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Ail Mining Brochure

  2. 2. 2 Turn-Key Solutions 6 Applications Gallery 16 Sustainability   4 Innovative Thinking 12 Products-at-a-Glance    17 Global Reach
  3. 3. Turn-key, value-engineered solutions with a difference. Staying competitive in today ’s economic climate means building in efficiencies f rom the ground up. That’s why many of the world’s most successful mines use efficient infrastructure solutions f rom AIL MINING. We can help you save time and money in providing safe, practical work sites for your employees. By design, our custom solutions are easy to ship and install with minimal equipment and local labour, making them ideal for remote locations. Plus, with over 40 years of working closely with the global mining industry, our Technical Sales and Engineering Teams are well-poised to deliver turn-key, value-engineered solutions with a difference. AIL professionals will guide you through every phase of your project – assessment, design, specification, assembly, backfilling and testing – to ensure successful project outcomes. AIL MINING’s infrastructure solutions have been adding value to the world’s most successful mine sites for over 40 years. Contact an AIL MINING Technical Sales Representative. In Canada: 1-877-245-7473  In the United States: 1-800-234-0734  International: 1
  4. 4. Streamline your next project with an AIL MINING turn-key solution. AIL MINING’s integrated approach delivers design, manufacturing and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility. Minimize your project risk and tighten the delivery schedule. This system is used to minimize the project risks for the owner and tighten the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases of a project. How we work with you. Our systematic approach saves you money and ensures quality. The AIL MINING turn-key solution benefits: Faster Delivery: AIL MINING’s collaborative project management means work is completed faster „„ Concept and with fewer problems. Preliminary Design „„ Savings: Our integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation. Cost Better Quality: We meet performance needs and not just minimum design requirements – „„ Budget often developing innovations that result in a better project. Cost/Value Assessment Simplified Communications: One entity is held accountable for cost, schedule and performance. „„ Detailed Engineering Decreased Administrative Burden: Owners can focus on the project rather than managing „„ separate contracts. Project Management Reduced Risk: The AIL MINING team assumes additional risk. „„ Fabrication and Delivery How do you benefit? Onsite Support Higher Profit Margin: Our integrated team is fully and equally committed to controlling costs. „„ Installation Decreased Administrative Burden: Our approach streamlines communication between parties. „„ Increased Market Share: More mine owners are choosing turn-key solutions as the preferred „„ project approach.2 Turn-Key Solutions
  5. 5. Efficient infrastructure solutions from AIL MINING help increase mine site 3
  6. 6. We invest in innovative thinking to save you time and money. Innovative thinking has been the cornerstone of our success for over 40 years. As award-winning innovation leaders, AIL MINING and the AIL Group of Companies are committed to product research and development, with engineered solutions that are endorsed by engineers around the world. Here are some examples of our most recent R&D initiatives designed to keep today’s mine sites more competitive.The Super•Cor® Flange Connection revolutionizes structural plate construction. RECOMMENDED FOR„ Grade Separations „ Road or Rail Underpasses„ Stream Crossings „ Box Culverts „ Heavy Haul Road Arches„ Stockpile Tunnels „ Shafts „ Storage Structures„ Portals and Canopies „ Protection Structures Super•Cor® Flange ConnectionThe latest leading-edge innovation from our R&D Teamtakes structural plate in a new direction. The Super•Cor® Introducing the Super•Cor® Flange ConnectFlange Connection is an alternative to the traditional lappedconnections that offers several key advantages and extendsstructural plate’s application range. „ An alternative to the current “lapped” connection Introducing the Super•Cor® Fla Accelerated assembly, easier fitting of plates„„ Added safety, structures can be built from the inside „ Saves time and money in assembly Added strength„„ Inside Flange „ Provides added strength to plate structures Added safety, structures can be built from the inside„„ Both longitudinal and „ An alternative to the current “lapped” connection „ Allows structures to