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  • The Trojan War(in a minute)


  • 1. Aeolus
    The Greek god of winds.
  • 2. Who is Aeolus?
    Aeolus is the Greek god of winds who lived on the floating island of Aeolia.
    Aeolus was the son of Hippotas and Melanippe.
    He was the husband of Amphithea and had six sons and six daughters.
  • 3. The Names of Aeolus’ Children
  • 4. Aeolus’ Symbol
    Aeolus’ s symbol is a bag with wind escaping out of it.
    Unfortunately I was not able to find the symbol.
  • 5. Why is He so Important?
    He played an important role in The Odyssey.
    He gave Odysseus a back of winds to carry him and his ships home to Ithaca.
    Unfortunately his men thought he was hiding gold from them, and unleashed the winds the opposite way towards the island of Lipera.
  • 6. Credits
    Aeolus by: Elizabeth Brown
    I hope that you enjoyed my presentation on Aeolus; the God of Winds.
  • 7. The Trojan War
    (in a minute)
    • The war began when King Menelaus invited Prince Paris to Sparta. King Menelaus’s wife, Helen, was lonely and fell in to lust with Paris. She left with him to Troy, thus sparking the Trojan War.
    • 8. King Menelaus was infuriated and called on his Greek cousins and fellow suitors of Helen to help him get his revenge.
    • 9. Once the Greeks landed out Troy however, the realized they had bit off a bit more than they could chew. The walls of Troy were shut fast and the greeks couldn’t defeat them on the open field either. The battles raged for ten years.
  • Continued……
    • Menelaus wanted the conflict to end, so he challenged Paris to a duel. Paris fought Menelaus but was greatly outmatched. Just as Menelaus was about to kill Paris, Aphrodite swept in and saved him. Menelaus was infuriated. Claiming he had won by default. The Trojans agreed, but some idiot shot at Menelaus, sparking the conflict anew.
    • 10. Finally, Odysseus thought of an idea to trick the Trojans. He designed the Trojan horse, and snuck into the city at night. The Greeks stormed Troy, slaughtering everyone and pillaging the city. Odysseus was praised, and he boasted himself. Because of his vanity, Odysseus was plagued with troubles on his way home. Which sets the stage for our story, the Odyessy.
  • Alcinous
    • Alcinous was the king of the Phaeacians, in whose court Odysseus tells his story.
    • 11. Alcinous is the grandson of Poseidon.
    • 12. Alcinous was a welcoming king.
    • 13. Alcinous was known for his hospitality to strangers.
    • 14. “King Alcinous and his Phaeacians… are decent, civilized, and kind.”
    Stephanie Williams
  • 15. The Lotus Eaters
    The Ideal Stoners
    By: Adam Smedley
    The Lotus Eaters were a tribe of people who lived on an island off the North coast of Africa. They were a care free people who had become enticed by the lotus flower.
    The lotus flower grows in muddy swamps and is the only flower that is also a fruit.
    Odysseus and his men arrived on the island of the lotus eaters nine days after the defeat of troy.
  • 16. When Odysseus and his men arrived on the island three soldiers were sent to scout the island. When those three men did not return Odysseus had to search for them, and he found them all right. To his horror the men had eaten the lotus. They had no want or intention to return home thus the lotus eaters had ensnared their new victims.
    Odysseus had to take each man and tie him down to the bench of his ship.
    This probably wasn’t what Odysseus looked like but there is water in the background!