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Little wonder

  1. 1. Little Wonder’s! ♥ Baby clothing store Employee Handbook
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. Introduction to the company Page 12. Application Page 2 • Job Descriptions Page 3 • Interview questions with sample response Page 4 • Pre-Employment test Page 53. Employment philosophy that will include: • Equal Employment Opportunity page 64. Description of the working environment includes: • Sexual harassment guidelines Page 7 • Dress code Page 85. Employee performance standards Page 9 • Disciplinary actions Page 106. Pay rate and schedule Page 117. Benefits Page 128. Loss prevention Page 139. Safety Guidelines Page 1410. Employee training Page 15
  3. 3. Introduction Welcome to Little Wonder’s! ♥ A business that lovesselling baby clothing. This company was found in February of 2008 byHeather Singer and Brenda Segura. In a town called desert hot springsin the state of California. We hope you will love this family of littlewonders just as much as we did when we started. This store formothers with new born babies to 5 years of age. LittleWonder’s! ♥ was made for families that don’t have much fortheir babies our prices are low. We also sale baby furniture and othertypes of things for first time mothers. We are a big part of thiscommunity and have classes for first time mothers, breast feedingclass and other needs for first time mothers. We hope you will enjoythis job as much as everyone else does.
  4. 4. Job Descriptions:Store Manager – the role of the store manager is to hire, fire, train, develop staff,motivate, insure that the store makes its sales figures, make sure all directives arecompleted in a timely manner, communicates corporate information to staff, displaymerchandise. Usually opens or closes store and has the responsibility of carrying the storekey. Has to make sure the store is inviting, clean,Assistant Manager – the role of the assistant manager is to help themanager. To greet the incoming customers and introduce them about the good productsyour store is selling. The daily routine of an assistant store manager is to examine thedisplay and allocation of every item and see if it is in appropriate position. Answeringquestions the customers have while the manger is unavailable. Prepare to make billswhenever needed by customers .The assistant manager should make good and honestproposal the enhance the product sales, and to meet the total customer satisfaction by allmeans.Floor manager- the role of the floor manager is to supervise and coordinateactivities of employees working in the store; assign duties to employees; train store workers;handle customer service within the store; prepare sales and inventory reports.Cashier- the role of the cashier’s duties are to scan or type the price of items into acomputer that calculates a total. They then collect payment for goods and services, makechange, and hand out receipts. Cashiers may also issue cash refunds and credit slips tocustomers or cash checks for customers and employees. At the end of their shift, they mustbalance the amount of money they have taken in with the total sales recorded.Stock- the role of the stock person is to take things from the inventory and making sureitems are stocked on the shelf. Fill shelves with merchandise of the store. Pulls stock fromthe stores back room or warehouse and may unload the merchandise from a truck when itarrives to the store.Sales- the role of the sales person is to help convince customers to buy themerchandise. They also help customers find what they are looking for, and try to interestthem in other merchandise as well. Other responsibilities include answering questions aboutthe merchandise, ringing up the merchandise, packaging or bagging it, and acceptingpayment. They also help customers by bringing various sizes to them and helping them findwhat fits. Interview Questions
  5. 5. What is your greatest strength? • My time management skills are excellent and Im organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work.How would you describe yourself? • Im a people person, kind, and patient. I really enjoy meeting and working with a lot of different people, especially toddlers.When was the last time you got angry? • Anger to me means loss of control. I do not lose control, especially if you have little kids around. When I get stressed, I step back, take a deep breath, and thoughtfully think through the situation.What have you learned from your mistakes? • Not to give up too soon, because the solution is probably right in front of me.What did you like or dislike about your previous job? • I enjoyed the people I worked with. It was a friendly and fun atmosphere and I actually enjoyed going into work each morning. One of the reasons I left is that I felt I was not challenged enough at the job. I think that working with adults isn’t that big as a challenge as working with kids.
  6. 6. Pre-Employment test• Take 20% off of $80 a. $16 b. $64 c. $100 d. $94• What is the proper way to lift a box? a. use your legs b. use your back c. kick the box d. use your arms• which is the best way to approach a customer? a. yes or no questions b. rhetorical questions c. not approaching customers at all d. open-ended questions• what is 25% of 125? a. $83.15 b. 90.50 c. 93.75 d. 100.00• What is 10% of 46? a. $41.40 b. $50. 34 c. $40.75 d. $56.04
  7. 7. Equal Employment Opportunity It is the policy of the Company to provide equal employment opportunity toall employees and applicants for employment and not to discriminate on any basisprohibited by law, including race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability,marital status or veteran status. It is our intent and desire that equal employmentopportunities will be provided in employment, recruitment, selection, compensation,benefits, promotion, demotion, layoff, termination and all other terms and conditionsof employment. We are committed to this policy and its enforcement. Any employee who violates this policy or knowingly return against anemployee reporting or complaining of a violation of this policy shall be subject toimmediate disciplinary action. Complaints brought under this policy will be promptlyinvestigated and handled with due regard for the privacy and respect of all involved.
