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The future od leadership
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The future od leadership






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  • Ten years ago maybe 400 people understood the power of the web now there are countless millions
  • Virtually no e-commerce
  • Amazon was a river, today it is a verb
  • eBay didn’t exist

The future od leadership Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Special Topics in ISTCAdvanced Technology Leadership
  • 2. THE FUTURE OF LEADERSHIPWarren BennisGretchen SpreitzerThomas Cummings
  • 3. “The future has no shelf life”Warren Bennis
  • 4. “The future ain’t what it used to be.”
  • 5. “Research strongly suggests thatthe ability to look first to our pastbefore we march blindly forwardactually strengthens our capacityto see the futuremore clearly.”James M. KouzesBarry Z. PosnerPage 81
  • 6. Are leaders born or made?• “Leadership is an observable, learnable set ofpractices.”• “Leadership is everyones business.”Suze OrmanWendy Kopp,Teach For AmericaMarissa Mayer, GoogleColin PowellTony Hsieh,ZapposPage 82
  • 7. Leadership is a Relationship• “Those who aspire to lead and those whochoose to follow”Page 84
  • 8. Leadership Starts with action• “If we are going to have a future – let alonethrive in one -- leaders don’t wait (in fact wecan’t wait) for grand strategic plans to becompleted, new legislation to be passed, orconsensus to be built.”Page 85
  • 9. Leadership Development is SelfDevelopment• “Self-knowledge is anessential part ofbecoming a leader. Tobecome a leader youmust become yourself.”• “Until you know yourself,strengths andweaknesses, know whatyou want to do, and whyyou want to do it.”Page 88
  • 10. Evaluating Your Internal Leader• Willing to makedecisions• Empower others• Willing to elicitand givefeedbackLeading Yourself, Philip Slater, Page 110
  • 11. Making Sense of the Context• The specific context a leader faces is hard tograsp because it’s like stepping into a river –you can never step into the same place twicebecause its flow is constantly changing. So animportant job of the leader will be tocontinuously scan the environment and try tomake sense of it.”Gretchen M. SpreitzerThomas G. CummingsPage 242
  • 12. Advanced Technology Leadership• The purpose of this instructional technologycourse is to enhance understanding of theinterconnected and diverse forces oftechnological innovation that impact learningorganizations and the change process. Rationalefor change, need for organizational planning, andthe consequences and benefits of implementingchange for students, teachers, leaders and othereducational stakeholders will be at the center ofcourse discussions, readings and activities.
  • 13. What Kind of Leader are You?