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Nubi in muros de nalón
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Nubi in muros de nalón

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  • 1. Nubi in muros de nalon
  • 2. Every Summer I go on holydays toMuros de Nalon with my familybecause we have a house thereand we like it very much.
  • 3. This year,NUBI hascomewith usand it hasbeengreat!
  • 4. The Principality of Asturias is anautonomous community in northernSpain.
  • 5. Muros deNalón is asmallcoastalmunicipality in theSpanishprovinceofAsturias,with anarea of8.09squarekilometers.
  • 6. It is bounded to the north by the Bay ofBiscay, to the east by the river Nalón, tothe south by Pravia and the west byCudillero.
  • 7. Theeucalyptustree is thetown treeandoccupiesgreat partsof theslopesdown tothe coast.
  • 8. It has coastline and its capital, withthe same name, is just 2 Km fromthe Cantabrian Sea.
  • 9. Muros usedto be an oldpilgrims´hospital.Twoimportantbuildings inthemunicipalityare thePalace ofValdecarzana andVallehermoso with aplateresquefacade ofthe 18th, andthe Churchof SantaMaría.
  • 10. The square is elongated and irregularpath. Presents: the church, the townhall and a number of buildingsbetween popular and cultured.
  • 11. EverySaturdaythere is atraditionalmarket forfruit,vegetables, clothingandantiques.
  • 12. It is possible to watch apanoramically view of the Asturiancoast from the Mirador del EspírituSanto.
  • 13. There aretwoparishes(administrativedivisions):- Muros deNalón- SanEsteban dePravia
  • 14. Muros de Nalón has apopulation of over1.950 inhabitants,which mainly live in thetwo towns. The rest ofthe population isdistributed in a few ofrural farmhouses.
  • 15. Muros´ landscape is characterized bythe predominance of meadows andfarmland as well as pine andeucalyptus plantations.
  • 16. Furthermore,it has a densenetwork ofwatercourses.It has fourwonderfulbeaches: LaAtalaya, LasLlanas, El Xiloy El Aguilarwhich is themost famousof all.
  • 17. If you like to walk, Muros has abeautiful “Senda costera” next tothe sea which is visited by manytourists.
  • 18. It tookabout 2 ½hours byroad.Almost allthe way istheCantabrianmotorway.
  • 19. Walking would take about eightdays.
  • 20. AsturiasAirport is inAvilés. It issevenKilometersfrom myhouse.SinceAguilar deCampoowould takeus about anhour
  • 21. The end