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Power Point Ethical Effective Marketing
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Power Point Ethical Effective Marketing


Power Point slides of 90 minute presentation of Ethical, Effective Marketing for your Private Practice. Originally presented to Mass Psych Assoc. 11/14/09

Power Point slides of 90 minute presentation of Ethical, Effective Marketing for your Private Practice. Originally presented to Mass Psych Assoc. 11/14/09

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Susan M. Giurleo,PhD
  • 2. Susan Giurleo, PhD Private Practice Marketing?
  • 3. Today’s Outline
    • Is it Ethical?
    • Why is Marketing Important?
    • Where to Start?
    • Pull Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Putting It All Together
    • Marketing Plan Exercise
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 4. Is it Ethical?
    • APA Ethical Standard 5:
    • Advertising and Other Public Statements
    • 5.01: Avoidance of False or Deceptive Statements
    • Training, Experience, Competence
    • Academic degree
    • Services
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 5. Is it Ethical?
    • 5.01: Avoidance of False or Deceptive Statements
    • Scientific/clinical basis for, or results or degree of success of, services
    • Fees
    • Publication/research findings
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 6. Is it Ethical?
    • 5.02: Statements by Others
    • You retain responsibility for statements made by contracted others on your behalf.
    • You do not pay media to publicize your work as a “news” item.
    • Paid advertisements must be identified as such.
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 7. Is it Ethical?
    • 5.03: Descriptions of Workshops & Educational Programs
    • All presentations must be accurately described in terms of intended audience educational objectives, presenters and fees.
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 8. Is it Ethical?
    • 5.04: Media Presentations
    • When providing public advice of comment via print, Internet, electronic transmission, take precautions to ensure statements are:
    • Based on professional knowledge, training, expertise
    • Do not indicate professional relationship w/ recipient
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 9. Is it Ethical?
    • 5.05: Testimonials
    • Do not solicit testimonials from current therapy clients or others vulnerable to undo influence.
    • Susan’s take: Don’t ask for testimonials.
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 10. Is it Ethical?
    • 5.06: In-person solicitation
    • Psychologists do not engage in uninvited in-person solicitation of business from actual or potential clients.
    • Does not preclude:1) implementation of appropriate collateral contacts to benefit current client, or 2) providing disaster or community outreach services.
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 11. Is it Ethical?
    • Be who you are
    • Say what you do, honestly
    • Be truthful
    • Respect your position in therapeutic relationship
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 12. Is it Ethical? Susan Giurleo, PhD YES
  • 13. Why is Marketing Important?
    • People need help!
    • Can they find you?
    • Can they find accurate information and resources?
    • 1. Marketing allows people to have access to quality information and care
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 14. Why is Marketing Important?
    • Other professionals need our expertise and support. [Physicians, attorneys, educators, etc]
    • Can they find you?
    • Can they trust you?
    • How do they know how psychology improves the quality of life for their patients/clients?
    • 2. Marketing allows us to be a resource for colleagues & community
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 15. Why is Marketing Important?
    • Via your role as resource and expert people come to
    • Know, Like, & Trust
    • you
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 16. Why is Marketing Important?
    • People want to work with those they Know, Like and Trust.
    • Building a community based on information, content and informed support means when people have a problem you can solve
    • They call YOU first!
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 17. Why is Marketing Important?
    • Since so many people can benefit from psychology, marketing allows MORE people to call you first.
    • Help more people, benefit your community
    • This means you will quickly have a FULL practice
    • Which results in FINANCIAL SUCCESS
    • 3. Financial success is important
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 18. Why is Marketing Important?
    • Financial Success: Don’t be squeamish
    • Empowers you as a business person (no more worrying about managed care shenanigans)
    • Empowers our profession (more financially successful psychologists can fund more advocacy and political clout).
    • Helps more of those without financial means
    • Avoid burnout. Ethical obligation to those who depend on us.
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 19. Marketing: Where to Start?
    • Specialty
    • What pain do you help minimize or alleviate?
    • What problems do you help people solve?
    • What is keeping potential clients up and night and why are YOU the person to help them?
    • What are you trained to do well?
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 20. Marketing: Where to Start?
    • Target Market
    • Who do you help best?
    • It’s not about what you want! It’s about what THEY want and need.
    • Want a full practice? Meet a need.
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 21. Pull Marketing
    • Pulls people toward you and your services
    • Not a hard sell
    • Helpful resource
    • Taps into targets’ wants and needs
    • Ready to engage in services people pay for when they are ready
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 22. Pull Marketing
    • Start with questions:
    • Example:
    • Target market parents of kids with ADHD
    • Does your child struggle with completing homework? Is his room a total mess? Is it hard to get her to complete chores?
    • Not
    • Does your child have ADHD?
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 23. Pull Marketing
    • Service-based
    • “ How can I help?”
    • Volunteer for local community group
    • Free workshops for target market
    • Give psychology away
    • “ Givers get”
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 24. Pull Marketing
    • Free samples
    • “ Pink spoon,” (Andrea Lee, or “free cookie” (Sonia Simone,
    • A “taste” of who you are, how you work-very powerful
    • Free report, article
    • E-newsletter, e-zine
    • Hard copy newsletter
    • Complimentary consult—time limited, scheduled, phone
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 25. Content Marketing
    • Be the expert!
    • Lots of *free* content that is useful and valuable.
    • We have HUGE amounts of this info because we understand people and behavior.
    • Don’t keep expertise a secret!!!!
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 26. Content Marketing
    • Where to put content?
    • Blog, blog, blog (FREE:,,
    • BTW: static websites are passé, don’t get picked up by Google
    • Articles: local papers, magazines, online article directories (
    • Twitter (one of my favorites!)
    • In-person workshops
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 27. Content Marketing
    • Where to get fresh content?
    • READ
    • ASK
    • LISTEN
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 28.
    • Pull + Content =
    • Powerful Marketing
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 29. Putting It All Together
    • Specialty
    • Target client
    • Understand their pain
    • Speak to what keeps them up at night
    • How do you help?
    • Ask questions & give valuable content
    • Build Know, Like, Trust
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 30. Pulling It All Together
    • Start somewhere
    • Do one thing
    • Add another when comfortable
    • You will make mistakes and hit dead ends
    • Tweak as needed
    • Be consistent! Don’t give up!
    • Get support
    Susan Giurleo, PhD
  • 31.
    • Marketing Plan Exercise
    Susan Giurleo, PhD