be built from the inside latitudinal flanging Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical)„„ A „ Saves time and money in assembly „ Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical) Allows for leak-resistant for water-tight structures structures Outside Flange Inside Flange„„ „ Allows „ Provides added strength to plate structures „ Allows structures to be built from the inside „ Tunnels „ Shafts „ Portals „ Haul Road Crossings „ Protection Structures „ Storage Structures Build from the inside. „ Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical) Outside Flange „ Allows for water-tight structures „ Tunnels „ Shafts „ Portals „ Haul Road Crossings „ Protection Structures „ Storage Structures ailminin Elbow bend capability. Leak-resistant structures.4 Innovative Thinking
  7. 7. Our new Grid-Strip™ Soil ReinforcementSystem simplifies MSE wall installation.AIL’s Grid-Strip™ System represents the mostsignificant improvement to the design andconstruction efficiency of MSE walls in decades.With its standardized width and wire size theGrid-Strip™ System makes all types ofVist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems™easier to design, inventory and construct. Simplified and standardized soil reinforcing strip„„ Saves time and money on labour and material„„ Versatile system easily accommodates„„ obstructions and unique designs or geometric constraintsUltra•Cor®: taking structural plateto a new dimension.With the introduction of Ultra•Cor ® AIL ,is taking engineered structural plate to newdimensions in capability and performance. As theworld’s deepest corrugation profile, Ultra•Cor®combines all the advantages of lightweightconstruction with previously-unheard-of strengthand durability to create the largest corrugatedmetal structures in the world today.„„ world’s strongest corrugated steel plate The Handles extreme loadings„„ Spans up to 40 m (131)„„ Stockpile heights up to 80 m (262)„„ Corrugation profile of 500 mm (20") pitch ׄ„ 237 mm (9.5") depth Available in: Box Culverts, and; Standard, Low,„„ Medium, or High Profile Arches WIDER SPANS • HIGHER Innovative Thinking 5
  8. 8. Haul Road Arches Ultra•Cor ® the world’s strongest structural steel , plate, and Super•Cor® are natural solutions for larger engineered structures needing to withstand the heaviest of loads. For mid-sized structures, Bolt-A-Plate® is usually recommended. All are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including bottomless, fish-friendly arches. From site preparation to first train in 120 days Road or Rail Underpasses Watch the time-lapse video online at We recommend Ultra•Cor,® Super•Cor® or Bolt-A-Plate® according to the size, specifications and load factors for road or rail underpasses. All are virtually maintenance-free.6 Applications Gallery
  9. 9. Portals and CanopiesSpecify Ultra•Cor® or Super•Cor® for larger scaleapplications and Bolt-A-Plate® for mid-sizeones. Each offers a wide variety of shapes andsizes to suit virtually any site or mine vehiclerequirement. Your AIL MINING TechnicalSales Representative can help you select the bestsolution for your needs. Avalanche CanopyProtection StructuresAIL’s Protection Structures provide a protectivebarrier from overhead debris while alsosafeguarding your bottom-line. Super•Cor® isrecommended for larger applications andBolt-A-Plate® for mid-size Applications Gallery 7
  10. 10. Stockpile andEscape TunnelsAnother ideal application for our StructuralSteel Plate is the stockpile tunnel. Dependingon the planned pile height, Ultra•Cor® ,Super•Cor® and Bolt-A-Plate® offer excellentstrength and cost saving over other methods.Other applications include conveyor andloadout tunnels.Water and Wetland CrossingsWe offer a variety of solutions in Ultra•Cor® ,Super•Cor® Bolt-A-Plate® or Dur•A•Span™ ,Structural Plate to suit many sizes and typesof applications. Corrosion /abrasion-resistantDur•A•Span™ Structural Aluminum Plateis particularly well-suited to softwater oraggressive environments. Open-bottomdesigns and our Prefabricated Steel Bridges areeffective, environmentally-friendly solutions topreserve habitat.8
  11. 11. Conveyor Tunnels andOvercastsOur products have covered a lot of ground onthese critical arterial applications. According tothe required size and specifications, overcasts andconveyor tunnels can be made from various shapeprofiles in Bolt-A-Plate® or Corrugated SteelPipe. In some cases, overcasts can incorporateutilidor-type passages to serve double duty.DrainageAIL MINING offers a full range of Galvanized,Aluminized Type 2 or Polymer-LaminatedCorrugated Steel Pipe for virtually any drainagerequirement. In addition, we can supply all ofthe necessary elbows, couplings and accessport 9
