IOC Solutions By Element Blue


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IOC Solutions By Element Blue

  1. 1. 1 Intelligent Operations Center Solutions May 2012 IOC Solutions by Element Blue
  2. 2. Agenda• Overview of Element Blue• Intelligent Operations Center Opportunity• IOC Asset Development• Infrastructure Management and Hosting• Architecture and Development Services• Training and Mentoring
  3. 3. Who is Element Blue? Intelligent Operations• Project based team of experienced IBM consultants and engineers Actionable web dashboards that• Twelve years of organizational history as Premier Software partner present instrumented and• Over 100 customer engagements and 30 active customers annually operational data across the• Inaugural partner delivering the Intelligent Operations Center enterprise• Lead partner on SmartCloud delivery of IBM solutions Business Process Management• Primary offices in Houston, San Jose CR, and Hyderabad IN Creating solutions with Lombardi, TeamWorks, and FileNet integrated with web portals. Web Experiences / Portal Providing mobile and web portal applications for over 10 years with IBM WebSphere products.
  4. 4. The IBM Intelligent Operations Center provides operational insight so business or governments can quickly…. Leverage information across all agencies & departments  Share information by providing real-time visibility of cross-domain data to optimize cost efficiencies and resource management Anticipate problems and minimize the impact of disruptions  Generate new insights into the operational status and behavior of systems by proactively identifying, managing, and mitigating incidents that negatively impact city operations Coordinate resources to respond to issues rapidly & effectively …starting within a  Integrates standard operational procedures via automated workflows to rapidly particular service area coordinate resources in response to incidents or managing across  Proactively coordinate emergency management preparedness to help mitigate many services impact of a crisis situation
  5. 5. To Government: Leaders must innovate across a myriadof services to meet and exceed expectations of the citizen Planning and Management Design and execute a city plan to realize full potential for citizens and business; while efficiently running daily operations Infrastructure Deliver efficient fundamental city services that make a city livable for citizens. Human Provide effective services that support the economic, social and health needs of citizens.
  6. 6. Intelligent Operations Center- A Product and a Platform Mission IOC: Element Blue extends a robust solution platform for your needs. Custom Domain Solutions The Intelligent Operations Center Platform can be used to create YOUR domain solution!
  7. 7. Intelligent Operations Center - Key Platform Value, By Element Blue: We Customize, Enable and Extend Interactive User Interface CollaborationRoles & Permissions Event correlation ReportingActive Workflows and SOPs Key Performance Indicators
  8. 8. Intelligent Operation Center SolutionsElement Blue products and Hosted Cloud Solutions Hosting andservices deliver immediate value Systems Custom Topology Deployments Managementto the Intelligent OperationsCenter Platform in four areas: Full Lifecycle Integration Development and• Turnkey Hosting Service Enterprise Integration Development• Development & Integration Custom Asset Content Management Assets Creation Domain Solution Development• Education and Mentoring Complete Web Experience UI and• Content and Mobile Products Mobile Applications Mobile Access Social Media Integration
  10. 10. Infrastructure Management and Hosting SolutionsElement Blue provides a range of IOC deployment topologies configured to meetyour requirements. These environments can be provisioned on demand andquickly tailored to your specific requirements.Topologies available:• IOC Ultra-Lite: Single Server designed for Demos, Development, and POCs• IOC Lite: 4 server topology• IOC HA: 6-8 server topology designed for lower cost high availability• IOC Enterprise: 10+ server topologies designed for large enterprise deployments with maximum availability and scalability.• IOC Tailored: If none of the standard topologies meet your needs, a tailored topology can be created. Element Blue manages all IBM Smart Cloud environment s with Premium Support Services and provides 24x7 coverage.
  11. 11. Enterprise Middleware Experts• With a strong background in complex product integration, Element Blue has deep expertise in installation, configuration, and management of IBM middleware systems.• This includes large scale systems that Security require high availability and full lifecycle Performance and High management. Availability IBM Software• This experience allows us to successfully Release Management Monitoring manage IOC environments; which can be System Health complex by their very nature.
  13. 13. Architecture and Development Services• Element Blue are the experts in Application Architecture application design and implementation. Design Services Application Development• We are the leaders in Code Review Development Expertise • IOC Application Design and Analysis • Standards and Best Practices Best Practices and Standards • Development and Implementation Expertise• Element Blue can provide everything from training and development workshops to complete application development lifecycle.
  14. 14. Full Lifecycle Development Services and Hosting
  15. 15. Complete Programming Model Development Support Integration Point: Integration Point: Write a compliant portlet that can be configured into the Security roles and groups main IOC portal. Invocation can be defined and through main menu or launch extended, controlling the in context points in other user interface context. portlets. Integration Point: Unified communications through extension plug-ins Integration Point: Leverage data models to 7 Integration Point: create complex and ad- hoc reports. 11 Add Domain specific 4 Analytics algorithms 9 Integration Point: Integration Point: Special visual Event processing can be integration, such as 3 customized for special map layers or video processing, and to generate feeds. additional KPI metrics. 5Integration Point: 8 2 6 Integration Point:View resources associateassociated with an event Domain Data Provider canwithin a specific area. provide solution based data, 12 such as: TMDD standards based traffic data, water usage, account data, and so on.Integration Point: Integration Point: 1 10Write Standard Operating The new KPI metrics can beProcedures that open and track aggregated into a dashboard visual Integration Point:incidents and work orders based on widget for display in the Operationpolicy definitions. Center portal. Domain Data Provider can send Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) events into the message bus using our standard message format and JMS. These can come from any source.
  17. 17. Education and Mentoring Options Element Blue offers a series of technical and end user enablement opportunities that can be combined and customized before, during or after implementation.• IOC Developer Training • IOC System Administrator Training – Topics include UI/UX development, IOC – Designed for a system administrator on how Rapid Prototyping, KPI definition, SOP to administer a production IOC. These creation, report creation. courses impart an overall understanding of how the IOC components fit together, and also deep dives on managing each of the• IOC End User Training components. – This course assists the user in understanding – Covered topics include starting, stopping, how to work with the IOC in real time regular maintenance of the system, situations. troubleshooting and problem diagnosis. – Effective end user training has proven to help ease end user acceptance and adoption of new systems. • Custom IOC Solution Mentoring – The course can be tailored to your – Our IOC mentoring services enable operational environment and delivered development teams, Business Partners, and onsite. IOC customers. Additionally, customized training and mentoring is available on more advanced IOC topics and concepts not covered in the standard curriculum.
  19. 19. Mobile Application Products• Element Blue provides a complete set of services and solutions for mobile access to the IBM Intelligent Operations Center (IOC).• Mobile applications can jump start IOC usage and integration.• Some examples include: – Public Works Management and Maintenance – Key Performance Indicator Dashboard – Real time Event and Incident Dashboard – Report Dashboards
  20. 20. Content Management Products
  21. 21. 21 Request A Demo Today: IBM Intelligent Operations Center Solution Leader: Joey Bernal 723 Main Street, Suite 916 Houston, Texas 77002 (832) 532-4056