  8. 8. Sexual Harassment The Company will not tolerate harassment or intimidation of our employeeson any basis prohibited by law, including race, color, sex, age, religion, nationalorigin, handicap, disability, marital status, or veteran status. Moreover, anysuggestions made to any employee that sexual favors will affect any term orcondition of employment with the Company will not be tolerated. It is the policy ofthe Company that any harassment, including acts creating a hostile workenvironment or any other discriminatory acts directed against our employees, willresult in discipline, up to and including discharge. The Company also will not tolerateany such harassment of our employees by our clients or vendors. For purposes of this policy, sexual harassment is defined as any type ofsexually-oriented conduct, whether intentional or not, that is unwelcome and has thepurpose or effect of creating a work environment that is hostile, offensive orcoercive. The following are examples of conduct that, depending upon thecircumstances, may constitute sexual harassment:  Unwelcome sexual jokes, language, epithets, advances or propositions;  Written or oral abuse of a sexual nature, sexually degrading or vulgar words to describe an individual;  The display of sexually suggestive objects, pictures, posters or cartoons;  Unwelcome comments about an individual’s body;  Asking questions about sexual conduct;  Unwelcome touching, leering, whistling, brushing against the body, or suggestive, insulting or obscene comments or gestures;  Demanding sexual favors in exchange for favorable reviews, assignments, promotions, or continued employment, or promises of the same.
  9. 9. Dress Code To present a relaxed, cute image to our customers, all employees arerequired to wear appropriate clothing on the job. By necessity, the dressstandards for the office at the store are somewhat different than for on thefloor.  For store and assistant manager, casual to business-style dress is appropriate. The store will provide employees with shirts bearing the Company’s logo, which employees are expected to wear on the jobsite.  For cashiers and floor manager, sales and stock , employees are expected to wear work clothes appropriate for work to be done. The store will provide employees with shirts bearing the Company’s logo, which employees are expected to wear on the jobsite.If you are not wearing the shirts with Company’s logo youwill be sent home !
  10. 10. Employee performance standards All employees of the store are employed on an at-will basis. This means thateach employee’s employment is terminable at the will of the employee or the store at anytime, with or without cause and with or without notice. No employee of the store has anyauthority to enter into any agreement with any employee or applicant for employment onother than on an at-will basis. Furthermore, nothing contained in the policies,procedures, handbooks, manuals, job descriptions, application for employment, or anyother document of the company shall in any way create an express or implied contract ofemployment or an employment relationship on other than an at-will basis.Each employee is important to the overall success of our store. When you are not here,someone else must do your job. Consequently, you are expected to report to work on timeat the scheduled start of the workday. Reporting to work on time means that you areready to start work, not just arriving at work, at your scheduled starting time. The store depends on its employees to be at work at the times and locationsscheduled. Three absenteeism and/or tardiness will lead to disciplinary action, up to andincluding termination. The determination of three or more absenteeism will be made atthe discretion of the company. Absence from work for three consecutive days withoutproperly notifying your supervisor will be considered a voluntary resignation. After twodays’ absence, you may be required to provide documentation from your physician tosupport an injury- or illness-related absence, and to ensure that you may safely return towork. If you expect to be absent from the job for an approved reason you should notifyyour managers of your upcoming absence as far in advance as possible. to properlycontact us will result in an unexcused absence for disciplinary purposes. Your attendancerecord is a part of your overall performance rating. Your attendance may be includedduring your review and may be considered for other disciplinary action up to andincluding termination.
  11. 11. Disciplinary actions There are reasonable rules of conduct which must be followed in any organization to help a groupof people work together effectively. If an employee is not considerate of others and does not observereasonable work rules, disciplinary action will be taken. Depending on the severity or frequency of the disciplinary problems, a verbal or written reprimand,suspension without pay, disciplinary probation, or discharge may be necessary. It is within the storemanager to select the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken. Not with standing the availability of thevarious disciplinary options, the company reserves the right to discharge an employee at its discretion, withor without notice. The following is not a complete list of offenses for which an employee may be subject to discipline,but it is illustrative of those offenses that may result in immediate discipline, up to and including dismissal,for a single offense:Excessive absenteeism or tardiness.Fighting, disorderly conduct, horseplay, or any other behavior which is dangerous or disruptive.Possession of, consumption of, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages while at the store.Illegal manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale, possession, or use of illegal drugs or unprescribedcontrolled substances.Reporting for work with illegal drugs or un prescribed controlled substances in your body.Possession of weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives.Failure to promptly report a workplace injury or accident involving any of the employees, clients, equipment,or property.Commission of a crime, or other conduct will damage the reputation of the storeUse of profane language while customers are around.Stealing, misappropriating, or intentionally damaging property belonging to the Company or its customers oremployees.Insubordination, including failure to comply with any work assignments or instructions given by any store,assistant or floor manager.Violation of the stores Equal Employment Opportunity Policy or its Harassment Policy.Interference with the work performance of other employees.Failure to cooperate with an internal investigation, including, but not limited to, investigations of violations ofthese work rules.Failure to maintain the confidentiality of trade secrets or other confidential information belonging to the storeFailure to comply with the personnel policies and rules of the Company.
