MMP
      • Mobispine’s ‘Reply-to-Inbox’ solution enables 2-way SMS
    • Integration services: Network Address Book
      • The Mobispine Desktop client can be connected to an online contacts sync service/network address book
      • Enables access to handset address book as well desktop address books (Outlook, Windows etc)
      • Provides a unique opportunity for Operators to unify both mobile and desktop contacts in one branded app
    • Integration services: Voicemail
      • Notification of new voicemail on your PC
      • Based on copy-forward of voice messages from voicemail system
      • Ability to play, forward, delete voicemails
      • Ability to reply by SMS
      • or VOIP call
    • Integration services: Message archives
      • Message history can be a view on to a Network Message Archive
      • View all messages sent and received from the handset as well as the desktop
      • Copy-Forward from SMS-C and MMS-C
      • Other message types such as Voicemail to produce a unified inbox
      • Control the delivery destinations
      • Phone, desktop, additional phone numbers, copy to email addresses etc
      • One number, two screens
    • Integration services: Personalisation rules
      • Easy to use graphical interface for message personalisation systems
      • Intuitive way to set complex copy/divert/block rules
      • Auto-Reply/Out of office
      • Black lists
      • Set rules per contact
      • Set rules for time periods
      • Controls message sending and receiving for the handset as well as the desktop
    • Desktop Messaging Architecture
    • Desktop Messaging - Enterprise Use Cases
    • Desktop Messaging - Enterprise Use Cases
    • Relevant Enterprise messaging service
      Operators are able to win more Enterprise accounts
      Operators are able to strengthen the existing Business accounts with a convenient, cost-effective and relevant messaging service for their businesses
      Service increases traffic with extra up to 200 SMS/user/month
      Secures more revenue from core services
      Sits to be a milestone product against competition
      Boosts usage of MMS
      Version No: 12345 / Status: Live
      © 2010 Acision BV. All rights reserved.
      Desktop Messaging - Operator benefits
    • Mobile broadband
    • Benefit:- With Birdstep Easy Connect any vendors devices can be supported enabling operator to optimize choice of vendor.
      --> Potentially lower CAPEX as choice of device vendor can be optimized
      --> Potentially lower OPEX as one single software regardless of device vendor or device model
      Device Independency
      • User Interface - simple intuitive, potentially less calls to customer care
      Benefit:- Intuitive skin – easiness, only press connect button- Lots of work put into intelligent communication with end user during installation and while using the client--> Potentially less customer calls which lowers OPEX
      • Always best connected, seamless connectivity for different network technologies gives rich end-user experience and potentially offload from Cellular networks
      User Interface
      • Roaming Alert! – Roaming alert before being connected. Roaming alert!- Roaming price indication before connection- Price list contains roaming partner and pricelist which is preinstalled- Price list can be remotely updated - Log can be used to trace users roaming connections- Accumulated roaming cost is shown in the system tray
      Benefits:- Increasing customer awareness of roaming cost - Pre-warning in order to avoid “shock bills” - Accumulated cost will every now and then pop-up and make end-user aware of there is a premium cost associated with roaming
      Roaming Alert!
      • Marketing window – Click on link, redirected to Birdstep homepage. Targeted messages, eg. VIP customers getting one message based on IMSI ranges.Marketing window for communicating with end-user and increase their loyalty and brand awareness
      • - Can be used for up-sell, cross-sell, survey- Targeted messages: VIP customer, Consumers, Business have different messages- The messages are created and distributed by operator using DMS- Every time a customer connect, BEC will check with DMS whether there is a new message or not.
