Showcase Analysis Of Stem Cell Research Base


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ShowcaseBio analysis of Global Stem Cell research centres and publication trends over last 10 years

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Showcase Analysis Of Stem Cell Research Base

  1. 1. Benchmarking the Global Stem Cell Science Base An objective and evidence based anlaysis
  2. 2. Better Evidence - Smarter Business • Biolauncher extends the principals of bioinfirmatics to business development • Integrating extensive and diverse sources of commercial life science information to make informed business decisions • Proprietary Information System called ShowcaseBio • 350 publically available data feeds • Advanced text analytics • Visualisation • Brings together patent, publication, company, news and more • An extensive range of business applications • This case study illustrates how the system enables open innovation and evidenced based partnering strategies
  3. 3. ShowcaseBio System News Company Events & Directories & Scientific Drugs, Devices, Patents & & Deals Websites Conferences Listings Literature Products & Services Inventions Automated Semantic Semantic Database Data Integration Processes Market / Industry Targeted Sales Trip Supply Chain Purchasing & Open Analysis Lead Generation Planner Management Partnering Innovation
  4. 4. Why Benchmark Cambridge, UK? • Approached by regional inward investment agency – East of England International • Responsible for promoting Cambridge, UK as a destination for global life science businesses • Prioritising Stem cell science and regenerative medicine • Wanted to understand “How good is Cambridge, UK?” • Challenge of that question is you need to be able to answer “How good is every other city in the world and where does Cambridge, UK rank?” • Other centres are investing to attract stem cell business
  5. 5. Benchmarking Stem Cell Science • Aim: To quantify Cambridge, UK stem cell research leadership position • Employ objective methodology that examines academic output • Analysis performed using ShowcaseBio • Considered peer review publications (academic output) recorded in PubMed • with MeSH heading of „Stem Cells‟ • Papers published between 2000 and 2009 • Divided into annual datasets • Attributed and mapped total publications per city based upon first author address
  6. 6. Total Number of Stem Cell Papers 2009
  7. 7. Total Publications Shows Capacity • Each publication is not equivalent – some greatly advance the understanding of the field, others are additive • Biolauncher can not read each paper, nor are we qualified to make judgements about each publications merits • Employ Impact factors to rank publications by impact • Used EigenFactor Article Influence™ • Article Influence score is a measure of the average influence of each of its articles over the first five years after publication • More information at • Comparable to Thomson Scientific's widely-used Impact Factor • Map the total impact factor by city to reveal total competence at each location
  8. 8. Total Impact Factor – Competence
  9. 9. Total Impact Factor • Total Impact Factor is a measure of capacity and competence at each location. • It does not reveal academic leadership, because • Relatively few leaders in any subject • Leadership is identified by the • The prestige/impact of the journal that publishes papers • Frequency that the publication is cited by peers • Leaders have a higher average impact score than their peers • Biolauncher calculated and mapped the average impact factor for the top 15 cities for each year 2000-2009
  10. 10. Avg. Impact Factor - Leadership
  11. 11. Top 15 Stem Cell Centres 7 6 Ann Arbor, US Baltimore, US 5 Average Impact Factor Bethesda, US Boston, US Cambridge, US 4 Cambridge, GB Houston, US London, GB 3 Los Angeles, US New York, US Paris, FR 2 Philadelphia, US San Francisco, US Stanford, US 1 Tokyo, JP 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  12. 12. Conclusions • Cambridge scientists are publishing influential research • Cambridge and London leading location for research in Europe, combining leadership and capacity • Cambridge, UK as an important open innovation destination for companies seeking to access stem cell innovation • Methodology provides an objective approach to assessing academic leadership in any life science domain
  13. 13. Limitations of the Analysis • Affiliation information is usually only associated with the first author of a paper. For collaborative papers with multiple authors at different insitutions this may mean that some attributions are missed. • All average impact factors are fundamentally based on citation metrics within a large but finite pool of publications, the majority of which are English language journals. This inevitably discriminates against papers that are written in languages other than English. • Not all addresses provided in PubMed will geocode correctly. Badly formed or incomplete addresses may be excluded from this analysis. • BioLauncher chose not to aggregate closely related place names, e.g. Stanford and Palo Alto ; Cambridge and Boston, US or Cambridge and London, UK.
  14. 14. Commercial Strategy Applications Service or Characterise Review Technology Target Refine Query Act! Results Offered/Wanted Businesses • Planning market entry strategy, licensing partner or investor exit • Review clinical trials to understand product development potential • Choosing an overseas location – consider direct flight destinations from the nearest airport - can you reach customers easily? • Best results arise from being able to consider a wide range of information • Expect to review results to effectively prioritise opportunity
  15. 15. Connections to European Biologics Market Grey discs show a 50 mile radius around airports served by Stansted London Stansted – Airport 30 minutes from Cambridge, UK
  16. 16. Case Study: Finding Licensing Deals Service or Technology Marketing division seeking high value diagnostic imaging products to launch in Far East Offered/Wanted Characterise Modality specific, CE marked/FDA approved with diagnostic application to Liver, Abdomen, Target Businesses Breast, Point of Care, Emergency Room without access to Far Eastern Market Expanded query terms to look for relevant terms, Refine Query 527,075 pages using text analytics and vocabulary tools in ShowcaseBio over 41,500 companies Review Identified a due diligence set of 230 companies for review, Results grouped by diagnostic indication(s) and stage of clinical approval Act! Prioritised 8 companies as a shortlist for consideration.
  17. 17. Find out more... • Visit our website • Examine our track record • Meet the team • And contact us, our contact information is here and it costs nothing to talk!