  12. 12. Schedule 10am- 9am-Open 5pm 6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 10am-5pm Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
  13. 13. 10am-Store X 8am-5pm 8am-5pm 7pm X 8am-5pm 9am-6pm 10am-Assistant 9am-6pm 7pm X 8am-5pm 8am-5pm X 11am-6pm 10am- 10am- 10am-Floor 9am-6pm X 7pm 8am-5pm 7pm 7pm XCashier 9am-6pm 9am-6pm X X 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm 10am-Cashier 9am-6pm X 9am-6pm 9am-6pm X 7pm 9am-6pm 10am-Sales X 8:30-5:30 9am-6pm X 7pm 9am-6pm 10am-6pm 10am- 10am-Stock 6pm 9am-6pm 7pm 9am-6pm 9am-6pm X X Pay Rate S. Manager : Full Time $15 hr Assistant: Full Time $12 hr Floor Manager: Full time $12 hr Cashier: Full / Part time $8 hr Stock: Full/ Part time $8 hr Sales: Full/Part time $8 hr` Benefits Our store benefits include insurance dental and vision for full time workers.
  14. 14. The store provides its full-time employees with paid time off (“PTO”) each year as a way to express our appreciation and a way to renew and refresh our employees. Full-time employees become eligible for 5 days (40 hours) of PTO . After 36 months of continuous employment, employees become eligible for 10 days (80 hours) of PTO per calendar year. Employees must use all PTO in the calendar year in which it is granted. It should be scheduled and approved by the store at least two weeks in advance. Any unused PTO will be forfeited at the end of each calendar year. Unfortunately part-time employees are not eligible for PTO. Some benefits ALL employees are eligible for are the free babysitting, 50% off any purchases of the store. Loss PreventionCustomers must have a receipt with returning any type of merchandise from Littlewonders. In order to return the merchandise it has to be with 25days from the day ofpurchase. If returning a gift given they must have a gift receipt, within 40 days from dayof purchase. To prevent any kind of loss greet the customers when entering the store. Ifsuspicious of stealing in the store, let the manager know and let them handle. Safety Guidelines The store believes in maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for ouremployees. However, to achieve our goal of providing a safe workplace, each employee
  15. 15. must be safety conscious. We have established the following policies and procedures thatallow us to provide safe and healthy working conditions. We expect each employee tofollow these policies and procedures, to act safely, and to report unsafe conditions to hisor her supervisor in a timely manner. Reporting Unsafe Conditions or Practices Employees are expected to continually be on the lookout for unsafe workingconditions or practices. If you observe an unsafe condition, you should warn others, ifpossible, and report that condition to your supervisor immediately. If you have a questionregarding the safety of your workplace and practices, ask your supervisor forclarification. If you observe a coworker using an unsafe practice, you are expected to mentionthis to your supervisor. Likewise, if a coworker brings to your attention an unsafepractice you may be using, please thank the coworker and make any necessaryadjustments to what you are doing. Safety at work is a team effort. Maintaining a Safe Worksite We expect employees to establish and maintain a safe worksite. This includes butis not limited to the following applications:  Building and maintaining walkways, handrails, and guardrails.  Properly lifting and lowering heavy objects.  Keeping walkways clear of debris.  Construction and use of safe scaffolding.  Inspecting, cleaning, and properly storing tools and equipment after use.  Following established safety rules. Reporting an Injury Employees are required to report any injury, accident, or safety hazardimmediately to their supervisor(s). Minor cuts or abrasions must be treated on the spot.More serious injuries or accidents will be treated accordingly. Serious injuries must bereported on the injury or accident report form available in the office. Hazard Communications If you believe that you are dealing with a hazardous material and lack theappropriate information and/or safety equipment, contact your supervisor immediately Employee Training
  16. 16. 1. Introduction to the company2. Application • Job Descriptions • Interview questions with sample response • Pre-Employment test3. Employment philosophy that will include: • Equal Employment Opportunity4. Description of the working environment includes: • Sexual harassment guidelines • Dress code5. Employee performance standards • Disciplinary actions6. Pay rate and schedule7. Benefits8. Loss prevention9. Safety Guidelines10. Employee training