  12. 12. Crusher Walls and RampsPerfect for remote locations with available fillmaterial, these structures are easily constructedusing our Vist-A-Wall MSE StructuralWall Systems™. Made from heavy-dutygalvanized wire, these interlocking wall andsoil reinforcement systems provide easy, onsiteconstruction solutions without the need fortime-consuming concrete. They are also ideal forbridge or tunnel headwalls and wingwalls.AbutmentsOur Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems™and Bolt-A-Bin® System create cost-effective on-site abutments and walls. Bolt-A-Bin® is a cellularbin-type of retaining wall system available in avariety of sizes for vertical or battered applications.10
  13. 13. BridgesFast and easy, our Prefabricated Steel Bridgescome in a variety of widths and spans to handleheavy mining vehicles. Ideal for permanent ortemporary applications, these bridges ship andinstall quickly in remote sites without the needfor specialized bridge construction companies.Safety BarriersAccording to the needs of the site and safetyregulations, we can provide our galvanizedGuiderail System or Gabion Basket System.Sound WallsWhen dealing with ambient mine sitenoise; AIL Sound Walls provide optimumperformance. Easy-to-install, our SilentProtector® (Absorptive) and Tuf-Barrier®(Reflective) Sound Wall Systems are engineeredfor maximum noise mitigation. AIL SoundWalls are ideal for Mine/Quarry Perimeters,Haul Road Fencing, Crusher Fencing andEquipment 11
  14. 14. Ultra•Cor® Structural Steel Plate NEW Structural Plate Arches and Bridges „„ „„ Separations Grade „ Combines all the advantages of lightweight construction with previously-unheard-of strength and durability „„ or Rail Underpasses Road „ The world’s strongest corrugated steel plate „ Handles extreme loadings „ Spans up to 40 m (131) Stream Crossings „„ „ Stockpile heights up to 80 m (262) „ Corrugation profiles of 500 mm (20") pitch x 237 mm (9.5") depth „„ Culverts Box „„ Haul Road Arches Heavy „ Available in: Box Culverts, and; Standard, Low, Medium, or High Profile Arches Stockpile Tunnels „„ „ Bottomless designs are environmentally-friendly „ Available with Best•Kote Polymer Coating Portals and Canopies „„ Super•Cor®Structural Steel Plate Structural Plate Arches and Bridges „„ „„ Separations Grade „ Premium, hot-dip-galvanized, deep-corrugated, structural steel plate for larger applications „„ or Rail Underpasses Road „ Revolutionary alternative to conventional bridges „ Handles extreme loadings Stream Crossings „„ „ Spans can exceed 25 m (82) „ Corrugation profile of 381 mm (15") pitch × 140 mm (5.5") depth „„ Culverts Box „„ Haul Road Arches Heavy „ Available in: Box Culverts; Standard, Low, Medium, or High Profile Arches; Rounds, and; Ellipses Stockpile Tunnels „„ „ Bottomless designs are environmentally-friendly „ Available with Best•Kote Polymer Coating Storage Structures „„ Portals and Canopies „„ Super•Cor® with the Flange Connection. NEW Structural Plate Arches and Bridges „„ „„ Separations Grade „ An alternative to the current “lapped” connection „ Accelerated assembly, easier fitting of plates „„ or Rail Underpasses Road „ Provides added strength to plate structures „ Added safety, structures can be built from the inside Stream Crossings „„ „„ Culverts Box „ Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical) „ Allows for leak-resistant structures „„ Haul Road Arches Heavy Stockpile Tunnels „„ Storage Structures „„ Build structures from the inside. Portals and Canopies „„ Shafts „„ Bolt-A-Plate® Structural Steel Plate Structural Plate Arches and Bridges „„ „„ Separations Grade „ Industry-standard, hot-dip-galvanized, corrugated, structural steel plate for medium and small applications „„ or Rail Underpasses Road „ Spans of 1.5 m (5) to 12 m (40) „ Corrugation profile of 152.4 mm (6") pitch x 51 mm (2") depth Stream Crossings and Fish Passages „„ „„ Haul Road Arches Heavy „ Available in: Standard, Low or High Profile Arches; Rounds; Horizontal or Vertical Ellipses; Pipe Arches, and; Stockpile and Escape Tunnels „„ Pear Shaped „ Bottomless designs are environmentally-friendly „ Can reline older structures Portals and Canopies „„ „ Available with Best•Kote Polymer Coating Storage Structures „„ Utilidor Systems „„ Conveyor Tunnels and Overcasts „„ Dur•A•Span™ Structural Aluminum Plate Saltwater and Aggressive Applications „„ Stream Crossings and Fish Passages „„ „ Corrosion/abrasion-resistant solid aluminum alloy structural plate ideal for saltwater and aggressive soil environments Culverts „„ „ Recommended for sites with corrosive soil and/or water „ Lightweight „ Performance proven in over 10,000 „„ Salt and Other Storage Structures Road installations worldwide „ Spans can exceed 12.2 m (40) „ Corrugation profile of 229 mm (9") pitch x 64 mm (2.5") depth „ Available in: Box Culverts; Standard, or High Profile Arches; Rounds; Vertical Ellipses; Pipe Arches, and; Pear Shaped „ Bottomless designs are environmentally-friendly „ Can reline older structuresBest•Kote Polymer Coating on Plate Products +75 YEAR DESIGN service L IfeBest•Kote Polymer Coating can be used on all or part of Ultra•Cor® Super•Cor® or Bolt-A-Plate® structures to ,enhance their performance and extend their design service lives under harsh or corrosive conditions.12 Products-at-a-Glance
  15. 15. Easy to ship and install. Long-lasting and virtually maintenance- free, AIL MINING’s corrugated metal structures ship and install quickly and economically, with minimal equipment and labour requirements. Our technical teams will guide you through the complete project to ensure its success. Reinforced concrete footings are cast over the prepared site. The first arch segment is completely assembled on the ground.Then, it is lifted into place and bolted to the footings on either side. The segments bolt into base channels, integrated into the concrete. Plates then attach individually to make up other arch segments.If specified, reinforcement ribs are then added. Layers of engineered backfill are added in sequential lifts. Then the completed road surface is added with safety barriers. Big R Prefabricated Bridges Stream Crossings „„ „„ or Rail Overpasses Road „ Permanent or temporary applications „ Strong: able to withstand heavy-duty loading „ Variety of widths, spans up Detour Bridges „„ to 45.7 m (150) „ 2.4 m (8) wide modules are typical „ 10.8 cm (4.25") corrugated steel deck is standard „ Decking options – poured or precast concrete, asphalt, grating, wood or gravel „ Weathering, Galvanized or Painted Steel „ Bearing plates and pads „ Curb or rail system „ Excellent fish passage solutions „ Sidewalks and utility corridors can be added to enhance Products-at-a-Glance 13
  16. 16. Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems™ Crusher Ramps/Walls „„ Retaining Walls „„ „ Economical system for retaining walls, steepened slopes and erosion control „ Heavy-duty, black or galvanized, Headwalls and Wingwalls „„ steel wire interlocking wall and mat construction „ Can handle extreme surcharge loads „ Available finishes: natural Bridge Abutments „„ stone, temporary (fabric), shotcrete or vegetated „ Most cost-effective and easy way to construct headwall option for „„ Separations Grade structural plate bridges „ Permanent or temporary applications „ Wall heights can exceed 30 m (100’) „ Height increments are 610 mm (2) „ Adapts to curves, angles and steps Bolt-A-Bin® Cellular Bin Style Retaining Walls Retaining Walls „„ Headwalls and Wingwalls „„ „ Economical, strong and versatile cellular bin-type retaining wall or abutment system „ Lightweight, Bridge Abutments „„ easy to install and ideal for remote areas „ Galvanized and Aluminized Type 2 steel construction „ Size range of 1.2 m (4) to 8.5 m (28) in height, in 3 m (9.8) increments in length „ Full design and engineering support Gabions „„ Barriers Safety Steepened Slopes „„ „ Strong and lightweight galvanized steel mesh 83 mm (3.3") that holds face alignment with machine filling Erosion Control „„ „ Pre-assembled units fastened with galvanized steel spirals „ No field flattening, folding, or bending required „ Standard units of up to 6 m (19.7) x 2 m (6.6) x 1 m (3.3) can be field cut without losing strength AIL Sound Walls NEW Mine/Quarry Perimeters „„ „„ Road Fencing Haul „ An industry leader in sound mitigation „ Meets accelerated test requirements for durability Crusher Fencing „„ „ Impervious to rain, snow, ice and sleet „ Will not rust, rot, or stain Equipment Screens „„ „ Maintenance-free „ Wind load tested up to +225 kph (+140 mph) Corrugated Steel Pipe Culverts „„ Drainage Systems „„ „ Economical, strong, lightweight and easy to install „ Variety of sizes, thicknesses and materials Stormwater Systems „„ „ Complete line of standard and specialized fittings and accessories „ Available in Round or Pipe Arch Profiles „„ Passages Fish „ Can be used to reline existing systems Conveyor Tunnels and „„ Overcasts Ventilation Systems „„ Utilidor Systems „„ Guiderail System Geotextiles AIL’s lightweight and easy-to-install Guiderail System 
