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This is a presentation on the Justification and Return on Investment on some obscure ways to place a value on the data or projects from our Coastal LIDAR flight.

This is a presentation on the Justification and Return on Investment on some obscure ways to place a value on the data or projects from our Coastal LIDAR flight.

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  • 1. Bayfield County South Shore LIDAR Project and Non- Traditional Items to Think about in a ROI Scott M. Galetka-Land Records Administrator/LIO Phone: 715-373-6156 E-mail:
  • 2. Bayfield County South Shore LIDAR • “Home of Wisconsin’s National Treasures” – Apostle Islands National Lakeshore – Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest – Iron River National Fish Hatchery – North Country National Scenic Trail – St. Croix National Scenic Riverway – Whittlesey Creek National Wildlife Refuge
  • 3. • On the Water – Sand beaches, waterfalls, artesian wells – Cruise the islands, enjoy a sailboat ride or take a ferry to Madeline – Fish or pontoon on one of our many inland lakes • Trails – 37 hiking trails – 180 miles of ATV trails – 500 miles of snowmobile trails
  • 4. • Orchards, Fruit & Flower Farms – Nearly 20 orchards & farms w/ fresh berries, apples, locally made honey, syrup, jams and more! – Home of the Bayfield Apple Festival, one of the “Top 10 Festivals in North America” (Society of American Travel Writers) – Bayfield is the Berry Capital of Wisconsin
  • 5. • Nature meets Culture – Big Top Chautauqua – STAGENORTH – Galleries, art shows and festivals – 14 Museums/22 sites on National Historic Register – Fine dining
  • 6. • Travel Green Wisconsin – More than 30 businesses in Bayfield County are Travel Green Certified – Highest number in Wisconsin • A world class getaway • Go to
  • 7. • Our Partners and Contributions – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) $87,016 Grant – United States Geological Survey USGS $3,000 – National Parks Service NPS $1,335 – Red Cliff Band of Chippewa Indians $5,000 – City of Ashland $11,000 and staff time – City of Superior $18,200 and staff time – Impact 7 $4,500 – Army Corps of Engineers supplied additional data – WI Department of Administration DOA $3,000
  • 8. • LIDAR Project Area and Products The entire South Shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin plus four miles up the St. Louis River – One Mile Buffer and around the Cities that fall on the shore line – 215 Square miles Raw LIDAR data @ $81,406 – 2 ft contours for Bayfield County and City of Ashland $11,645 – 1 ft Contours for City of Superior $8,500 – 4 Miles up-gradient along the St. Louis River $3,000 • Total LIDAR and Contours $101,551
  • 9. • Orthophoto Products 6 inch resolution – Impact Seven 78 Acres $3,500 – City of Ashland and Superior Color and Color IR 63 Square miles $24,500
  • 10. • Total Project costs – $124,051 • Partner Contributions – $133,051 • The difference was used for Bayfield County to offset Supplies and Administration for the project – $9,000
  • 11. • Our Users – Conservation Department our “White Hat” – Tourism Department “Fun Planner” – Health Department “Well Being” – Land Records Department “Data Store” – Administrator “Mediator” – County Board “Decision Makers” – Forestry Department “Cords and Boards” – Zoning Department “Land Cops” – Highway Department “Road Crew” – UW-Extension “The Edukators” – Sheriff Department “The Protectors”
  • 12. • White Hat – Current Uses for LIDAR • Wetland Feasibility – On average 2 site visits can be reduced by 1 » A half day site visit is $150 » 20-30 site visits per year » $3,000-$3,750 per year
  • 13. • White Hat – Current Uses for LIDAR • Culvert placement – 20 projects per year – Reduce amount of time on the ground by 4hrs – Savings of $150 per event – $3,000 per year • 5%-10% time savings per project – Value - Results in 2 extra projects on the landscape
  • 14. • White Hat – Current Uses for LIDAR • City of Bayfield and Washburn Rain Garden • Concept needed to be adopted at County Board – Simple map created of project area » 2ft. Contours » Aerial » North arrow » Parcel data • County Board saw the map and went directly to making a decision – Did not spend un-needed time figuring out where this project is located – Eliminated stress by making project clear – Instilled confidence in the staff – They saw work and time spent on a project – County board decided to move ahead with the rain gardens
  • 15. • How do you put a value on this?? – 80% of annual runoff is controlled – Reduces the amount of run off in sewer treatment – Upgrades are multimillion ventures for cities – Native grasses being restored and habitat creation – Less lawn to mow – Beautify the neighborhood – The Courthouse becomes a place to visit and hold activities » Value - We do a very poor job of documenting the Value of Clean Water and Air – we pay for the transportation not the water. Is it $1.00 per 12oz.?
  • 16. • Well Being – Employee wellness • We are in the process of assigning different skill levels to our trail network using the overlays of data and make it available on-line for our wellness program • 2009 wellness incentives total $218,143.00 for our health insurance – Community Health Determinants • Bayfield County is ranked 41 out 72 • Look at improving our community health – Carver County MN GIS
  • 17. • The Fun Planner – Bayfield Counties shoreline is commodity • Brings $ into the local economy in the form of tourism spending • Shoreline needs to be protected from adverse effects to bring people to visit • 140 million comes into Bayfield County as travel spending (up 4% from 2007) • 6 Million come into the Bayfield County from sales tax • Half a Million comes into the Bayfield County in the form of room tax
  • 18. • The Data Store – Current lessons learned for LIDAR Project • Gained: – Valued long term partnerships – Saw a need for a GIS User Group
  • 19. – Sparked additional projects within the County and other government agencies • Moved us up on the priority list of re-mapping the FEMA maps • Fish and Wildlife is looking at us to move us up on the priority list for some additional projects – Bayfield will try to tie this into existing goals • Working with Zoning Department on additional grant to better map our shoreline setbacks and incorporate the flood elevation along the coastline
  • 20. • It created a knowledge base and relationship with the contractor to expand on future LIDAR collection and processing in-house with the existing partnerships
  • 21. • Be aware of the negatives – Criticism that the Data will be used for additional regulation – Don’t think we are going to be Safer and Better increasing technology and data collection • We have survived this long without the data – May unknowingly devalue the perceived use of a property by restricting the use • We bought the property for this purpose years ago and now we can’t do what we have done before – How accurate do we need this data anyway – do we really need to see the bump on the lawn – Privacy – Fear – What do you mean your going to scan the county with a laser? – LIDAR data is not going to bring people to Bayfield County to Recreate • The Data is a “Helper”
  • 22. • Conclusion for a successful project – Try to associate the ROI to on the ground projects, something people see and touch – Use your Land Record Modernization Plan and other County plans to meet common goals – You will get a “Snowball Effect” and the value increases the more you think about how it’s connected to other projects – GIS dataset value can increase with time • Update your ROI with history – Belong to a GIS User group locally, stay involved and informed • Use online social media LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. – Build relationships outside of work • Buy your partners a beer, take them out to lunch, or a show • Ask them to help • They want to be part of the process – Interview or chat with everyone listen to their problems – Do a little Extra, example, if you have the GPS running get a few more points. • Shoot in 10-20 manhole covers – BE FLEXABLE!!! • Expand or Reduce Vision • Extend or tighten timelines
  • 23. • Questions?? Scott M. Galetka Bayfield County Land Records Administrator