      Birdstep benefits:- Strong brand positioning possibility- Could increase ARPU by using commercial messages to end-users- Targeted messages will increase the value of the marketing window/message
      Marketing window
      • Operator SMS – Sending SMS with PoP up window. Templates or Show text in the UI. Based on short number
      • Create pop-up templates for different purposes:
      • Predefined graphical templates where the original text of the SMS, including clickable http-links, is presented
      • Templates with both pre-defined text, links and graphics
      • Present different messages depending on originating number
      • Use SMS as a direct operator channel to give individual information to the end-user
      • Examples of Usage areas: Data usage, Billing status, Welcome messages, New offers
      • Possibility for top-up for pre-paid ( a number of pre-paid solutions are possible)
      Operator SMS
      • Usage – separated on national- and roaming traffic
      Benefits:- Gives end-user ability to get usage
      - Gives end-user threshold notification
      • Support & Maintenance window
      • Designed for non commercial messages:- Network problems- General information from operator- Will be shown in main UI
      Benefits:- Another way of communicating with customers.- Operator can be proactive by sending out messages on network
      problems preventing customer calls and lower the OPEX
      Support and Maintenance window
      • Account Tab – Prepaid and self administration
      • Prepaid solution:- Check balance (uses USSD)- Top Up account using a voucher code (code from selfcare portal and/or retail or other channel)
      • Account tab – Selfcare portal - Link to self care portal for self administration and customer communication- Could be linked via operators AAA-system for secure verificatoin of customer and enable “one-click” logon to “my-account” or similar.
      Benefits:- Help end-user to lower OPEX due to self administration for balance check and top up of account . Less calls to customer care for balance check/top-up.
      Account tab
      • Applications
      • Operator may choose to have clickable icons that launches applications and/or redirect customers to predefined web sites.
      • Video
      • Uses standard video format, e.g use high definition video form YouTube or have operator producing video that can have information on services or products. Also can include:
      - getting started guide, help videos, animated videos for troubleshooting
      Gives operator a way of informing/communicating with end-user using video and sound in order
      to have marketing messages to increase ARPU and/or troubleshooting videos helping customers
      to troubleshoot without contacting customer care.
      Application & Video tab
    • Benefits:
      In the next release of the Bec 3.x client there will be an
      integrated diagnostic and self-repair tool which gives
      an enhanced end user experience and gives the Operator
      a better understanding and control of fault scenarios.
      --> Potentially less customer calls which lowers OPEX
      Diagnostics and Self-repair tool
    • Mobile email
    • Momail is mobile mail for everyone:
      • The easiest mobile email application to start and to use
      • The most cost-effective mobile email
      • Any Digital Content to be sent to the mobile
      • Minimizes the Data Bandwidth usage
      • Zero Logon Technology
      • Digital Content Delivery platform
      • Momail is the idea of 3G Mobile Communication after Voice and SMS and can increase ARPU easily
      • Momail Service is easy to integrate with Mail System, Internet ASP Services and with a low investment. BEST Mobile Solution with high ROI.
      • Mobile email is the “Golden Key” to open the Mobile Data Services opportunity
      • Simple is the BEST. Momail is a mobile solution with very easiest provisioning and activation, smartest functionality and the lowest TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership ) in the Mobile Solution Services Market
      Momail Proposition
    • TCP Connectivity for Connectors:
      Connector opens a TCP connection (143 or 2525) directly to the ID Relay Server and authenticates against it. The same connection is used to send messages to and from the connector
      Momail ID Relay Server Accessibility:
      ID Relay Server has two public IP addresses and Domain Names.
      One for clients and connectors and the other one for Web UI access.
      Momail Web UI
      MomailTWM Web Server
      GPRS / WCDMA
      MomailID Relay Server
      TCP, port 143, 2525
      Email routing
      Momail ID Relay and Admin Server
      SMTP Connectivity :
      Relay Server has a public email address, which is used to send and receive mails to/from the connectors over the Internet.
      Push Client Connectivity:
      Push Client establishes a TCP connection to Momail ID Relay Server (port 143, 2525) whenever GPRS network is available. This TCP connection is used to deliver data packages to both directions.
      HTTP / HTTPS
      Momail ID Relay Server Role
      • Easy Activation - 3 Step Only
      • Select Momail through “My Services”
      • Directly available if you already have “Jajah” account; if not can create “Jajah” account through Momail “My Services” and binding to Momail account.