is ideal for road dividers and barriers, We offer a comprehensive line of Geotextiles including woven bridge approaches and railings, curves and other highway hazards, and for traffic direction. and non-woven fabrics for soil stabilization
and reinforcement, Guiderail is manufactured to the highest specifications and all components are galvanized. erosion control, drainage, filtration, separation and other needs.14
  17. 17. Vist-A-Wall™ Wire Walls Wire Walls provide fast, flexible embankment protection for both temporary and permanent applications. Wire Walls easily accommodate curves, angles or steps, culverts, bridge piles or other site requirements. Starter wire face is installed on a compacted base. Grid-Strip™ Soil Reinforcement System added.Backfill added over first course of reinforcement. First fill lift with fabric and select stone above grade. Repeat previous steps for additional lifts. Wire Walls are quick and easy to erect for both permanent and temporary applications.Grid-Strip™ System can skew around obstructions. Then safety barrier and road surface are added. The Grid-Strip™ Soil Reinforcement System „„ Simplifies wall installations „„ Saves time and money on labour and materials „„ Easily accommodates obstructions and geometric 15
  18. 18. We support your sustainable development needs. We believe it is our responsibility to deliver infrastructure solutions that contribute to the well being of society, the economy and the environment. Sustainability guides our product development as we continue to look for ways to do more with less, ensuring the success of your project without compromising the needs of future generations. Reduced Biodiversity Impacts Reduced need for cast-in-place concrete on site „„ „„ span and curved structures reduce stream impacts and washout concerns Wide Prefabricated Bridges allow for easier crossings in sensitive areas „„ Wildlife crossings help maintain movement in habitat „„ „„ Sound Walls reduce noise pollution AIL „„ baffle inserts and open-bottomed culverts facilitate fish movement Fish Lighter Greenhouse Gas Emissions „„ components have high recycled steel content Many „„ material transportation costs than concrete Less Solutions engineered for optimum cover depths to reduce hauling „„ grades and fuel consumption More Local Solutions „„ imported resources – product, labour and equipment Less „„ non-specialized equipment and labour available through local contractors Uses Optimal use of locally available fill material „„ Positive Social Impacts „„ of local labour and equipment benefits community Use Super•Cor® Flange Connection offers increased worker safety „„ Potential of using portable culvert mills with local labour „„ Decommissioning Benefits „„ effort to decommission structural plate and MSE walls than concrete Less „„ imported material means less offsite haulage and disposal Less „„ structures can be disassembled and reused Some „„ components can be recycled Metal16
  19. 19. Your global portal to efficient mine site solutions. With locations and professional representation around the world, The AIL MINING Team can help increase mine site productivity with efficient infrastructure solutions.AIL MINING Atlantic Industries Limited Vist-A-Wall Systems vistawallsystems.comGlobal activity based out of AIL Group Based in Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada Based in Fort Worth, Texas, United StatesCorporate Headquarters Operations Across Canada AIL InternationalThe AIL Group of Companies Big R Bridge Global activity based out of AIL Group Corporate and Licensees:Corporate Headquarters Sackville, New Based in Greeley, Colorado, United States - Viacon (Europe)Brunswick, Canada Operations in Mansfield, Texas, United States - Pyungsan SI (South Korea) and Abingdon, Virginia, United States - Atlantic Civil Products (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea)Call AIL MINING  In Canada: 1-877-245-7473  In the United States: 1-800-234-0734  International: +1-506-364-4610
  20. 20. We’re big on mining. Very big.From the world’s largest haul road arch to towering crusher walls, value-engineered infrastructure solutions from Contact an AIL MININGAIL MINING have been supporting the world’s most successful mine sites for over 40 years. Technical Sales Representative.By design, our solutions ship and install
easily, making them ideal for remote sites. Plus, our in-house engineering In Canada: 1-877-245-7473teams work with you through the entire project cycle to help you build in success from the ground up. In the United States: 1-800-234-0734Contact one of the mine infrastructure experts at AIL MINING. International: +1-506-364-4610They’re big on mining. SAVE TIME AND MONE Y WITH AN AIL TURN-KE Y SOLUTION.