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Survey Gizmo Harris Technology Webinar
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Survey Gizmo Harris Technology Webinar


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An overview of how surveys can help your business

An overview of how surveys can help your business

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. THANK HARRIS TECH Gaining Customer Insight Gaining Customer Insight
    • Surveys as a Competitive Weapon 800-513-5133 800-609-6480
  • 2. SurveyGizmo Background
    • Founded in 2006
    • Partners have 30+ years experience in online marketing and customer service
    • 700+ customers
    • 14,000+ users in 100 countries
    • Over 1 million responses collected
    • Based in Boulder, CO
  • 3. Why Surveys?
    • Bain and Co. surveyed 362 firms and found that 80 percent believed they delivered a “superior experience” to their customers.
      • But when they asked customers about their own perceptions, they found that they rated only 8 percent of companies as truly delivering a superior experience.
    • Harvard Business Review: “Call it the dominance trap: The larger a company's market share, the greater the risk it will take its customers for granted.”
    • 10 Questions for Andy Taylor, CEO, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, by Inc. Magazine
      • If you could go back in time and do one thing differently in your business, what would it be?
        • “ In 1996, we implemented a system to measure customer service. I wish we had done it earlier.”
  • 4. What Surveys Can Tell You
    • Market Research
      • What do customers want?
      • What should we prioritize?
    • Customer Service
      • Where do we excel?
      • Where do we need to improve?
    • Individual Performance
      • Who at our company is doing a good job?
      • What projects or transactions went well or poorly?
  • 5. Methods of Deploying Surveys
    • Periodic Direct Surveys
      • Create and email to customers on a regular schedule
    • Automated Surveys
      • Send a survey automatically after each interaction
      • Link to a survey from your online help forums
    • Indirect
      • Ask your sales and support reps what they are hearing out on the front lines
  • 6. Online Support Example Automatically insert a link to your survey in every interaction
  • 7. Support rep’s name automatically placed into the survey
  • 8. Key Features to Look For in a Survey Product
    • Standard Features
      • Easy to use
      • Multiple question types
      • Branding tools to match your look & feel
      • Reporting, including filtering of results based on arbitrary criteria
      • Basic logic
      • Data download options
      • Email invitations
      • Randomization
  • 9. Key Features to Look For in a Survey Product
    • Advanced
      • Advanced logic
      • Password protection
      • Show/hide of questions based on prior input from respondent
      • Duplicate protection
      • Scripting for complex logic
      • Data integration tools for CRM systems
  • 10. SurveyGizmo Demo
  • 11. Thank You! 800-513-5133 800-609-6480