      • Making IP Call by sending a mail through Momail. Just send to the mail account “Jajah” and input the telephone number in the mail subject. You can enjoy “Jajah” service on the go.
      • Easy to Use
      • Don’t need to input Jajah account password
      • Making a call just sending a mail
      • Excellent in TCO
      • Low Cost to make a international phone call
      • Stable voice quality and save the phone bill on the go
      • Integrate with most popular Internet services, Social Networks, BLOG update and pictures sharing
      • Yahoo, GMail, MSN
      • Jajah
      More Creative Services and Internet Content
      • Flickr
      • WiKi
      Upload pictures
      Search pictures
      More Creative Services and Internet Content
    • Market leader in device support –
      currently 1,200+ different
      • Cover Features Phones and Smartphone
      • Support 95% of the handsets in the Market
      • Support ”push mail” avialable on the handsets
      • Support all major handsets OS
      • Symbian, Windows, Java, Linux
      • iPhone, Android
      iPhone: Momail Picture Optmization
      28K after Momail Optimization from 2.5MB, Optimize up to 98.88%
      Momail Works on Most Handsets
    • Mobile Message Optimization and Protection Engine (MMOPE)
      • Momail Mobile Content Optimization Patent Technology makes Mobile Data “Come Through”
      • Content (ex pictures) optimization save data transaction and provide the BEST viewing quality on the handset
      • Download to handsets up to 1,000 faster
      • Save up to 1,000 times of mobile data cost
      To:Jimmy Jigmo
      Subject: The Boathouse
      Nice picture! The original is in your web mail at Momail City.
      [Momail STATS]
      Orig.Size: 14003.60 KB
      Opt.Size: 17.79 KB
      [Savings: 98.73%]
    • For CustomersFor Partners
      • Focusing on Consumer and SME Push Mail Market–No need to download Client and Install.
      • TurnKey Solution –No need to invest HW, Maintain Operation and Support.
      • Clientless Push Mail–No1 handsets support in the world, no need to install and maintain client with Push Mail experience.
      • Deploy Fast with Performance–No Need to invest HW to enable Momail Services
      • MMOPE Patent Technology –Momail Services Core Technology to delivery Content with minimum effort in Mobile World.
      • No Integration Effort–Only Provide the SMSC from Operators.
      • No Client – Low local technical support need
      • Easy to Use – No special Client is needed on the phone.
      • Easy to Activate –Only Accept the SMS configuration to your phone to complete the Momail Services Account Activation
      • Support Handsets–Supports more then 1,700 handsets now
      • Super-Inbox–All your personal email can be auto collected through the Momail Super-Inbox( includes Yhaoo!, Gmail, Sohu, Hotmail and ISP Mail )Also support Dynamic Sender function.
      • Ultra Speed and High Performance–Optimize up to 99.9% data transaction. Original files also protected into Server.
      • Garage Mail Protection–Provide World Class IronPort for protection.
      • Low Cost to Enable Momail Services
      • Others–Provide Full Web Mail Functionality
      Momail Unique Features
    • Coming soon
    • Mobile event
    • About MINT
      MINT is a web-based mobile service which makes it easier for event visitors to connect with each other.
      The purpose of MINT is to make it easier for the event visitors to expand their networks and create new business opportunities. This service is a suitable tool for attendees, exhibitors and organizers.
      MINT contains a series of functions that make it easier for the users to engage, meet new people and find their way around large meetings.
      Thanks to MINT, the attendees do not need to carry around papers and laptops. A modern and Internet-enabled cell phone is all it takes to keep track of the relevant information during the event.
      Normally, the attendees get name tags at the beginning of the event and carry them around during the event. Problem is, a name tag does not necessarily contain all the information you need in order to determine if the person in question is someone you might be interested in getting to know.
      MINT has a solution to this problem. With our auto match function, the user can easily find people who are compatible with him or her, based on similarities and differences in their areas of interest. The user can create a personal contact list with like-minded people and even send messages to them. The user can also find people by means of a search function.
      During a large meeting, it is very important to provide the attendees with relevant information. For example, people need to know when and where seminars take place and what value they can expect to derive from the seminars.
      Our mobile service MINT solves this problem in a more elegant way. All the information is accessible through the cellphone - there is no need to carry around papers or computers. The visitor can easily stay updated about the current schedule by using only the cellphone. The entire schedule of the event is accessible in MINT.
      As an attendee, it is not always easy to know where to go during an event. The building can be large and the surroundings are not always familiar.
      Once again, MINT can come to the rescue. If the event organizer so chooses, MINT can display maps that help users find their way around the event. MINT can also contain maps that help the user to find shops, restaurants and local tourist attractions.
    • Mobile security
      • Protection must be placed closeto the assets (servers and/or data)
      • Remote access is no longer different from traditional internal access
      • Mobile access is necessary for road warriors
      • Extensive logging and traceability must
      be easy to add
      • Logging at the gate/firewall doesnot give the right picture
      • With this approach it is possible to control all access from one place
      We need to change
    • Mail
      More mobile users will createholes in the firewall
    • Remote office
      Home workers
      Company Network
      There are no real borders anymore, users move
      from the outside to the inside and vice versa.
      What is a network?
    • Application Layer Firewall
      Mobile & Fixed VPN
      Granular & Role based Access
      End-point Security Control
      All traffic between the user and the AppGate server is
      encrypted and compressed
      With AppGate the difference between inside and outside disappears and the difference between wired, wireless and mobile access becomes managable
      AppGate adds security where it belongs
    • Remote office
      Centralized Secure Infrastructure Architechture
      Remote office
      Mail Cal Intranet
      USB client
      AppGate Security
      Servers Clustered
      3rd Party Service
      = protected by the AppGate Server
      = encrypted traffic
      = direcly connected to the AppGate Server
      Appl. Servers
      = AppGate Endpoint Security
      A Centralised Secure Infrastructure Architecture
    • The user can access with any type of device: PC, Mac, Mobile Phones
      and it works on any transmission: Fixed, Mobile, Wifi.
      Different clients or clientless for different platforms
      The user logs in the same way regardless of platform
      The user is presented with a dynamic portal which shows what is accessible for that user
      AppGate makes it easier for the users
    • Increases the safety of the authentication process
      Intuitive and easy to use, no user training required
      No extra investment
      in hardware
      Easy to set up
      Build in SMS 2-factor authentication
    • Mobile phones have become more ”intelligent”
      With Mobile Data Networks it is now possible to reach almost any type of information on the company network
      The Mobile Access has to be treated the same way as all other access
      It is time to change the Mobile Phone into an Personal Mobile Computer with Mobile VPN
      Secure Access fromMobile Phones
    • With AppGate it is possible to provide secure access to e-mail, calendar sync, intranet access and other applications through Mobile VPN the same way as any other remote access
      This without having to invest in costly 3-party development and infrastructure
      The installation at the mobile device is easy and the user will be up-and-running in less than two minutes
      Mobility with AppGate
    • Client automatically reconnects to the server if the connection is dropped
      AppGate supports seamless roaming between networks and operators Wired Wireless 3G GPRS EDGE
      Time for roaming can be set by the administrator
      All traffic in the VPN tunnel is encrypted and compressed
      Mobile Roaming for lost connections
    • The AppGate Server contains a full Secure Instant Messaging system for corporate use. It handles all the security issues usually associated with Instant Messaging Systems:
      • All communication is encrypted
      • The user is always identified
      • It is possible to send encrypted files
      • Works on devices that supports Java
      Secure Instant Messaging
    • Mobile Office
    • The operator will be able to offer a secure, simple, easy and cost effective solution
      Secure e-mail access, intranet access and calendar/contact synchronization on any smart-phone
      Easy to implement both at the customer and the operator (no changes in the network infrastructure needed)
      Enables desktop-equivalent functionality on a Smartphone
      Secure Mobile Office
    • Technical Partners